tagGroup SexFire and Ice Ch. 01

Fire and Ice Ch. 01


Awake early with a naked stranger in my bed. I guess we had sex, well, it's a no brainier. I was out partying hard hoping to get a good fuck, by the look of his limp cock. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

I hate these awkward moments. I don't know if sex was good. He'll want another I'm sure. I can't really remember. I decide to leave him a note, written in lipstick on his chest. I have an appointment, thanks for the fun night. Let yourself out kisses." I applied some lipstick to my own lips and signed the note with a kiss.

I quickly dressed, shorts and tank top and headed to Tim's for a coffee. I can see my apartment from Tim's, so I could go back to my apartment once he left, with no awkward moments.

I am sitting at a table waiting for my coffee, remembering snippets of last night, his name I can't remember. What I do remember was how his fingers invaded my vagina, fast and slow, then deep and shallow. His touch was soiled with my bodily fluids. I opened my legs wider beckoning for his hard to fuck me. I was hungry for him and wondering just how good he was with cock that was standing so proud. "Don't fucking stop?" I begged him, when his thrusts began to slow and get deeper into me. The moment of his ejaculation is a moment I relish. I am taking something that doesn't belong to me. His cock is mine. For this moment I am the one giving him extreme pleasure. "Don't you dare cum before me." I breathed into his ear.

"I love you, no one else compares!" He said as he ejaculated inside me. However, false. His proclamation of love may be, it still gives me a good feeling inside me.

I closed my eyes as his lips plant a kiss on me. The kisses are so gentle. Like he was afraid. To hurt me. This is all too familiar a kiss also different to how his tongue threatened to incapacitate me with his assault on my vagina.

"That's four dollars, gorgeous," the cute waiter said, smiling at me.

"I am about to pay for my coffee and bagel when I hear a deep, manly voice says, "Let me get that for you."

A guy wearing a suit, a business suit, the type of suit that makes a man look invincible. Well, that had quite the effect on me. He walks forward and stands beside me; then he hands the waiter some bills and tells him to keep the change.

"I've seen you at the same university with my daughter, Donna." Stephen said.

"Yeah, I know a Donna from uni." I said smiling, then licked my lips. My smile seemed to ease Stephen

"Why don't you sit down with me, Stephen?." I said, while batting my eyes.

He sat with his eyes locked onto the tip of my tongue running between my lips. I leaned across the table and kissed him on the lips. I paused for a while, watching his gaze. It had the sexual hunger,

"Thank you, for buying me breakfast," I said, sitting back down on my chair.

I eat my bagel with a constant smile on my face. I knew I had him on my hook, and he thought because I am going to college with his daughter, I must be eighteen the same as Donna.

Going to university is a requirement for my new career. The job kinda jumped into my lap, so to speak, artifacts' acquisitions for a museum. I helped my old boss with it. He was stripped of the position. He, was using it for his own gain. Now they have brought someone in from an insurance company. (sutherbys) I guess I need a degree in law, languages, computer and archaeology forensics. They are footing up the cash, so I shall take whatever.

I continue to smile. I am smiling because I know it's so easy to make a married man desire me. This heightened by my constant hunger for sex.

"My pleasure. Are you meeting someone?" He said.

I smile, shaking my head. "Nope, I am here for breakfast, and to get away from an awkward situation."

"Boyfriend?" He asked.

I nod, looking at him through my fluttering eyelashes.

"Why don't you just kick him out"

"It's a bit more complicated than just dumping him, Stephen."

"In what way is it more complicated Carla?"

"I can't just kick him out, it's not my apartment." It wasn't really a lie, it's my boss's apartment, a place for us to fuck. I just put some very tempting bait on my hook.

"Well, I am not having you going back living with him Carla, it's obvious he makes you uncomfortable."

"What alternative do I have Stephen. live on the street?"

"No way, you will collect your things, then come to my place." His tone went assertive. I like that and I smile as I look into his eyes, I wrap my arms around the back of his neck, I began kissing him, more assertive this time. I kissed him long enough to take his breath away.

"Would you do that for me!" I fluttered my eyelids at him.

"Of course I would Carla! I shall come with you. To make sure you don't have any problems, with your boyfriend."

"Oh, we'll not have any problems. I saw him leaving a few minutes ago. The apartment is just across the road."

"I wondered why you were just in shorts and tank top."

"Well, shall we go and get the rest of my stuff Stephen.'' I almost ushered him, out of Tim's. Across the road, to the apartment.

I opened the door to the apartment and immediately began to undress. He watched me as I slowly pulled my tank top over my head. I gazed down at the bulge that had formed in his pants. He immediately turned his gaze away.

"I am sorry Stephen. There is little privacy, in this apartment. I am so used to being watched undress." I walked over to him and put my arms on his shoulders, I turned him around till he was facing me.

"You are so young, Carla." He stammered out.

"I am no virgin Stephen. I could see in the coffee shop you wanted to fuck me." I started to push his jacket off his shoulders. It dropped in a pile behind him. Then I looked him in his eyes as I started to unbutton his shirt.

"I can't do this Carla? You're the same age as my daughter." He said trying to push me away.

"Age doesn't come into it Stephen. We are both adults." I said, grasping the lapels of his shirt. I finished unbuttoning his shirt;, then I ran my hands over his amazing muscles. My hands carried on to the curve of his hips. Kneeling down I ran my tongue over the dips and valleys of his abdomen.

"Are you new to the city, Stephen, I haven't seen you around" I asked, running my fingers in his belly button.

"Fairly new, I have been here a couple of weeks, I'm working for ARO."

"Art gallery Ontario?"

"Yes, and I know exactly who you are Carla. I'm your new boss. I replaced Dennis as head of ARO. Christie's hired me to fix a few things they aren't happy with."

"Does this mean I'm one they are happy with," I said removing my fingers from his belly button, sitting back on my heels.

"On contrary, they like your attitude, the way you handle people, the way you yourself, the way you handle others."

"So, I still have a job at ARO, who's my boss? You, Dennis?" I asked now standing before him with hands on hips.

"We are are both your bosses."

I knew he was going to say that. "It sounds like they are just keeping me on. Just to keep the bosses happy."

"What makes you say that Carla?"

"Apparently I am about to have sex with both my bosses."

Stephen went on to explain to me, he answers to Christie's auction house. Christie's work with ALR (art loss register) to locate lost stolen artifacts. Stephen said he was ex MI6, now working as a private eye, for Christie's. It was his idea, funded by Christie's to send me to spy school.

It took me a while for me to take all he said in. My angry look changed to one of unrestricted warfare as he pushed me against the wall. He furiously started kneading my breasts.

"Get your fucking hands off my breasts, you Bastard. You were leading me along with this lie just to fuck me, and fuck with my head," I said slapping him across his cheek.

"Carla, really; Carla, It wasn't like that."

I slapped him again, harder this time as he reached his hands out towards me.

"OK, I am deserving of that for how I led you along. It was in good intentions. I slapped him again hard enough to cause him to stagger backwards.

"Fuck!, OK, what was that one for?" he asked, rubbing his cheek, which had now turned a bright shade of red.

"I was beginning to enjoy myself," I said with a smirk across my face.

"Well, that look is an improvement on the angry mama look." He said holding up his hands in a surrender. I feinted to slap him again. He closed his eyes in wait of my hand, making contact with his crimson red cheek. I stopped at the last minute and kissed his glowing cheek. He flinched as my lips touched his cheek. he opens one eye. It was then I gently slapped his cheek.'' Don't fuck with me like that again!"

I was still very angry at the way Stephen had lied to me. I could hear him explaining that he didn't want to draw me into working with him as a private eye. He continued to state how dangerous this line of work could be. I wasn't acknowledging to what he was saying. I was busy packing a quick overnight bag.

I walked through the door, with my overnight bag over my shoulder. In anger I slammed the door behind me. It wasn't till, I was in my car and driving away. I realized. It was my apartment, I had just walked out of.

I arrived at my old fuck buddy's "Ricky's" apartment. I quickly answered one of Stephan's many apologetic texts on my phone.

"Talk about this tomorrow at ARO." Message sent.

Human relationships always amaze me, always has done, since the first my glimmerings of attraction to the male. No more than Ricky. My Mr. Reliable never asks more of me than a good fuck, he's never asked questions when I walk in unexpectedly, pissed off by some guy, or just in need of a fuck.

"Hi," I said, while dropping my overnight bag on his floor."

There was a moment's silence; You look like shit, no sex for three months?" Three months were about when Ricky, and I had sex.

"NO, there is some guy just fucking with my head."

Ricky grabbed my right shoulder and turned me around, His hands made my body shudder as he rubbed all the tension out of my neck. I never realized he had unclothed me, till I saw my dress and panties in a pile at my ankles.

Ricky is rubbing my neck, then his hands reached over and down my upper chest to my breasts. I reached backwards and ran my hand up the inside of his inner thigh. The back of my hand rubs against his cock shaft. I have no idea how or when it happened, but Ricky had undressed. He squeezed my breasts hard. I insistently wrapped the Palm of my hand around his cock. I slowly masturbated his cock, not letting go as he flipped me around. I was facing him. He kissed me, that shocked me. He presses his hard body to mine. This kiss was like no other. I ever had from Ricky. His tongue ran along my lips, over my teeth and across the edges of my tongue. There was an electricity, fire in his kiss. He slid his tongue & mouth down over my breasts, briefly sucking on my nipples, then continuing down over my stomach and into my vagina.

"I missed you." I said. As I was twisting a strand of my hair, between my finger. Ricky's scent, assaulted my body into spasmodic twitches. I try to exhale slowly to calm myself from his magic tongue. He rapidly flicked his tongue on my clit. I arched my body backwards, limp and helpless, and he knew it. He released his hands from around my waist. I fell limp on the bed.

"Fuck, Carla, you're really in need of a good fuck," He said with his cock standing proud.

He thrust his cock into me, with such force It would make most girls bleed. I was wet and ready. Ricky knew it. His hands firmly grasped my breasts, to give himself leverage to thrust his cock in to the hilt. I let out a scream, loudly to break glass.

"That's more like the Carla." He said, as he starts pounding his cock into me, hard. I start matching his thrusts. I am in need of his ejaculation as quickly as possible. I let out another loud scream, my orgasm burst, he smiled and then pounded me harder. His hands moved from my breasts, and attached them self around my waist. He lifted me off the bed. My back was arched. My head was inches from the floor. His body tensed up, my vagina was clenching around his cock. His ejaculation was a welcoming feeling, flooding me with his hot jizz.

He collapsed on top of me., I don't know if he knew, there was a bed to break our fall or not. He rolled off me, reached for his special cigarettes, (marijuana, and cocaine). He passed me the joint after he'd lit it. I took an enormous drag, inhaled the smoke into my lungs. Then I exhaled savouring the feeling how my body felt. I took another enormous drag before handing the joint back to Ricky. I held the smoke in my lungs. I then I fell backwards onto the bed, tipping my head back, I exhaled the smoke in a plume?. There was a blissful feeling in my body. I was as high as a fucking kite.

After savouring the drug's exhilarating feeling, I looked across the bed. Ricky lay there stoned. His cock as limp as wet lettuce. I clawed my way across the bed, wrapped the Palm of my hand around his cock. A little life sprang into his cock. I slowly slid his hardening cock into my mouth. It was then when it really got hard. That swelling feeling, of a cock inside one's mouth, It surpasses the drugs, any day.

I sucked on his hard cock. His eyes are wide open now. I am gazing right into them.

"Fuck, Carla, so soon," He said, attempting to raise his torso up off the bed.

I was too impatient for his cock to be inside me again., I rushed the blowjob. I straggled him, I pushed his cock between my vagina lips. His hard cock felt so good as I lowered myself onto it,. I began to bounce on his cock. I was so high from the drugs. I didn't know, if I could bring him to an ejaculation before the drugs finally kicked in and I collapsed on top of him.

I reached behind me, pushed two fingers up his asshole, I forced my fingers deeper, deeper as I bounced on his cock. I could feel the swollen head of his cock, clearly through the narrow wall of tissue separating his ass hole, from his ball sack. I wiggled my fingers. My, nails tickled his balls; then I ticked the shaft of his cock. He ejaculated instantly. His, cock stayed hard while spurting hot cum inside me, I must have collapsed and fell asleep, on top of him.

I was barely awake, when I heard the sound of my phone vibrating itself off the tall dresser. I make the effort, to get myself out of bed to where my phone had fallen. It had a soft landing, among a pile of yellow fluffy pillows. I retrieve my phone, I throw myself back on the bed. I feel the mattress bounce underneath me. I smile when I see the name of the caller.

Stephen, (my new boss).

Just because I feel like fucking around with his mind, I wait to answer for a couple of more rings.

"Hi, Stephen," being my new boss, his name feels like a dirty secret on my lips.

"Hello, Carla, I thought you'd be at ARO by now."

I walked through the frosted front doors. The maroon carpeting Yawned; I always hated this carpeting. It clashes with my red strappy heels. At the reception desk was Judy.

"Still working here, then, Judy," I said leaning on the reception desk.

Muffling the sound of my heels as I made my way to the front desk.

"Carla, I haven't seen you in ages, where have you been. Married, boyfriend, tell me all Carla.

"OK, Calm down Judy, I will fill you in later. I have to see the new boss, Stephen, I don't know if, or how much I am allowed to tell you."

"Oh, so you've met the new boss. I knew some things have changed around here. I guess that's why all the secrecy around here.

"I have to go see the new boss. I am already late. I will fill you in later, what I can, OK." I said as I walk off the maroon carpet. My heels click on the hardwood floor, as I head to what was my old office. I open the door, not knowing what to expect to see. It was much the same, as when I was last in here, three months ago. There was one exception. There was a note lying on my desk. "My office is the door to your left. Join me when you finally arrive."

I put the note back down on my desk, and walked across the hardwood floor. With my hand on the doorknob, my mind was spinning, with what's in store for me behind this door. I opened the door slowly. There was a large oval of dark woods stretched along the back wall. The spacious office, flanked on either side by more frosted doors leading to the conference rooms and offices beyond. I hear faint clicking of shoes on floorboards and muffled conversations in the background.

Stephen, must have heard me enter his office, He opened the door to the conference room.

"Everyone is up to speed, we just need to fill you in on the details Carla," He said beckoning me in.

I walked in and sat down in the only empty chair. Stephen beckoned everyone else to leave, with the exception of one guy.

"This is Simon," He said sitting down, at the head of a very large conference table.

"As you know Carla, I have being grooming you in the past three months, to be a private eye. Well it's time to put all your training to good use. We have an assignment, there is an artifact that will soon becoming on the open market."

"What is this artifact, and what's the assignment?"

"It's a stone tablet, from an Egyptian tomb, it's said to be part of the Saqqara Tablet, from the tomb of Tjenry."

"You said; said to be part of the Saqqara tablet, are you saying you're not sure?"

"It as to be authenticated; yes."

"Well, I am not qualified to authenticate it?"

"Yes, we are aware of that Carla, that's why we want you to get in, take a few pictures, and a small sample of the stone."

I was flatted they trusted me to pull this off, then again I can guess why me, they need me to use some sexual persuasion.

"So, Stephen, where does Simon come into this?" I asked.

"Simon, will be your eyes and ears when you're out in the field. Simon is the best hacker I know."

"I will leave you with Simon. You can get to know each other. I will finalize your contract."

Contract? Like I need another contract. At least Simon isn't your average 16 year old hacker nerd. I got up from my chair, walked over to where Simon was sitting. "So Simon, how old are you," I said bending over, looking at his laptop screen. I wasn't really being nosey. I wanted to see his reaction, off my breasts being inches from his eyeballs.

"Twenty two," he said, not taking his eyeballs off my cleavage.

"What are you working on Simon," I asked, moving my breasts closer to his face. I am sure he can feel, the heat. It was rising within me, at an alarming rate.

"I'm updating the security, on the computers." He still hasn't taken his eyeballs of my cleavage.

"Stephen, said we should get to know each other. How about we take you away from that computer. We can get to know each other, have lunch out, I know the perfect place." The place I had In mind, it's a night club, by daylight hours, it's a restaurant. Day/night, it's a sex club. I'm well known here. This time of day it will be quiet, so getting the real Simon, will be up to his imagination.

Simon, agreed, though I got the feeling he would rather be with his laptop. This I hope will change, when he finds out, it's more than a restaurant. I drove us there in my BMW Z4.

"Hi," I announced to the bartender. Club XX is my go to club, James, bartender/owner we are more than friends. For a long time James and I were fuck buddies. That's all I wanted it to be, he's married anyway. Being the owner of a sex club, he doesn't need a lover, I don't need a lover, though Stephen is twanging a few heart strings. The fight we had, how could I have been aroused by that, the last thing I needed right now was for a meaningful relationship. Oh, fuck; why can't I forget all of this with Stephen ever happened?. My emotions are all over the place, I was fucking, raging mad at him, for deceiving me. Yet when I clung to his sweat soaked body, It felt like a second skin. Get a hold of yourself Carla, you're here to bond with Simon, not pout over wasted feelings for Stephen.

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