tagGroup SexFiremen are the Hottest

Firemen are the Hottest


This is a story for Malia. A hot, sweet Asian honey. Providing inspiration from her Literotica Amateur Picture thread over on the forums


It is not easy being the first, and only, women fire fighter at the 659, but it does have its advantages.

We were on the way back to the station after a rough call out. Sitting in silence, covered in soot and grime from the fire we had just attended. No human casualties, just a lot of property damage this time.

The ladder truck I was water pump jockey on made its way slowly through the early evening traffic. The mood was sullen, everyone had put in a big effort to make sure no one was injured in the blaze.

As the truck pulled into the station we all bundled out and immediately started into our assigned duties to be carried out upon returning to the station, cleaning, drying and all.

After 30 minutes or so we had all the equipment shipshape and could relax with a hot shower and a meal.

This was the first problem, as I was the only women at the station, construction of the female showers had not been finished yet. I had to use the male ones. It had been agreed that I would get to use the showers by myself first, then the guys could have their turn.

This agreement had been working well for the last five weeks or so. However, on the Monday just gone we had taken on some new rookies and, going by what happened next, they had not been told of the shower arrangements.

Turning on the shower I let the water flow to build up the heat. Stripping out of my t‑shirt and trousers I stood there waiting in my bra and panties. On the back of the door to the locker room a mirror was reflecting a dark haired, high cheeked Asian honey. My bra holding firm and rounded breasts. My dark olive skin was interrupted by the fabric of my panties that covered a tuft of dark curls. My hips fell away to firm thighs and strong calves. A couple of bruises and scrapes were scattered over the scene, but these are the norm for such a physical profession as fire fighting.

As the steam from the water built up I started to feel the grime and soot over my skin begin to combine with my sweat to form droplets that ran down my body. I started to move my hands over my skin wiping at the drops. The soot causing a tingling sensation under my fingers. Moving a hand over my stomach I felt the need to slip a little lower. Pushing down under the elastic of my panties I felt the curls of my pubes tangle in my fingers. Giving a little tug caused me to throw back my head and I emitted a low groan.

Feeling that the water was up to temperature I moved under the shower and allowed the water to cascade down over my bra covered breasts. My breasts are not the biggest, or plumpest, going around, but every guy who has a chance to see them in the raw has said they are perfect for the proportions of the rest of my hard, fit body.

The water had started to make the bra fabric stick to my nipples and they started to harden. If there is one aspect of my body that I am proud of, and sometimes cursed with, it is the hard, prominent nipples that stand to attention on the smallest of provocation. I started to rub them through the wet fabric of my bra. Emitting more moans of pleasure as sensations of pure electricity flowed through my body.

Now with one hand massaging my nipples and the other below the fabric of my panties I was too involved with myself to hear the door open and the two rookies enter the locker room.

As I stood there under the shower in my own little piece of heaven they stood watching. As I stroked over the fabric of my bra and moved under the material of my panties the scene was becoming too hot for them. After a few minutes one of the rookies gave a little cough. As I looked over, what I saw added to my pleasure and I stroked faster.

One of the rookies was naked, his thick, erect cock was being stroked by his large, callused hand. The other still had a towel wrapped around his waist, but his erection was protruding through the crack and was being stroked in short, quick motions.

Seeing that they seemed to be happy with their own ministrations I continued to pleasure myself, but now putting on the show for them. Looking directly at them as my fingers caressed my hard nub of desire. My nipples were fully erect and becoming sensitive to my motion over them. Little bolts of pain began to be emitted from them with each stoke across the fabric. Needing a smoother caress I released my hand from its trap in my panties and undid my bra. Now released from their constraint my dark nipples stood erect from my chest. I took the opportunity to push down my panties exposing for the first time my black tuft of curls to the water cascading down my body.

I continued to pleasure myself, now naked, before these two hunks of man flesh. They were getting closer to their own release.

"Cum for me you hunks", were the first words spoken as I started to feel the movement of my fingers over my lips and clit raise the pleasure I desired.

"Cum for me, cum for me now."

Both of them started to stroke faster. I spread my legs a little more and inserted two fingers. Feeling my own moisture combining with the cascading warmth of the shower. My stroking increased to keep in time with the rookies.

In, out. Pushing, sliding.

Wetter, hotter.

Suddenly one of the rookies lets out a groan, and his knees started to buckle as his cock let fly a thick stream of white paste.

"That's it you chunk of spunk. Cum for me, cum hard." I growled over my own motions.

As I sped up, I felt the edge getting near. A heat building. It was my turn to start moaning. I heard the other rookie begin to groan. Looking at his body I saw his stomach muscles clench and he paused his motions. Then wham, a thrust forward with his hips and he released his stream of cum.

Now both of them were groaning as their cocks were being tormented into giving forth more of their man cream.

Jerking, moaning. Thrusting, cumming.

Seeing the pleasure I was giving these two had me ready to reach my own peak. I felt my own tension rise. My knees jerk. Stomach muscles clench. I let out a throaty cry as my fingers below were trapped in my pussy.

I cum.

Another thrust of my fingers, another pulse of my muscles, more nectar to the flow.

My knees could not hold me. I collapsed to the floor as another spasm racked my body. "Fuck!" was all I could pant as the shower spray continued to mix with my spendings across the shower floor.

As I sat there panting, trying to get my breath back, my audience had recovered from their own collapses and made their way over to me in the shower stall. Standing there letting the water cascade down over their muscular, hairy pecks. Down over taut stomachs, hints of 6 packs there. The two cocks; flaccid and at my eye level, looked so tantalising. I just had to have a lick.

Grabbing each of the rookies' fire hoses I started to gently stroke them. The softness of the skin as it moved back and forwards over their hardening lengths had me wanting to taste them.

I started to lean in to place a kiss on one of the skin helmets, but stopped and asked what his name was. He replied James. With that I continued to place a light kiss on James' now hard cock while continuing to stroke the other rookie's.

James' cock had a salty, tangy taste from his previous spending. I let out a low moan on his cock. The vibrations made him jerk his hips pushing his cock further into my mouth. After a few strokes I released James from my mouth and turned to the other rookie. As I look up to his eyes he stammers Rodger as his name. I winked at him and leaned in to place a kiss on his helmet. His cock was wider than James' and I had to open my mouth wider to let in slip in. I started to apply suction as I bobbed back and forth continuing to stroke the both now fully erect fire hoses.

As I built up a rhythm I switched back to James' hose and applied my mouth there. Switching back to Rodger after a few strokes. I continued to switch until James let out a groan and his knees gave a little. Feeling that both of of them were close I slowed my stroking. I looked up to both of them and said that I needed one of these fireman's hoses in my pussy and I want it damn quick.

With that Rodger lifted me up and indicated to James to lay back over the bench. Rodger led me over to James and bent me over reintroducing me to James' stiff fireman's pole.

I wrapped my fingers around his soft hardness again. Running my fingers slowly up and down the ridges of the veins, then up over the flare of the helmet. Bending in I slowly placed my lips against the tip, opening my lips to slide further down his shaft. I felt Rodger move up behind me, my pussy fully exposed to him. He began to run his fingers up and down my slit. Massaging my curls with his fingers, mixing in my juices.

As Rodger massaged my hot, wet pussy lips I could feel him rubbing his thick hardness between my ass cheeks. I moved my hips, rubbing against him, feeling him grow. He continued to slide his rough fingers up and down over my wet sex, slipping one in. This new intruder forced a moan from me which reverberated against James' saliva covered cock, he in turn let out a groan.

I spread my stance a little to give him full access. He moved his cock against my swollen lips and rubbed a few times to make sure it was lubricated. I let out a little squeak of surprise as he pushed his hard, wide hose into me. The girth of his member stretched me as he buried himself up to the hilt. I felt him slowly retract from me, only to ram home again. Building up a rhythm, he pounded into me. His thighs slapped against mine. To gain more purchase he placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back onto to his cock with each stroke.

Slap, slap.

With Rodger pumping into my pussy my attentions to James' cock were beginning to have an effect. His hips were lifting from the bench to meet my mouth. The tip of his cock was pushing against my throat. I started to gag on each thrust, but I was in control, I was able to back off without lessening his pleasure.

Stroking, sucking, pounding, ramming. Slap, slurp. Slap, slurp.

James started to groan, his knuckles clenched as he tried to hold back, but I did not let up. Tugging, sucking on his pole. I wanted to taste him, swallow him.

Rodger was quickening his pace, he was starting to lift my body, my feet leaving the floor with each thrust into me. His grunts became faster, shorter.


Rodger suddenly pulled from me and I felt his warm cum spurt onto my back. My pussy muscles spasmed, wanting the thick rod to come back. At the same moment James gave a loud "Oh fuck!" and shot a load into my eager mouth. His cum tasting sweet and warm.

I continued to stroke him, wanting more. Stroking faster until another grunt and another load.

As I started to relax, I did not feel totally satisfied, I needed more. However, the thought was forgotten for the moment as loud and energetic applause broke out from three other fireman now standing in the door to the locker room.

To be clitinued...

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