tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 04

Fiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 04


Luckily for us both Alan was out on the piss as per usual and her daughter Alice was probably up to no good somewhere, anyway Fiona was able to stagger in the house and shed her clothes and jump in the bath to sooth her sore abused body after a day of seriously hard sex.

What I'd planned to do is give Fiona a couple of days off work to recover as she was going to be starting her new role on Monday and I was sure that Francis would be putting her straight to use to see how things went. She'd taken herself straight off to bed after her bath and was asleep by six o clock so I just chilled downstairs watching the sport.

By Monday morning Fiona had fully revitalised and was back to her radiant self, looking super sexy in her work gear with her hair done and makeup perfect, I took her work and wished her good luck for her first day.

I didn't see or speak to Fiona all day as I had no way of seeing or communicating with her now she was in her new office area, I was relying on Francis getting me some of the footage until the camera system was rigged up.

And to say I was over the moon was an understatement when Fiona came out the big reception doors and climbed in the car clutching a DVD which she handed to me. I looked at her and noticed that she wasn't quite as well presented as when she left, her buttons were not done up properly and her hair was matted in areas as well as her makeup being smeared and smudged.

I couldn't wait to get home and watch the video.

When Alan was safely tucked up in bed pissed I text Fiona and told her to come and join me in my bed where I was waiting uncovered and naked. Once she'd slid in beside after taking off her underwear beside my bed I flicked the dvd on and pressed play.

The screen came to life and on the screen came a room I'd never seen before and Fiona confirmed it was the new meeting room on her floor where she now worked, the room was empty at the moment and I presumed the camera was mounted in the corner on a tripod.

In the room were seven chairs placed in a circle and a big table was pushed over in to the corner, the room was windowed down one side and the door was over in the far left corner.

Just then the door on the left opened and the room was entered by seven men, who all took a seat. The men I knew were Francis, Mark and Nick the others I didn't know, "Who are the others?" I asked Fiona who was lying next to me with her eyes closed, "A make sure you watch whore," I added as I waited for her to tell me who the men were.

"That's Derek Suttor one of the partners as is that man there Robin Wilfindon, him there that's Steve Jesson he's manager of the despatch team and the other man is manager of client portfolio department his name is Michael strong," she told me.

From looking on the film the two partners were of similar age to Francis or maybe slightly older, Steve and Michael looked to be late twenties early thirties similar to mark and Nick. Francis started of by explaining that they'd been some drastic revelations over the last week and he'd dealt them internally and today was chance for him to explain people's new roles. He then said that before he began he hoped that as they were all really good friends he hoped that they would trust him and support him in what he'd decided.

After the all unanimously agreed he began and went on to say explain in a brutally honest account how he'd caught Mark Cross fucking Fiona late at night, this was met with laughter and black slaps all round as the men all complemented him on the fact he'd got the big titted slut on to his cock.

"Right less of building up Marks ego chaps," Francis went on, "Things developed last week and I formally offered and promoted Fiona, in light of her new qualities, to position of deal facilitator," he said and of course was met with remarks such as sack the slag and such like. "You guys of all heard about how Tony Mulgrew at TM associates has himself a young office whore?" and again he had the agreement of his men that they had heard and quickly classed Tony Mulgrew as a lucky bastard, "Well I'll let me introduce to you our very own office whore, or in more professional terms our deal facilitator," he finished.

He was pretty much met with stunned silence and told to fuck off by a couple of the lads apart from Mark and Nick.

"Get in her Fiona," Francis shouted.

All heads turned in the direction of the door which opened and then closed as Fiona walked in.

"Holy shit" they all said in unison as they laid eyes on Fiona.

She was no longer in her work clothes or underwear that she'd put on this morning the only thing that was hers were her high heels. She was now dressed in a white peep hole bra so that her big areola and nipples were on show, her knickers also white looked like a thong but when she turned and her legs parted you could see that it was crutch less and her perfectly shaved cunt was on show between her legs. Her shapely legs were covered in new white stockings and the black heels finished her outfit.

"Come and stand here in the middle Fiona and let the chaps have a good luck at you," Francis instructed her.

She walked the few feet and passed between two chairs and stood in the middle of the seven men, the same men that until only last week were her equals in the workplace and now here she was in the middle of them on show. As she did a twirl for the staring men I saw that the knickers exposed pretty much all of her beautiful arse cheeks as well as her pussy.

"What do you think of Fiona's new work clothes chaps?" Francis asked and obviously he was met with praise for it, "Fiona is allowed to turn up in her own clothes but as soon as she enters her office area she is to strip and where whatever outfit that any of us have left out for her that night ok, all outfits purchased for Fiona can be done so on your company credit cards," he said as the men all looked at him wide eyed and nodded in approval.

"Fiona's role at the company now is very simple, if we, us. You, I, as the company have issues with a client in anyway way and we feel that a bit of persuasion is necessary then that's where Fiona's qualities will come in and we will use her to sort out the problem if the client agrees, do you understand?," he asked.

"Erm sort off boss, but maybe we need to know what we can offer the awkward client," Steve jesson said.

"Today is all about getting to know what Fiona can offer and she'll be starting off by giving you all a look at how well she follows instructions and then throughout the day she'll visit each and every one of you for a more private demonstration where you get the chance to explore her capabilities yourself so that you know what to offer any potential clients," Francis said.

There was a moments silence as all eyes were transfixed on Fiona as if they were all waiting for her to get the party started.

"Don't all sit around like dummies," Francis said, "I've just said she'll demonstrate her ability to follow instructions so how about I start off with an easy on for her to get the ball rolling," Francis said looking round the group. "Fiona bend over and touch your toes and then give the chaps a twirl," he said quite simply.

She bent over and let her fingertips brush her toes and then shuffled round in a complete circle and when she passed round by the camera I got to see her puckered anus and pussy lips that the seven men had just had a close up look at. All the men's eyes were out like storks but it seemed to get them going and three of them threw instructions at the same time.

"One at a time guys," Francis said laughing at the situation.

She followed instructions from the men for the next few minutes and spent time squatting down and opening her legs or juggling her tits around, mainly the men wanted her to display her cunt for them so she spent most of the time bent over in front of them.

A week ago Fiona would have been sat in this meeting holding her own and adding things in for the business now she was following orders and displaying her cunt and tits to whoever asked her to, how times change hey.

At this point I told Fiona to start masturbating me as we lay in bed watching the DVD.

"Right ok we all agree she follows instructions very well, something that will come in handt throughout her day to day work I'm sure, now Fiona why don't you show Derek what good cocksucker you are I'm sure you can do something about that bulge in his trousers," Francis said.

Fiona without hesitation or question turned to Derek, a man she spent a lot time working closely with over the last two years, and dropped to her knees in front of him. A couple of the men caught their breath and smirked at how their luck had changed and Fiona's luck had run out. She unbuckled his belt and loosened his grey trousers then tugged at them and pulled them down round his ankles, she tugged at his y fronted pants the same and pushed them round his ankles to.

Six inches of cock stood up at her from a ball of grey wiry pubic hair and she reached out with her right hand and grasped at his dick and gripped it tightly making her fingers overlap her thumb. She wanked him for a minute and then came up higher on her knees and shuffled right in close to the chair between his legs.

"How long have you waited for this Derek?" Francis asked his friend.

"Since the day we employed the big titted bitch," he said smiling at his mate and then looking down at Fiona who was looking up at him beating his cock. "Well time for you to put that mouth of yours to good use for the first time since you got here," he said reaching out and placing his hands at the back of her head and lowering her forward and downwards towards his old cock.

She opened her mouth and his cock disappeared down her throat and her lips closed around him sucking him deep in to her mouth, and the other men in the room seemed to take this as the final sign of her demise from respected manager, to office sex toy that they needed and began hurling a few obscenities at her calling her all the names you could imagine she'd be called whilst sucking off her colleague in front of six others.

Watching her on the film sucking on Derek's old cock made me want mine sucking and took her hand from my cock and pushed her down the bed, she knew what to do and like on the screen opened wide and accepted my cock in to her mouth. All of the other men now had noticeable bulges in their trousers and it was Nick who stood up first and dropped his trousers and boxers so that his cock could be free when he sat back down.

He said to the others in the room who were all staring at him, "What? No need to be shy chaps," and they all laughed and like Nick eased the pressure on their suit trousers by dropping their clothes and sitting back down fully exposed. Looking at all the cocks on show Francis was the biggest and poor Robin the other partner bless him wasn't packing much more than five inch; I'd already seen Mark's and Nick's cocks and both Steve and Michael the other managers of around the same age were both packing impressive looking solid dicks.

"Ok Fiona, it's not fair if Derek gets all the attention," he said and she stopped bobbing on his cock and turned to look over at Francis, her eyes scanning all the other hard cocks pointing up in the air from her colleagues groins and the realisation spread across her face that she'd be spending a lot of time on her knees this morning. "I know that you know us all Fiona, but only in a professional manner, so why don't you work your way around the group and introduce yourself properly," he said to her.

Fiona pushed herself away from between Derek's legs and crawled left, giving the others and the camera a good look at her arse through her crutch less knickers as she moved to between Michael Strong's legs and assumed the same position as before.

She took his cock that was at least an inch longer and much thicker than Derek's in her right hand and wanked him five times before engulfing his helmet and sinking her mouth over his cock much to Michael's satisfaction. He let her know this by patting her head and telling her she had a great mouth.

When her five minutes was up Francis shouted the word move and Fiona left the dick in her mouth and crawled left to the next dick. This was repeated until all the men had sampled her mouth and she was back sucking on Derek's old cock where she started.

As she sucked away Francis than spoke and gave out his next round of instructions to Fiona, "Now that the introductions have been made and you've all got acquaintted with Fiona on a more, personal level shall we say, I think it'd be good for Fiona to demonstrate her willingness and keen approach to finishing tasks that she starts, that won't be a problem will it Fiona?" he asked her.

"No Mr Mulherne," she said momentarily leaving Derek's cock to confirm her acceptance, before stuffing his cock back in her mouth.

As she sucked my cock slowly in bed like I'd instructed her I watched the next forty minutes of film as she worked her way back around the circle of men sucking their cocks with her expert mouth until she'd milked each and every one of their balls and swallowed all the come she was given down her throat.

Francis was the last to coat her tonsils and after swallowing him she was excused from the meeting and told to wait in her new office where she would be called when needed.

Once she'd left the men spent ten minutes talking about her what a slut she was, but also the heaped praise on Francis for being able to coerce her in to doing it. Francis of course didn't let on about her salary or bonus payments as he thought that was a need to know basis only. They'd also agreed that for the purposes of today as it was her first day and she wouldn't be entertaining clients, that Francis nominated the rota.

"Ok chaps all of you can reach Fiona by a direct line straight to her office the number is extension 6969," which made them all laugh and like Steve Jesson commented it was a very apt number. "From tomorrow when I envisage she'll be entertaining if she doesn't answer leave a message and she'll respond when she can, Fiona's outlook account has been altered so that its only visible to us seven and when she is free she is immediately to send out a notification that we will all pick up, she's been briefed on this already and knows what's expected.," he went on, "Before you go back to your departments take time to familiarise yourself with her new office area, you'll see its been designed for the purpose of her new role and you'll come up here for any such meetings you require with Fiona ok?" he asked.

"Yep," they pretty much all said in unison.

"Ok so once you've been back and sorted out your teams the order of play will be like this for today only. Derek, Robin, Michael, Steve, Mark, Nick and myself, call her up and tell her you coming up, once you're finished like I've explained she'll notify us through the outlook system," he finished off.

The men began to leave the room but Francis called them back, "Men I forgot to mention, I need to get some of the action on video until I can have a new camera system installed, so if you wouldn't mind picking the camera up on your way in the door and standing it somewhere and turning it on?," he asked them all.

Again in unison they all agreed and seemed happy with his request, "I'll get Fiona to put the camera back by the door for the next man to collect on his way in." he told them.

The camera then went black for a brief second as it was turned off by Francis.

When the camera came back on it was in another room and Fiona took time off my cock to tell me that it was her new office. It wasn't like your most conventional office, over against the left hand wall where the big windows ran the length at there was a very large, and I mean the biggest sofa I've ever seen running down the side. It was at least ten foot long and almost five feet deep with big cream cushions all over it, there was also a couple of armchairs and three stools against the opposite wall under a breakfast bench. The floor was wooden and covered by two huge shag pile rugs, in the middle of one of the rugs was a big wooden coffee table and on the other a large square poof.

Fiona was sat on the sofa still in the same outfit as before and then Derek walked from behind the camera and joined her on the sofa.

"Right you big titted cocksucker," he said pushing her back on to the sofa and roughly pushing her thighs apart exposing her cunt, "I've never really liked you or even wanted to employ you but it seems to me that we may pf made the right decision after all," he said unbuckling his trousers again and dropping them and his pants so that he could step out of them.

It seemed to me that now the men were being granted a bit of alone time with Fiona they were treating her differently, and in Derek's case he was certainly telling her what he actually thought of her.

"Why didn't you just tell us on your interview that all you were was a big titted slut?" he said kneeling down between her open legs and wanking his old cock to hardness.

"I, I don't know, I wasn't," she went to say before being cut off by Derek.

"You wasn't what, a big titted whore then, of course you were Fiona don't treat me like a idiot," he said massaging his six inches that now looked fully hard.

"I'm sorry Mr Suttor," she said to him as she looked down between her legs at his dick inching ever closer to her pussy.

"You will be Fiona," he said as he laid on top of her and I could tell from Fiona's yelp that he'd penetrated her pussy.

He fucked her in the missionary position for no more than seven minutes when he tensed his back up and filled her cunt with his load; he didn't wait after coming in her either, as he pulled out and wiped his cock on her stockings. He dressed quickly and came over to the camera and I caught a glimpse of Fiona still lying open legged on the sofa before the screen went black.

The screen came back on a moment later and again we were back in her office and again she was on the sofa this time with Robin, he like Derek who were both a lot older than the others seemed to have little imagination. So after a quick blowjob Fiona was again open legged on the sofa with Robin's little five incher hammering inside her.

I looked at Fiona's face as it was turned towards the camera and I could tell that his little cock just wasn't doing it for her and her groans were very put on, Fiona had taken a lot of cock lately and most of it was long or thick, no longer would a skinny small cock do for her. Robin like Derek managed less than ten minutes before spewing his seed in to her and again she was left unsatisfied.

Even though Fiona was being made to be the company whore she will of wanted to orgasm as I knew for a fact that she now needed to come whenever she was fucked.

"Did you feel unsatisfied when Derek and Robin fucked you Fiona?" I asked her looking down at her sucking my cock.

She lifted her head and said, "Yes," and went back to sucking me.

"Were their cocks too small?" I asked her as the screen went blank and I wanited for the next bit to start.

She lifted her head again and said, "Yes," before carrying on.

"Is Alan's cock as small is that why he never made you come?" I asked.

"Yes, Alan's cock is just as small," she said before stretching her lips round my fat meat as I laid back smiling as the video came back on.

This time when the camera came on Fiona was sprawled out on the poof directly in front of the camera, she was naked already except for her heels and her fingers were mashing in to her pussy and she was groaning for the first time.

Michael Strong then walked in to shot of the camera and was undressing himself he'd removed his shirt and jacket and that was hanging neatly across the stool in the corner, he took his shoes of and slid them under the stool and then removed his trousers and tight fitting boxers shorts which he folded on to the breakfast bar thing.

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