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Fiona Me Luv


It was 2:00 in the morning and she lay on her porch swing, breathless, alone and freshly fucked. Her pleated skirt was still around her waist, exposing her well-used cunt to anyone who happened to be passing by at that late hour. Her thin cotton top, which had fit tightly around her chest just twenty minutes ago, was stretched out of shape and loose, exposing the bottom half of her breasts, now cherry red from being mauled by Gordon, her husband's friend and the first black man she had ever really known.

Fiona was a good girl, Catholic and Irish and a virgin when she met her husband two years ago. She had come to Boston from Dublin for university training. She wanted an education but Ted had changed her mind. Soon after they met, she knew she wanted to be his wife, instead. Six months later, she had partied a little too much and, half drunk, let him take her virginity on a bench near Wards Pond.

It started with a little innocent foreplay and quickly escalated. He had pulled her across his lap. She straddled him as she enjoyed a long, open-mouthed kiss. She felt his hand slide up her thigh to her belly. She pulled back just a bit to give him access to her breasts, a pleasure they had allowed themselves before. This time, he plunged his fingers downward, slipping under her panties and parting her already wet cuntlips. It sent an electric shock through her body. The pleasure she felt as he slipped a finger deep into her pussy was incredible.

She reached down to caress his cock, thrilled at the thought of making the man she loved cum in such a naughty and daring place. He was already hard when her small hand began to rub him through his jeans. He pushed his hand upwards, lifting her a few inches off his lap.

“Take it out,” he hissed. Her heart was pounding as she unzipped him and pulled his cock out into the night air. It felt incredibly hot and dangerous as she began to masturbate him, slowly running her hand up and down the length of the first cock she had ever held. It happened so fast she didn’t have time to realize what they had done. She was hovering over it; the thin material between her legs was pushed aside as his fingers sawed in and out of her, bringing her so close to the edge.

Did he instigate the ultimate act or was it her own deeply repressed sexual need? It didn’t matter. He was inside her. The first timid thrust caused her to cry out. She buried her head on his shoulder to muffle the noises she was making as his second thrust tore through her hymen. She felt his hands on her ass, urging her up and down. She caught onto the natural rhythm of unbridled fucking quickly, bouncing up and down on his cock with growing abandon. She screamed out her first orgasm, them buried her head again, biting his shoulder and drawing blood as little mini-orgasms rippled through her body.

The act was over entirely too quickly. She wanted him again as the pleasurable waves of first sex washed over her like a dose of heroin. Although she didn’t realize it until much later, she had just been introduced to something that was as addictive as any drug.

Fiona and Ted began to search for private places to fuck until she got more daring. She soon found that places where they might get caught in the act were much more conducive to achieving a major orgasm. Their frequent searches for sexual privacy ended when they got married on March 15, 2003 and they afforded themselves the luxury of an efficiency apartment. They had a small ceremony in Olmstead Park on her 19th birthday and they spent a lot of time there consummating the wedding often as possible. She would sometimes lie in bed, stark naked, waiting for him to come home. She arranged her waist length reddish blond hair to cover her breasts, pulled the sheet up to her waist and feigned sleep when he came into the room.

Ted would slowly strip, heightening her anticipation. He inched the sheet carefully off her body so as not to "wake" his sleeping wife. When she was naked from the waist down with only her hair preserving any form of modesty, he would start kissing her legs, starting with the bottoms of her feet and working upwards. Already wet when he came into the room, her juices would be flowing down the crack of her ass soaking the bed beneath her by the time his tongue began tracing the edges of her pussy. He liked to start with that small strip of skin that separated her back door from her pussy and work all the way around before he actually penetrated her with his tongue.

It always brought on an immediate, screaming orgasm. She would clamp her legs tightly around his head and try her best to push his face into her spasming cunt. It needed something long and hard to grasp and it would be a while before he penetrated her with his rock hard cock.

He would continue upwards, covering her quivering belly with kisses, and then moving to her tits. "Ah, Fiona me luv, these are me favorite 34 b's" he would say in his phony Irish brogue as he licked the underside of one then the other before he sucked a hardened nipple into his mouth. She would already be trembling underneath him, badly needing that second orgasmic release of the evening. The little gasps and moans that escaped from her mouth, rising in volume and frequency, signaled growing her need. At this point, any of her natural modesty and reserve had long been lost; she was now a sexual beast, needing to come hard and often.

Only when his mouth covered hers would they be in position to fuck. He would bring his legs up under hers; poised on his knees with his hard cock resting on her belly and her legs spread wide and high. She would reach down between them and place his rod at her opening. Ted would push forward just enough to bury his cockhead and stop, savoring the moment until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Fiona always completed the sex act herself. She would place her feet on the bed and sharply thrust her ass upwards, using all 114 pounds of her body to lift her 220-pound husband and get him as deeply inside her as possible. It only took two or three thrusts to make her cum again and it was always a long, hard orgasm that left her sweating and exhausted. She loved sex, craving it often but always and only with Ted.

She had planned to always be the faithful and good little Catholic wife but she hadn’t counted on Gordon, a large black man and one of Ted’s friends. Ted warned her about him. "He's a hound for white stuff. He's dedicated his life to boinking white women. He'd do all of them if he could, fat, old, ugly, major babes - it doesn’t matter as long as they're white."

She had just laughed at first, and then noticed that he seemed to only show up with white girls and none of them was around for long. Still, he was always a perfect gentleman around her. She soon grew to trust him.

Gordon, on the other hand, had wanted to fuck Fiona since the day they met. She was an incredibly tight-bodied girl with palm-sized tits that didn't seem to jiggle, even when she wasn't wearing a bra. He ached to feel their firmness. Her ass, too, was an object of his desire. In fact, several of Ted's friends had made comments about Fiona's backside.

"She has a small butt, just a double-handful," Gordon had said one night when he was drinking with a few of Ted's buds. Beers were immediately raised and a toast was made to Fiona's butt. "The perfect butt," Gordon thought to himself, "Nice round cheeks at the back, tight little pussy at the front."

March 14 was the day that led to Fiona's downfall. Ted was riding his bike back to the apartment when the front tire slipped through a grate. She was waiting for him in bed; naked, of course and anticipating the pleasure she received from his tongue and cock when the call came. Quickly dressing, she ran to the hospital. He had a concussion, a broken arm and a broken wrist. He would be in the hospital for 2 or 3 days, missing her 20th birthday and their first anniversary.

They celebrated as well as they could in the hospital but their plans for a hot night out on the commons were trashed. She left the hospital at 6:00 and found her way home, depressed at the thought of spending the night alone.

Gordon knocked on the door at 6:30. He had planned to drop by and wish them a happy anniversary/birthday. Instead, he saw a perfect opportunity to fuck Fiona.

After he heard the whole story and sympathized with her, Gordon insisted she go out with him for one drink. "Just to celebrate your birthday, you shouldn't spend it alone." He said.

A few minutes later, they were in a nearby bar, hoisting a few. First one, then several more. Seizing on the moment. Gordon grabbed her hand and headed for a nearby Irish bar. More beers, some dancing and then a few more beers left Fiona feeling very drunk.

Late in the evening, Gordon began to make a move. He let his hand stray. At first it was just on the small of her waist when they danced. He spread it out to cover as much of her back as he could. Then he let it drop lower, never to the point where she might object but enough that he could sense the muscles of her tight little butt flex as they danced.

She could feel the warmth of his large hand, of course, and found it to be slightly alarming but in an almost pleasant way. Enjoying a long, slow dance just before last call, Gordon pressed his body against hers, enjoying the feel of her firm breasts against his belly. Having drunk enough that she needed little extra support, Fiona had reached up and put her arms around his neck. It had the effect of molding her body tightly to his.

When the song ended, she staggered backwards, partly because she was drunk and partly because she realized she was getting damp between her legs. The sensation, though pleasant, horrified her down deep in her Catholic soul.

Gordon smiled at Fiona. "You're drunk," he whispered. He reached out and ran his thumb across her mouth. "Can you feel that?" he asked.

"N-no," she said as she wobbled back to her seat. She had reached that point where her lips were numb but she could still walk she thought.

"You're drunk, I'll see you home. It's two in the morning, we should head back, anyway," he said.

Gordon helped her to the door, supporting her with an arm that wrapped around her waist and pulled her a little too tightly to his side. When they reached the sidewalk, he let his hand drop just below her waist and spread his fingers downward so they rested just below her hip. He wanted to grab her tight, little butt and take her right there in the street but he knew he had to wait.

It only took about 15 minutes to walk her home. She became increasingly aware of his hand and thought she should ask him to move it. But I might fall, she thought. It was the kind of beer-soaked thinking that has led to the downfall of too many women late at night.

When they arrived at her apartment, he took her keys and unlocked the door. "Going to invite me in?" he asked, trying to hide the leer on his face.

"I… I can't do that," she stuttered. She was a married woman. Another man in her house at that hour of the morning was unthinkable.

"Ahhh, you're afraid of the big black man," he replied, "and you're still drunk."

He placed his forefinger under her chin and, lifting her face upwards, traced her lips again with his thumb.

"Can you feel that?" he asked

She could and she was frightened. It felt very nice and her lips had spontaneously parted, wanting to be kissed. She shivered at the thought as it rose from deep within her psyche.

Instinctively knowing her fears, Gordon knew it was time to make his move. "If I come in, are you afraid this will happen?"

He bent down and covered her mouth with his, a quick and directly sexual move that left her stunned. His hand was on the bare skin at her side just below her thin cotton top. Almost in shock from the directness of his move, she held still for a few seconds then tried to pull away. The space she created allowed him to move his hand upwards, slipping under the top and squeezing her breast.

Damn, that's one tight tit, he thought. Even if she jerked back and slapped him, it was worth it. Her breast fit his hand perfectly, the nipple instantly hardened and snuggled into his palm. He wanted to rip her bra off and go skin-to-skin but he contented himself with squeezing it tightly and slowly massaging it.

Her beer-induced fog slowed her natural responses, the morality-driven reactions that had always guided her. Her reaction to her physical needs, however, was quickly dominating her body. She needed to pull away from him now, she thought, and go inside. His mouth covered hers again and this time she couldn't deny the sensation. She shyly opened her mouth and let his tongue slide in, her breath coming in short bursts as she lost herself in the sensuality of the act.

The good little Catholic girl sensibility began to fade. It was becoming an out-of-body experience for her. The married woman who would never cheat on her husband was watching from somewhere else. The little slut that badly needed to be fucked was taking over.

She sensed his hand on her butt, slowly realizing that he had lifted up the back of her skirt. She was trying to understand the sensation of another man's hand caressing her in such a sexual manner as it moved toward her most private parts. He had slipped his finger under the elastic band at the top of her panties and was tracing the crack of her ass, enjoying the feel of the "perfect butt" and knowing he was following a line that would soon lead him to the tight little pussy at the front.

Fiona knew this had to stop but it felt so incredible. She was limp from a night of drinking and the pleasant sensations of Gordon's triple assault on her body. His mouth had claimed hers completely as she willingly accepted his tongue. Her breast was still being crushed under his hand. Sometime in the last few seconds, he had pushed her bra aside and the warmth of his hand was sending a strong, erotic signal directly from her hardened nipple to her engorged pussy.

His middle finger covered her ass hole, causing her to shiver in anticipation as he reached that small strip of skin that Ted liked to massage with his tongue.

Fiona knew that he was a scant millimeter from her pussy and he would know how wet he had made her. Embarrassed, she flinched as he dipped down and pressed his fingers onwards. He had pushed her panties below her hips and her naked ass, covered only partly by his large hand was now exposed to anyone on the sidewalk.

"Must stop this now." She thought. It was the last little piece of resistance that she had left.

It disappeared as soon as his finger dipped into her cunt; just the tip of his middle finger at first. It was just like Ted did with his cock when they played their sex games in the afternoon. Just the tip, then the whole thing when she could no longer stand it.

Fiona gasped when he penetrated her, and then held her breath, waiting for what she knew was next.

This little Irish bitch is mine, now. He smiled to himself, smug in the knowledge that he could fuck her right here on the porch or just carry her inside and introduce her to the pleasures of black cock in her marital bed.

The muscles deep inside her cunt began to twitch. Her lust and alcohol driven subconscious needed relief. Driven only by her physical needs, now, she rocked her hips backwards, pushing her cunt onto his finger. She no longer cared if anyone was on the sidewalk. Her pussy was wide open and she was rocking back and forth, fucking his hand, trying to find the relief that until now, she had only enjoyed with her husband.

“Damn,” Gordon thought, “I’ve finger fucked a few white bitches but this is the first time one fucked herself.”

He took advantage of her thrusts to slip second and then a third finger into her, amazed at how easily she accepted the added thickness and at how tight she remained. She was panting with her sexual exertion, getting closer and closer to the orgasm she so desperately needed now.

Right on the edge, she reached between her legs to cover his hand with hers. It was almost like Ted cock was between her legs but this time it was Gordon's hand and she wanted to push all of it inside her pussy.

She looked down and for this first time, she saw his black hand on her Irish white breast. It was like coal against porcelain and it was incredibly erotic. Maybe it was the visual stimulation as much as the physical stimulation that drove Fiona over the edge but she experienced the most massive orgasm she had ever had. It began deep inside her cunt and exploded outwards, quickly claiming her entire body. She gasped, twitched, moaned, and spasmed almost as if she had been electrocuted.

When it had coursed throughout her body, she went completely limp, blacking out from the tremendous variety of new sensations. When she came to a few seconds later Gordon was sitting on the porch swing and she was on her knees straddling his lap, her top pushed up and her bra unclasped, exposing Ted’s favorite 34 b’s to the only other man who had ever seen them. He bent forward, taking almost her entire breast into his mouth.

The inner slut had completely taken over. She immediately grasped his head and pressed it to her tit. He pulled back after a few seconds, letting his teeth slide across her hardened nipple, sending another electric shock through her body. She turned slightly, offering her other breast to his marauding mouth. He inhaled it, then slowly pulled back again, using his teeth to send another strong signal to her nether regions.

He had a double handful of that perfectly shaped small butt, one hand caressing each cheek. She was still on her knees so that he could suckle those tight little 34B tits. Her bikini panties, bunched just below her ass cheeks, were soaked through from her juices. His cock was ready to explode and he wanted total access to her pussy. He moved his hands from her ass cheeks to the thin straps at the side of her panties.

She backed away, staring this man in the face, knowing now that she was soon to cuckold her husband and this man was going to introduce her to black cock fucking. She knew this was wrong but she was to far gone to stop him. He had already made her cum with his fingers and that was a sin. His cock wouldn’t make it any worse. His thumbs slipped under the straps that held her panties in place; tiny, pink silk panties that Ted had bought for her at Victoria’s secret. They were only a few inches wide at the top and almost disappeared as the silk threaded its way between her thighs. She always felt incredibly sexy when she wore them.

Gordon’s thumbs snapped outwards, breaking the straps. The back of her panties fell away and she felt his hand once again trace the cleft between her ass cheeks. He pulled her skirt up to her waist and the cool night air blew across her super-heated cunt. She shivered.

With his other hand, he grabbed the front of her panties and began to slowly pull them away, taking care to make sure the silk rubbed sensuously across her engorged clit. She leaned back and placed her hands on his shoulders. At first, her mouth opened in shock at the sensation created by the soft, smooth cloth. Then she dropped her head and bit her lip as Gordon pulled the cloth gently back and forth, masturbating her on the shredded remains of her underwear.

She came hard, for the second time that night, shaking and crying out in ecstasy. She collapsed onto his lap, breathing heavily. She could feel the heat of his cock pressing against her wide-open cunt lips. She realized he had pushed his pants down before he had pulled her limp body onto his lap.

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