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Fireworks Time


Family reunions can be fun. I mean what's not to like about a family reunion? You get to see people that you may not see otherwise for years at a time, and you get to reconnect with family from all over the country. That is of course, unless you are not really part of the family. No, I haven't been excommunicated from my family; quite the contrary, I am part of a kind of second family. My kids are extremely close to another family's kids, and their mom is my wife's best friend. They are at our house almost as much as their own, and I regularly run errands and do favors for their mom. The standing joke is that their mom is my second wife, without certain benefits, unfortunately. Our two families are so close that we are considered part of their extended family, and as such we are invited to their family reunion every year.

It is fun, the gold standard for family reunions. They do a two day reunion every year around Independence Day that usually includes a float trip, bar-b-que, and fireworks display. I have gotten to know much of the extended family and made friends with quite a few. I have watched many of the kids grow up over the years and some of the young ladies blossom into very good looking young women.

One of the young ladies that seemed to enjoy hanging close to me over the years was, Beth, who this year showed up at the swimming hole wearing a very tiny bikini! I couldn't help but notice that she had dropped at least 30 pounds off her 28 year old body, and definitely couldn't help but notice that what passed for her bikini top barely contained her 38 D chest. I was just glad I was standing in waist deep water so my wife couldn't see the suddenly growing bulge in my trunks.

I've known Beth since she was maybe ten or so? I watched her go through her high school dating years, get married, her marriage turn rocky and finally end in divorce a couple years back. Now a single mom, she has her hands full, and I am pleased that she has managed to keep a positive outlook on life through all the trouble. Last year though she seemed quite down in the dumps and for reasons I never quite understood, she latched on to me like she had in her younger years and spent much of the two days as close to me as she could manage. We sat for hours before the fireworks display and she talked freely about all her troubles, including losing her recently acquired boyfriend. She seemed happy to just get it all off her ample chest, and I guess I was safe, being close enough to be family but not quite family.

But this year she seemed to be in much higher spirits, and skimpier clothing as she tossed her wrap and towel onto a lawn chair and stepped into the warm lake water.

"Well, Hello Mike!" She said cheerfully as she waded deeper into the lake toward me.

"Beth! Good to see you! I didn't know you had gotten here."

"Just rolled in a little bit ago. Had to get the kids all settled into the bunkhouse and then change. As hot as it is out today I thought a swim was a good place to start!" She said as she dipped herself under the water and then back up again, water cascading off her body and suit as she leaned her head back and squeezed the water out of her long brown hair. The material slowly absorbed the water running down her large chest and what started out as an opaque white bikini was growing somewhat less opaque by the moment. Her face broke into a small smile as she watched where my eyes were glued; knowing full well what affect the water was having on the material. Within a minute the suit had absorbed enough to allow me to see the darkness of her areola and the hardness of her nipples hiding behind the tiny triangles of fabric. Not that the top came anywhere close to covering the bulk of her creamy breasts to start with. "I take it you like my new suit?" She asked almost coyly.

"Uh I guess you could say that. It certainly does look good on you, what there is of it, that is." I said a bit nervously, glad that we were standing out of earshot of anyone else at the moment.

She looked over her shoulder to confirm that no one could really see anything but her back, and then looked straight at my eyes. Her hands slid up her stomach to the round bottoms of her breasts, and cupped them gently. "I'm glad you like it. I got it new just for you." She practically whispered as she gently stroked the curves under the white material. "I know you want to see more though, don't you?" She asked a little quiver of nervousness in her voice.

"Well, I have to say that I'm already seeing a whole lot more than I would have ever thought." I answered, watching her fingers slowly stroke back and forth along the bottoms of her creamy white breasts.

"So you like what you see?" She asked again, the tremble in her voice now showing in her fingers as they slowly moved up the curve of her breasts until they were teasing the bottom edge of the white material.

"Very much!" Was all I could say as I watched her fingers work slowly back and forth as well as upward, slowly pushing the white material up her breasts, exposing more and more of them by the second. My dick was also responding to her actions, growing harder by the second inside my suit, and more than likely quite visible to her just below the water's surface.

"Then you should really enjoy this." She whispered a bit more boldly as her fingers pushed the material up and over her nipples, not stopping until the triangles of material were well up her breasts, each of them now fully exposed to my stare. They were easily D cup, with only a little bit of sag, each one topped with a slightly oval shaped areola and a round hard nipple as big around at the tip of my finger, but slightly shorter. I watched as she gently stroked each nipple with her fingers first once, and then a second time, before taking hold of the material of her top and pulling it down as she let herself sink into the water. She moved a step closer to me under the water as she fixed her top, only her head above the surface of the lake. Her hands reached for my legs as they let go of her now straightened top, and slid up my thighs until she reached the legs of my swim trunks. My heart pounded, and I stood frozen as her hands snuck up the legs of my suit, worming into the mesh pouch to enclose my hard cock in her hands.

"Oh damn!" I breathed quietly as she stroked my cock inside my suit. "But we really need to stop this before someone sees." I told her nervously.

"If you insist!" She answered with a smile as she withdrew her hands from the legs of my suit. "I'm sure we will get to see each other a bit more later!" she said with a wink. She stood back up, turned and bent over to swim toward shore. She pushed her butt out as she bent at the waist and pressed her round rear against my raging hard on, making me wish I could just grab her hips and pull her down my shaft.

"Oh God." I breathed as she pushed away and swam toward shore. She climbed out of the water and covered herself with the wrap she had brought down. "Good thing too, with all the kids around." I thought to myself as I sunk into the water and pushed myself toward the swim platform anchored in deeper water. I hauled myself up the ladder and flopped onto platform, water streaming off my body into a growing puddle. My mind was filled with thoughts running in as many directions as the tendrils of water I was laying in as I fell asleep in the warm sunshine.

I could feel her wetness as my fingers softly and gently stroked between her wet lips. I could almost feel her touch and lips pressing against mine as I stroked her closer to climax, the scent of her arousal strong in my nostrils. My cock throbbed and jumped as it desired to replace my fingers with itself, filling her sexy pussy with its fullness. I could hear her quiet moans as my fingers teased her lips and clit closer to climax. I could feel the gentle rock of the platform below me as my mind began to slowly process more than just its dream world. The quiet moan in my ears and the smell of arousal were no fantasy. Neither was the soft wetness my fingers were buried in. I could feel her weight lying on my arm as the sun warmed my body, her weight changing on my arm as her hips gently bucked in minuscule movements. I looked over to see Beth laying on the platform, face down, her head laying on her arms, pointed toward me, her eyes closed and her tongue gently licking her lips.

I looked down to see my arm disappearing under her, my hand apparently in the front of her tiny white bikini and my fingers curled up between her lips.

"Oh yes!" she whispered softly as her body stiffened and shuddered, her juices flooding over my fingers as her climax washed over her trim body. I wasn't exactly sure how she had managed to get my fingers in her pants without me waking up or it being seen, but she had. I guess I couldn't blame her, but now I was damn horny for her and really wanted to just roll her over and fuck her silly. Not that that could happen out here. Not with everyone watching.

"Thank you. And I know exactly what you are thinking. I wish I could just climb on top of you and ride you until you explode deep inside me." She whispered as she lifted herself up in her elbows so her tits were just barely touching the decking.

I gently pulled my wet fingers from her pussy and bikini bottoms, resisting the temptation to sniff her juices. She looked at me longingly, and then stood up, pulling on her panties as she stepped across me on her way toward the ladder. Her bottoms were pulled enough to the side to provide me a look right up at her spread wet lips, which I am sure was her intention.

I groaned quietly to myself as she knelt down by the ladder, bending over to splash some water on herself. Her actions pushed her bare pussy out at me spreading her even farther. I so wanted to just roll over and drive into her. If her intent was to tease me into wanting her, she had long since succeeded.

"Hope you enjoyed the view!" She said quietly as she turned around and lowered herself down the ladder and into the water. "Maybe later you can have a bit more of it."

"I hope!" I whispered back as her head disappeared below the deck level. I lost sight of her as she swam around the platform, but was able to watch her almost naked body swim all the way to shore, where she walked out, picked up a towel and wrapped it around her body, covering her exposing swim suit. It took several long minutes for me to compose myself enough to get into the water and head for shore myself. Dinner would be soon and I thought maybe it was a good time to go change into regular clothes, and hopefully keep my now almost perpetual hard on hidden a bit better.

Dinner was your typical bar-b-que fare, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, etc. After dinner games continued with some volleyball, washer toss and the like. Of course the perpetual conversations continued as the evening grew closer to night. One of the highlights each year was the fireworks. All the families chipped in and the boys bought a bunch of fireworks to set off. This year was a bit more than seven hundred dollars in fireworks, not counting all the buy-one-get-one-free stuff. As usual it was shaping up to be a long and impressive display.

As darkness descended on the group, the boys set up the fireworks on the far side of the lake and multitude of family gathered on the near side. I sat in my usual spot, down near the lake with my wife and her best friend. It wasn't long before Beth tapped my shoulder and then walked away, obviously wanting me to follow her into the darkness.

I waited a few moments and then made some excuse about deciding to make a trip to the bathroom real quick. It didn't take me long to find where Beth had headed off to, up behind the main group, shielded from almost everyone by some low bushes.

"About time. I'm still waiting for you to fuck me!" She whispered as she pulled her very short skirt up and showed me her shaved mound. She turned around and bent over, resting her hands on her knees, pushing her ass out at me in open invitation.

Probably wasn't the best idea or place, but I was too turned on to even think about turning this one down. I took one more nervous look around and then back to her bare ass. She looked back at me invitingly while I undid my shorts and let them fall around my ankles, leaving my raging hard on half sticking out of my skimpy bikini underwear. I pushed the front of my briefs down, freeing my hard cock and shuffled myself the few inches it took to be able to rub the head of my cock up and down her wet slit. I took my time, enjoying the silky feel of her wet lips caressing my mushroom head before letting it engage into her hot tunnel. I allowed some of my weight to press against her, slowly pushing my head into her hot wetness. I sunk only a couple inches into her before the dryness of my shaft had grabbed her lips and slowed my progress. I pulled myself out slowly, leaving only my head in her tight confines before pressing in again. Each slow stroke drove me deeper and deeper into her until my head was pressing against the end of her tight tunnel and my hips were pressed to her bare ass.

"Oh God!" She moaned quietly, her voice mostly drowned out by the booms of the fireworks. Her tight pussy gripped my shaft as I plunged in and out of her wet tunnel, the tightness caressing my head and teasing the sensitive spot under my head as she rocked her hips in time with my strokes. My hands squeezed her ass as I used it for a handle, pulling her back into me as my strokes became more and more powerful.

"Oh shit!" I groaned louder than I would have preferred as I felt her body convulsing, her already tight tunnel spasming around my cock. The sensations pushed me over the brink and my cock began spurting shot after shot of hot cum into her waiting pussy. Each shot drove my cock hard into her as my body jerked uncontrollably. I saw fireworks mixed with stars in my vision as my body surrendered to the incredible sensations it was feeling. I lost track of time while my body slowly regained control, and awareness of my surroundings. I found myself, standing, panting and sweating, my cock still stuffed into Beth's hot pussy, my chest pressed to her back and my arms around her, gently caressing and playing with her hard nipples while she held her shirt up above her now exposed breasts.

"I think it might be good to straighten ourselves." I whispered as I gave her nipples one final tweak and then stepped back to pull my slowly shrinking dick from her pussy.

"I suppose." She said as she dropped her shirt and smoothed her skirt, turning to kneel down in front of me and grab my shorts. She pulled them part way up my legs and reached with her hand to grasp my cock, quickly leaning forward and sucking it into her mouth. She licked and sucked it for several minutes, releasing it after it had been adequately cleaned, and then went back to pulling my shorts up. I fastened them as she stood up, looking up into my face, hers illuminated by the fireworks bursting overhead. "Thank you!" She whispered, before lifting herself up to plant a quick kiss on my lips. With that she turned and walked away, slipping into the darkness and leaving me standing alone, wondering what I had just done.

Fortunately my wife didn't quiz me too much on where I was during the fireworks. In fact, she hadn't seemed to miss me at all, since someone else had "borrowed" my chair. I thanked my good fortune, and walked off with her to call it a night. The next morning was going to be the family float trip.

Once the lights went out and we were finally settled into one of the many beds of the bunkhouse, my wife very uncharacteristically, snuggled up.

"You know. For some reason I am really turned on, how about you?" She whispered to me while she slipped her leg over mine and brushed her nose gently against my cheek. Her bare tits pressed against my arm and I could feel her hard nipple pressing into my bicep.

"Some." I replied as quietly, moving my arm around her shoulders and pulling her tightly to me so those tits I loved so much could press against my bare side and chest.

"I would think you were very horny. Especially after Beth wore that tiny little bikini today. "

"Oh Yeah...I almost forgot about that."

"Yeah right. You're such a horrible liar." She whispered with a giggle. "I saw her go out to the swim platform and step right across you... twice. Not only that, that suit was practically see though on top. You're not really going to tell me you didn't see her tits showing though."

"Well, there was that." I whispered back as she rubbed her leg up and down mine.

"What would you do if I stepped over you wearing one of those tiny bikinis?" She asked quietly.

"Oh gee. Probably pull you down onto me and eat that sexy pussy."

"And did you want to do that to her?"

"I don't know. I didn't really think about it."

"God you are such a liar. Your hard on right now tells me that you most certainly did think about it!"

"Well, maybe a little."

"Maybe a little huh? I bet it was a lot more than a little." She said quietly as she moved her leg. She rustled under the covers a moment and then rolled slowly over my body until she was kneeling across me, her naked tits hanging in my face. "I think you were a bad boy. What should we do with a bad boy? Hmmmm. Maybe as punishment you should lick my pussy till you make me come!"

"Oh you do, do you?" I whispered as I reached my hands up to her D size tits and cupped each one, squeezing them into cones that made her large nipples point out at me. I slowly licked each nipple in turn, teasing my tongue around and around before finally sucking each nipple into my mouth and sucking as much of it into my mouth as I could.

"Mmmmmmm that's a nice start." She whispered as she arched her back and lowered her tits toward my face a bit more.

"You like that?" I asked as went back to sucking from one nipple to the other.

"Oh I do. But I really want that that magic tongue on my clit."

"Mmmmph" Was all I could say around the nipple I was sucking on.

"Oh...You need me to move? I can fix that!" She said in a low almost growl that I hadn't heard from her in years. She pulled her tits out of my reach and grabbed the sill of the window over the bed. She walked her knees up next to my body, dragging her already sopping wet pussy lips along my stomach and chest as she worked closer to my face. I reached for her round rear and pulled her close to me, letting her knees work up the pillows until her wet lips were hovering inches from my mouth.

I reached my tongue out and gently teased the edges of her lips, just letting the tip of my tongue spread them slightly. I lifted my head a little and let my tongue press a bit farther into her, slowly dragging it up her slit until it bounced gently across her hard clit.

"Oh shit!" She breathed as her body shuddered in my hands.

I grinned to myself and pressed my tongue back into her again, deeper this time, so my tongue pressing into the entrance to her velvety tunnel. Slowly I drew her wetness up the length of her pussy, finding her hard clit and letting my tongue flick back and forth across it. I grinned again as I heard her moan softly and her butt twitch and shudder in my hands as my tongue teased her clit time and again. Within minutes of starting my attentions, she was trying to rock her hips to grind herself harder into my face, her body craving the release that my tongue was bringing closer by the minute.

My wife and I have been together a long time, and to be honest, I couldn't remember her being this turned on or active in many years. I sucked her clit between my lips and squeezed it gently while I attacked it with my tongue, my pinky finger teasing her little rosebud.

"OH GOD!" she gasped suddenly, followed by a long loud groan as her body shook and twitched, her juices flooding over my face with much more volume and force than I could ever remember. She pressed her pussy hard to my face, grinding her lips against my chin as her body rocked and shook above me. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled back enough that I could breathe again.

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