tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFire in the Embers Ch. 04

Fire in the Embers Ch. 04


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Part 17 - Morning Massage

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News!" shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at precisely 7:00am, Friday, November 13th. Yes, Friday the 13th.

Bettina was was standing outside the perimeter around the warehouse that had been raided the night before as she reported: "Channel Two News is bringing you continuing coverage of the successful raid upon the Beanstalk Gang. Once the most feared drug gang in this County and even the State, it has now been utterly destroyed by the Town & County Police Department!

"The raid, led by Vice Lieutenant Teresa Croyle, netted a total of one criminal dead, eighteen arrests, and forty pallets of furniture that were stuffed with cocaine and other drugs. The street value of the drugs is conservatively estimated at well over one hundred million dollars, and is the largest drug bust in the County since the Sergei Molotov gang was interdicted two and a half years ago!"

Bettina continued: "The Beanstalk Gang is believed to be totally wiped out, and Police are following new leads based upon persons arrested that had just bought drugs from the Beanstalkers. Experts believe that other gangs will fill the void fueled by customers' insatiable desire for illegal drugs, but for now the TCPD can celebrate a major success after years of long, hard work!"

"Where are they going to store all that?" asked Martin Nash as we watched the broadcast in MCD.

"You weren't here when we thwacked Sergei Molotov--" I started.

"Literally!" interrupted Tanya Perlman with a grin. "The Iron Crowbar got his name by thwacking the blue crowbar on Sergei's back."

"Ah, those were the days." I said nostalgically. "But what I was going to say was that we learned from that experience. And it's one of the silver linings of having Precincts. The refurbished County Jail has room in the backyard with fences around it to put several 18-wheeler trailers. It'll do for now. The Crime Lab is doing analyses on the drugs, which will give us a type of 'fingerprint' on these drugs. We'll work with the FBI to see where these batches came from, and they'll run with it at the Federal level. After everyone is processed and charged, we can eventually incinerate the drugs."

"Unless we take it off your hands, like we did last time." said a voice. I whirled to see FBI Agents Jack Muscone and Sandra Speer walk into the room. It was Muscone that had spoken.

"Yes, yes you did." I said. "And that's when we first met. You interrupted my fun with the crowbar and Sergei's back." Stories were told for the Detectives that had not been here in those days.

"So, where is the heroine of the day?" asked Jack. "We wanted to congratulate Lieutenant Croyle, maybe try to hire her away from you..."

"Don't you dare." said a surprisingly quiet voice behind him. Of course, Cindy did not need to raise her voice. A blue crowbar would do the talking for her... and it was ready to.

"Methinks Lt. Croyle will be hanging out with us," I said, "unless she joins the Army. That was one of the best combat operations I've ever had the pleasure to witness, and she led it all the way."

"Where is she now?" asked Sandra.

"She'd better be at home, sleeping." I said. "As had the other Vice guys and the SWAT Team. They were up until dawn processing that scene."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Ohhhhh..." moaned Teresa quietly. This must be heaven, she thought to herself. At least I hope it's what Heaven is going to be...

She was lying on the massage table that Todd had set up in his home. She was lying on her belly, her large breasts squashed beneath her, feeling the young stud's hands massaging up and down her back as he stood at the end of the table over her head. He was working the massage oil into her skin, gently but firmly working her shoulder and back muscles.

"Oh, Todd... that feels soooooo good..." Teresa whispered. "I didn't realize how tense I had been."

"You deserve this, after that mission last night." Todd said. He was looking down the thirtysomething woman's hot body. Her back was nicely toned, and he could see the edges of her breasts under her chest. Her ass was simply magnificent. He looked down her legs to her feet, seeing her heels and her toes. The sight warmed his loins, and his cock began to thicken and grow.

Teresa noticed the bulge in Todd's blue boxers. She felt her pussy melting at the thought of using her mouth to pleasure him. As he bent farther over, to work his powerful young hands on her lower back, she reached out and began fishing his cock out of the confines of the thin clothing.

Todd realized what Teresa was doing. He interrupted the massage just long enough to slide the shorts down his legs and to the floor. He was now naked, and Teresa had a close-up view of his huge cock and his big, low-hanging balls. As Todd resumed massaging Teresa's back, she playfully cupped his nutsack and began gently massaging his heavy, full balls.

Teresa raised her head as her hand slid up to grasp Todd's thick cockshaft. Todd eased his muscular ass back just a bit as Teresa guided his prick to her mouth. She kissed the engorged helmet of his cockhead, then slid her mouth over it. Todd slowly inched his body forward as Teresa welcomed his meaty inches deeper and deeper into her mouth.

He continued to massage her as she fellated him. Teresa was enjoying giving head like she never had before, sucking hard on Todd's cock as he withdrew, her hand gently pumping the base of his huge shaft. She was taking most of it, letting the cockhead explore past her tongue and down her throat, but not as far as he could've shoved it. He was taking it easy, letting her set the limits, and for the first time she realized how caring he was about things like this, and she appreciated it.

After several minutes of the incredible pleasure of Teresa's mouth on his cock, Todd felt his balls begin to tighten. He eased his cock out of her mouth and walked to the other end of the table, telling Teresa to just relax. Applying more oil to her legs and his hands, he began to work it into her thighs and calves. Then he went to work on Teresa's shapely feet.

Todd wondered if it was hereditary that men like him were into women's feet. He knew his Uncle Don was, and he knew how exquisite Laura's feet were, and Melina's-- no, don't go there, he thought to himself. He took first one, then the other of Teresa's feet in his hands, working them to massage the muscles, hearing her sigh happily.

He took his time working his hands back up her shapely calves, feeling the tension in her muscles, realizing that legs were much firmer and stronger than they looked... and they looked like the perfect woman's legs. He worked her thighs, then her asscheeks, carefully avoiding her labes to tease her, to make her want him.

He couldn't resist the urges coming over him. He slid his cock over the soles of Teresa's feet, then along the instep of one of them. Sensing what he wanted, Teresa pushed her feet together to envelop his cock, and she felt him thrust forward, the oil lubricating their skin as his long, thick cockshaft back and forth between her sweet feet.

God! that felt good! Todd thought to himself as he took Teresa's feet in his hands, pressing them together against his cock as he gently pistoned his ass back and forth. He did this for as long as he could take it, until he felt his nut begin to rise, stopping only through the sheer force of his will.

It was time, and Todd moved up to the side of the table. He began working his hands over the muscles of Teresa's asscheeks and upper thighs, letting his fingers slide toward her pussy. Over the next few moments, he began working his hands over her labes, making her moan, then slid first one finger, then two deep inside her sopping wet pussy, making her gasp.

Sparks of hot pleasure coursed through Teresa, introducing a new tension into her body, an intensely erotic tightness that could only be massaged out of her with Todd's incredibly huge weapon of lust.

"Oh, Todd..." she whispered. "I'm ready now. I need you inside me."

"Turn over, babe." he said. She turned over onto her back, and let him slide her down the table until her ass was just over the edge of it. He pushed her legs back almost to her breasts, putting her feet on his shoulders and pecs as he slid his cockhead up and down her swollen labes. Finding the opening, Todd pushed forward, and began sinking his ten inches into Teresa's tight, wet cunt.

"OHHHH!!" Teresa cried out as she felt her vaginal walls being pushed apart as Todd drove into her. The feeling of being penetrated, of being filled with his size, was intensely pleasurable. But she realized that there was something new to this sensation, something added... she wanted this man inside her, she wanted to give this man the pleasure of her body, she wanted this young man... to mate with her!

Todd set up an easy but powerful rhythm of thrusting. He took her feet in his hands, bringing first one then the other to his mouth, sucking Teresa's toes, then down to her heels, kissing and sucking them. Shocks of sexual pleasure coursed through his loins as he tongued her feet while fucking her pussy.

Teresa was enjoying the pleasure of being fucked by Todd, and when she opened her eyes she felt an even more intense jolt. She was looking at his washboard abs, then down to where his cock was disappearing into her honey hole beneath the light brown pubic bush on her mound. Then she looked up, thinking for the first time how really handsome this guy was, not just in a physically sexual sense, but in the sense that this was a very special guy to her.

She didn't realize that Todd was thinking the same things about her. He'd always enjoyed the sight of her body, as a sexy woman, but now he was seeing Teresa as a beautiful woman in much more than the physical sense, and he was seeing the beauty of her face, not in the sense of a woman being fucked and showing pleasure, but in the sense that this was a woman he really wanted to be seen with, to have her at his side even when they weren't fucking their brains out...

Teresa said "Todd, I need you on top of me." Todd could not have agreed more, and was glad she asked. She slid herself back up the table as his cock reluctantly slid out of her, positioning herself as she'd originally been, with her head near one end. There was a step at the end of the table, and Todd used it to climb on, sliding over her legs and up until their loins were aligned.

He kissed her mouth as he entered her, and felt her tongue twining over his with an eagerness neither had felt before. He noticed that she was moving her ass to meet each of his thrusts with perfect timing, and they began humping in a hot, steady rhythm, which built with the intensity of their desires for each other.

"Ohhhh!" Teresa moaned as Todd began nuzzling her neck and jaw. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, feeling the tension of his hard body that matched her own. She drove her pussy to meet his thrusts, loving the feeling of being filled by him, letting the emptiness of his withdrawal turn into the anticipation of his next plunge into her eagerly receptive body. She felt the tension increasing, the tightness of her body feeling as if it were going to explode...

Todd felt Teresa's pussy clamp down on his long, thick cock, not as hard as some other women who'd come around his pistoning prick, but enough to let him know that the lovely woman beneath him was experiencing the ecstasy of an orgasm, provided by him. He fucked her hard and steadily through it, feeling her shudder beneath him.

"Ohhh, Todd, that was so good!" she moaned, barely audibly. "You are so good to me."

"You're good for me, too." he said, kissing her mouth and looking into her eyes. "We're good together, aren't we?"

"Mmmm, the pieces fit... purrrrfectly." Teresa said. She then wrapped her arms around her young lover and pressed her mouth to his in a warm kiss that quickly turned into a deep, soul-searching embrace. Not realizing that the other was thinking the same thing, each realized that this was not just a fuck, not just physical sex... they were making love in the truest sense of the words.

Teresa was realizing that she was enjoying Todd's fucking even more than his big brother Jack Burke's. If Jack were here and she had to choose... she'd choose Todd! she realized with something of a shock. And she'd choose Todd for more than just sex.

What she did not realize, and Todd himself did not realize, was that he was thinking of Teresa while fucking her, and for the first time since he was a teenager, he was not thinking of Melina as he fucked another woman...

The room was silent except for the wet, thudding smacks of flesh on flesh as the rutting couple fucked lustily. Teresa moved her legs up and back, taking in as much of Todd's meat as she could, pushing her heels into the back of Todd's straining, powerful thighs and asscheeks to urge him on. And he surrendered to the deep, primordial urges of his soul.

As he felt his nut rise, he gasped "I can't hold out much longer, baby. Where do you want it?" He was referring to his hot load of potent, virile semen, asking as he always did if Teresa wanted to swallow it after he came in her mouth, or take it into the wet depths of her womanhood.

"Give it to me." Teresa said. "Come inside me, Todd. Shoot it into me, I want your sperm inside me..." She felt Todd increasing the speed and power of his thrusts, stabbing into her with short, driving strokes, most of his meat buried in her snatch, his balls smacking hard and loudly against her taint and asscheeks.

"UHHH!" the young stud cried out as he shoved his cock into her and stopped, pressing his thighs against hers as the first spasms of his cock shot a huge spurt of jism into her spasming pussy. He shuddered as several more pulses raced through his ten inch shaft, firing more blasts of his seed, a gray mist swirling before his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, and looked down at Teresa, he saw that she was looking at him the same way... with wonderment, and with a joy that went beyond the ecstasy of a sexual release. And he was only seeing Teresa... there was no other woman in his mind. If he'd realized it, he'd have thought 'Melina, who?'... but only Teresa was on his mind, and in his head, now.

"Mmmm, now that is what I call a good massage." Teresa said. "Thank you, Todd."

"Mmmm, you're welcome, Teresa." He bent down and kissed her. They began making out in the pleasing lassitude of post-coital bliss, their hands exploring each other, holding each other... and neither of them saying the words that each wanted to say, but were afraid to commit to...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At 9:00am I introduced Chief Moynahan to Jack Muscone and Sandra Speer in the Chief's conference room. We spent a good while discussing the drug bust. We were joined by Cindy Ross and ADAs Paulina Patterson and Jenna Stiles.

Paulina said "Since you FBI guys are here, I wanted to give you all a heads-up that KSTD dropped the lawsuit over the Jack Burke tapes."

"Oh, really?" I asked, surprised.

"Well, Don," said Jack Muscone, "after our higher-ups in Washington, D.C. went to the Federal judge and got the tapes classified, what's the point of keeping it going?"

I knew exactly who one of those 'higher-ups' was... I sleep with her almost every night.

"Commander, you'll need to get the classified portions of those handed over to the FBI, then destroyed on our servers." said the Chief. "The last thing we neeeeeed is classified information on our servers, no matter how safe the information may beeee."

"I've already got people working on that, Chief." I said. "What's surprising to me is that KSTD relented. I figured they'd go all out to get the non-classified tapes."

"They can't." said Jack. "If you give all but one tape, that de facto reveals the Federal agent's identity if they have the names. The Federal judge knew that, and so slapped the classification on all the tapes."

"Makes sense. I guess." I said. No one present was fooled that I was in any way mollified by the explanation.

"Okay," said Moynahan, "let's turn to this drug bust. ADA Stiles, what are we doing with it?"

"First of all, congratulations to all of you," said Jenna, "and to Lt. Croyle and her Vice Squad for this bust. It's truly huge." We all murmured agreement.

Jenna said "The Abacus, that's Detective Newton, is already working on the financial information we've found. She's prepping a list of questions she wants us to ask when we start the interrogations. I'm sure you Commander, and you, Captain, will have many more questions for them."

"Noooo doubt about that." said Cindy. I barely nodded, halfway in a reverie.

Jenna continued: "We're also already beginning to work with the FBI to add Federal charges and to interdict the pipelines into the County. It'd be nice if they try to use the same ones they've been using, but I won't hold my breath on that."

"That brings up a point." said Sandra Speer. "I have to admit: I am amazed the Beanstalk Gang continued to operate after the Viscottis were busted."

"Yeah, Teresa and I were talking about that, too." said Cindy. "She halfway expected to find that warehouse empty, or at least no people there and the drugs abandoned."

"Perhaps... they were told to continue operating." I said, revealing what I'd been thinking for some time. "Perhaps they were sacrificed like lambs... on the alter of the Consultant of Crime." I said, somewhat dramatically.

"Well, Agent Musssconnnne," drawled the new Chief, "you get the stakes and I'll get the lighter fluid. Witch trial to fol-low." Jack Muscone laughed heartily. I could tell they were going to get along well.

I grinned and then said, primarily for Cindy's benefit as she was staring hard at me, "Bettina said it on her broadcast: other gangs will be coming in. I suspect the Consultant knew that we were onto the Beanstalkers, so he told them that all was well and to keep on going... which let us take them out. I would suggest that means he already has plans and new pipelines for drugs into the County."

"Or organized it for someone else, who is going to pay him a fortune." said Cindy. "That would be his m.o. more than doing it himself."

"Nice point." said Sandra. I nodded in agreement as Sandra said "So who is the beneficiary of this?"

"There are several." I said. "T-Square's people will jump to begin supplying the Tenderloin District's clubs and pushers. That leaves two other major areas: the affluent areas north of Town, with the rich kids and the bored hot wives; and the University, which includes the strip of clubs and restaurants along University Avenue where the students go to party."

"We're working on the drugs from the other end." said Jack Muscone. "We're hoping to get leads on who shipped that stuff into the County, how they did it, and then we'll see what they're doing elsewhere and maybe bust some other rings in this and other States."

After some more discussion, the Chief broke up the meeting, asking to speak to Jack Muscone alone in the Chief's office. Sandra headed to MCD, as Cindy had asked to speak to me in my office.

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