tagNonHumanFire & Ice Ch. 04

Fire & Ice Ch. 04


When Demetrius appeared in his apartment, everything spun madly around him, he braced himself against the wall as heat and energy crackled over his skin. If the first time he had her blood was a rush, this was an explosion. The energy running through him was intense, as soon as she touched him again after their bonding it ignited the power in a raging firestorm. He was dizzy from the insane rush as it scorched through his body. He could smell the noxious scent of smouldering paint as he looked up at the wall.

A black cloud spread out from where he had his hand braced against the wall, he lifted his hand as smoke began to curl from under his fingers. Embers flickered in the wall as the smouldering heat from his hand scorched the wall. He stumbled and grabbed the door frame, the paintwork soon began to blister and bubble. He needed to do something about this quickly.

As fast as he was able he made his way into the bathroom and pushed open the door and turned on the water, he gasped in shock as the cold water seared his overheated flesh. Steam surrounded him in a veil as unbidden lustful thoughts swarmed into his head, he had to find his way out of this insane morass of power and emotion or it could drive him crazy. The water pouring down his chest, searing at first but then cooling, it allowed him to think.

How had things become so out of hand, so quickly? He had never lost control of himself in such a fashion since his demon form made its first emergence. The flood of power was like an open dam wall, a rapid stream of pulsing power. Now with the water flowing over him, it gave him a chance to collect himself, he had thirty minutes. Then he needed to be at the bar for his arrangement with Ryan, he didn't know how he could contain this. It had happened so quickly, he knew without even looking that his skin still glowed with that unearthly luminance.

He had to wait and see what happened, but he didn't think it would be possible to cover this up, he likely would have to tell Ryan his secret. Because he knew that if Ryan got more suspicious he'd begin digging into dark things and that spelt danger both for him and for Ryan. The Watchers were likely already closely monitoring him, no-one could risk upsetting them, they made sure things were kept secret and if things progressed. He would have to tell Ryan and possibly deal with The Watchers.

Featureless creatures who ensured that the boundaries between the mortal world and the paranormal world were kept sharply defined, you couldn't risk upsetting them or you could end up simply being erased in their efforts to keep things controlled.

Now his breathing he hadn't even realized had been elevated had calmed, the blazing heat burning over his body was beginning to slowly soften. He had to find a way to close it off or he'd be trapped in here for the foreseeable future. He closed his eyes and focused on the cool water running over his skin, the temperature began to decrease further as he could see behind a veil. Amber colored flames in a towering, raging inferno as they pressed against a wall of silver fire which was more substantial. The individual crests all seemed to move in the same pattern unlike the multitude of different heights and sized amber crests that moved in a seemingly erratic fashion.

It seemed as though he had found the solution to his issue, he had to control the fire, make it recede. He opened himself to the coolness of the water which seemed to have decreased in temperature further, he envisioned the water pouring over the flames. He shouted a hoarse cry of surprise as harsh needles of cold dug into him. He opened his eyes to see the glow had faded from his skin and the dizziness had subsided. Goosebumps spread all over his body as the chill from the water settled in, slowly he got up from the floor expecting a surge of dizziness but got nothing, only the last of the heat being swept from his skin. He turned the hot water on and leaned back into the spray, he knew that if demons felt exhaustion the same way that mortals did. He would be flat out on his ass from the energy drain, he relaxed into the spray for a little longer.

Then he picked up off the shelf his soap bottle and sponge and began to wipe the blood from his interrogation off. At least his demonic half would be satisfied for sometime now after dealing with that. He knew that would only be a matter of time before Jasrahel had him in his sights. No-one abandoned the arch-demon. If such a weak willed witch such as Isabel had sensed his master's wish to be rid of him, it would only be a matter of time before another witch or a demon came after him.

The smart thing to do would be to grab his witch and get out of this city, but he wouldn't let anyone no matter how powerful they were scare him away from his territory. Then the thought struck him, he had never even considered having a witch before. But he did now, while it was never the way such partnerships developed the demon always being considerably stronger, he could feel her inside of him. She was like a cool touch, the silver fire felt like ice sliding against his still inflamed skin.

Now that he had control of the flames, maybe now he could re-assert his former strength. He knew Ryan would be watching him more carefully now, he had to regain his ironclad composure. He needed to stomp on these desires, at least for now. He couldn't appear like he was drunk, which was all too common with witch blood. But he didn't take a minimal amount however, he should still be flat on his ass if not completely out with the amount of her blood he had taken, now he knew why demonic power grew slowly. If it was like this all the time a lot of demons would be incinerated by the force.

He reached out and turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, he quickly dried the water droplets from his chest, neck and shoulders with his towel before wrapping it around his hips. He strode out to the kitchen and grimaced at the black marks on the walls and the still acrid stench of melted and burnt paint. He picked up his phone and dialled.

"Ryan, the client wants to meet you, so we'll meet you at the bar in 30 minutes," he said.

"Sure, I look forward to meeting her," said Ryan.

"See you then," he said.

That was one thing sorted he thought as he hung his phone back up on the wall. Now he needed to get dressed into his business clothes again, had to be the same ones. He practiced on calming himself as he walked back into the bedroom, this new power reacted rather violently when she touched him. But maybe that was restricted to bare skin contact, he couldn't take any chances though as he picked up his boxers and slid them on.


Katherine looked into the mirror again to check to see if her glowing issue had remained resolved, as soon as Demetrius had left, a sharp chill had washed over her suddenly. She knew that Demetrius was likely in a world of hurt right now as she made up the light balance for their bond, which equated to the cold. He was the darkness and that was the heat part of their arrangement, she knew that he was intelligent enough to figure this out for himself.

She wished that she had been able to do more researching before she was thrust headfirst into this situation. Now she groaned as she looked through one of her dark magic tomes, the bond would significantly boost everything during the connection period. A fact she felt quite clearly as she was beginning to hunger and it hadn't even been an hour since she left the warehouse. It would be a serious issue undoubtly as she continued reading.

They made up two halves for a solid being, but with her making up the light they were unbalanced. She also had dark and she could feel its presence slowly pushing its way into dominance, she had never allowed either side to become too powerful. But with all the dark presence that had pressed on her in less than a day and all the gathering darkness in the past, it was making it harder to hold onto the light side. She would have to conduct her purifying ritual to rebalance her power, now it would be a constant struggle to remain balanced.

She didn't know what she read would be a good thing or a bad thing, for now everything regarding Demetrius would be greatly amplified. Something he would likely not know, she held the cards here with this particular issue. But it would be driving her hard as well, just thinking about him made her picture his bronzed muscles glistening with sweat. It made heat flood through her body again, and he expected her to meet with his second in command and not be affected. This was going to be torture, she would have to resist the urge to zap off his clothes and do him on the table.

"Ready to go?"

Katherine squeaked in shock as Demetrius appeared next to her, "Don't do that Demetrius, unless you want to be zapped with some unspeakable curse."

He smirked, then his eyes brown eyes brightened and began their amber glow. At least she knew the heightened attraction thing wasn't one sided. Maybe it was the magic's attempt at forging a closer bond, she knew they were supposed to share more blood to enforce the bond and make it grow stronger. It was probably a futile effort but she wanted to hold out for as long as possible before ending up in bed again with him, the nature of this magic ensured that she probably wouldn't be getting out of bed for sometime afterwards.

His fingers had clenched and a tenseness to his muscles was evident, if they didn't get out of here soon she knew what would happen. This meeting had obviously already been set in stone or she suspected that Demetrius would be on her, unfortunately a prospect that sounded perfectly fine to her.

He reached out and grabbed her arm quickly and growled, "We have unfinished business Katherine, once we're done at the bar, I intend to finish it. You started this with your little trick earlier, I intend to see it finished."

A shiver of pleasure rushed through her hotly as he released her arm, she was going to be sore tomorrow. Even now she started to burn up with the prospect of being with the sexy demon again.

"I'm not ready just yet," she grinned as she turned from him. Closing her book she put it back on its shelf and left the room. She smirked as she could feel his heat on her neck and shoulders, "You had better keep that smoulder under control, wouldn't want any accidents happening."

Demetrius growled and stalked after her as she entered the bathroom and pulled out her make up case. She knew this meeting must be important or she knew that he would have just cancelled it, with him so close to her she burned inside. She knew this was just a result of the magic but it didn't stop the insistent urge, she would master control over it though.

She took out her make up brush and began to apply it to the mottled bruise on her neck from Demetrius' fangs. She knew she could just use a glamor to hide the marks but she wanted to tease him, make it take as long as it took, as another subtle form of torture. It also forced him to control his power as well, as an added benefit or he'd end up burning his clothes.

Once she had finished concealing the injury she cast a small glamour to ensure it remained hidden, then she reached into her bag and got her eyeliner out. She knew she didn't really need it for this occasion but she would enjoy torturing her demon for as long as she could before he took over. Carefully she applied it, she could feel his tension building as she continued, she would have to take control of the situation she didn't want to have her apartment burned down.

Quickly she pulled out of her bag her lipstick and applied it before she put her supplies away and bent over to put it away in the cabinet. She turned to see her demon his eyes glowing as patches of his skin glowed weakly, she smirked and grabbed his arm. "Turn it down torch," she said deliberately husky as she reached into her well of power and pushed against his. His eyes widened as cold spread from her hand across his body, dimming the light in his eyes until they faded as well.

He growled and ripped his arm from her hand, "Don't play with me witch, you won't like the results."

She grinned, she was getting to him. "Oh I know you like it, I'm ready now, let's get going."

She slipped her shoes on and grabbed her bag from her living room table and turned to him, "So where are we going?"

Demetrius strode up to her and pressed his heat against her, "I'll show you," he whispered with a tone that made her shiver. He then grasped her arm and the ground was yanked out from underneath her and she was falling. Or was she? It was a very strange sensation, everything rushed by at blazing speed. Then everything came to a stop, she gasped in a breath as she looked around. The full moon above them illuminating the alleyway in pearly light, they were behind a building it seemed.

"We're here, my business partner Ryan Cooper will be here waiting for us. Now you're an independent investor not attached to a big business, it's an inheritance you earned from your grandfather who just recently passed away. You shall receive the money from my account which has the money, tomorrow so we can conduct this arrangement." He grabbed her arm again and pulled her towards the alley exit and walked in between the buildings towards the road in front. He let go of her arm once they reached the street. "Also I need to know your last name for this to work as planned."

"Valencia," she said allowing her eyes to glow for a moment. She could continue the game, but she didn't want his partner to become suspicious of anything. She would torment him more later, she knew that there would be a later for sure. As soon as they entered the bar it hit her, a pervasive sense of wrong. She looked around but she couldn't see anything suspicious, there was something in here, it could be an imp or a low level minion. She looked to Demetrius but noted he didn't appear to sense the other presence in the room which was more troubling because she knew this other entity stood no chance against him.

There was nothing she could do about it now, not while they were meeting a human, she followed Demetrius across the bar to where another man in a sharp navy suit sat. "Ryan, I'd like you to meet Ms Katherine Valencia, she's decided upon investing with us and wanted to meet with you."

Ryan grinned and held out his hand, "Nice to meet you Ms Valencia,"

Katherine felt it best for now to remain professional, she reached out and grasped his hand, "You too Mr Cooper," unexpectantly sparks ran up her arm from the exchange. It was very odd, it wasn't sexual in nature but it felt as if there was some kind of hidden power in there. She took her seat and looked up at the bartended and ordered.


Demetrius sat down on his stool, he worked at keeping his breathing under control. Which was hard enough as it was, the fire simmering over his skin was much like the fire burning in his groin. He shifted uncomfortably as he assessed what had happened, she had a scent that drove him crazy. If he hadn't needed to come and try to sort out what had been happening he'd have the witch in his bed. If only to purge the insane need to be inside her.

Then surprisingly her power flared as she took Ryan's hand, he had never felt anything other than human from his friend. He watched as she sat down and ordered a drink, her back was turned to him as she talked with Ryan. For some reason, he became jealous that Ryan had her full attention, it made him want to turn her around and publicly claim her. Which was completely crazy, he couldn't do that here, especially not now, when this was supposed to be a casual business meeting.

He heard snippets of their conversation but it was hard to concentrate, as her scent and her power pressed against him. He wanted to take her and leave now, but he forced himself to relax. He looked down at the drink he ordered and took a sip, he had to remain focused to keep up the appearances for now, until he figured out how to let Ryan in on his secret without The Watchers having to become involved.

Demetrius was simply caught in an impossible situation, he could feel the tension and anxiety building. He had to talk to Ryan about tomorrow, but he had to wait so he could talk with Katherine, this had to pass normally, but he felt anything but normal. The stress of holding back the desire even just to touch Katherine was driving the flames higher, he had to work on keeping the power from growing further to prevent the glow. Caught in his internal struggle he didn't notice Ryan looking at him.

"Demetrius, you feeling okay?" asked Ryan.

The sudden question had his stress levels spiking, then a harsh burst of cold flooded his senses. He looked over to Katherine, her eyes glowing silver for a moment before they faded back to normal. He was losing control of himself, he needed her but he was stuck here controlling this situation.

"Yeah, it's just been an exhausting day."

"How about we just meet in the morning to discuss what we're going to do about our issue?"

"Yeah, I think that would be good. I'll see you tomorrow then," said Demetrius as he got up from the chair.

"Come by my office tomorrow Ms. Valencia and we'll sign the contract."

She turned to him and smiled, she was beautiful. He was totally lost now, all he could do now was try and hold on. "Sounds good enough for me, I will see you then," she turned back to her drink and took a sip.

"Get some rest Demetrius and I'll talk to you tomorrow," said Ryan as he turned back to the bar.

He had to get out of here now, sweat was beginning to form on his forehead and track down his neck. When he made it outside cool air washed over him, it felt much better than inside the bar. He unbuttoned the top of his shirt and groaned as the cool air washed over him. He had to wait for Katherine to turn up before he could do anything.

As if she meant to torture him, she took many long minutes to finally come out of the bar. This was quickly turning into a nightmare, he was jumpy and couldn't stand still and he could have sworn his eyes were glowing again.

"Sorry, I had to make it look good for Ryan. He's a good guy and I can see why you like him, but I think we will have a problem. He's very smart and quite perceptive, but I think I can do something to discourage his suspicions, I just have to find the right spell. Some of them can have pretty harmful side effects," she said and grasped his arm. Sweat slicked his skin, as soon as she had grasped him the fire immediately increased dramatically. He had to get her to his apartment now he grasped her arms and teleported.

His breathing had quickened while they had been moving, tension in her body had increased, they were now standing in his bedroom. He knew she hadn't seen his apartment yet, but then he hadn't really seen hers either aside from her ritual chamber. He needed her now, he bent down and devoured her lips. Kissing her hungrily, she groaned under the weight of his kiss as her fingers dug into his back. He growled as she dragged her nails down his spine, arcs of heat sliced through him. She grasped his ass and pulled him up against her.

Then as if he weighed nothing she shoved him down on the bed, his eyes flared dangerously. She wasn't going to control him, he could guarantee that. She grinned at him before quickly reaching down and ripping open his shirt, the buttons flying off. "I wanted to do that earlier but I couldn't," she said huskily, drawing her nails down his chest.

He growled as her act of savagery fired his blood further, before she could react he tossed her on her back with a squeal. "You've had more than your fair share of play time. It's my turn now," he smirked when he felt her tremor from his proclamation, he would enjoy this. Now that he was with her, touching her, the driving urge had lessened a small amount, enough so that he could think. He unhooked his cufflinks and dropped them on her bedside table and quickly slid off his coat and shirt.

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