Isaac looked at him for a long moment.

Willem expected the boy to be shy. To suck his cock. Even to turn around and refuse until he was really hungry. He wouldn't have blamed Isaac. Every man he met had been afraid of him because of the traces of demon about him. Having this hungry boy deny him for a few days wouldn't be any different.

But Isaac didn't just offer his ass.

He turned around, and got down on his hands and knees. The shirt rode up all the way, above those round little ass cheeks, above the heavy cock that hung between his legs, and the large eggs in their soft sack. The shirt slid down his silky white skin, stopping where the fabric pooled around the bases of his small wings.

Isaac turned around, his tiny pink asshole spasmed. His cheeks and hole and legs were bare. He had shaved in the tub. Even his balls were smooth and pink, freshly bared. His eyes were hot and red with more than hunger. In the first smooth motion, he had dropped to his hands and knees, in the second he lowered himself down so his head was buried in his crossed arms, and he let his knees spread far apart.

"Come here." Isaac rasped. "Feed me."


It was all Willem could do not to jump up and fuck the boy as hard as he could. He got up and dropped his pants, letting his own cock jump from his underwear. Ten seconds, and he was nearly all the way hard. Isaac was panting under his breath. His hips were moving so slightly, he was humping the air with eagerness.

Willem had a bottle of hand lotion, to soothe his hands after lifting weights. He took three pumps of it and slicked it on his own cock, getting every inch.

He grabbed a towel from the basement floor and when he knelt behind Isaac, he nudged the fabric under the halfling's knees. As he did so, he leaned forward and drew his tongue across that tiny clean pink hole.

Isaac whimpered and bucked his hips once. Willem grabbed those young firm buttocks with his lotiony hands and spread them apart so he could bury his face between them. He sucked and licked and lipped that sweet little hole, being as rough as he dared. Isaac yelped and squirmed under his tongue.

Willem reached between and stroked the boy's huge throbbing cock with his slick hand.

"Gonna feed you good, Isaac." He panted, lifting his head. He worked two slick fingers in there. The feel of his ass was amazing, instead of clenching, like all of the men he had been with, the muscles loosened, opened, unfolded. The boy's ass let him in.

"Do it." Isaac panted. "Do it, Do it, doitdoitdoitdoit!"

Willem raised himself up, and carefully led the tip of his cock to that spasming little hole. Before he thrust in, he leaned over Isaac, and clasped his shoulder with one hand. The other he wrapped around the demon's chest, holding the boy so close to him. Willem could feel those tiny wings fluttering rapidly, pinned against his chest and Isaac's back. His face was buried in that silky black hair. He could feel a horn pressed into his temple. He could feel how hot the air was as it puffed from Isaac's mouth.

Then Willem thrust himself in to the hilt in one stroke. Isaac tensed, every muscle going stony, as he yelped like he had been stung. His yelp melted into a jilted moan as Willem thrust in as fast and hard as he could. He couldn't help himself. The boy made him mad, like an animal.

He could feel the boy feeding. Isaac wasn't as starved as he had been. The only change was how hot the air was getting. Willem swore and put a protection on himself. He was afraid, under the lust he knew that he was being so rough with the boy...

Then Isaac spread his kneeling legs even further. The droplets of his precome landing one the towel let out wisps of steam.

"Harder!" He moaned. Isaac was drunk on sex. Wild with it. Needy with it.

Willem grinned, like a wolf. "That's my firecracker..."

And he did his best to oblige.

When he neared the end, he reached under the boy and stroked that thick obscene cock. He could barely wrap his hand around it all of the way. It was wet with precome that would have burned his hand, had he not been protected.

He felt the boy squeak and squirm under him as he reached a climax. He felt the thick cock spasming. He heard the hiss of steam and smelled burning cloth.

Then he came.

Willem cried out at the top of his lungs as he came. A wild keen of lust and triumph. Uncontrolled.

The boy was limp underneath him, panting. Willem drew his slick cock in and out a few more times, drawing out the glow.

He was about to get up, when Isaac mumbled. "Don't go."

He stayed on top of the boy, on his knees, his cock still in the boy's slick ass. The shirt was ridden up to his neck. Willem stroked those soft black wings, first with a hand, then he kissed them. The edge, the base. He let the tips of the pinions tickle his cheeks, eyelids.

"You're still hard..." Isaac mumbled.

"I'm sorry." Willem said quietly.

Isaac crawled from under him. But as Willem sat back on his calves, reaching for the towel that had been under Isaac's knees, the halfling stepped on his hand.

He looked up, and the small boy took off the shirt. His cock still jutted out in front of him like the figurehead of a ship. The boy was standing, Willem was kneeling. He couldn't read the look on Isaac's heart-shaped face. His bright red eyes.

Then Isaac put his hand in Willem's dark red hair, tightening his fingers into a fist.

"Do you fuck anyone else?" His voice was soft. His body language was anything but.

Willem looked up at Isaac. He leaned forward and kissed the tip of that huge cock.

"No. But I'd like to keep fucking you."

Isaac swayed slightly.

"I was scared. I hurt people. I wanted to die... But..."

His voice suddenly sounded angry. His voice trembled with emotion. "I can't stop thinking about you. I don't want to stop thinking about you. I don't want you to leave me." He sounded scared.

Willem leaned forward and took the tip of his cock. He sucked on the tip, feeling how wide it was, feeling the edges of a foreskin at his lips. Tasting sour bitter come. Feeling the way blood throbbed under the surface.

Isaac let his head tilt back, and he whimpered, very soft.

Willem had always pursued, always been on top. He had always had to.

He wrapped his hand around the base. As he ran his soft lips up and down the side of the warm shaft, he whispered.

"If you'll have me... I'll be with you. I'll make you mine. You make me yours."

Isaac's eyes burned. "I wont be your toy. I wont just be a... a receptacle."

His little firecracker was possessive. His little firecracker was hungry.

"Do you see me, Isaac?" Willem whispered. He took the boy's cock deep. He felt the resistance as the head pushed against the back of his throat. He pressed harder, and the head slipped back. Swallowing the essence of demons for years had destroyed his gag reflex. It was more physical than most people thought.

Isaac's young white thighs were trembling. Willem could feel, he was holding Isaac's hip with his left, and his leg with the right.

Willem withdrew with a slight cough. "I can suck your cock. Even take it, if you give me time, and lube. I will fuck you. I will take it from you. I will do everything you want, and some things you haven't thought of.

"I just needed the chance."

Isaac answered by pulling on his hair, pulling his head down to take more of his cock. Willem could feel how hard he was. Feel his dominance. Feel the lonely frightened boy gaining confidence by having some power over another human being.

Being on top was just what Isaac needed.

Willem took what Isaac gave him. Even though his jaw ached and his throat throbbed and even his weakened reflex made him cough and choke, he took what the demon boy gave to him.

His protection was helpful. Even when not feeding, the come that Isaac slung down his throat was hot enough to scald human flesh.

Isaac dropped to the cold floor. Shivering.

Willem saw it coming. He edged closer, and put his arms around Isaac's shoulders just in time for the boy to start trembling.

Isaac never let out a sound, but Willem held him close, and whispered "Shh..", all the same.

Willem managed to snag the towel between two of his fingers and brought it up around Isaac's shoulders. He released the protection. It was warm around them, a small bubble of heat from Isaac's heat, a bubble that would soon disperse.

Isaac was huddled in his arms, in his lap. He could feel Isaac's limp cock against his. Isaac's chin was on his shoulder. Willem's arms were around his slim back. He reached up under the towel to touch one of those small beautiful wings, just to feel the shape, let a silky feather slide between his fingers.

"Do you want to take a shower?" Willem asked quietly.

The demon nodded.


In the shower together, Willem didn't feel awkward. It was the first time he had done something like this. Isaac was quiet again. Deep in thought. He let Willem do whatever he wanted.

So Willem cleaned the small wet young man. He drew a blue loofa over every inch of his smooth young skin. He took a softer washcloth for when he gently squeezed that long dick in his hand, the washcloth between. Isaac shuddered a little and his cock stiffened. Willem slowly stroked, watching Isaac's face every moment, to make sure the half-demon wanted it.

And he did.

Isaac closed his eyes and breathed in long slow breaths, that shortened and quickened as Willem continued. Making long slow strokes with the washcloth. He reached between Isaac's legs to fondle that heavy sack of his, to feel the individual testes, to gently squeeze and weigh.

Then he reached between those buttocks. He felt how slick it was, still. With two fingers, he fucked the boy in time with the strokes, entirely focused on his pleasure.

He kissed Isaac's ear, nibbling on the soft lobe.

He could feel the air getting warmer. He shifted the heat of the water to lukewarm. The water pounded down on the boy, countering the heat.

His lids fluttered, his eyes bright red.

Willem turned the water even colder.

Steam rose up from Isaac's skin. Willem shivered, but continued his strokes, with fingers and washcloth. He was so hot on the inside, Willem had to remove his hand, but as he did, Isaac shuddered and moaned.

The come didn't burn anything this time. It dripped to the floor of the shower and steamed, before the cold water washed it away.

Willem turned the water back up. Isaac looked up at him, and Willem finished his cleaning. Isaac squirmed, sensitive, when the older man leaned down to lick come from the tip of his cock, clean him thorough.

"Thank you." The halfling whispered. Red met silver.

Willem smiled and stood straight. He took a bottle of shampoo from the stainless steel shower rack. "No..." He put a glob in his hand. "You don't need to thank me. If anything, I should be apologizing."

Isaac's forehead wrinkled, his brows drawing together. "What do you mean?"

He closed his eyes when Willem started kneading shampoo into his dark curly hair. He had shampooed his own hair this morning, but it felt good to have the older man's fingers on his scalp. Willem worked around the small shiny horns.

"I took advantage of this... Situation. I understand that you needed to feed, but I haven't been feeding you. I've been fucking you. How I wanted. I might have hurt you." His voice stalled for a moment. He sounded miserable. He felt miserable.

"I... I've been alone for a while."

Willem moved him to the spray. Isaac felt the water washing the suds from his hair. "But I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I promise. I promise that from now on, I'll only do what you tell me to. If you don't want to be here, I know a succubus... She can teach you how to get your energy from normal humans. She can take care of you.. and--"


Willem stopped talking abruptly. He moved the wet strands of hair off of the young man's face, and reached for the conditioner. Waiting for the words to continue.


The older man closed his eyes. He loved to hear his name from another man.

"I don't want to leave, Willem. I want to stay. If I can."

Isaac turned around, facing the older man in the shower. The man who had a glob of white conditioner in his open palm. He looked at Willem. Looked him in the eye.

"You gave me a chance. You were going to kill me, but you let me live. I... I trust you. Let me stay here. Please let me stay."

Isaac closed his eyes as Willem worked the conditioner into his hair. "You can stay here, Isaac. You can stay here as long as you need."

Willem quickly shampooed his own hair, and when they were both clean, he turned off the water. He took a fresh towel and briskly toweled the younger man off.


It was five in the afternoon. They were both starving. Willem offered to go and pick something up, and Isaac wanted to come along.

Isaac had no shoes, so he wore a pair of Willem's, two sizes too big. He wore jeans and one of his new shirts. He pulled the black wool hat low, over his ears and over those dangerous horns. He wore the red sweatshirt with the hood pulled over his head for extra protection. He wore a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

"I look like an asshole."

Willem laughed out loud. It was just such a surprise. Isaac smiled back at him. He had such a sweet smile, that it was loathe for Willem to have to say,

"Be careful, when we are out and about. You should smile with your lips closed."

Isaac looked confused, and then he touched a finger to his canines, remembering his sharpened teeth. Then he frowned.

Willem had his turn to feel like the asshole. But at the same time, he was kind of timid speaking to the younger boy. Sure, they had gone so far sexually, but he had still only known the boy for less than twenty-four hours. He felt like he barely knew what to say to him.

They got into the car, and Willem noticed him looking at the backseat. "What do you feel like? Chinese, fast food, something sit-down..."

"Um... Chinese?"

"Sounds good. Then we can stop and get you some shoes, and anything else you need."

Isaac smiled at him. "Thanks, for letting me come." His lips were together this time. He learned fast, but Willem felt kind of sad. There had been something very endearing about that wide toothy smile, even with the elongated tips of his canines.

"I don't want you to get cooped up. As long as you wear the glasses and hat, no one should need to know that anything is off at all. Now, Lee-an Chin? Or would would you like to stop at the Great Dragon Buffet?"

He chose the buffet.


"This is fine."

"But you like the black shoes, you don't have to wear those shoes if you don't want..."

"But..." Isaac looked uneasy. "The black shoes are almost seventy dollars."

Willem smiled. "That's not a problem. You need shoes. And you like the black shoes."

"How..." Isaac put the shoes back in a box and tucked it under his arm. "How do you even get money? You were in the house all day..." He shook his head. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't bother you about money."

Willem put his hand on Isaac's shoulder. "There isn't anything you 'shouldn't' bother me about. We are living together. And more." Isaac flushed slightly. Willem wished that he could see his eyes, his expression. "I make money off my, ability. I get a paycheck every month. A sizable one. As long as I keep up my efforts, it keeps coming."

Isaac looked startled. They were walking to the cashier. "Who pays the check?"

Willem shrugged. "My mom worked for them. She got the same paycheck. She trained me to hunt and eat demons, so I wouldn't be the next one on their list. I've only ever seen a representative once or twice."

Isaac looked thoughtful.

Willem bought the shoes.


It was late when they got back. Isaac was tired, despite his overload of sleep. Willem checked his email and news sites. Isaac checked out the exercise equipment in the basement.

A new assignment. Something about a demon trapped in a vase. They just needed him for 'disposal'.

Willem listened carefully. Isaac was messing with the treadmill. He made up his mind.

"Isaac? Are you tired?"

"Um..." The half-demon was walking up the stairs. "Not really."

"Would you like to come with me on an assignment. It's just a little one. It's in Iowa, so a few hours of driving. You can nap on the way, if you're tired. We can get a little motel room down there. You can see what I do."

Isaac smiled, this time as toothily as he liked. It was an adorable smile. Animalistic, in a way. "That would be fun... Let me get some of my clothes."

Isaac packed a spare t-shirt, pair of underwear, and his toothbrush into a plastic grocery bag. Willem had a duffel. He also brought his laptop, as well as a book he was working on.

He didn't expect this to take very long.


Snow started to fall. Willem drove slow and careful (for a change) so he wouldn't startle Isaac. They were quiet at first. Then they talked for a bit about movies. A satisfyingly neutral subject.

Then it was politics, then the education system. Willem stopped at a gas station to pick up donuts and a big gulp. And for a while after that, it was just a comfortable silence. The darkness of the car, the pale blue light from the dashboard and radio. The sight of snow falling in the headlights. The soft winding tunnel of the road, broken up by oncoming headlights.



"We're nearly there. I want you to keep your sunglasses on. Don't show your teeth. I'm just going to go in and finish it. It wont take very long... but you might want to stay out in the car."

Isaac sat upright. "No... I want to come in with you!"

"Okay, okay, it's not a big deal. I... I just thought you might not want to see this."

Isaac took a deep breath as they pulled into a long dirt driveway. The farmhouse was down about a quarter of a mile of unplowed road. The car slowly shuffled through it.

The windbreak trees bent and bent backwards, slowly. Creaking like giants.

Outside the small garage, another car was parked. A car that looked supremely out of place. A long black Crown Victoria. Willem could see the cigarette ember glowing. An agent had showed up. This demon had either been under surveillance, or this house had.

"Are you sure you want to come?"

Isaac nodded.

Willem parked and got out of the car. Isaac straightened his sunglasses. The Crown Vic's door opened.

Willem had never worked with this woman before. She was in her late thirties, he guessed. A bit heavy. She had a round face with slightly tilted black eyes.

"I'm Elizabeth Nguyen. It's nice to finally meet you Mr. Carter. Who is this?" Her voice was nothing but polite, but her eyes followed the slight teenager bundled in hood and sunglasses.

"This is my young friend Isaac. He was having a little trouble adjusting, so I have him on parole. Do you have an idea what kind this is?"

A Dreamer. This house has had thirty-four occupants since the nineteen seventies, which brought our attention. Every house or apartment with an abnormal rate gets a citation on our database. So the woman here called the police saying that there was a haunted vase. They thought she was delusional, headquarters sent me right away."

They walked up to the porch. "I am almost completely sure that it is a Dreamer, however, I do not have your abilities. We should--"

"Proceed with caution. I understand. Where is the woman?"

"At her sister's house. She left last evening, and I made a duplicate key when I came to speak to her."

She put the dupe into the door, jiggled it, and after a few stubborn clicks, the lock finally gave. The woman had turned off the heat when she left, so Willem's breath frosted in front of him as Elizabeth Nguyen flicked on the light. It was a very nice living room, with a flatscreen television, and two older couches.

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