tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 07

Fiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 07


The idea that Francis had was to use Fiona's attributes as a way of giving the staff incentives on a massive order that under the management of Steve Jesson had been totally fucked up and team morale was at an all-time low. Once he'd cleared it with me and I'd negotiated a far compensation package for my whores services the deal was sealed in the warehouse that evening which left Fiona well fucked and covered in come.

Incentive number one would see Fiona's mouth put to good use every Monday morning if Francis saw a notable improvement in production and the target he set was met when he looked over the figures on a Sunday. Now I'm not going to run through every blowjob Fiona had to give during that first month as I'd be here all day, there was seven workers down there and Colin the team leader. Even the simplest of people will be able to work out that she'd be giving eight blowjobs each Monday for a month and if I tell you there was four Mondays in that month you'll soon get the correct figure.

It's safe to say that Francis realised that by week three his idea would prove a success as the men were working six days a week, twelve hours a day and were out stripping his targets by a long way. By the end month she was also very familiar with each of the eight men's dicks, when I picked her up on the first Monday after the incentives started she told me that Colin had sorted out the order and of course he was at the head of the queue.

"I'd leave my office at nine fifty and pull on one of the big over coats from the cupboard to cover myself as you already know I have to wear very little when at work," she told me as we drove home and I just listened to her account of events. "Unlike in the evening getting to that area of the warehouse wasn't as plain sailing as I bumped in to a lot of people that had seen me for a while and thought I'd left the company," she said.

"What did you tell them?" I asked.

"I just told them I was working on special projects which meant I had to travel a lot and they all seemed to believe that, I was so scared though talking to people knowing that under my coat I was wearing nothing but a half cup bra and thong. Anyway when I got to Colin's are a minute before ten all the men there stopped working and looked at me and grabbed their groins, shaking their dicks at me," she said.

"I bet you couldn't wait to see their cocks again could you whore?" I asked.

"I admit I was excited owner, yes," she replied, "Colin then came out and of his office and greeted me by saying here's the bitch and then roughly grabbed my arm and led me towards the store room. As we passed the notice board he stopped me and pointed to a list written on plain paper and pinned to the board," she said.

"What was it?" I asked, knowing full well but I wanted her to tell me.

"It was the order in which the men would come for a blowjob, I couldn't remember the order as I was pulled away behind Colin but all I could remember was seeing his name at the top. Once in the small room he told me to take off my coat and sit on the chair against the back wall, once there he pulled out his dick and shoved it in my mouth. After I'd sucked his dick for five or so minutes he told me to stand up and turn around and then bend over and touch hold the chair," she told me.

"Once I was positioned how he wanted me I felt his hands on my hips and his cock at my pussy, I didn't know what to do as I thought Mr Mulherene had agreed only blowjobs for the first month. That's when I said to him what Mr Mulherne had said." She said quietly as if ashamed of something or that she'd done something wrong.

"And what did Colin do?" I asked, not really bothered what he did to be honest.

"He slapped my arse and then pulled my thong aside and told me that Mr Mulherene had called him and told him that as he was team leader he could have any incentive whenever he wanted, and if I wasn't happy I could call him. I didn't want to question Mr Mulherne so I didn't say anymore so Colin fucked me in the pussy and then came in me," she said.

"Never question Francis, when at work you are the company whore so if Colin wants to fuck your face, arse or pussy you let him if he tells you Francis says it is ok do you understand whore?" I told her.

"Yes owner," she said.

"Carry on then," I said as I continued to weave through the traffic.

"Then they just came in one after the other, sticking their dicks in my mouth and letting me suck them until they came, some came in my mouth and told me swallow others spunked on my face others on my tits," she said, "by the time I left I was covered in their stuff and did my best to clean my face and neck so that I could get back upstairs without being seen." She finished.

Each time I picked her up I would ask her and she would always tell me that Colin had fucked her and the rest had come in her throat or on her, this happened on every Monday of the first month and productivity was booming.

Francis was happy to tell the men that they were smashing all targets and the following Monday they would be receiving incentive number two.

Again she went down in a long coat this time covering her naked body as on this particular day she had been instructed to be naked all day. After week one Colin had told her that she wasn't to come to his office anymore she was told to go straight to the store room and take off the jacket and wait for him. Today had been no different, she had gone to the store room and removed her coat and was now standing naked in the middle of the room waiting for Colin.

He'd came in a few minutes later and greeted her in his normal way by calling her the bitch and then proceeded to lower her to the floor on her knees, she was made to suck him and then she was fucked on all fours on the hard concrete floor in her cunt and arse before taking her first load of the day in her pussy. He left her there on all fours and told her to remain there looking that way.

She stayed like that for the next hour and twenty five minutes as she had he cunt penetrated, rammed and then creamed in by seven more cocks, she openly admitted to me that she was disappointed that she couldn't see which cock belonged to which man. She confessed to having at least five orgasms and that all over the dicks that had fucked her felt nice and filled her cunt.

There were two more Mondays in this month and on the second Monday after Colin had again used all three of her holes she was told this time to lie back on the cold dirty floor and to pull her legs back and hold them open. By the time cock number seven which belonged to a middle aged man she knew as Sidney had fucked her and filled her with sperm her arms ached and her legs and thighs were sore. She guessed that she'd been on her back for over an hour again and the only thing that made it better was the fact she could put a face to the cock.

On the final Monday of the month Colin had his fun and then rolled out a big sheet and told her that when the next came along she was tell that person that she was her to ride his cock and the sheet was for them to lie on. Again each man came in and she told each one that she was there to ride his dick and he was to lay down, she made their cocks hard with her hands and mouth and then climbed aboard facing them with her legs spread and hands behind her on their thighs so that they could watch her pussy devouring their pricks.

Again after over an hour the last cock entered and she wasn't too happy about it being one of the young lads, not that she didn't want his young hard cock, that couldn't have been further from the truth, she was boiling towards an orgasm but the last man had come and left her on the edge. She knew that she would be able to get herself off on Tom's big young cock the only problem was she was tired, her arms hurt already from supporting herself for the last hour and her legs ached and burned from hoisting herself up and down dick for over sixty minutes. She knew even as she told Tom that she was here to ride his cock that she would have to find the energy to ride him for a good twenty minutes.

She told me that once she'd sucked his dick hard and it stood a glorious eight inches from his groin all thoughts of her burning legs and tired arms disappeared as she sunk her well fucked come filled cunt down his pole and began humping herself up and down in the hope that she would re-ignite the orgasm started by cock number six but left to finish by cock number seven. His young solid length did the trick for Fiona and she covered him with her own come as her seventh orgasm came and went almost as quick as it had begun.

She kept up her sterling work for over twenty five minutes as Tom held out for as long as possible before pulling her down his dick and holding her in place whilst he fired huge amounts of his young hot come into her already plastered womb.

Again at the end of the second month Francis checked all the productivity figures and he was very pleased, at this rate the job would be done a week earlier than expected as the men had been in overdrive. Their bank balances were looking healthy from all the overtime and their dicks were getting plenty of use from the company deal facilitator. He sent Colin an email thanking him and the men and told him that Fiona had been instructed to attend next Monday and begin delivering incentive number three.

The following Monday after changing in to her outfit for the day kindly supplied by Francis she covered herself with her big long jacket and headed off to the far end of the warehouse to the store room. She knew she was in for at least an hours' worth of hard anal fucking from the men and she told me that as she walked over there her pussy had juiced up at the thought.

She entered the storeroom and hung her long coat on the back of the door and then stood waiting for Colin like she had on the previous seven Mondays, as she looked around the little room she noticed some new hooks that had been bolted to the floor in the corner and was wondering what they were when Colin walked in behind her.

"Nice outfit bitch, shows of your arse perfectly," he said as she turned around and saw Colin who was already wanking his dick hard, "On your knees and open your pretty mouth," he instructed her.

She sunk to her knees and opened her mouth as requested and watched as he walked towards her holding his stiff prick in his right hand which he guided between her lips. She closed her lips around him and he removed his hand allowing her mouth to move up and down his dick for the next seven or eight minutes as she gave him a wonderful suck.

"Right on your feet and stand in the corner," he said standing back watching as she again followed his instructions as she stood in the corner facing the wall with the hooks by her feet. "Now bend down and hold them rings there," he said and again watched as Fiona readjusted her stance and bent at the waist and held the newly fitted hooks.

She heard a rummaging in some boxes and then Colin approached the left side of her and bent down and snapped a handcuff round her wrist and then to the metal hook thing attached to the floor.

"What are you doing?" Fiona had protested but Colin ignored her and proceeded to fasten her to the other hook on the opposite side.

Once he'd done that he stood behind her and she felt him lift her right leg and she saw a rope pass over her heel and around her ankle in a loop that was then pulled tighter, Colin then pulled the other end of the rope towards another hook on the floor she hadn't seen and her right leg was pulled wider as the rope was cut to a certain length, enough to pass through the hook and be tied by Colin. He did the same with her left leg and she watched to as he pulled the rope and her leg over to another hook where she was tied on to.

She was now fastened in place by the wrists and her legs, her legs were over a shoulder width apart and straight but the position wasn't too uncomfortable. Colin stood behind her then and she felt his calloused hands running over her bare arse cheeks and down the backs of her thighs letting his fingers wander up to strong her pussy lips through the thin material of the thong she was wearing.

He reached under her and pulled the front of her bra down so that her big breasts spilled out and he proceeded to pull her nipples until she moaned and felt them stiffen and point out towards the floor. He then went back to her arse and she felt the thong come away from her cunt and the cool air felt wonderful as it blew across her hot juicing pussy. He pulled her thong down as far as it would go, which in the position she was in wasn't very far and as she looked up she could see the flimsy thong stretched to almost breaking point about four inches below her cunt between her thighs.

Her pussy and arsehole were exposed and that was just what Colin wanted.

She felt a finger dip in to her cunt with incredible ease and she knew that Colin would've felt how obscenely wet she was already, she felt her pussy lips widen a little as another finger slid in along his other finger. After a couple of pumps they widened some more as she felt a third of Colin's rough fingers ease in to her dripping hole.

"In heat aint you bitch, soaking fucking wet already, why are so wet bitch? Looking forward to all our cocks in your arse are we is that what made you wet bitch?" he asked her as he pumped her pussy for a minute and then without warning he removed them and filled her with his dick.

"Oh god yes," she said as she was filled and then drove in to by the all too familiar cock of Colin.

Fiona told me that because she was restrained to the anchor points on the floor all she could do was accept his hard fucking, and from her position there was little she could do when she felt a pressure at her arsehole and then something pop inside. Whatever it was wasn't that long as it was pushed in and then she could feel something like knuckles against her skin, she came to the conclusion that Colin had his thumb in her arse and as he was fucking her cunt he worked his them in her and loosened her up ready for his cock.

She told me that she sorted of drifted off for the next few minutes in to a daydream thinking about the next seven cocks that would take her anally for the first time, she said that she could even feel her pussy juice even more at the thought of the seven big dicks all getting ready to do her after Colin had finished with her.

"Ohhhh fuck Colin I'm coming!" she screamed as she was bought back from her day dream ads her orgasm boiled over and she lost herself on the end of Colin's cock and thumb. Being placed like this with her legs tied wide open was going totally against how her body wanted to react, she wanted to squeeze her thighs together and squeeze the life out of Colin's cock but she couldn't. Instead she tried her hardest to clamp her pussy walls tighter around his dick as she exploded over his pole.

"Fuck yeah bitch, come all over my cock, lube me up for your arse," Colin said to her as he fucked her deep and hard coating every inch of his shaft in her intoxicating come.

Once she'd finished he removed his thumb and cock and for a brief moment she felt horribly empty and she admitted to me that she shamelessly wiggled her arse about, pushing back in search of Colin's dick to fill her up again and Colin revelled in her display of wanton slut behaviour.

"Look at you bitch, desperate for some cock inside you aint you?" he asked her teasing her by holding his cock at her opening allowing her to push back as far as the restraints allowed which wasn't far enough to quench her thirst for dick.

"Colin you bastard, fill me, fuck me, give me your cock, I need it Colin, I fucking want it in me now," she screamed at him, shameless and desperate she confessed to me, she'd shown her weakness to Colin and he loved it.

He again rubbed the tip of his cock around her wet hole and laughed at her desperate attempts to move her arse back on to the cock and he satisfied her need momentarily by letting her have his dick as he pushed In to her once.

"Oh Colin thank you, fuck," she was saying and then he cock was gone and she was void again and back to desperately searching for his pole.

She didn't have to wait long this time as she felt the head of Colin's dick press against her arsehole and she was pushed forward slightly on her restraints as he applied pressure to fill her.

"Oh Colin thank you," she said again, "Fuck my arse Colin, hard need it hard and full of you spunk," she confessed to urging him on as he began taking her tight passage way with the same force he had her cunt.

Fiona told me that she'd got herself so worked up that she came twice within three minutes and then had begged Colin to fill her arse with come and he duly obliged after less than ten minutes of hard fucking her arse. He then pulled out and wiped his come covered cock on the triangular piece of her thong and then he pulled up his trousers.

Before he left he gave Fiona some strict instructions which were as follows, "Now you treat my men the same as me, you beg them to fuck your arse, you beg them to fuck you hard and then you beg them to spunk in your dirty little arse.

Is that understood you bitch?" he said.

"Yes Colin it's understood," she replied.

"Good," he said and then slapped her arse and left the room.

Fiona said she waited about five minutes until she heard a noise behind her and sensed someone in the room, she tried to look between her legs but the man behind her was already to close so she could only see his legs. She watched as the man behind her undid his trousers and they, along with his boxers were soon in a heap at his feet, she moved her head to try and see the cock, maybe she could tell who it was but her view wasn't the best.

The man then spoke, "This is the part I've been looking forward to the most," he said as his rough hands worked their way all over her bare cheeks and his fingers filled her pussy and then more fingers filled her arse.

She now knew from the voice who was going to fuck her and she admitted that she was a little disappointed that it wasn't one of the younger men, instead she was going to have to settle for one of the older scruffier guys and although all the men possessed seven inches or more, it was the younger guys hardness and stamina she ultimately craved the most.

Thinking about how disappointed she was almost made her forget Colin's instructions and it wasn't until she heard the man behind her drop his trousers that she came to her senses and repeated the words Colin had told her to say, not that she needed any encouragement to do this as Fiona had grown, in time to love asking men to fuck her and come inside her. men like Colin thought that they were humiliating her by getting her to do this but she had become desensitised to it now and although she still felt huge embarrassment, she no longer felt horribly humiliated like at the beginning.

"Fuck my arse with your big cock, fuck me real hard and then spunk in my dirty arsehole," she said from between her legs as the man behind her rubbed his engorged dick around her cunt and then pressed it in to the crease of her arse against her already used anus.

"Oh don't worry I intend to you filthy bitch," the man said at the same time as filling her arse with his cock.

He like the three men that followed fucked her in the arse as she requested, hard and fast and within twenty minutes four men other than Colin had dumped their loads deep in to her rectum. She had come herself, without doubt that was something she couldn't stop as the fucking of her arse boiled up her orgasm and eventually she had to explode, she'd only came twice though since Colin had gone due to the lack of staying power of the older men.

She knew though that she had three cocks to service and two of them were owned by the young men and she admitted that her pussy moistened at the thought. She told me that she was constantly looking through her legs for the first glimpse of the next man and as he came in to view she said that she immediately knew it was one of the younger men as she recognised his boots.

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