Fire & Ice


A true tale from Wales wherein Dwynwen is revered as a patron saint for lovers complete with her own island Llandwynwen. In the other version Maelon is truly encased in ice and never sees Dwynwen again as she chooses to be left alone. In my version I think, I know, Dwynwen would have gone with her true love. Maybe my version is the truth.

“You are my love my one and only.” Dwynwen pleads with tears in her dark eyes her hands clenching the thick black leather of Maelon’s jerkin.

He brushes her hands away turning his back to her. Dwynwen covers her face to hide her tears in vain she lets a sob of despair.

Maelon reaches out grasping her shoulders roughly in his scarred warrior’s hands. “How can you do this to us? You make of what we have nothing.”

She cannot bear to look into his haunted green eyes. She tries to avert her face but Maelon grasps her chin forcing her to look into his eyes to see the pain her earlier news has caused him.

“Don’t look at me so.” Her voice trembles though her arms ache to wrap about his strong muscled frame.

“You’re killing us. You may as well murder me with what you have said.” His voice is toneless now as he releases her turning away from her he mounts his black horse. Dwynwen cries out running to him grasping his leg looking up at him. They exchange a long look before he urges his horse to leave.

Dwynwen sinks down onto the forest floor sobbing aloud her grief. Damn her father for forcing her to give up Maelon. Damn him for choosing a distant king for her to marry against her will.

Maelon was a chieftain rich and bold, the handsomest man in the county as well as the fiercest warrior. Dwynwen had come into the forest seeking her animal friends when she came upon Maelon bent over drinking from the stream returning to his homeland after a hunting expedition. Dwynwen had stared at Maelon mesmerized by his powerful body that shifted gracefully beneath the black leather matching the inky darkness of his hair. When Maelon looked up feeling eyes on him Dwynwen had been mortified turning quickly to run away but Maelon caught her and was ensnared by her beauty. The rich fall of dark hair unveiled and her dark eyes wild and untamed. Both were caught in a binding love spell that neither wished to escape.

It began in secret with Dwynwen running from her castle to the forest into Maelon’s strong arms. He would hold her trembling body tightly against his hard frame. When her heart had slowed Maelon would lay her down into the soft green moss of the forest floor laying his body atop hers gently kissing her virgin lips. Over time Dwynwen grew hungrier for Maelon’s touch reveling in the kisses he traced down her neck crying out in surprise when his callused hand enveloped her tender breast. His tongue wound an indecent path over her bosom into her bodice where he exposed her breast capturing her nipple in his mouth. Dwynwen would shake in fear and excitement knowing in some distant corner of her mind that what Maelon and she were doing was wrong. But she could not stop Maelon nor did she want to.

Each day they would progress further and further. Maelon would suckle her breast feeling Dwynwen’s fingers in his black hair then his hands would caress up the smooth bare skin of her calf and higher still to her thigh. Dwynwen would gasp removing her lips from his covering his hand with hers. Maelon savored the tremblings of her flesh still moving his hand higher until he touched the thatch of dark curls that covered her virgin cunt. He stroked the silky softness forcing Dwynwen to feel his touch to know it and to crave it until she parted her thighs readily for him. Slowly he caressed the bud of flesh that made Dwynwen jump and cry out causing her cunt to grow wetter and wetter Maelon stroked the flesh of her cunt before easing one finger slowly inside. Tasting the tightness of her virgin walls wishing for the moment when Dwynwen would be his.

Maelon had sworn to not take Dwynwen’s virginity until they were married. And married they would be Maelon pledged from the moment he first saw her. This was now but a taste of what was to come. What they would share for a lifetime.

Now it was all ruined with the demand of her father. How could she just give up? Maelon thought, did she love him so little? Was it all a lie?

Dwynwen wandered about the castle unseeing and inattentive to all that was around her. Her heart cried out for Maelon.

After a week of not seeing him Dwynwen ran out in the middle of the night to the spot where they had always met. She walked to the stream’s edge standing over it seeing her shape blur in the darkness both by the water’s ripples and then by the tears that clouded her vision. “Maelon,” She whispered softly her heart’s desire.

Suddenly she was grabbed and spun about the scent of leather and man in her nose to see Maelon before her. He touched the tears that streamed down her face bending his head to kiss her lips. Dwynwen wrapped her arms about his neck feeling the silk of his hair brush her wet cheek.

Maelon took her down with him to the cool moss straddling her hips he rose up on his knees quickly he jerked off the black leather coat then the black muslin shirt leaving him gloriously bare to her eyes.

“Don’t hate me, Maelon. I love you.” She whispered.

His hard fingers touched the smooth skin of her throat as his other hand disappeared at his side. Before Dwynwen could protest Maelon produced his sharp dagger tightening his grip on her throat choking off Dwynwen’s breath. He would kill her now. Dwynwen closed her eyes better dead than to lie beneath another. Better to be killed by her lover than to die old and alone.

But he didn’t kill her. Maelon slid the blade underneath the lacings of her bodice ripping them apart exposing her breasts to the cool night air. It was then that Dwynwen knew what Maelon was about to do.

“Please no, Maelon…no.” She sobbed as he roughly tore away her dress parting her thighs so that she lay exposed to him.

“Ssshhh.” He soothed running his fingers over her trembling mouth. “I love you too, Dwynwen, more than you know.” He began to undo his pants jerking them out of his way. He bent his head to feast on her breast her sobs filling his ear. His hand reached down to stroke the tight bud of her clit forcing Dwynwen to become wet and hot for him. “You promised me this on our wedding night.” He slipped his finger inside her causing Dwynwen to cry out in fear tinged with pleasure. “I will have you this night.”

“Maelon,” She choked her hands running over the hard planes of his chest loving the silkiness of his skin her body bucking and writhing beneath him as he plunged his finger in and out of her tight flesh.

“Mine. My bride. My wife. No other’s.” His lips fell to hers.

Then Dwynwen felt his finger inside replaced with something thicker and hotter Dwywen cried out in pain and pleasure as Maelon forced himself inside her. She was so tight Maelon gritted his teeth as he pushed deeper knowing he was wrong to hurt Dwynwen this way but unable to stop.

When he lay fully inside her he looked down into Dwynwen’s eyes now streaming tears down her cheeks. He kissed her lips exulting in the fact that Dwynwen moved her arms up to grasp him closer. Maelon could hold back no longer and he began to pound into her ruthlessly, unheeding of the fact that she was a virgin all his anger now upon him. Now she was his irrevocably, he was the first and only.

Dwynwen cried out at the pain of Maelon’s heavy warrior’s body atop hers thrusting hard into hers. Her hands feathered over the scars on his body lightly tracing the raised surfaces giving herself to him completely. He was her love even now when he betrayed her.

Hot fire burned inside her body building and building until she cried out at the bursting heat that blossomed in her womb radiating outward to fill her entire body turning her blood to fire. She should hate this, she knew Maelon was raping her but still she held him close caressing his face as he looked into her eyes. Whispered words of love flowed between them unheeded and unchecked. Maelon thrust powerfully into her one last time before emptying his seed deep inside her.

He got up then dressing quickly casting a glance back at the stunned Dwynwen before getting onto his horse and riding away.

Dwynwen was hysterical laughing and crying as she dressed as best she could in her torn dress. When she emerged into the castle it was dawn. Her bodice was torn and hung open she had to keep one hand over her breasts so that it stayed closed, her hair was loose and wild, her cheeks streaked with tears, blood on her thighs. She crossed the throne room where her father sat with a strange man before him.

“My God!” He cried out at the sight of his daughter. “What has happened to you, Dwynwen?”

“I cannot be married, Father.” She laughed aloud staring into the shocked faces of her father and the stranger. “I’ve been had.” When her father did not respond Dwynwen screamed out. “I’ve been had, Father! A man has known me and I am of no use to a husband now, for who will want me?”

“Take her away.” The king ordered. Dwynwen cried out again feeling the hands of her serving maids upon her urging her away from the throne room.

The madness didn’t leave Dwynwen for a week. She tossed and turned in her bed feverish, alternately calling out for Maelon, her love, and damning her father for separating them.

Maelon turned to ice. Not bodily as the legend has it but in his heart. He was ice the night he left Dwynwen alone on the forest floor. He was merciless now waging war and killing his enemies. Screaming in the midst of the battle like a berserker crying out his pain and loss. No woman satisfied his lust, nothing made him forget.

Two moons passed and Dwynwen’s father decided to hide his shameful daughter in a convent. Dwynwen accepted his decree without protest. Each message she had of Maelon was only another thorn in her heart. She took to wearing black, Maelon’s color, keeping one part of him to herself.

Maelon saw the carriage that came to carry away Dwynwen his heart grieved to learn of her madness knowing that he was the cause but the ice about his heart refused to melt. He watched a woman dressed in black with a black veil covering her face and hair enter the carriage. As it began to pull away Maelon felt his stomach clench. Suddenly the window in the door of the carriage was thrown open the girl in the veil stuck out her head her eyes fixed on Mealon. With a smooth sweep of her hand she lifted the veil from her face and Maelon almost fell from his horse. It was Dwynwen. They shared a burning lasting stare between them. Maelon could almost taste the tears that ran down her face.

In the convent for a month Dwynwen heard of Maelon’s vicious exploits. Ever since she had arrived in the drafty convent some miles away she had worn the rugs thin with her ceaseless prayers to god to save Maelon, to save herself. This night she knelt in the chapel fingering her beads whispering prayers when before her came a golden light.

The light remained formless and motionless yet a voice clearly issued forth. “Dwynwen, you who have been greatly wronged have moved me with your prayers. I give you three wishes that you may use as you will.”

“My god,” Dwynwen bowed her head from the light thinking for one moment before replying. “Melt the ice of my love’s heart. Set him free from his pain. Let all lovers who come to me find their wishes granted and bestowed. And let me never love again.”

The light disappeared before her eyes as quickly as it had come and deep inside Dwynwen knew her wishes had been fulfilled.

There was no longer any news of Maelon’s rages and bloody battles. The ice about his heart had been melted setting him free. Still Dwynwen stayed in the convent until more time had passed and Maelon entered her door.

He was still the same still with the powerful rugged figure, the eternally handsome face, his black hair was long and wind tossed his green eyes were intense as they bored into hers. Without a word he entered her cell shutting the door. He picked her up into his arms pulling off the confining wimple and veil sighing in pleasure as her hair streamed out long and free over his arms. He crushed her closer placing burning kisses on her lips that she returned with interest.

“I love you, Dwynwen. I beg for your forgiveness for the wrong I have done you.” He fell to his knees before her, eyes on the ground.

Dwynwen reached her hand underneath his chin tilting his face up. She knelt down in front of him cupping his face in her hands. “I forgive you. I forgave you the moment it was done. I cried out for you in my madness loving you still.”

Maelon looked away from her wanting her forgiveness but unable to bear the weight of it. “Come away with me.” He whispered tortured in his longing for her. She was his one true love. The eternal love.

Dwynwen hung in indecision a part of her wanting to go with Maelon wherever he would go another part of her bound to her order and to her god.

Which love would she choose?

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