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First Affair


After saying goodbye to my friend Jessica I hung up the phone and finished getting ready for my trip. Little did I know it would be a visit that would change my life in more ways than one. Before I continue I should back up a little and explain a bit about myself. My name is Marisa. I'm a 25 year old, 5"6', pale skinned freckled redhead with blue eyes. I am what would be considered average, fitting between a size eight and ten. I love my legs, strong and well shaped from years of walking and running. The one thing other then my red hair that stands out most is my chest. I am a natural 36DD which tend to be all too often a real pain in the butt since seldom can I find clothing I like in my size that they fit into.

I am married for slightly over three years now to my loving and wonderful husband, James. He's a great guy with blue eyes I just lost myself in when we first met. We met in school and he was the first and up to now the only man I have ever had sex with. Yes, I was a virgin until I met him. We have had a happy marriage I just wish he was home more often. He works for a company that makes him travel a lot and all too often find myself home alone. Not that I am complaining too much since I don't need to work and have a lot of free time on my hands but it can get very lonely at times.

About a week ago I got a phone call from an old friend from school, Jessica. We were very close but after we graduated we went our separate ways keeping in contact when we could. She recently got a townhouse style apartment that wasn't too far from my house, around four hours or so away. After talking on and off she invited me to come visit for a few days. Telling me I can explore the area when she's at work and we can hang out most of the free time she has. Agreeing to the trip I decided to go down this coming Thursday and would stay until Monday morning. My husband was more then happy for me and wanted me to feel free to visit her when ever I want so I wouldn't be so alone at home while he was gone. I was to say the least ecstatic and looking extremely forward to the trip.

Getting up early Thursday morning I quickly packed the car and drove off on the long drive to Jessica's house. When I finally got there I pulled into the parking lot. The apartment complex was fairly sizeable with blocks of buildings with ten two story townhouse style apartments. Jessica had a end one which gave her some privacy. Taking a few minutes to find her place I pulled up in front. She had hidden a key on her back deck for me to get inside while she was at work. Unloading my car I went inside, sat down on the couch to relax and waited until she got home. Only a couple hours later she walked in. Jumping up we rushed each other and embraced in a big hug. We haven't seen each other in person for years and was a happy moment for us both. She told me how glad she was to see me and couldn't wait to catch up. She then asked me if I wouldn't mind going out tonight. That she wanted me to meet her boyfriend John and has told him all about me. I told her it would be fine. Jessica was happy to hear it then asked if I would be fine with the fact that his friend William would be with us too? That him and John were friends from work and William broke up with his girlfriend about over a month ago and John still felt bad for him. I said I had no problem with it at all. She was happy to hear it and that we were to meet them at a favorite bar of John's after dinner.

We had relaxing meal that was constantly interrupted due to our talking . She mentioned that her and John had made plans to go out Saturday night for their anniversary and asked me if I minded because they could postpone it to next week. I told her it was fine and would keep myself busy around here, since we now lived close enough to each other I could visit her again soon so we wouldn't be missing anything. Jessica said she was glad I was okay with it then told me we had better get going to meet up with the guys. Since Jessica worked all day I volunteered to drive us over there as long as she gave me directions.

About twenty minutes later we pulled into the parking lot. It was pretty crowded but Jessica was able to find John and his friend across the building. Pushing our way towards them I got a good look at the two guys. John is tan skinned, dark hair, dark eyes, okay looking I guess. His friend William though is not at all what I had expected. First off he is black, no the darkest black man I have ever seen but still dark skinned. Then again compared to me everyone is dark. He was of slightly more then medium build, looked like maybe 6"2' or near that. I had never thought much about black men before but he wasn't that bad looking at all. Walking up to the two of them Jessica introduced me. After the short pleasantries John said he was saving a booth for us to sit down in. Me and Jessica slid in with the two guys on both ends, John next to her, William next to me. I did catch a glimpse of William looking down my shirt as I moved into the seat but shrugged it off since lets be honest you can't miss these things on my chest.

We all sat around getting to know each other better and John said he was glad to finally meet me after hearing so much and William asked Jessica where she met such a good looking woman as me. He also asked me if I was taken. Telling him I am married he said that ruined his plan on asking me out on a date, winking. Nearly a half an hour went by as we continued talking back and forth when John asked what everyone wanted to drink. Telling him I was fine with just a soda since I wasn't much of a drinker. I am what would be considered a light weight. It doesn't take much to get me tipsy and alcohol loosens me up a bit too much. Was even slightly drunk when I lost my virginity. John insisted though that I have one since we were all friends here and I had nothing to worry about. Finally giving in the two guys got up and went to the bar. While they were gone Jessica jokingly mentioned that she thinks William has a thing for me.

Coming back with a round of drinks we all sat around again talking to each other. I once again caught William looking down at my chest but over the years have learned to ignore those things. A short while later John got up and came back with another round of alcohol. Trying to refuse it they all pushed me until I gave in. A moment later my cell phone alarm went off much to my embarrassment since it was my birth control reminder. Reaching into my purse I pulled out my pill pack. Excusing myself I quickly popped one into my mouth and shoved the pack back into my bag. After finishing the new drink Jessica asked John if he wanted to dance. The bar has a small dance floor on the other side with some music playing. He said he was more then happy to as they up and left telling us they would be right back. Leaving William and I at the table they went off to the other side of the bar. Sitting there we wasted the next six or seven minutes talking about anything that came to mind. During our conversation he placed one of his hands on my thigh, kneading it softly. He also asked me a lot of questions about my husband, about how many guys I have been with, which he thought was odd I had only been with one, and the like. I told him that I heard he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I added that a good looking guy like him should have no trouble finding someone else.

When John and Jessica finally came back they brought another round of drinks. This was soon by another one, then another, and another. I was more then feeling it when William asked me if I wanted to dance? I wasn't sure at first feeling out of it by now but agreed anyway. As I moved to get up I lost my footing and would have feel if he hadn't grabbed me. Telling him I thought that maybe I shouldn't dance seeing that I could barely walk. Jessica said that maybe we should leave when William interrupted that he could drive me back home so she could spend some quiet time with John. Jessica asked me how I felt about it. I insisted that she stay with John who would take her home when they were done and could pick William up then. She said as long as I was okay with it, which I was, then they would stay and see me later tonight if I was still awake when they got home. Saying our goodbyes William helped me out into the car.

Driving back to Jessica's place we were able to park directly in front. Helping me out of the car and into her apartment, William had to almost carry me up the stairs to the bedroom. Laying down on the bed I kicked off my shoes and closed my eyes. In my nearly drunken state I forgot where I was thinking I was laying in bed at my house. I began to feel someone kissing my neck and a hand resting on my stomach, thinking it was my husband I let out a soft moan. This went on a couple minutes until the hand started sliding upwards and was soon cupping my right breast playing with it over my clothing. I was in another world as I laid there unaware of what I was getting myself into.

The kissing on my neck stopped as I felt my shirt being pulled up and could now feel the cool bedroom air on my breasts. The hand went back to playing with my breasts followed by those lips kissing all over every exposed part not covered by my bra. Which with a chest like mine is a lot. My nipples were now hard as rocks pressing against the material. They're like the rest of me, pale, a light pink to be exact. He trailed his lips down to the edge of my left bra cup. Slipping a few fingers under the material he began pulling it down, his lips following the whole way until my nipple was exposed. The tip of his tongue started running around my hard nipple before clamping his lips around it, sucking hard. This only made me moan louder. I am a woman who loves her breasts played with. At the same time his other hand slid down my stomach toward my waist. Parting my legs slightly he slipped his fingers between my thighs, rubbing my crotch over my pants. Reaching down to grab the back of my husband's head I was completely shocked into reality. There was almost no hair. Opening my eyes and looking down over my bunched up shirt I was left speechless. There was William, one hand between my legs, the other holding my left breast, and his dark lips wrapped around my left nipple. I yelled right away for him to stop. Pulling his mouth off my tit he seemed to be surprised.

"What's wrong Marisa? Doesn't it feel good?" he asked.

Pushing William off of me I told him I am married and had no idea it was him doing that to me. Pulling my shirt back over my breasts I told him he had better go downstairs and leave me alone until Jessica and John got here. William looked very upset saying that he thought I wanted it but quickly retreated off the bed, leaving the bedroom. On his way out he apologized and asked me not to mention it to either Jessica or John. I told him I would stay silent as long as he did. Closing the door behind him I listened as he walked back down the stairs. I laid back down completely bewildered about what happened or the fact that I let it go so far before realizing. I was really pissed off at William but also knew it was partly my fault for not sopping him which gave him the wrong idea. Granted there was something erotic about his dark skin against my pale white and was even a bit of a turn on yet there was no way I could have let this man go further. Not only because I was married but I barely knew him.

Laying in bed listening I heard Jessica and John come in less then an hour later. Around ten minutes later the guys left and Jessica came upstairs. Opening the door to the guest room to check on me she saw I was still awake. Asking how I was doing she said William told her he had a good time and thanked him for helping me out. I made no mention of what happened, only saying he helped me to bed. That night I had a strange dream of actually having sex with William. I woke up not only to find my nipples hard again but moist between my legs. The same thing happened to me the following night. What was wrong with me? I know it has been a while since my husband and I have had sex. Never thought though I would be having dreams like that about another man.

The next couple of days were relaxing. Spending as much time with Jessica as possible until Saturday evening. After dinner she got ready for her date and asked me if I was okay with spending the night alone here since they were going to be out late and might spend the night at John's. I told her I have no problem with it at all, insisting that she have a good time. Thanking me with a big smile she rushed to get ready before he picked her up. Myself, I went and got a pajama suit on to relax in. Nothing more then a pair of lose fitting pants and a pull over shirt. I then plopped my butt on the couch, put my feet up, and watched TV. A few minutes later the bell rang and Jessica rushed over to greet John. Giving him a kiss she looked back with a smile wishing me a good night and 'not to wait up for me' comment. I told them both to have a good time before they shut the door. Other then the TV everything was quite for near an hour before I was interrupted by the sound of the door bell ringing.

'Who the hell could this be?' I thought to myself as I got up. Opening the door I was greeted by none other then William standing there holding a small bad. Telling him that everyone else was gone he said he wasn't here to see them but was here to see me. I told him it wasn't such a good idea when he broke in explaining he just wanted to talk. I'm not sure why but I let him in. Closing the door we both sat down on the couch side by side. Apologizing for the other night, that he felt so lonely after losing his ex girlfriend, how he found me very attractive, and his sexual desire got the better of him. I felt really bad for the guy.

Lifting up the bag he pulled out a bottle of wine. Telling me it was a gift for doing what he did last night. Saying thank you he pulled out two small cups as well. Opening the bottle he poured some into the two glasses. We talked for nearly an hour as he vented. Every time my cup wet empty he wasted no time in filling it back up. Like the other night I was feeling it as my body got more loose. After he finally got it all out I turned towards him, holding my arms out for a hug which he obliged, grabbing me tightly. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes before he pulled away thanking me for listening.

"Not a problem, anytime you need me" I said smiling, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Looking directly into my eyes he reached up placing his hand on the back of my head and leaned in giving me a kiss directly on my lips. He held my head tight as his tongue snaked it's way into my mouth. I honestly wasn't fighting to break off to hard, not even sure if he noticed my mild resistance. When he finally broke the kiss I took a moment to collect my thoughts and told him we should really stop right now. Asking me why I told him because I am married. William placed a finger on my lips shushing me.

"So? You're husband isn't here now and he will never know about what we do. What he doesn't know won't hurt him." he said. I told him it wasn't right. He didn't even let me finish talking before pulling my head back to kiss and suck on my neck. My husband knows that is always a way to get me in the mood. Now William was doing it with the same effect. Letting out a soft moan I again told him we needed to stop now. He completely ignored me as he kept kissing. At the same time he moved his left hand to my waist. Slipping it under the hem of my shirt he moved his hand up my stomach until he reached my chest, cupping my bare right breast. Just as I was about to pull away from him William began rubbing my nipple between his fingers. Making my body shiver I let out another moan. He now lifted his head from my neck. Letting go of my hair and breast he grabbed the bottom of my shirt. Pulling it up until my breasts we both exposed.

"Nice big lily white tits" he said with a moan. Pushing me back against the couch he leaned down and started sucking on my nipples. 'Fuck' I thought, what am I doing? I sat there looking down at this dark skinned black man sucking my pale pink nipples and I was more turned on then ever before in my life. My shirt kept slipping down so I decided to take it off the rest of the way, tossing it on the floor. During this time William moved his left hand to my stomach and began sliding it downward. Slipping it under the band of my pants. Without thinking I parted my legs slightly and soon felt his finger glide over my bare pussy lips.

'Crap, what am I doing?' I thought. William continued to suck hard on my nipples as his middle finger ran around my clit. I was extremely turned on from a mix of things. Not only because it has been a while but the addition of alcohol, the things he was doing to me, and looking down at the contrast between our skin color which was very erotic. I was letting myself slip into a place that I never should be and was about to reconsider when I felt his long finger begin to slide into my pussy causing me to moan.

"Damn Marisa you are so fucking wet already!" William said as he ran his finger around inside of me. This was followed by him rubbing my clit with another and was doing it like a pro. Maybe three minutes later my body was shaking as I yelled out cumming. I have never had an orgasm so quickly.

Letting me finish, he pulled his hand out of my pants. Standing up William pulled his shirt off. He had a decent body, dark skin chest. This was followed by him kicking off his shoes and undoing his pants letting them drop. He was wearing a pair of boxer briefs and could easily see the out line of his penis, looked quite sizeable. Moving around in front of me positioning himself standing between my knees he slowly pulled down his underwear as I sat there staring. I was shocked when his rock hard massive black cock sprung out pointing right at my face. All I can say is it is huge! My husband isn't small, then again he's all I have ever had, at around 5 1/2 long by around 3 1/2 diameter. William though had to be more then 8 long and maybe 4 3/4 to 5 in diameter!

Without saying a word he reached down grabbing the back of my head, pulling me closer to him until my lips were literally pressed against his penis. I knew exactly what he wanted as I parted my lips allowing his large black cock to slide into my mouth. Taking him as deep as I could I started to suck his dick. Now, I am one of those women who like giving blow jobs but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have another man's cock in my mouth, much less a black one. William moaned as I bobbed up and down as he held the back of my head tightly. Soon he took over fucking my mouth as I willingly gave up control. Was strange feeling his black cock sliding along my tongue and pressing against the back of my throat as I kept my lips wrapped around it. This went on for barely a couple minutes when he yanked out of my mouth. Pulling me to my feet he wasted no time in pushing my pants down. Telling me to lay down on the floor I obliged. I laid on my back staring up at William as he got down near my feet. Grabbing my legs he spread them open wide sliding up in between.

"A nice shaved white pussy! You know it's been a long time since I've had sex and I have never been with a white girl before, much less a pale redhead" he said looking down as he placed himself above me with his arms on either side of my head. With a big smile on his face with moved one hand down between us holding onto his dick. Moments later I could feel the large bulbous head of his dick running up and down my pussy lips, spreading them open. Rubbing it around my clit he then positioned the tip right at my hole and began to place pressure down onto me. Well, never having anything near this big before it was taking so effort. Hell, even my husband says I'm snug around him and he's much smaller. William was grunting as he tried to push it into me. It all paid off as my pussy began to open up to him and before long he had worked the head of it inside.

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