Fiona Exposed


Ted was almost as lost in the intimacy of the act as Fiona. He had started fingering her with just his middle digit but now had all four fingers sawing in and out of her, making sure she was well prepared for his horse cock. He quickly pulled out of both openings and grabbed her by the knees, raising her legs to her chest. She reacted just as quickly, twisting her already gaping cunt toward his midsection, hungry to get fucked.

He reached down and pointed his cock at the target. With a sudden intake of breath, her hands dove for his cock, too. I thought she wanted to help him penetrate her. Instead, she stopped his cock just a millimeter from her pussy.

"I...I can't." She was breathing heavily, now, her pussy wet and wide open. "I'm not a..."

Ted rolled forward, putting a finger to her lips to quiet her. "Shhh," he whispered. "Relax, don't freak out on me now. I promise you'll love it."

He flexed his hips forward so that his cock was just barely touching her cuntlips. She could feel the heat and hardness and I saw her hand begin to tremble. The good little girl controlled by her brain was losing out to the slut that was controlled by her pussy.

"That's it," he cooed. "Let's enjoy it."

His cockhead was now nudging its way in. She gasped and bit her lower lip. The contest between her brain and her pussy was over. The hand that was preventing him from entry suddenly flew back and she grabbed the headboard as he slammed his cock deep inside her. She took it all in one thrust, screaming as she felt him penetrate her to her core.

"Oh, my god," she screamed. "You're in me. You're all the way in me."

She stiffened for a second before she started responding to the fucking he was giving her. First, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Then she lifted her legs high, crossing her ankles behind his waist and thrust her hips forward, fucking him back.

I got great shots of her pussy with his cock all the way in and other shots where it was just holding on to the tip. She was so wet that his cock and her pussy and ass shined and a damp spot grew quickly underneath them. She turned her face away from me as a massive orgasm began to build. I quickly moved to the other side of the bed and caught it on film. Her eyes rolled back in her head and unintelligible little sounds of passion came from her mouth. The fucking now was mutual and enthusiastic as they raced each other to the big "O." There are women who are silent when they come, and there are moaners and screamers and a few who talk dirty. She was a moaner and it was an incredibly sexual sound. With both of them in full gallop, I knew there would be no stopping for multiple positions this time. Too bad, with her fantastic ass a little doggie style or even anal would be a hot ticket. She would have to learn how to do those things later.

Ted rose up, ready for the money shot. She held tight and kept him buried inside her, though, and he bellowed as he came. He jerked and twitched as he emptied himself into her. It had taken just 15 minutes for Fiona to take him bare back.

Ted sighed, a truly satisfied man, as he rolled off her. A gentle "plop" told me his cock had fallen out. She was still on her back with her knees high and wide, trying to catch her breath. I got a nice shot of her still wide open pussy as his cum started to leak out; a white, runny fluid that saturated the mattress. Almost as good as the standard cum across the chest money shot.

A low moan escaped from Fiona after she caught her breath. She covered her face with her hands and said. "Oh, god...I didn't mean do that. I'm a whore. I....I."

She stopped, not knowing what more to say. Tears began to roll down her face. She felt the cold wetness of their mingled sex juices running down her ass and suddenly realized she had been ridden bare back. "I'm not on the pill. I might get pregnant," she whispered to no one in particular.

Ted, thoroughly satiated now with another newbie's fresh pussy looked at her. He had already put his jeans back on and was looking for his shirt. "You're not a whore," he said. "You're a fuck film slut and you're gonna be a star."

He sat down on the bed next to her and traced his fingertips down her furry little racing stripe until he reached her clit. She gasped as her hips involuntarily twitched. "You're a hot little bitch that loves to fuck more than most women I've known and this tight little pussy is going to earn you a fortune."

He slid two fingers in. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with her fist, trying to stifle the moan that was bubbling just under the surface. Ted opened the front of his jeans as he leaned forward and whispered, "Turn over, little bitch, and let's give the photographer a show."

Sighing in complete and wanton resignation, she rolled over and raised her ass. She waited patiently while he dropped his jeans to his knees and slammed into her from behind. I was going to get my doggie style shots after all.

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