Fire and Ice


When I got back I listened in on their conversation making sure I would not interrupt them. "I guess it is not that much different then when we were younger is it?" I heard Heather say.

"No. It is not. A bit colder but I am sure that would get ignored once we got started." Amy said.

Heather laughed a bit. "Yeah that is true. Still though, I am curious if you can ignore it at this temperature."

"Well you could come and find out." Amy said. "We had joked about sharing a boyfriend before. You could tag along."

At that moment I heard Heather's mom start to walk around the corner and I pushed the door open. Both looked at me a little startled. "So, what did I miss?" I asked the two of them.

Amy just got up and took my hand. "Come on James. Let's get going," she said. Heather stood up and Amy continued to talk to her. "Well you know where we will be Heather. Hope you can make it."

Heather then looked at me in a different way, kind of like she was sizing me up. We walked to the door and Heather turned to Amy. "We will see. I have been snowshoeing out there earlier so there should be some trail already most of the way there, but it will still be a bit rough going. I have some extra snowshoes if you and James want to borrow them."

"Absolutely Heather. Thanks!" The two of them hug again and I see Amy whisper something in her Heather's ear.

"We will see. Have fun you two." Heather said as she handed us some snowshoes. Heather then gave me one more look and then shut the door smiling.

Amy and I put on the snowshoes and started off into the woods. "So do you think she is going to come?" I asked Amy as we started to walk.

"We will see. I don't know though." Amy said. "But I don't care. I really just want to be with you." It was only about 200 yards or so and did not take that long, but would have taken forever without the snowshoes. The gully was about five feet deep and about six feet across and when I looked around you could no longer see the house. When we stopped at the edge of the gully the lack of sound just over whelmed me. The entire forest was silent and surreal. For some reason it almost felt like an empty church. No sound but the occasional "fump" sound as a bunch of snow fell into the soft powder.

"So?" Amy asked in a quite voice. "What do you think? Will this serve our needs?"

I looked down again and smiled. "Well there is only one way to find out." I told her also in a quite voice that the surrounding silence seemed to demand. I then jumped into the gully and hit the snow below and sank in up to my knees. She jumped in too and then fell in the snow. I jumped on top of her and started to kiss her.

She whispered in my ear, "I cannot believe we are doing this James." She then pushed me over and rolled on top of me laughing and kissing me back. We kept rolling around kissing, fondling, and laughing till we had a nice size area flattened.

We laid out the blanket from the backpack over the packed snow and then knelt down facing each other. We reached forward and pulled the other close. Our lips touched followed quickly by our tongues as my hands started to rub her breasts. I took off my gloves and reached over and unzipped her jacket. She pulled her gloves off and then slipped out of her jacket and quickly pulled off her shirt and her sports bra with one quick pull exposing her large firm breasts to the cold air. My hands reached forward and caressed her breasts while she pulled her jacket back on. Before she zipped her jacket back up I bent down and warmed each nipple in my mouth.

"Oh that feels so good James." She said still trying to be quiet. I took some snow and applied it to her nipples hardening them even more and causing more moans from her. I then bent down and warmed them up again with my mouth. She was trying to be quite, but I could still hear the whimpers and moans get louder as I sucked her hard sensitive nipples. She must had taken her gloves off at some point too because her hands were working on my snow pants trying to get her hands inside. Finally her hands pulled open my pants and started to pull them down. I zipped up her jacket and then I reached down and started to pull her pants down as well. We only pulled our pants down to mid thigh and had this accomplished quickly so we would not get cold. I pulled a condom out of my pocket and quickly slid it on.

She got up on her hands and knees and with her legs still together I pushed my hard dick into her from behind. She was so tight when she had her legs closed like this, but oh she was wet. We both moaned as I slid my cock all the way into her hot pussy. We both really needed this so we fucked hard and fast grunting and moaning louder and louder. The cold on my ass and testicles were finally settling in and really having more of an effect then I anticipated. The cold and the numbing sensation was a distraction and was keeping me from cumming. The same was not true for her who had her jacket still on and having me wrapped around her.

"Oh...yes...yes...yes...yes...OH FUCK JAMES!" and with that she came, but still I pounded into her. She was about to cum again when I had her lay on back. I took one of her boots off and pulled one leg of her pants off. I put her legs on my shoulders and started to fuck her. Deep, hard, and fast. She came again quickly, but I was still trying.

I was giving it everything I had and was getting quite a workout. I had sweat dripping off my forehead, while my ass and balls were freezing. "Oh my God this feels so good Amy, but this cold is just really making it tough for me to cum." I told her after her third one.

"Here...let me see if I can help with that," Amy said. I got off of her and she put her pants back on. I pulled up my pants and then she stuck her hand inside my pants, pulled off the unneeded condom and started to rub me while we kissed. After a few minutes she stopped. "There," she said. "Let's try it now." She then pushed me onto my back, pulled out just my dick and started to suck on it.

"My God Amy!" I said. "Your mouth feels so hot!" It was almost painful when she licked and sucked cock and my balls. I heard a slight gasp and I looked up to the ridge and saw Heather there watching us from above with her hands in her snow pants. My eyes locked with hers and she stopped rubbing.

"Heather is here watching us," I whispered to Amy. She looked up and saw Heather and then Amy started to make a show of this. She pulled down on my cock and started to lick the precum off the tip all the while watching Heather. Heather started to rub again watching Amy lick me. Amy then took me deep into her throat and was bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I was getting close and started to moan. "Keep going Amy. I am all most there!" My legs tightened up and she took her mouth off and starts to quickened her pace with her hand. I then moaned loudly and my first shot hit her cheek before she put the head back into her mouth and then tried to suck me dry. I heard other moan off to my side and looked up. There was Heather with her hand franticly moving inside her pants leaning up against a tree. Her hand slowed then stopped, but was still in her pants.

Amy kept sucking me as my muscles relaxed and she then pulled off and put me back in my pants. I continued to watch Heather as she was recovering from her orgasm too. "Wow James!" Amy said lying down with me. "I had never seen you cum that much before. I am going to have to remember this cold trick."

I bent down and kissed her and then Amy stood up with the cum freezing on her cheek and walked to the edge of the gully offered up her hand and with only the swish of her snow pants making a sound Heather climbed down to join us. As soon as she was standing in front of Amy, Heather bent forward and then paused just for a second. A second to give Amy a chance to pull away. When Amy did not, Heather closed her eyes and licked my freezing cum from Amy's cheek. I could see Amy's eyes close for a second and a moan escaped her lips. Heather then moved over and licked Amy's lips, then the two of them were kissing. They dropped to their knees and I approached from behind Heather. Heather's hands found their way into Amy's jacket and on to her bare breasts. My hands went around Heather and started to unzip her jacket while Heather bent forward and took a nipple into her mouth.

"Ohhhh" Amy moaned and I could see Heather taking Amy's hand and guiding it to the edge of her ski pants. Amy's hand tentatively slid in and I could hear a near purr from Heather. I started to pull Heather's jacket off and she sat up straight to help me. She suddenly gasped and bend foreword supporting herself on Amy.

"Oh my God those are cold!" Heather said and I could imagine Amy warming her fingers deep inside Heather's pussy.

Amy's eyes were looking at me. She just mouthed "Watch this," to me.

I could hear a sudden increase in speed from Amy's hand coming from Heather's snow pants material. After just a few seconds of this I felt Heather tighten up and I could hear Heather gasping quickly. "Oohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh..." And then a sharp inhale and just held it there not breathing. Then there was this huge exhale of breath forming a cloud as it hit the cold air. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Then it was like a puppet master had cut her strings and she just went limp in my hands resting all her weight on Amy's shoulders.

"Still a bit sensitive there huh Heather?" Amy said laughing.

I could see the clouds of breath coming from Heather's lungs as she still tried to catch her breath. "That was unfair Amy." Heather said raising her head smiling.

Amy's hands pulled out of her pants and she looked at them and then brought them up to my lips for me to taste. I sucked the nectar off of them while Heather watched. "Let's get that shirt off Heather," Amy said while zipping up her own jacket.

Heather finished pulling off her shirt and then quickly put her jacket back on. "That's a bit nipply," Heather said as she zipped up her jacket.

I bent down and whispered loud enough for both Amy and Heather to hear. "I bet I know what would warm them up."

I moved to get in front of Heather and Amy unzipped her jacket and we both bent down and took a nipple into our mouth. The two of us push her onto her back and keep sucking her sensitive nipples. Like I did with Amy's, I took some snow and applied it to one nipple and heard a gasp from Heather as the snow chilled the nipple and then started to leave trails of water trickling down her breast. Amy then moved her mouth to that nipple and licked the freezing water off her breast while I applied the snow to the other nipple.

Back and forth we played this game and Heather was thrashing her head back and forth and her hands grasping the blanket. "Please you two are driving me crazy!" she told us. Amy and I just laughed. I pulled her legs up and put them together on one shoulder. Amy saw what I was doing and then grabbed Heather's pants and pulled them up her legs to mid thigh, just enough for me to get access to her. Amy moved to the side of her and continued to lick and suck her nipples and pushed one hand into the front of her own pants. I pulled down just the front of my pants, pulled out my hard cock, and put on the second condom I had brought. Amy grabbed me and rubbed the tip through Heather's wet pussy lips getting me wet and slick with her juices. She then guided the head in as I pushed forward into her. Heather started to hiss as I pushed into her. The sound was one of pain and pleasure. I knew why too.

"Oh my god Heather! You are so tight!" I said.

"And you are so big! Holy shit that feels so..." I started to pull out just a little. "Ohhhh fuck!" Amy zipped up Heather's jacket and then slipped her fingers into her own pants. I kept it slow and pulled out and then pushed back in smoothly. Heather just writhed on the ground as I slowly fucked her. Amy touched me on the shoulder turned my head and kissed me deeply. Her breathing was getting ragged too. I whispered in her ear and she looked at Heather getting so close below us and just nodded.

Amy moved behind me and while one hand was still busy on herself, the other was cupping my balls trying to keep them warm. I still kept it slow, but started to fuck her harder. Heather came breaking the silence of the forest in a cry that still seemed muffled by the surrounding snow then the sound was mimicked from behind me as Amy came as well. I did not stop and took the advantage of her orgasm to speed up knowing that any pain from this rough fucking would be masked by it.

Heather went from one orgasm right into another. Amy's hand started to drift to more then just my balls and she started to finger my ass as well. Then my mind stopped and I just took in the scene around me. I was freezing, sweating, surrounded by this snow and ice and these hot girls. Truly fire and ice. Then I felt my cum starting to build. Amy felt it to as I tightened around her finger tip. "That's it James cum. Shoot it into Heather." That was all it took.

"Yea..." I called out and shot my load into Heather in a climax that made my teeth tingle. I made a few twitchy strokes before I finally pulled out and quickly pulled the condom off and started to pull up my pants. Amy then quickly came around me, stuck two fingers into Heather and then quickly fucked her again. I am not sure just what she did, but Heather came again, squirting this time, in just seconds and again went limp. Amy took her fingers out and the brought them to my lips again for me to clean. I pulled Heather's pants up as far as I could and Amy pulled me into an embrace.

"What was that for Amy," we heard Heather say off to the side. "I was plenty fine before you did that." She then started to pull her pants the rest of the way up.

"Just always loved it when you do that." Amy said smiling.

Heather laughed and then went to stand up and winced. "Oh my God I am sore. I guess you just get used to him don't you." Heather said.

"Yes you do, but it is such a good hurt isn't it?" Amy said trying to get the rest of her things on.

We hurried up and got everything back on and I suddenly felt colder then I ever felt before. The other two seemed to of been feeling the same thing because the also started to hurry up. We all were shivering by the time we got back to Heather's house.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking and drinking hot chocolate in Heather's room. We talked a lot more about the history of that gully and about wanting to share their boyfriends. I told Amy she could never share any of Heather's and was given a sort of promise, but the way the two of them acted I wondered if her fingers were crossed when she gave me that promise.


The rest of the trip went really well. Amy and I visited the Gully every day and couple of times was accompanied by Heather. Julie never did tell Amy's father. She did blackmail us into her silence by demanding that I had to do all of the snow shoveling while I was there saying that the ice and cold was good for me. It was one of the few things we ever agreed on.

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