I enter the stairwell from the 10th floor and you from the 8th... we meet on the 9th..."Hello honey, how have are you today?"

"You're looking mighty nice."

"How have you been?"

"I've been okay, just missing my lady."

We get closer to each other on the steps; I take your hand, look deep into your eyes and lean forward to kiss your lips. But instead of kissing you, I graze my lips against your neck. I pull you gently in my arms and sink to my knees. I look up at you. "Let me hold you, baby, I've missed you so." You fall into my arms and I place you between my legs, we sit on the floor and I hold you close to me, taking in your smell, the sweet aroma of you. I caress your neck, take the scrunchie from your hair and run my fingers through it. You turn your body around to face me and smile. "I love your smile; it brightens my day." You kiss me, your lips on my lips... so soft. I can feel the river starting to flow between my legs. Your hand caresses my face as I pull you closer to me. We become one, our bodies mold to the shape of the other's. Your right hand slides under my blouse and shivers run down my spine. I pull away from you.

"Baby, don't start what you can't finish." You look at me with passion filled eyes and say, "Oh I can finish it all right!" You grab my hair and kiss me feverishly. It seems as if the room is hotter and the air is thicker. I try to get away but you pull me on top of you. "What if someone sees us, I ask."

"I don't care," you reply with your lips against my neck. You lick and bite at it as I position our bodies into a more comfortable state. My hands move along your sides, making their way under your skirt. I caress the silkiness of your thighs and the stockings that I wish you didn't have on right now. I touch your mound, the heat and wetness excites me it radiates from you. I press my fingers against your button and you gasp. I start rubbing you, needing to feel you, not the stockings. A bead of sweat from my forehead falls on your exposed cleavage and I smile as I proceed to touch the spot with my tongue. "Ummh," you say. The scent of your valley takes over my senses.

I continue rubbing your love and licking your breasts. Your hands hold onto my head trying to push it towards your love. No baby not yet. I raise my head to look into your eyes and I see the hurt. "Why not?" you ask. "No one will see." That's not guaranteed my Triste. I start to rebutton your shirt and you grab my hair and pull me towards your face and kiss my lips forcefully. Biting my bottom lip as your tongue creeps into my mouth. You pull me down on top of you and wrap your legs around my waist. Our kissing intensifies as your hips grind to an unheard beat. I break away from your kiss, "Triste you're driving me crazy. The coldness of the concrete doesn't bother me. As your teeth sink into my neck I notice a bright flash on the wall.

"Triste," before I could finish my sentence the siren sounded. "Oh my gosh!" We jump to our feet. We straighten ourselves and head for the door of the 9th floor. Our coworkers enter the stairwell, running down the stairs to exit the building. You immediately take charge. "No running, please stay calm, walk briskly and exit the building upon arrival to the 1st floor." We reach the floor and you continue to direct our comrades downstairs. I walk around making sure everyone is out or heading out of the building. Once I circle back I hear you calling my name. I run toward you, are you okay baby? "Yes, bay," you reply while walking towards the restroom, "but I have to check the restroom before I leave."

"You should have left, bay," you say as you push open the door to the men's room. "I wasn't going to leave you, fire proctor." We quickly check all of the stalls and head for the ladies room.

Though I realized the seriousness of the situation, seeing and hearing you take charge intensified my want and need for you. After checking all of the stalls, I stand by the sink counter and watch you walk towards the door. Before you open it, you turn to look at me. I give you the look of love and want. You release the handle and walk towards me. "There's a fire in the building Ms. Lowe," you say. I take your hand and place it between my legs and place my other hand between your legs and say, I'm aware and it's about time we put it out. Your hands drop to your side when I kiss you and push you against the basin. My hands quickly find their way under your skirt as I slide your stockings and g-sting down your legs. As my hands near your ankles, I drop to my knees and lick your calves as I slide your feet out of your shoes and your lingerie over your feet.

Before I return to that lovely face and soft lips I lift you and place you on the edge of the counter. My fingers slip inside of you as my tongue traces the contours of your lips. A half sigh, half moan escapes your lips when I begin to rub your button with my thumb. The feeling of your smooth, wet walls and muscles clenching my fingers cause me to bite your neck and I plunge deeper. Our hips move in unison and I feel the beginning of your explosion. Your pulse and loud moans edge me on. I notice you've managed to undo your shirt and pull up your bra. I suck and nibble at your nipples. I feel your legs wrap around my waist and your body arch upwards. I grab your legs, place my tongue on your button and begin to spell my name. I massage your thighs as I near the S and you grab my head and thrust yourself against me. "Oh my gosh!" I plunge my fingers deep inside of you and make the last 'A' when you scream my name, "K!" I feel your overflow streaming down my face. I start humming your name and your body buckles.

I feel you go limp and I cease my pleasing in time enough to catch you as you fall forward. I kiss your face and rock you in my arms. "My baby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do so much," I said. "It's okay bay" you whisper and we kiss. Your touch, though weak, becomes strong as you caress my body. Slowly your heartbeat returns to its normal rate and the contractions begin to slow down. As you begin to open your eyes after the last shockwave goes through your body, your hands begin to caress my breasts, which you have decided to liberate from my blouse and bra. Your tongue glides between my valley and I sigh as I my eyes close. You slide off the counter and swoop up your lingerie and you say "I just want to please you as much as you've pleased me... c'mere" You back up down the bathroom corridor to the last stall and I follow you in a trance. "I know that the fire marshal will be coming on the floor soon to make sure everyone has evacuated the building, but I can't resist you." You take my hand and lead me into the extra large handicap stall. You sit down on the toilet seat and pull me close... "I can smell your essence," your overwhelming desire to taste me has to be succumbed.

Quickly you unfasten my slacks and they fall to the floor; revealing my naked body... "You never wear underwear." You just shake your head and smile. Teasingly, you begin to lick my button but then you push me away. "I want you to sit on my lap and wrap your legs around me" Just as my legs wrap around you... the sound of keys can be heard as someone nears the bathroom. You quickly raise your feet and grab my slacks off the floor, so that we could not be seen and the person leaves and proceeds down the hallway. We both release our breath that we had been holding. Then your focus returns to the task at hand... "I knew that this was just a drill so our co-workers will be returning in a matter of minutes but I've got to touch those silken walls and feel their power." You insert two fingers inside my sopping wet love your thumb circles my button as your fingers push deeper and deeper inside of me. My breathing becomes heavier as I move my hips to your rhythm. Your other hand is around my waist guiding my motions. "You are so sexy."

"I want you to spell my name for me..." real softly I begin "t" you bring your fingers out only to come back with three and I want to scream with passion but instead I bite down on your neck. The passion is so intense I didn't realize how hard I bit you until you pull back and I see the red teeth marks on your neck. "We've got to stop, baby... they'll be back soon."

You reply looking directly into my eyes "Well, give me what I want and I'll release you... you can bite me until you draw blood but you're gonna give me my orgasm!" And almost immediately after the word orgasm leaves your mouth my contractions begin... making my body quake. With my head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open with inaudible screams, and my back arched your fingers massage me until my sexual seizure has stopped. You pull me close to you and we embraced for a second or two... then the bell rings to notify that everything checked out okay and our co-workers may return to their desks. I unwrap my legs slowly still feeling weak from our passion and you help me dress. Once we've both straightened ourselves and are ready to emerge from the stall, our eyes connect and you ask me with an inquisitive look, "So, what are we having for lunch?"

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