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Fire Island


The Cherry Grove Chronicles

I'm forty five years old. I was married to a long cool Sicilian named Susan for about ten years. We had two boys, now grown and in the world, and she was my best friend ever. We divorced because she met a guy, John Dal, who she worked with at a furniture store in Syosset. They had an affair and then apparently fell in love.

We are still great friends and sometimes I hang out with her and John. I wondered a little about their relationship. John was our age, in pretty good shape and not a bad looking guy. I also wondered if his cock was some magical thing to win my wife away from me. It didn't take long to find out.

Susan and I were very conventional in our sex life. After she met John, and as I got a little older, I started rethinking my ideas about sex. My girlfriend, Fran, is a short blond Italian with little boobs and a gorgeous gym body. She is a runner and her legs are spectacular. She is the one who first opened me up to a whole new world. Later, I learned that John opened Susan up to a whole new world too.

Fran is a firecracker. That is the only way to describe her, boundless energy and enthusiasm. We were well into the summer months on the south shore of Long Island when Fran said she wanted to go to Cherry Grove on Fire Island. You can't drive there. You go to Sayville and then catch the ferry out to the Island. Fran wanted to go because she heard it is a naked beach.

I smiled and said "Sign me up". I did a few naked beaches with Susan back in the day, Black's Beach in San Diego when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Lighthouse Beach when we got back here. I loved it. I loved being naked and seeing naked. Nothing ever came of it with Susan and me, but I'll never forget or regret the experience.

So we packed up a couple of beach chairs, some towels, and sunscreen. We stopped at the liquor store and bought some champagne and vodka. We had some sandwiches and water, and then we drove to Babylon to catch the train to Sayville.

At Sayville, we caught a shuttle to the ferry. This was my first time coming here and I didn't know what to expect. We arrived about ten minutes before the next ferry and a line had formed stretching out to the parking lot! I looked over the crowd and realized a lot of the guys were very gay. I looked at Fran and she read my thoughts.

She said, "What's the big deal? You're with me." I nodded, but I was turned on a little by some of the guys. They all seemed to have very good bodies, slim and muscled. I turned an arm around my cutie, bringing it all the way around to her chest. I knew she liked this, and she crushed into me. We got on the ferry, popped the vodka and did some shots. The rest of the crowd was partying too. They were a very cool crew.

Cherry Grove is flanked by two bars at the dock. It is a little seaside town with tons of charisma, trails to walk, the beach to the south and the most wonderful people imaginable. Fran was very cool with gay guys and I was pretty cool too. They are the most friendly, caring people I ever met. We stopped at Cherry's, the bar on the left and had a couple of Bloody Mary's. The mission was to get to the beach so we didn't tarry very long at the bar. After that, we walked to the beach. I stood at the end of the boardwalk and said let's walk left to find a spot. The beach was pretty crowded so I wanted to walk down a little so we could get close to the water.

"John!" Fran called, as we were walking down the beach. I looked, and there was John Dal and Susan sitting on a blanket naked. I didn't even know Fran knew John. It turned out Fran met him working at her job in Oyster Bay and they became texting friends. Small world stuff. I wondered how Fran and Susan would get along.

John stood up and started walking toward us. We were still carrying stuff and he grabbed some to help out. He had a nice medium circumcised cock. I couldn't help but look. His cock had a little twist to the left, the head seemed to have its own erection. He smiled and then he shook my hand. Then he leaned in and gave Fran a little lip kiss and hug. It felt a little weird seeing a naked John Dal kissing and hugging my girlfriend. It also turned me on a little.

He said, "Come sit with us, its beautiful here, and no worries."

I looked at Fran, and she saw his cock, and said, "That's sounds great, we have some champagne."

When we came to the blanket, I was surprised that Susan was very friendly, very naked and very friendly. I love little boobies and I love a little bush. Susan was exhibiting both. She is 5'7, long and lean with long dark hair. I felt myself getting a little hard looking at her. She came off the blanket and gave me a cheek kiss and body hug, pressing her boobs and her bush into my body. I thought is this really happening, hanging out naked with my girlfriend, my ex-wife and her lover?

Then she turned to Fran and kissed her and hugged her. She lingered a little, letting her hands stray across Fran's body. Fran didn't resist. They had never met before, so I was curious what the chemistry would be. So far, so good.

We set up our chairs and then we got naked. The first thing I did was run to the ocean to get wet. John followed me down and we splashed around for a little bit. He was so nice that even though I felt a little jealous, I couldn't help but like him. He actually dove at me to knock me under the water and I felt his cock sliding around on my thigh and belly. I started to get hard again.

He pulled off, touched my cock, and said, "Don't worry, we're in the right place. Cherry Grove is all about being a little wild. You have a pretty nice cock." Then he stroked it a little more making me even harder.

We went back to the blanket and Fran and Susan were sitting up and talking up a storm. Fran was naked now too and I loved her little body. She is 5'2", and had little boobies that I worshipped, soft little cups with little nipples. She kept a very nicely trimmed bush down between her luscious runner thighs, not too short but not too wild either.

When I was a kid I adored Farrah Fawcett. I kept a poster of her in her bathing suit next to my bed. I told Fran about this and I told her she was my Farrah. She had the look and she had the body. She just rolled her eyes at me; another Farrah move that I adored.

They were both drinking champagne and Fran got up and poured a couple of cups for John and me. It is amazing to be on the beach naked with other naked people, just hanging out and enjoying the day. The weather was perfect, 80's and no humidity, but I had a feeling the day was going to get pretty steamy.

Susan looked sexy as hell. She has a darker bush than Fran that was trimmed nice but not too short. Her long legs were spread a little on the blanket giving me a perfect view of her gorgeous pussy. Her small boobs are different than Fran's, more pointy, with bigger nipples but no less enticing. I remembered how much I loved sucking them. Fran was next to her on the blanket. She had her legs stretched out and a little separated, just like Susan. Seeing both of them sitting there, their little boobs and pussy patches, I started to get hard. They are gorgeous women.

Fran noticed and reached up and grabbed me, she said, "Not yet cowboy, we have all day." Then she dropped her hand from my cock to Susan's flat belly. She slid it up a little and started massaging Susan's pointy boobs. Apparently, the women were getting along just fine. Susan let Fran massage her chest, putting on a little show for John and me. Cherry Grove!

John jumped up and said, "Let's do some shots and take a walk to the Pines." The Pines is another little town on Fire Island, also very gay. I stood up, trying to show off my cock a little bit. I was semi-hard, hanging out naked on the beach with Fran, Susan and John. I have a very nice uncut cock, about seven inches long and thick enough to make any pussy tight. John was checking me out and I noticed he got a little rise in his cock. I was intrigued by his circumcised cock. The head is like a little mushroom, always out there. I wanted to play with it more.

The girls stood up to do the shots and I cozied up to Fran, letting my naked cock ride against her naked thigh. John poured the shots and after we put them down, Susan came over to me and rubbed her naked body against mine. I wrapped her in my arms, letting my hands wander a little down her back to her ass. I let a finger slide down between her cheeks and kept it there. Then I brought my other hand up and cupped her breast.

She said, "Hmmm, I am so glad we met you guys here, this is a magical place where anything can happen." I looked over her shoulder and saw Fran embracing John in a very naked hug.

My cock got hard and Susan grabbed it and said, "Do you see what I mean? It's a total aphrodisiac. You have such a nice cock and a beautiful girlfriend. I really like Fran a lot."

I noticed that as Susan was stroking my cock, Fran had her hand on John's cock. He was getting hard too, but he pulled off and said, "One more shot, then the Pines." Susan broke away from me and Fran came back to my side.

"What's going on?" I whispered to her. I couldn't believe the way the three of them were acting.

She replied, "I don't know, but it feels good. I really like Susan and John. Are you okay with a little playing?"

I asked, "What do you mean by a little playing?"

She answered, "Susan told me she wants you to fuck her and I told her I want to fuck John. John turned her onto swinging and she loves it. Is that okay?"

I considered my situation, naked on the beach with my girlfriend, my ex-wife and her lover. What else could I say? In for a penny, in for a pound.

I squeezed Fran in a little hug, bringing her ear next to me and said, "Babe, let's have fun. I'm up for anything you are, but we are in this together. We go home together at the end of the night. I love you and I really don't want to lose you. Are you good with that?"

Her answer was a massive hug and kisses in my neck. "Yeah, Pete, we're in this together. Now, let's go have some fun." Little did I know what I was actually in for.

We walked the coastline down to the Pines. Staying on the beach let us stay naked and we took full advantage of it. Susan and Fran were cuddling a little during the walk, whispering so John and I couldn't hear. The two of them were partners in crime this day. At one point, I wanted to jump in the ocean and John came with me, leaving Susan and Fran on the beach.

When we got in the water, I asked him, "Hey, do you know what's going on?"

He responded, "I think the girls are cooking something up. I think this could be a crazy good day." He reached down and grabbed my cock. The minute he touched it, it started getting hard. I reached down for his cock and it was already hard. It was different holding another man's cock. I gently slid my hand up and down his shaft to his head. He didn't have foreskin so I was very gentle. His cock stayed very hard so I guessed I was doing it right. I thought about sucking his cock.

He said, "Let's go out now and show them what they're getting." We walked out with two very impressive hard-ons. When we got to the girls, Fran grabbed John's cock and Susan grabbed mine. Susan knew my cock really well. She stroked it, letting the foreskin come up to cover my head. Susan loved my cock. No complaints here.

Fran spoke first, as she was stroking John's cock, "As tempting as this is, we have more to do before we get serious. This really isn't the place for it either." Susan was stroking my cock and it felt great, but she looked at Fran and nodded and let go.

We put on thongs and finished the walk to the Pines. We all stayed topless. I loved that both girls felt so open and free leaving their tops off. At the Pines, we went to a pool that was open to the public. The pool also had a bar so we all got drinks. I took one sip of my drink and then I ran and jumped into the pool. There were about fifteen guys and gals around and in the pool. After I jumped in, a Spanish guy, very cute and in shape, swam up to me.

He introduced himself, "Hey, I'm Carlos, I've never seen you here before. I love your thong." When he swam up, he put his arm around me and rubbed his suited cock against my thigh. Before I could answer, another splash hit the pool. Topless Susan came up from underneath and hugged both of us. She also was rubbing her pussy against my leg. I had cock on one leg and pussy on the other. Cherry Grove!

"Susan, this is Carlos. Carlos, this is my ex-wife, Susan." I figured introductions were in order. Carlos leaned forward and kissed Susan deeply on her lips. I had thought Carlos was gay but that kiss was anything but. The whole time the three of us were in a group hug in the shallow part of the pool. Carlos then reached down and started caressing Susan's boobies. At this point, I had a raging hard-on that was popping out of my thong. Carlos noticed and used his other hand to grab my tool and stroke it a little. So Carlos swings both ways, I thought.

Then two more splashes hit the pool near us. John came up behind Carlos and hugged him, and Fran came up behind me and Susan and group hugged us. I turned and kissed Fran on the mouth, while Susan was pressed against me and kissing my neck.

I said to her, "This is an amazing day." I felt like I was in an alternate reality. I never imagined Fran or Susan would be so sexually open.

She answered saying, "This is only the beginning."

I reached around, pulling her closer, then I went down with my hands to touch Susan's pussy, I just couldn't get enough, and grab John's cock. In the pool, John let his thong release and his cock was floating and swaying in the water. Fran looked down and released my cock from my thong. Then she pulled down Carlos's suit to let his cock out. She grabbed onto both of them. Susan turned and started French kissing Fran while I was fingering her. I was rubbing her lips and her clit, letting a finger slip into her pussy. I really wanted to eat her pussy and give her a screaming orgasm. John turned Carlos around and started French kissing him.

All of a sudden, there was a whistle. We stopped and looked up. The bartender was waving his arms like an umpire calling a safe call in baseball, but he was really telling us no fooling around here. We broke away and pulled up our thongs. Then I turned and gave Susan a very gentle lip kiss, still holding her lean, lithe body. Then I turned and kissed Fran on her lips. I pressed against her tight little body to let her know I will never let go of her. I hesitated a moment, but then I turned and kissed Carlos on the lips. After him, I looked at John and he was already coming at me. We kissed and then broke away, respecting the rules of the pool.

We got out of the pool and finished our drinks. We decided to walk back to our blanket on the trails instead of the beach. The trails were known as the Meat Locker, meaning all kinds of kinky things happened there. I was pretty sure the pool was just the beginning. Carlos agreed to hang out with us too, so he was on the walk.

As we walked through the trails, there was plenty of flirting and fooling around going down. John would cup Fran's butt and pull down her thong. Susan asked to see Carlos's cock and he dropped his suit to show a very nice and bushy uncut cock. Susan took it in her hand and it immediately got a little chubby. I reached over and put my hand over hers. His cock felt amazing. We decided pretty quickly to find an off the beaten track trail and get more familiar.

We found a little clearing but everyone seemed a little awkward. I started the party by stripping off my thong. Fran and John grabbed their thongs and stripped them off too. Carlos was clearly aroused and Susan had her hand down her thong. Susan came to me and put my cock in her mouth. Then Carlos came over and put his cock in my mouth. I looked over at Fran. I never sucked another man's cock. She looked at me and gave me a nod. Then, she dropped to her knees and had John's cock in her mouth and a hand between her legs rubbing her clit. When she saw me looking, they moved closer to us.

Then she took Carlos's cock in her mouth and fed John's cock into my mouth. Although this was my first time with a man, it was an amazing feeling. Susan stopped blowing me and came up to suck John's cock with me. She said, "I never thought you would do these things, this is so awesome. Fran is so hot, I love her." I turned to look at Fran.

Fran turned around and let Carlos penetrate her delicious bush. I watched his cock sliding in and out of her beautiful pussy. She just laid back and loved it. We were definitely off the reservation today and loving every minute of it. Susan and I were going down on John. I had my hand curled around Susan's ass fingering her sweet pussy. Carlos was softly penetrating Fran, sliding his cock in and out very slowly. The whole tableau was incredibly wild. I really loved sucking John's cock with Susan. Fran was moaning quietly as Carlos continued to fuck her. John started to come. Susan grabbed his cock and jerked it and he came over both our faces. Then I turned to Susan and started kissing her face as she kissed mine. We lapped up John's come. At that point, Carlos pulled out of Fran's pussy and grabbed his cock, coming all over her belly and tits. It was awesome.

We heard a noise. Somebody else was on the trail. We all jumped back and pulled our suits up. Sure enough, two men went walking by. They threw us a glance and a smile and kept on walking. Cherry Grove!

We gathered ourselves and then continued the trek back to the beach. What happened so far was completely amazing. I couldn't believe what I did and what everyone else did. I couldn't believe Fran and Susan were cool with this. But, they were. On the walk back, even though we all had our thongs on, we were all touching each other. Fran would reach down and stroke John. I reached down and stroked Carlos, and Carlos was reaching out to everyone, stroking Susan and stroking Fran. Then he reached out to give me a stroke. No complaints here.

Getting back to the beach was glorious. The first thing we all did was strip. Fran and Susan looked gorgeous, little boobs and bush down below, my favorite things. Susan's bush was dark and a little thicker than Fran's. Fran's bush was a lighter brown with finer pubic hair. I was thinking, I wanted to eat both of them. Then John and Carlos stripped down. Both of them had good, attractive cocks. They looked marvelous. Fran went right to John and started stroking him. Susan and Carlos came to me and started stroking me. We were on a public beach, so this really wasn't too cool.

I called out to everyone, "Let's go for a swim." We all ran down to the ocean.

In the water, all bets were off. Susan and Fran closed in on all three of us. We kept our heads above the water, but below, our hands were exploring every part we had. I missed Fran a little today so I went for her. John came over and both of us were exploring her pussy and her ass. Carlos had just fucked her pretty good, but she was still horny as hell.

She used both hands to grab each of our cocks. I looked over and saw Susan and Carlos in a hug. I knew she was stroking his cock and he was fingering her pussy. I gave a look and a nod, telling them to come over.

When Susan and Carlos came over, I moved away from Fran and John. I knew Fran wanted John's cock, so a little space was good. I wanted Susan's pussy. I kissed Susan and Carlos, grabbing his cock in the process, but Susan's hand was already there. She let go and then I started jerking him. I also swung behind Susan and then pressed my hard cock against her pussy. She pushed back and opened her vulva. In front, she was tongue kissing Carlos and jerking his cock. I pushed into Susan from behind.

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