tagRomanceFirefighter Boyfriend

Firefighter Boyfriend

byChristine Colbrook©

It had been raining all night and the sweet smell of spring and new life is wafting into my bedroom through the cracked open pane as I lazily open my eyes. I breathe in deep . . . the smell is invigorating. God, it feels so good to wake up on a morning like this. The pattering of raindrops on the roof of my little townhouse had me sleeping like a baby all night. It's still sprinkling a little bit, but I am glad for that. The feeling of a rainy day just arouses my senses; it makes me feel rejuvenated.

I live in a city. Well, sort of. More like a really big town. You know, just large enough to avoid the whole 'small town gossip' feeling, but not so big that we have stuff like gang violence and road rage. We have a community college, where I am in my sophomore year. That is where I met Mark, my boyfriend.

Mark is a firefighter. He and some of his coworkers came to one of my classes a couple weeks ago. The crew of engine 17. Oh my god . . . you should have seen my girlfriends and me when they walked into our class! None of us knew that they would be visiting for a presentation until shortly before they arrived. We were like a bunch of horny little Jr. High school girls half-fainting and giggling; at least that is what I felt like . . . it was embarrassing! Some of the guys in our class saw us gawking shamelessly and were noticeably jealous. Who cares . . . these guys could make you melt just from the look of them. From the moment I first saw Mark, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. And I don't mean that figuratively either. We watched as they walked in, but when Mark turned around, he looked around the room and our eyes met. I will never in my life forget this experience. I felt like I was his prisoner. I knew I was staring, but I just could not look away. Believe me. I tried! His eyes were completely enchanting. I was chewing a piece of gum and my jaw just froze mid-chew. It was only when his eyes broke away and scanned the rest of the room that I was released from this weird, mesmerizing spell. I felt moisture welling up inside me as soon as I was let loose from those bewitching green eyes. God, after that I really felt like a little schoolgirl. I hadn't been so easily turned on just by the look of someone since I was in 10th grade!

I wish you could know him instead of me trying to describe him to you. Not only is he well-built, broad-shouldered; simply gorgeous, but he is also charming and witty. During his presentation, his buddies would jokingly input comments about his subject matter, and he immediately would retort back at them. They were like bread and butter, constantly working off of each other. When he wasn't talking, I was sure that I caught him looking over at me more than once. I thought it was just my overactive imagination until my girlfriend Jodi leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "Have you noticed that one on the right staring at you?" I just about died. I replied, "You noticed too?", but she saw it all over my face before I even said a word. I could feel my love juice starting to seep through to my panties . . . I crossed my legs just so I could bounce my foot up and down to stimulate myself. I hope this wasn't as obvious as it felt to me. I just couldn't resist. Oh, did I want him . . . but how do you approach a guy like that?

Don't get me wrong. I am not shy. I never have any problem approaching a guy and starting a conversation. My biggest problem is usually trying not to be too friendly. You know, remain mysterious. But this was different. Every time I tried to think of a way to meet him in a way that appeared casual and comfortable, I would just lose all confidence. I was at a loss. When the public relations presentation was over and his crew was walking out, our eyes met and we smiled at each other. God, did he have dimples to die for. As luck would have it, I was running late before class and ended up on the aisle seat, right next to the aisle they left on. He passed right by me! Of course Jodi saw everything. Her jaw dropped to the floor. "You have GOT to meet him!", she says, but I was floating by then and hardly heard the words. The constant bouncing of my foot had been steadily increasing my pleasure as my hood and clitoris gently caressed in it's secret hiding place, but this mild form of stimulation could only provide so much satisfaction. It only served to tease me. I wanted so much more, and my mind again wandered to wild, fantastic ways to meet him. As it turns out, I didn't have to.

My second class of the morning had finished and I had about an hour or so for lunch break before my afternoon classes begun. Jodi and I met up in the quad, as is our usual custom, and went across the street from campus to eat at one of the local fast-food places. I was waiting by the counter for my order to be called. Jodi had her food, was pouring her drink at the soda fountain and finding a seat when the whole engine 17 crew walked in laughing and joking with each other. I was aghast! It was too good to be true, almost too scary to be true. The exhilaration returned to me immediately. Warmth instantly began to emanate from my love canal. It took everything I had to regain my composure. I didn't know what to do when he looked over and saw me standing there. Fortunately I didn't have to do anything. He was so calm and collected! He left his buddies in line and came straight up to me. As a pleasantry, he introduced himself and said he remembered me from my 9:15 Earth Science class. We both knew that this reminder was completely unnecessary, but it gave me a chance to calm my nerves down a little. He was so direct and to the point. There was no more small talk, no beating around the bush. He simply said, "I'd really like to see you sometime. Would you like to go out?" He asked for my number so I offered to get him a pen out of my book bag so he could write it down. He declined with that sweet smile saying, "That's not necessary. I'll remember it."

We've been out about a half-dozen times now. The first experience was amazing. We did the usual dinner and movie combo. He was such a gentleman the whole night. It wasn't just him opening doors and offering me his coat when a cold wind blew through the movie theater plaza. He doted on me; seemed to hang on my every word. I felt like I was the only girl in the whole world! I hardly knew him, but I already wanted him so bad! You know, all those girlish 'knight-in-shining-armor' feelings welling up inside of me. Well after our date, he took me home and I invited him in. We talked a little bit, but all I can really remember about that conversation was the little nonchalant touching and body contact we had. I especially remember him putting his arm on the couch behind me and lazily playing with my hair while I talked to him. The gentle tugs and caresses on my scalp gave me the shivers. I even got goose bumps. Well, needless to say, I was totally enthralled with him and every sexual nerve in me was constantly reminding me of it.

It didn't take long before he leaned over and kissed me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Yeah, just from a kiss! He was so soft and gentle as he played with my hair and softly laid kisses on my lips and neck. They felt like sweet, cool snowflakes falling down on me. It didn't take long before our kissing became more warm and passionate. He put both arms around me and pulled me in close to him. My nipples were solid and poking through my blouse. When he pulled me in, they brushed up against his chest. He put his hands on me and started to softly rub my hard nipples through my blouse while he kissed me. It felt soooo good! I started moaning my approval as we kissed; our tongues rolling and sparring with each other. My pussy was so hot and moist from all this foreplay! I thought that I would become so wet that I'd start to show through on my navy blue skirt. My pussy was dripping; completely saturated with warm juice lubricating me and crying out for him to fill me up. But he just kept kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body. The tension was driving me crazy . . . did he know what he was doing to me? Oh, god. My body ached; longing to be consumed with this passion he teased me with.

He undid the buttons on my blouse letting it flop open, laid me down on the couch halfway on top of me, and continued to kiss me and touch my nipples. For the first time I felt his cock pressed up against my body. I gasped from the passion it stirred up inside of me. He had such stature! I could totally visualize his girth and length. I throbbed with the thought of having him inside me. He slid over and with one hand pushed me closer to the back of the couch. He was now directly on top of me, moving his hips and his hard-on across my aching, quivering body. My pussy was teetering on the verge of letting loose all the juices that his teasing had stirred up inside me. My breasts were heaving up at him, wanting to be exposed and pressed firmly against his chest, when the worst thing happened. His pager went off.

There was an emergency and he was on-call covering for a fellow firefighter. So in less than a minute, he had called for the address of the fire and was rushing out the door, apologizing the whole way and leaving my love-starved, trembling body all alone and unsatisfied. I couldn't just stop. Mark had taken me to the point of no return. My pussy was thirsty . . . calling me to quench this passionate desire he brought me to. I couldn't resist even if I wanted to. My hips were writhing and sliding around from the sexual tension built up inside me. I reached behind me and undid the short zipper on the back of my skirt. I'd already kicked my shoes off earlier . . . my short skirt made of thick polyester slid easily down my smooth legs and off my ankles to the floor. I pulled my white lace panties down to my calves. I only took the time to slide one foot out so I could spread my legs open, leaving my soaked underwear dangling off of one ankle. I didn't even notice it. I was consumed with my desire to satisfy this sexual arousal. I moved a hand down and touched myself, letting my finger trace around the hood and pick up some moisture. It tingled a great deal. The thought of massaging my clit made me cringe; I knew how sensitive it would be . . . and I was right. It took very little stimulation before I spasmed and my muscles tensed up. I squirmed on my couch as I continued to touch myself, rubbing my hard oval-shaped clitoris up and down, pushing it down and releasing pressure rhythmically. It didn't take long before I brought myself to my first climax of the night, but I couldn't stop at one . . . I kept thinking about that big hard cock and how good it would have felt slowly inching it's way inside of me; his girth pushing out against me. I had so much pent up sexual energy inside of me. I kept thinking of what he must be doing at that fire while I brought myself to orgasm again and again . . . at least five times that night. I lost count. Although never completely satisfied with this alternate option, I finally stopped and drifted off to sleep there on the couch with a blanket pulled over me.

He called the next day, still apologizing that he had to run out on me and promised me he would make it up to me. He said that we would wait for another night off when he wasn't on call, and had the following day off as well. "I don't want to feel rushed . . . I want to devote my full attention to you," is what he said. We talked on the phone and went out four or five times, but he never kissed me and touched me the way he did that first night. I think he didn't want to get me too riled up until he could fully satisfy me. What he didn't know is that the mere sound of his voice on the phone stirred passion inside me and took me back to that first night. I have been consumed with the anticipation of making love to him every day since then.

Tonight is going to be the night we finish what we started two weeks ago. He called yesterday and told me that he would be off work and off call the next three days. He is being very mysterious . . . He won't tell me what he has planned. He just said to dress nicely and be ready to go out to eat about 8pm tonight. The doorbell rings.

It is only nine o'clock in the morning. Wondering who it might be, I get up, slip on a bathrobe, and answer the door. There is no one there. As I start to close the door, I catch sight of a bouquet of flowers laying on the doormat. They are beautiful white roses, covered over with mist and dewdrops from the early morning rain. I look outside, but there is no one to be seen. The card inside simply says, "I cannot wait until tonight." What a beautiful start to my day. I thought the night would never come. I went out, bought a new dress and a matching bra and panty set, and confided all my thoughts and fantasies over the phone with Jodi in an effort to pass the time.

The time has come. When Mark finally picks me up, I am just a nervous wreck. I have been thinking about the evening all day long; wondering what secrets he has in store for us tonight. As we get to the car, he takes a black velvet scarf off of the dash and blindfolds me with it. I am curious and a little nervous about this. He helps me into the car and starts to drive. "We are going to a very exclusive restaurant in town," he says. "No one can get reservations there." I don't know any place in my town that is THAT exclusive so I am getting anxious to see where we end up. We park and walk inside the restaurant. The mood music is wonderful . . . a soft jazz tune with a sweet buttery tenor saxophone playing lead. I feel a little dumb with a blindfold on in a restaurant, but when he takes it off, I see that I am in his condo! There is a gourmet chef with one of those big white hats standing next to a candle lit table with the lights dimmed. "Chef Roberto," he introduced himself. Mark smiles at me and says, "Like I said, 'No one can get reservations', right?" We sat and were served the most wonderful meal with a soft red wine to accompany it. When dinner is over, we start to talk while the hired chef gathers up his things to leave. Mark reaches over and takes my hand in his while I tell him how much I have looked forward to our date tonight. The candlelight dancing across the contours of his face and glimmering in his eyes are nothing short of intoxicating.

The sound of chef Roberto closing his car door and driving away is the last thing I hear as Mark stands up and takes both my hands, guiding me to stand facing him. The only thing he says is how stunning I am in my tight black dress before he pulls me in closer and kisses me. He moves my hands up around his neck and puts his on my waist. He feels so strong and makes me feel so safe just being with him. After a few minutes of kissing he stops abruptly, bends down and slips both his hands up my dress along my thighs. Every nerve in my lower body tingles as he slowly slides my dress up to my hips, inch by inch. I feel my dress continue to slide up and around every curve on my body. As he pulls it over my head, I reach down and start undoing his pants. His erection standing solid inside his shorts is wonderful . . . truly a sight to behold. We shed more clothes. He takes my bra off and begins to massage my tits in his large strong hands. "Come here," he says. Mark leads me to his bedroom where there are more candles burning. I didn't notice until now, but it is raining again. I hear the pattering of raindrops on the roof as he lays me down on my side on his big comfortable bed. He lays down behind me in the spoon position, kissing me on the neck and shoulder. He reaches down with one hand moves my top leg forward. I am getting so wet just knowing what he is going to do, but he is going so slowly and teasingly, it is driving me crazy. I start to unconsciously push my hips back toward him, wanting to be as close to him as I can. He moves his hand in between my legs from behind, softly running his fingers across my exposed flesh toward my throbbing pussy. The sensation is so overwhelming! As he reaches me and begins to rub his fingers gently around the edge of my hood, I begin to tremble in my hips and lower body, anticipating the sensation it will bring me. In one smooth motion, he slides a finger inside my hood and along my clitoris, pushing it off to one side and letting it roll back into place under the pressure of his finger. His hand is cupping my whole box with his other fingers running through my soft, wavy pubic hair, and he continues to kiss me on my neck and in my ear. I moan with pleasure as he becomes more rhythmic in his motion along my clit. My hips instinctively begin to sway with the motion of his hand. I push back closer to him so I can feel his cock pressed up against my body. I ache to have him inside of me.

Mark rolls me over onto my back and moves down between my legs, which I have now opened wide from my desire to have him thrusting inside of me. He kisses me, starting at my knee and moving up along my inner thigh toward my quivering hole. I feel him slide one hand under the back of each leg, and then around them holding me tight. Once he is in position, he moves in with his tongue, licking around my pussy and sliding it under my hood. I can feel cum stirring inside of me, begging to be released. He moves in deeper and starts to suck on my clit. My god, it feels so good! Two of his fingers slide up inside of me pushing in along the inner wall of my pussy while he continues to stimulate my clitoris and lick up the warm secretion oozing out of me. I moan with desire . . . "I want you in me now, Mark!", I moan to him. But he doesn't stop. He just keeps stimulating me and fingering me harder until my hips are moving around uncontrollably. I am pushing into him as much as I can bear as my moaning transforms into short diaphragmatic cries, syncopated with his thrusts. I am coming near to an orgasm when he slides his waist up to me, with his fingers still inside and his cock inches away from me . . . my pussy begging and longing to grip down on it and take as much of him in as I can.

In a quick transition, he pulls his fingers out and slides his cock halfway in me. I cream up inside as he simultaneously runs his fingers along my lips letting me taste the sweet cum he has drawn out of me. I lick and suck his fingers clean as he starts to thrust his large dick inside of me. I knew he was large, but I didn't know his girth would feel so amazing pushing out on the inner walls of my cunt! He has only penetrated me about halfway. It feels so good, but still makes me long to feel his width pushing out on me when he has fully penetrated me. I begin to wail with pleasure as he increases in speed, thrusting his cock halfway in and out of me. My mind is starting to blur as I surrender control of my thoughts to the carnal instincts inside me. I spread my legs as wide as I can, trying to let as much of him in as possible, but he continues to tease me with his rapid partial thrusts. God, I can't take this. I need him all the way up inside me . . . He feels so good, but I want it all soooo bad! I have to feel the full force of him as far up in me as I can take him. "Please Mark, deeper . . . DEEPER!", I cry out. Finally, he pulls almost completely out and pauses for just a split second. I can anticipate his next move and my body tenses up in preparation. With one swift, hard movement, he plunges his cock far down inside of me . . . completely engulfed in the warmth of my pussy. I've never been stimulated deep down in this spot before and I cry out with the pleasure and pain of this new discovery, screaming my approval. Before I recover from this exhilarating surprise, he pulls back and rams it in me again, all the way in just like before . . . his balls bouncing up against my box, almost burying themselves inside of me. I feel the muscles in my pussy clutching tightly to him, wanting to pull as much of him into me as possible. He continues to pump me hard like this, penetrating deep inside me each time. I am going wild; my screams uninhibited. He keeps fucking me harder as I start to moan and wail my gratitude with every thrust. My body is rocking with him . . . every push and retraction bringing me closer to orgasm. My passionate cries excite him too as he soon begins yelling to me, "Oh, baby, I am going to cum. Yes! YES!!! OH YEAH, HERE IT COMES!!!" His words and voice resonate throughout my body and synchronize my impending orgasm with his. Every muscle in my abdomen cramps up sharply . . . Built up tension from deep inside of me suddenly releases itself and rushes out like a bolt of energy permeating every nerve throughout my entire body. I am completely consumed . . . overwhelmed by the power of this orgasmic release. Every inch of my body causes me to cry out at the top of my lungs, piercingly loud and shrill. We simultaneously drown each other with the product of our passion, blending sweetly together around his cock and further down inside of me. Our cum intermixes as it moves swirling in opposite directions, but I can barely feel it or think about anything. My mind is too blurred and my body too weak. A few post-orgasmic thrusts pump more of his cum down into me. My legs tremble and I am panting sporadically, taking in short gasps of air. He slides his cock out of my love canal, still gripping tightly around him. The release of pressure inside of me opens up a floodgate of backed up cum waiting to be freed. It squirts and runs out all over my legs and his waist, dripping down my thighs to the bed sheet underneath. He pulls me in close, and we roll over onto our sides, holding each other and feeling our warm, cum-covered flesh sliding up against each other. The pattering of raindrops sings us a passionate lullaby as we pull up the comforter and fall asleep in each other's arms.

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