tagBDSMFireworks on the Fourth

Fireworks on the Fourth


It was the fourth of July when it all happened. I had gone to the beach with my best friend to watch the fireworks and had somehow gotten separated from her. There were easily fifteen hundred people down there and she was with her current boy toy so I knew that the chances were against me in finding her...she was probably off making out with him somewhere. So, I made my way to the perfect spot up on a hill near the beach that I knew would be deserted. I spread out the blanket I had been carrying and settled in to wait for the show to start.

The first firework had just lit up the sky when I heard him...

"Don't turn around," he whispers, his fingers grazing my neck as he pulls my hair off my shoulder. I feel his hot breath just before I feel his lips on my neck. I was instantly turned on when I felt his stubble scrape against my exposed neck.

As he was kissing my neck, he reached around and pulled up my shirt and my bra exposing my breasts. He grabbed my nipple and not so gently pulled on them. I leaned back against him enjoying the treatment.

"I want you to get on all fours but do not turn around," he whispered in my ear just before nibbling gently on the ear lobe.

When he stopped, I moved to get on all fours facing away from him. I felt him behind me pushing my skirt up around my waist. He pulled my thong to the side and I felt his rough fingers touch my clit just as a burst of fireworks lit up the sky. He was gently rolling my clit between his fingers causing fireworks within me. Just when he had me close to cumming he stopped and shoved two fingers into my pussy. He began reaming me with his fingers roughly but it felt so good...In and out his fingers fucked my wet pussy.

"I want to taste your cock... I will keep my eyes closed... Please?" I say to him.

"You better keep them closed.." he says as he moves around in front of me.

I closed my eyes and wait for him to bring his cock to my lips. I feel the head of his cock touch my lips and I open my mouth to take him in. I begin to suck on him, his cock stretching my mouth. He tastes of pussy and that simply turns me on more knowing that he had been doing someone else just a little while earlier. I find my self wondering if he knew her...

He grabs my head and begins to fuck my mouth roughly. I suck him and try not to gag as he rams his cock in and out of my mouth. He lets go of my head and lets me take control. I begin pull back and slowly take him into my mouth. Up and down his cock I run my tongue. As I am sucking him I moan letting him feel the vibrations on his hard cock. I reach up and play with his balls as I am sucking him. He grabs a hold of my hair and rams my mouth a few more times before pulling away.

"You can open your eyes and watch the fireworks now..." he says as I hear him move around me again. I feel him grab my panties and he roughly pulls them down around my thighs. He puts his cock up against my wet lips and begins to tease me. He taps his cock lightly against my clit cause my body to twitch in delight. Pushing his cock between my lips, he teases me, lightly putting his cock between my lips and then pulling away...

"What is it you want slut?" he asks.

"I want you to fuck my pussy."


"Please, fuck my pussy. I need you in me. I want your big cock to stretch me out please."

In response, I feel him push himself inside me, his cock stretching me wide. His hands on my hips, he fucks me hard and fast. As he is fucking me he begins to slap my ass cheeks. First one, then the other. He reaches beneath me and slaps my clit roughly as he is fucking me. This puts me over the edge, and as a bright purple firework lights up the sky my pussy explodes. He continues fucking me, his cock moving more easily with each stroke.

He puts his hand on my back and pushes me down so I am laying with my chest flat on the ground and my ass facing upwards towards him. He continues fucking me in this position, sliding his cock in and out. He pulls out and runs his finger along my pussy getting it wet. He puts his finger against my tight asshole using my juices to lubricate it, and slides it inside my ass. He puts his cock back in my pussy and is fucking my ass with his finger as his cock reams my pussy.

He pulls both out and I feel him pulling my ass cheeks apart. He puts his cock against my ass and gently pushes forward.

"Beg for it, I want you to tell me you want it in your ass."

"Please, push your cock into my tight asshole. I want you in my hole. I want you to fuck all my holes. Please fuck my ass..."

"That's it, you beg for it like the slut you are. I am taking all your holes, and you enjoy being used don't you?" He says as he pushes more into me.

"Yes, I love you filling my holes. I love to be used like a little whore. Please... Make me full!"

He is slowly pushing himself into me, an inch at a time, letting me stretch to fit him. After what seems like an eternity his entire cock is inside me, stretching me wide. He slowly pulls back and pushes back in. He does this a few times letting my ass get used to him inside.

"Please ram that cock in me. Fuck me like a whore.. Please quit teasing and give it to me.."

Upon my request, he begins to thoroughly fuck me. He spanks my ass as he rams his cock inside me. Before long I feel his cock expanding as he gets closer to cumming.

He pulls out and rams his cock in my pussy once more just in time to shoot his cum inside me. Spurt after spurt he fills me with his cum, as the firework show draws to a close. The grand finale lighting up the sky as I am having my own grand finale.

He pulls out and reaches down and pulls my panties back up over my ass.

I hear him stand and pull his clothes back on. Walking around me, he leans down and whispers in my ear,

"You are a hot little thing, thank you for the fuck... perhaps we will meet again sometime."

He kisses me on the forehead and then he is gone.

I take a moment to take in what just happened. Fucked in all three holes by a man whose face I never saw, and a voice I didn't recognize.

I stand up and fix my clothes and gather my things. I make my way to the bottom of the hill and find myself wondering about every man that I pass.. Was it him?

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