tagGroup SexFirenze Ch. 01

Firenze Ch. 01


It's the center of Middle Age culture and the Renaissance and attracts a large audience from all over the world since most of the masterpieces from these periods are located here. My wife, Doreen, and I have a particular love for any works by Michelangelo and there are more in Florence than anywhere in the world. Our Lufthansa flight arrived in Frankfurt early in the morning after a pleasant journey from JFK and we had an hour's delay for our short flight to Florence, so we arrived at the Firenze Airport a little after two and hopped in a cab and headed for our hotel.

It's a pleasure in Florence as the airport is only about 20 minutes from the center of the city so we found ourselves in front of our hotel in a very short time. The desk expedited our check in procedure and we were shown to our room which faced the Piazza del Indipendenza which is really a beautiful 2 block long and 2 block wide park. After unpacking, we decided to take a nap since we didn't sleep much on the overnight flight and then have dinner later. We had a lot of restaurant recommendations from friends and when we arose, I made reservations at one of them nearby for 8:30 and we walked the few blocks when it was time.

Florence was unusually hot for June and the temperatures climbed steadily to 95 degrees every day. We had gone in June since the weather is in the low 80's and rain is practically nil so we wound up with August weather anyway because of freak weather conditions throughout Europe. We got to the restaurant and were seated by the owner, Franco, who showed us to a table and took our drink order. It was a very warm and very tastefully decorated room and Franco was a typical, warm, friendly Italian proprietor who made us feel welcome and special. With each bite of our meal, my wife and I looked at each other in approval since the chef was very inventive and the taste marvelous. While we were having coffee, Franco came over and struck up a conversation. We told him that friends of ours had been in his restaurant a while ago and highly recommended it so he asked where we were from and when we told him, he lit up and told us it was his favorite city in all the world.

Then he thought a moment and mentioned quietly to us that there was a couple in the back of the room who were from New York and sounded like they would like company as they just arrived today and have never been in Florence before. We glanced over to their table and saw a very attractive blonde gal sitting next to a good looking, mature guy with wavy silver hair. I asked Doreen if she would like to be introduced and, after she nodded in agreement, I told Franco to ask them to join us at our table if they were so disposed. He went over and after a short conversation; he led them back to our table and introduced us to them. Pat and Don were an extremely attractive couple and the four of us seemed to bond immediately.

It turned out that we lived only a few blocks from one another in Manhattan and had a lot in common. Franco brought us a bottle of wine and we drank coffee and wine while talking about the differences in living here versus New York. I happened to mention that Florence didn't have quite the nightlife as we were accustomed to back home and he answered that we just have to make our own entertainment and said it with a glint in his eye which set off my radar immediately. I looked at him and said,

"I can't be responsible for my or my wife's actions if you join us tonight as you are both very attractive people."

He looked at me with a smile and asked, "Do we go back to your place or ours?"

It happened that their hotel was a little closer than ours so we decided to go there especially since they had a two room suite. When we got settled in the sitting room, Don opened the fridge-bar and made us some drinks and sat down and joined us as we started discussing our backgrounds and mutual leisure time activities. I happened to mention that we enjoy sailing and that some friends of ours, Hannah and John, have a beautiful boat in Glen Cove and we usually join them on weekends in the summer and sail the Sound.

I noticed that Don's ears perked up at the mention of their names and he asked if they were the same Hannah and John from East 62th in Manhattan and when I told him that he was right, he smiled and told us that they have heard about them from some friends and have been wanting to meet them. He looked at me and said, "Are all the stories about them true?" I feigned innocence and asked what stories he had heard and he told me about the wild parties that they throw and the wonderful things that go on there. I asked if he had ever attended a large party like that and he told me that he and Pat never have but want to very badly.

"Well, if you and Pat turn out to be as good as you look, I might introduce you to them, so it's strictly up to you" I said to them with a smile and Pat gave me a very confident look as she told me not to worry.

While we had been talking, Doreen had arisen and gone into the other room and returned a few minutes later wearing nothing but a red garter belt, black stockings and high heels. She acted very nonchalantly as she refreshed our drinks and I noticed both Pat and Don couldn't take their eyes off her. When she brought Don his drink she handed it to him and asked if there was anything else he'd like. He looked up at her with a grin and asked if he could please kiss her pussy as it looked so beautiful. My wife faced him and spread her legs for him as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to her labia. He breathed deeply and lifted his head to tell her that he was getting high on her aroma alone and then went back and snaked his tongue between the flowery lips and licked up the juices in her slit.

He raised his head again telling her that she tasted absolutely heavenly and he was going to really enjoy her crotch. Pat moved closer to her husband and begged him imploringly to let her taste it also. He reluctantly let Pat lean forward and discover the gorgeous crotch herself and. after she licked it and kissed it for a while he tapped her on the shoulder asking her to please not be a pig and let him have some more. Doreen stood up and took both of them by the hand and led them into their bedroom and asked them to please remove their clothing and join her in bed.

I followed them inside and as they got undressed, I removed my clothes in the sitting room and returned to the bedroom to see my sexy wife being attended by the two of them. Pat was sucking Doreen's erect nipples as Don worshipped her crotch and ran his tongue over every part of it including her sweet rosebud asshole. Don was on his knees and his thick organ was fully erect and swinging underneath him. I wanted to reach out with my tongue and lick the head but I still wasn't sure if he was bi or not so I looked over at his wife and saw her gorgeous ass and pussy lips facing me as she sucked my wife's breasts. It really was a beautiful sight and totally irresistible so I bent down and trailed my tongue from her labia to her anus and found her not only a tasty morsel but her sexy aroma was turning me on also.

As soon as she felt my tongue, she spread her legs to give me more access and I pulled a pillow under my head as I relaxed and concentrated on worshipping her crotch. She seemed to love it whenever I pulled on her labia lips with mine and snapped them back at her. She would moan and shudder each time. Then I felt Don's hand caressing my balls and stroking my thick erection and I looked over at him and saw his head buried between Doreen's thighs as he played with me and I felt good knowing that I was going to have his gorgeous cock in my mouth very soon now.

I was lost in pleasure from sucking Pat's sweet crotch and having Don's talented fingers teasing my throbbing erection when I heard my wife cry out in orgasm and I looked back to see Pat trailing her tongue over Doreen's mouth as she was in the throes of cumming. Then Pat bore down on my face and shuddered as she wet my mouth with her juices. Don waited until Doreen came back down from her high and then lifted his face from her crotch and thanked her for the delicious nectar she just fed him as he got up and Pat rolled over on her back to relax a moment. She looked at both our huge erections and asked me if I would mind if Don sucked my cock as she loves to watch him do it. I stayed on my hands and knees and told Don to get underneath me in a 69 as I wanted some cock too and Doreen squealed in delight as she moved over next to Pat to watch.

Don gracefully slid under me and I saw his thick, hard organ appear in front of my face and couldn't resist covering the crown with my lips and nursing on it. As I took the smooth, beautifully textured and sculpted head in my mouth, I felt his lips wrap around my cock head and I went off on a wonderful journey from which I never wanted to return. I was happily nursing on his crown when I started tasting something really delicious and realized that he was oozing precum. I was enjoying feeding on his nectar when he lifted his head and told me that he never tasted anything more delicious than my juices and that he was becoming addicted to it. Then he went right back to sucking deeply on my organ to get more just as I did to him.

As the two of us were enjoying each other's precum, the girls were playing with each other's pussies as they watched us and made comments about how sexy it was. All of a sudden, I felt Don's cock swell and start jerking in my mouth as it started shooting ropes of cum onto my waiting tongue. As I swallowed his first load, my penis exploded also and started spurting hot cum into his hungry mouth and the two of us drank each other's offering as our women moaned in passion watching us. It took a while for me to get my bearings after my last spasm and I lifted my head from his slowly receding organ and rolled over on my back alongside him to relax.

I looked over at Pat and Doreen and saw them in a 69 with Pat on top and both were voraciously sucking every inch of their crotches and moaning all through it. Don and I got up and leaned back on the pillows to watch them as they were putting on a great show and were both into what they were doing. Then Don said,

"I imagine we must have looked like that as I know that I was enjoying every minute of what I was doing to you!"

I told him that I, too, loved sucking him and thoroughly enjoyed his precum nectar as well as his main offering and we looked at each other with a satisfied smile on our faces.

The gals were totally lost in each other and were pinching each other's nipples as they licked and sucked their pussies. I told Don that they were going to fit in very well with our friends back in NY and that, as soon as we got back home, I'd make arrangements for them to join Hannah, John and us on their boat for a weekend of fun and Don looked at me with a smile and said,

"Well, it looks like we passed the test!"

The girls were already on their third orgasms and showed no sign of letting up so he and I grasped each other's organs and played with them as we watched the sexy scene. It didn't take long for both of us to get hard again and as soon as our organs were standing straight out and swaying back and forth, I asked Pat if she would like to feel my cock inside her delicious pussy as Don would love to fill Doreen's with his. They slowly parted and rolled over on their backs and spread wide for us to enter. I got over Pat and fit the crown of my penis to her wet and ready opening and pushed it inside as she gasped and lifted her hips to get more. Don was on top of my wife and rubbing his cockhead over her labia as she begged him to fill her up with his thickness and when he started feeding it in, she cried out in ecstasy and wrapped her legs around his hips.

He and I watched each other as we stroked back and forth and it was a tremendous turn on to watch him fuck Doreen as she was going wild and thrashing her hips as he moved his organ around inside her. We fucked like this for quite some time since both he and I had very recently cum and weren't ready for another orgasm just yet and our organs were fully erect and both gals were enjoying the situation. I asked him to quickly switch places with me and moved over and plunged my organ into my wife just as he did with Pat and we continued fucking for a while until we switched back as Pat said that she wanted to feel my cum inside her and Doreen seconded the motion.

I was lost in pleasure as I stroked back and forth into Pat's warm and wet cunt and felt her legs around me pulling me deeper inside. Then I felt it cumming and looked into her eyes as I told her that I was about to feed her the juices she so desperately wanted and my cock began throbbing as it shot my load into her in one spasm after another. As each load entered her, she gasped and forced her body tightly up against mine and then she began to shake as she went into orgasm. When I came down from Nirvana, I heard Don cry out and then heard my wife scream and go into orgasmic shakes as he filled her cunt with his cum.

I slowly withdrew my penis from her grasping pussy and rolled over alongside her to rest. She put her arm around me and kissed me on the lips as she thanked me for one of the best fucks she ever had and Doreen added that hers was fantastic also and we have to do this again, often. They told us that they were going to be in Florence for the next three days and then were due in Venice on Thursday as they had hotel reservations there. I suggested that we spend the next three days together and see the sights during the day and fuck at night and everyone heartily agreed so we decided to call it a night and meet right after breakfast in the morning. We told them that we had purchased tickets over the internet before we left NY for some of the more famous museums and had reservations for the Accademia at 11 am.

When I told them that Michelangelo's "David" was there, they asked if they could join us as they always wanted to see that very famous sculpture by one of the world's greatest artists. I called the desk and asked if it were possible to get 2 tickets to the Accademia for 11am in the morning and the clerk told me not to worry that he would have the tickets waiting for us at the desk in the morning and I told them that they were going to spend the day with us and see some of the most beautiful works in the world. We took a quick shower, got dressed and said our goodnights as we each kissed each other goodnight. I told them we'd be waiting for them downstairs in front of their hotel at 10:30 since it takes about 10 minutes to walk there and we were requested to be there at 10:45.

Doreen and I headed back to our hotel which was about a five minute walk away and cuddled up in bed talking about the good fortune provided by Franco and how great they both are. We fell asleep dreaming about having them in bed tomorrow night and, naturally, I got hard so I grasped Doreen in spoon fashion and slipped my erection into her pussy and we both fell asleep this way.

The phone woke me at 8:30 since I had a wake up call set for every day as we had plenty of things to see and only a week to do it. We got dressed, had breakfast and were on our way over to Don's right on time and found them just walking out the door as we arrived. Don showed us their tickets and they were exactly like ours so we headed for the Accademia. When we arrived, the guard at the reservations door told us to come in after looking at our tickets and we entered the famous museum. The first thing that came into view was an unfinished sculpture of a man by Michelangelo which was so beautiful, it defied description. The entire front of the man and part of his sides was finished and the feelings that Michelangelo put into marble was unbelievable. He was a master of anatomy and every muscle, every ripple every area was perfect.

There were about three more unfinished sculptures and each was a masterpiece and then we reached the main room where the statue of David dominates and the four of us stood in awe as we looked at the 27 foot high sculpture and marveled at Michelangelo's workmanship. The statue is one of the world's most beautiful sculptures and we stayed there a long time as we walked around the sculpture and viewed it from all angles. Pat and Doreen were interested in his ass and his organ, which they said was nice and thick but didn't look like it was going to get very large but both decided they would like to bed him and try it.

At that point I suggested that we move on to sculptures by some of the other great artists at that time and we moved into the room containing Pontormo and Bartolemo as well as the students who attended the Accademia in the 15th Century.

After spending more than a few hours we covered the entire museum and decided to stop into a sidewalk café in the Piazza San Marco so we could have a light lunch and some cold drinks and sit for a while as we had been on our feet a long time.

While we ate, we decided to go over to the famous Duomo and see the cathedral and Brunelleschi's famous dome which Michelangelo copied in larger size for St. Peter's in Rome. Also Giotto's Bell Tower which stands alongside the Duomo. We spent a very interesting afternoon and took loads of pictures. My digital camera gave me 666 photos at snapshot resolution on each 64 mb memory card so I wasn't worried about running out of pictures. The inside of the Duomo was not only beautiful but was so cool it seemed like it was air conditioned. The immense size of the cathedral and its thick walls managed to keep the air delightfully cool. We went through the entire church, which took some time, and then left to visit the Bell Tower.

When we found out that the main attraction of that structure was climbing hundreds of stairs to the top to see the view, we all decided to save our strength for more important things later and simply view the Tower from the outside which was beautiful enough. After taking a number of photos of all of us with the Tower and Duomo in the background, we decide to head back to our respective hotels and get ready for dinner. I proposed that we go back to Franco's and thank him for suggesting that we four get together and everyone agreed so we told them that we'd meet them there at 8:30. We walked back to our hotel and relaxed while slowly getting ready and were on our way to the restaurant at 8:20.

We arrived to find Don and Pat waiting for us at the same table we had the other night and Franco greeted us warmly and told us how happy he was that we hit it off so well.

"Franco, you have a unique talent which should be put to good use! Can I be your agent?" I asked him.

He laughed and put out his hand to seal the bargain. When I grasped it, I felt the vibes and when I looked at him he seemed to react the same way and my mind started wheeling with ideas. Franco was a very good looking guy a little shorter than Don and I with a stocky yet athletic build and I filed away the thoughts for later as we sat down to join Don and Pat. We told Franco that we eat everything and left dinner and the wine up to his choice. We had a fabulous meal from the appetizer to the primo piatti to the secondi piatti to the desert and when we finished we were stuffed and decided to take a long walk before heading back to our hotel. When we paid the bill, I asked Franco what time he closed the restaurant and when he told me midnight, I asked him if he would like to join us at our hotel later.

My look sealed the bargain for him and he told us he would be there after closing up. We went out and walked towards the Stazione and I asked Don and Pat if it was ok with them about Franco coming over to join us. They both said it was ok with them but asked me how I knew Franco would come and I told them about our handshake and the vibes and told them that I felt the same thing when I first shook hands with Don so I wasn't afraid to come on to him at all. It was a beautiful night with a nice cool breeze and we window shopped as we walked and by the time we got back to the hotel, we all felt much better and more ready for some action.

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