tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona's Degradation Ch. 02

Fiona's Degradation Ch. 02


I drove my BMW X5 up the drive, to the front door of Fiona's house at about 7.30, thinking that I would help myself to a few drinks while she was getting herself ready, but when Fiona opened the door to let me in, it was obvious she was nearly finished getting dressed.

"You look fantastic." I told her as I dropped my suitcases in the hallway and I meant it as well, she really did look stunning. Fiona put her finger up to her lips to tell me be quiet, "I'm on the phone to Ronan." She said and it was then that I noticed the phone in her other hand.

Fiona went into the living room and sat on the sofa whilst she chatted to her husband about how his holiday was going so far, the kids, mum and dad, blah blah blah. I stood in the hallway listening to her rambling on about all this shite and thought I would test her nerve a bit, so I took my cock out, walked into the room and stood in front of her slowly stroking the shaft of my prick.

If there is one thing that Fiona is really good at, it's talking, she didn't skip a beat, just kept up the flow of drivel into the handset as she fixed her eyes on the dick before her, growing in front of her eyes as I stroked it with my hand. I stepped closer, straddling her legs with my knees as she leaned back on the sofa, I leant forward and proceeded to slap her cheeks with my stiffening cock.

"How's it going Ronan?" I shouted "Played any golf yet?"

He must have asked to speak to me, because Fiona handed me the phone. I knelt there on the sofa for the next 5 minutes chatting to Ronan about golf, whilst at the same time I fed my cock into his wife's open mouth and let her suck it for me. When I handed the phone back to Fiona, she put it to her ear to continue her conversation, but I kept my dick firmly wedged in her mouth so all she could do was answer "uh huh."

I was in danger of laughing out loud, so I slipped my cock out of her mouth and let her finish chatting with her beloved. When she hung up, she stood up and asked me if I wanted a drink, while she went to put on her stockings and shoes.

"Before you do, tell me, what have you been up to all day?" I enquired as I poured myself a glass of her husband's best malt whiskey.

"Well first of all I sat in the bath for 2 hours, trying to decide what course of action I should take after the abuse you dealt me." Fiona replied.

"You obviously didn't go to the old Bill about it, judging by the look of you. So what did you decide whilst washing off all that cum?" I laughed.

"I had to run the bath twice because there was so much sperm floating around in the water the first time. It was the sight of all that semen in the bath with me, that made my mind up on what to do."

"Which was?" I pushed her.

Fiona continued "I still can't believe it now, I actually scooped some of your cum from the water and drank it, I was and still am disgusted by what I did but at the same time, I can still feel the rush I got from doing such a perverted thing, I know now, that what I really want, is to be your slut."

"That's great news for me, not so great for hubby though. I hope you realise that you won't be fucking him quite as often now." I told her.

"After the orgasm I had this morning I couldn't care less if I never fucked him again, anyway shall I tell you how I spent the rest of the day."

I settled down onto the leather sofa and listened as Fiona sat opposite and began to tell me about her day.

"As soon as I finished bathing, I got dressed and went out for some retail therapy and a bit of pampering at the beautician's. I decided to pull out all the stops and look my very best for you tonight, so my first stop was the Karen Millen boutique where I bought this outfit, do you like it?"

Fiona stood up to show off a tight black pencil skirt, cut just above her knees, which she wore with a beautiful, plum coloured, silk tube top, that showed off her shoulders and back perfectly. "It's gorgeous; I bet that cost an arm and a leg." I told her.

"Then I went on to that new lingerie shop and bought this." Fiona said and at the same time she pulled the front of her top down, to reveal a lacy shelf bra that matched her silk top to perfection and pushed her tits up and together, but still let them bounce around, as if she wore no bra at all.

"Fuck me, you really are turning into a slut." I said, but she wasn't finished yet.

"I paid a visit to the beautician's next, where I had an all over spray tan applied, after I had this waxed for you." Fiona then hitched her skirt up over her hips, to show me her now, completely hairless pussy, which was also tanned to the same shade as the rest of her body. "I finished off my day by having my hair cut and styled as well as my make up done. All in all I spent in excess of £800, so I hope you appreciate the effort I've made for you." She said.

There was a hint of her 'stuck-up attitude' about her as she finished telling me about all she had done, so I told her with a bit of a leer "Oh don't worry, I appreciate it alright and I hope you appreciate it, when I fucking well destroy your cunt for you later!"

"I can't wait to feel your big cock inside me, cant we just skip the meal and get straight down to it, look my pussy is ready for you already." Fiona replied as she slipped a finger into her cunt to show me how wet she was.

I stood up in front of her, took a hold of her hand, pulling her finger out of her wet snatch and raising it up to her mouth, I forced her to suck her own juices from her finger. "All good things come to those who wait." I told her "Now go and finish getting yourself ready, I'm fucking starving and the grub at this place is supposed to be top notch!"

I went outside to wait in the car for Fiona, when she came out of the house and got in beside me she had added what I presumed where her usual silk hold-ups and a pair of killer black stiletto shoes to her ensemble.

I decided to see just how far Fiona was prepared to be pushed, so as she put on her seatbelt I undid the zip of my trousers and took out my cock, telling her; "Here's your appetiser, you can nosh on this until we get to the restaurant."

"What if someone sees?" she asked.

"If you keep your face properly buried on my cock no-one will recognise you will they, now stop cribbing and start sucking."

Fiona bent her head over and without another word slurped the full length of my soft dick into her mouth and I held her head down with my free hand. As I pulled out of the driveway I opened the window and called to girl of about 20 across the street "Excuse me love, you wouldn't happen to know the directions to La Caravella restaurant in Shenfield, by any chance."

The girl came over and started telling me which way to go to get to Shenfield, all the while glancing down at the back of Fiona's head in my lap and blushing more and more as she realised what Fiona was doing. When she had finished with the directions the girl said "I tried that with my boyfriend once and he almost crashed the car, so be careful when you're driving."

I thought to myself, fuck me this one's game and so I told her "Thanks a million darling." and at the same time I pulled Fiona's head up, allowing my now stiffening cock to spring from her mouth. "Say thank you Fi, this nice young girl has just given us directions to the restaurant".

Fiona's face was crimson, I don't know if it was from embarrassment or lack of oxygen, but as she turned her face towards the window to do as she had been told the girl outside said "You're one lucky bitch having a fella with a cock like that, I'd love to know what it feels like to be fucked by that thing."

Before Fiona could say anything I replied "It's no use asking her, she doesn't know yet, she's only sucked it so far, but if you're up for it, jump in the back and I'll give you a ride home!" I couldn't believe my luck as this lovely looking young bitch hopped into the back of the jeep.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Fiona whined at me.

"Shut the fuck up and get yourself back where you belong, i.e. with my cock stuffed down your throat!" I told her as I shoved her head back into my lap. I looked in the rear view mirror at the girl in the back and said "I'm Paul, this little slut is Fiona and what might your name be gorgeous?"

"I'm Sarah." She replied "I don't normally do things like this, although it wouldn't be the first time I had sex with a complete stranger, so where are we going?"

"Nowhere." I replied and reversed back up Fiona's drive, out of sight of the road.

"What are you waiting for Sarah? Get you kit off then." I said as I opened the driver's door to get out. "You stay in the front." I ordered Fiona.

"Please don't tell me you're going to have sex with her while I have to sit and watch." Fiona moaned with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

I got into the back, dropped my trousers, then sat in the middle of the seat so I had my legs apart and Fiona could see my cock, fully erect now and leaking pre-cum, through the gap between the front seats. I told her "You're not just going to sit and watch, you're going to give Sarah's cunt a good fucking lick whilst I'm fucking her and you can give my balls a suck as well."

"I'm not a lesbo and I won't perform any disgusting sex acts on her, you don't know anything about her, she must be a right slag to just jump in here and have sex with two strangers".

"You're right there, she is a right old slag, but you're no fucking better, blowing your brother in law off in the car, so stop fucking whinging and eat pussy or that DVD could get an early release date!"

Sarah was completely stripped now and I took in the sight before me, she was only about 5' tall, straight blonde hair that was cut in a bob so that it framed her pretty, fresh face beautifully. She was very slim, with well toned muscles and every part of her body was smooth and tight. I sat back in the seat, getting her to sit in my lap with her back to me and her legs spread wide either side of my own.

"Now then Fiona, get your head down there and make Sarah good and wet, or you won't be getting any later." I said to my sister in law.

Fiona went to work with her tongue, on the hairy little cunt that was presented to her, at the same time I reached around Sarah's lithe body and cupped her firm little tits in my hands, giving her nipples a good hard tweak so they hardened between my fingers. They could only be about a 'B' cup at the most and now she was naked she looked an awful lot younger. "How old are you Sarah, I don't want the plod turning up on my doorstep in a week's time, you are old enough for this aint you?"

"I was 18 three weeks ago." She panted "And anyway I'm on the pill and I've been fucked plenty of times so you've nothing to worry about, you're not going to hurt me or anything."

"You could be in for a surprise there you know. How you getting on down there Fi?, is she wet enough yet?, you don't want to spoil your appetite for our romantic dinner. That reminds me we are supposed to be there in 15 minutes."

"She seems ready but then I wouldn't really know, it's not like I make a habit out of eating pussy." Fiona said sarcastically.

I grabbed Sarah by the waist and easily lifted her up so that my cock was now between her spread legs, she reached down and began to slowly stroke my cock with her tiny hand.

"Don't just gawp at it, suck it!" I told Fiona

What a sight to behold, Fiona in all her finery, kneeling in the front of my motor with her arse in the air and having my prick wanked into her mouth by a girl she'd only just met. I wouldn't even have dreamt it possible a few days ago.

"That's it sis get it good and hard for Sarah the slag." I laughed at her.

I fished my mobile out of my pocket and rang the restaurant whilst I enjoyed the spectacle before me. "Now then Sarah, do you like a good hard fuck or do want me to take it easy on you?"

"The rougher the better, I love feeling like a whore when I'm being fucked." She answered hoarsely.

"Well there's no better man for the job! That's enough slobbering for now Fiona, get a good grip round the base and guide it in to her juicy cunt, there's a good girl."

I slowly eased Sarah's weight down until I could feel the bulbous head of my dick nosing its way into her pussy, then as I felt it start to stretch the moist walls of her cunt apart and enter her properly, I let her go and she dropped down onto my bulging cock.

Sarah screamed at the top of her voice "Arrrrrgghh, you fucking bastard, there's a difference between rough and being fucking brutalised. You're going to rip my cunt wide open with that fucking big prick of yours!"

"You asked for this you dirty little bitch, I intend to fuck you like the whore you are." I growled into her ear.

"That's it destroy the dirty little slut with your cock, she's only a good for nothing tramp." Fiona joined in.

I lifted Sarah up again nearly withdrawing my prick from her hole, then I rammed her down with full force sending my cock back into the depths of her cunt. Sarah reached out her hands and gripped onto the handles above the doors on either side of her to steady herself, as I repeatedly pummelled her up and down on my swollen cock. She kept up the screaming and roaring, until slowly her tight, teenage pussy had stretched into a gaping wet cunt and she started to groan with every thrust into her.

"That's fucking good, keep giving it to me, fuck me hard with your fucking big cock. Arrgh! You fucking cunt, ram that fat dick into me. Urrgh! I can feel it spearing me in my fucking guts, my quim has never been so full of cock. Yeesss, bang me, bang me, bang me, you fucking bastard, rip me open with your dick!"

Even Fiona couldn't help being turned on by the stream of obscenities pouring from this sweet looking young girl, as she was fucked mercilessly by my rock hard cock and when I told her give Sarah's clit a licking she went straight to it without a complaint. Fiona must have been a quick learner when it came to eating pussy because no sooner had she started on Sarah's little clit, than she started to thrash about on me and scream to the world that she was about to come.

Through her panting and gasping for breath Sarah yelled "Oh God, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me. I'm going to cum on your thick cock, aarrrggh yes I want to feel you shoot you're hot spunk up into my cunt, pleeeaase empty you're jizz into me now!"

I couldn't hold back any longer, my cock throbbed as the first wad of sperm shot its way through my bulging shaft and lathered the entrance to Sarah's womb. It wasn't the biggest load of cum and after the day before I wasn't surprised, but my cock jerked just as ferociously all the same.

Sarah let go of the handles of the car and collapsed back on to me whilst her young body went into spasm after spasm as her intense orgasm ripped through her.

As we sat there, spent in the back of the car, Fiona complained "I thought you would have least let me have your spunk to drink after all I did!"

"It's not too late for that." I told her. "Lay your head back down here between my legs."

When Fiona was correctly positioned I slowly lifted Sarah off my flagging cock and eased her forward so she was squatting, legs spread over Fiona's face.

"Now open your mouth and Sarah will squeeze my sperm out of her cunt, for you to swallow down. God you really are a fucking cum bucket, aren't you sis!"

I watched as Fiona gulped the thick stringy globs of spunk, that oozed from Sarah's gaping hole and was stunned to see her lap every last bit out of her cunt, sticking her tongue in as far as possible, to get all she could.

When she was finished I said to Sarah "Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you Sarah, but we have a dinner date to get to, so get your clothes back on and fuck off, you little slag. Oh and by the way, give me your phone number and if you're up for it, I'll give you a ring the next time we fancy a bit of company during one of our sessions."

Sarah laughed out loud "You really know how to treat a lady don't you Paul, yeah I'd be up for it and I'd love to see your whore of a sister in law getting well and truly fucked. I could return the favour Fiona and eat your pussy for you next time!"

When we were dressed again I dropped Sarah at the end of her road, on the way to the restaurant. Fiona busied herself tidying her hair and touching up her make-up in the mirror.

When we arrived, I walked round the car, opened the door for her and escorted her up the stairs to the reception. The Maitre'de showed us to the table I had reserved, which was in a private booth, towards the rear of the restaurant and totally cut off from the rest of the room.

Fiona and I chatted over our wine and starter about our forthcoming holiday and she asked me not to push her to do things over in France, as she wanted to enjoy her time there with her family, without having to worry about Ronan finding out about us. I told her that was OK as long as she kept to her end of the bargain when we returned.

When the waiter returned to bring away our empty plates, I realised he was a bloke that I used to play football with, although I hadn't seen him in a few years and didn't recognise him straight away. I told Fiona I needed the bathroom and followed my old pal out of the booth.

I caught up with him in the corridor and he remembered me from our glory days with Barking FC. I explained to him that the woman I was with needed bringing down a peg or two and if he was willing, he could get a fantastic blowjob from her, when he came back with the main course. Now Dan was always a bit of a ladies' man and I had never known to him turn down even the ugliest of birds, so I knew he wouldn't baulk at the likes of Fiona.

I nipped out to the motor as quick as I could, returning with a long cable tie from my toolbox and made my way back up to Fiona. I entered the booth making my way round behind Fiona and began to massage her neck. I leaned down to whisper in her ear, telling her how sexy she looked tonight and how tonight I was going to make love to her really gently to make her feel special.

I worked my way down her back easing her forward in her chair, then I ran my hands down her arms softly caressing them until I reached her wrists. Quick as a flash, I slipped the cable tie around both of her wrists and pulled it, bringing her hands together tightly behind her back. "I thought you might enjoy a little light bondage while we eat, I was planning on feeding you very erotically." I told her.

"That could be fun." She responded.

I reached across her picking up her napkin which I then rolled up and proceeded to blindfold her with it. "This is quite exciting, you could do anything you like to me now, I can't see a thing."

I pulled her chair out from the table, turning it sideways as I did so and put my hands inside her top to play with her tits and tease her nipples. Slowly I peeled her top down to expose her fantastic breasts, her nipples were rigid and her tits sat up perfectly in the plum coloured shelf bra she was wearing.

A few moments later Dan came round the corner into the booth, I beckoned him over and motioned silently for him to get his dick out. He quietly unzipped himself and pulled out his prick, he then made his way over to stand in front of Fiona. I gently put my thumb on Fiona's chin, pressing it down to open her mouth, then ran my finger around her lips, she licked at my finger tentatively and held her mouth open as she anticipated what was to follow.

I moved behind her and indicated to Dan to put his cock in Fiona's mouth, he slowly eased the head of his cock into her waiting mouth and she started to suck it into the back of her mouth. Dan started to slowly fuck Fiona's face and she met each thrust pushing her head forward to take his cock as deep as possible.

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