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Fire & Ice


I knew He would be mad. I forgot to send Him an e-mail, and it was as part of a punishment already. I was meant to send horny e-mails each day, how could I forget? Although I apologised I made a further mistakes by not addressing Him correctly.

'Lay across my lap', He ordered, 'I was going to give you five, but you just earned yourself another four!' I begged to be forgiven, but He just said, 'Come here, do as I told you NOW!'

I walked over to Him and lay across His lap. He raised my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees. 'Now you count and if you miss one, then I add another'. He said 'Yes Sir, I understand' I replied. First He stroked my ass, this always felt so good, made me moan, but I sensed His hand pull back, I tensed my bottom and then felt the first stroke of his hand. I closed my eyes as I felt the sting, 'One Sir thank you' I said quietly. Again, harder now. 'Two Sir thank you'. Again and again He struck in the same place. 'Four Sir, thank you' I sobbed. And so it went on, the strokes seeming to get harder. After the ninth my tears flowed freely and I managed to mumble, 'Nine Sir, thank you'.

He ordered me to stand and remove my clothes. For a moment He disappeared into the other room and I hear chains and other things being moved about. When He came back He told me to follow Him and lie on the bed, arms above my head, legs open wide. I did as He said.

I felt cold leather surround each of my limbs, then they were pulled till my movement was limited. He dimmed the light and I could barely see Him. He lit a candle and brought it close to the bed. He held it above my feet, tilted it and let the hot wax fall onto my toes. It made me gasp, the heat of the liquid. He dripped it up my ankles and then as far as my knees, the wax making my skin tingle, I gasped and moaned simultaneously. Soon the hot wax fell onto my thighs this stung at first but then felt as exquisite as the rest. As He neared my pussy, I wriggled wanting to get away from the hot wax, not wanting to feel it on my shaven mound. He blew out the candle and got a rope. He secured it around my waist and tied it to the bed, now I couldn't move my lower body one inch. He relit the candle and came back to my pussy. He missed my pussy and instead let the hot liquid drop onto my stomach. I moaned now with pleasure as the wax fell onto my breasts, my nipples tingled with the heat. My upper body was covered in candle wax and the feeling was delightful.

He blew out the candle and left the room a moment. When He came back He placed a pillow gently over my face so that I couldn't see. Suddenly I felt something incredibly cold touch my throat. It was obviously ice as there followed a trickle of freezing liquid down my neck. He stroked the ice over my body the feeling was so intense it made me hold my breath in anticipation. He peeled off some wax from my breasts and again I felt the coldness of ice circling my nipples, water trickling down my sides. My nipples were throbbing with the hardness of them now. The ice was touching my belly the cold water ran down my sides making me gasp and writhe. Then ice on my thighs I moan softly as He takes me to incredible places. Then the cold touches my pussy, I hold my breath, waiting. He puts the cube at the entrance to my pussy, it quickly starts to melt and cold water trickles down my pussy lips and to my ass. I moan some more the feeling overwhelming me. He pressed some ice into my pussy gently and I gasp as my pussy contracts around the coldness.

The ice fades inside me, cool water filling my hot pussy. He pushed something into my pussy it felt like the candle. I moaned as it went so deep, gasped as He pushed it in and out. Then he untied my feet, told me to bring them up to my chest and retied them so I lay with ass and pussy exposed. He took the candle from my pussy and lit it. He let the hot wax fall onto my ass, my cheeks covered with the molten liquid. I gasped each time a drop fell, the pain exquisite, the pleasure indescribable.

I hear His breath blow out the candle. He released my legs but my upper body remained restrained. I hear the ice being moved and then feel Him between my legs. He holds a cube of ice in his mouth and stroked my pussy lips. I moaned with pleasure, the ice making my clit so aroused. He moved down. The ice running down my slit, making me wet and so hot at the same time. The cold water trickling to my ass, I was in Heaven. Suddenly I felt the cube being pushed into my vagina and soon it was gone from his mouth. The feeling was delightful, I gasped and somehow managed to ask if I could climax. He gave His permission and He licked my clit. As He did so He pushed a finger inside my pussy, fucking my pussy in and out, then pushed another inside and another, the feeling of being stretched was so good. The ice melted inside me and an orgasm ravaged my body. I convulsed, writhed on the bed, moaned with pleasure as I climaxed again and again. The cold of the ice and the heat of my body was an explosive combination.

He held me close, whispered He loved me. '

I love you too Sir' I whisper back.

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