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First & Intense


Alyssa and Debbie had known each other for less than a year yet had become very close friends. Both talked to each other about anything and everything, and enjoyed each other's company. Though Debbie was nearly ten years older than Alyssa, she was amazed at how mature this 18 year old actually was.

When Debbie's boyfriend left to find work, Debbie asked Alyssa to move in with her for the following months. And Alyssa didn't mind. Alyssa never thought about Debbie in a sexual way until one night, after nearly a month of living together, Debbie told a joke and while laughing placed her hand on Alyssa's thigh. Immediately Alyssa's pussy started to throb, and soaking herself, Alyssa made her way to bed, only to bring herself to an intense orgasm while thinking of licking Debbie's throbbing clit.

Alyssa lay in Debbie's arms watching the rise and fall of her chest. Many nights Debbie had fallen asleep while lying on the bed chatting with Alyssa. Alyssa was more of a night person than Debbie was, however, Debbie was usually awake at 6:30 a.m. It hadn't taken long for Debbie to fall asleep. Alyssa brushed the hair away from Debbie's face and lay there thinking of how peaceful she looked. Their lives would not be peaceful if Debbie ever found out how Alyssa fantasized about her every night and had brought herself many times to orgasm. Debbie would probably kick her out, Alyssa imagined.

Debbie rolled over and cuddled Alyssa. Alyssa was very glad that Debbie was asleep. Debbie's pussy was very close to Alyssa's knee and Alyssa could feel the heat. Instantly Alyssa began to recall the many fantasies she had about Debbie, and she could feel her wetness creep along the lips of her pussy.

She didn't want to wake Debbie and yet her pussy was aching for attention.


No answer. Alyssa sighed and gently tweaked her own nipple. It was amazing how her nipples seemed to be attached to her clit. Her clit began to throb and she knew that she was going to have to relieve herself. She quietly slid her hand between her legs and massaged her pussy, letting out quiet moans.

Alyssa was very shy and realized that she could not masturbate in front of Debbie, even if Debbie was asleep and so, she decided to go out to her own room. She gently removed Debbie's arm from around her and began to roll off the bed. As she was about to sit up, she felt Debbie's arm wrap around her and cuddle her even closer.

"Where do you think you're going? You don't mind cuddling do you? I miss that!"

"ummmm… no sweetheart. It's okay; I'll stay if you like."

"Good!" Debbie said, and then gently kissed Alyssa's cheek, very close to her lips.

Debbie reached out and placed her arm beneath Alyssa's head and around her body, as Alissa gently placed her head on Debbie's shoulder and her arm around Debbie. Alyssa had to admit that she enjoyed cuddling, but feared that much more of this would make her cum instantly. Her clit still throbbing, Alyssa didn't know what to do.

As they lay there, Alyssa gently kissed Debbie's face and brushed back her hair. "Good night sweetheart!" Again she kissed even closer to Debbie's lips.

What was she doing? Alyssa asked herself this question over and over. And yet, when Debbie sighed and pulled her even closer, Alyssa… for a moment… felt that maybe Debbie wanted this as well.

Alyssa wearily kissed Debbie's lips and as she did, Debbie returned the kiss. Alyssa moaned gently into Debbie's mouth. Her heart starting beating faster and her clit throbbed even more. Debbie pulled Alyssa close and their tongues entwined.

"Oh Debbie. You don't realize how much I've wanted to kiss you. How long I've waited to feel your lips against mine!"

Debbie didn't answer, just kissed her passionately. Debbie looked Alyssa in the eyes and quietly asked her to get on top of her. Alyssa had never been with a woman, and was pretty sure that Debbie had not either. However, right now, Alyssa was game to do anything that Debbie asked of her.

Alyssa knelt over Debbie, throwing one leg on each side of her, and gently pushing her pussy against Debbie's. Both women moaned and Alyssa lowered her face closer to Debbie's. Alyssa now was the one to do the searching and gazed deeply into Debbie's eyes. She slowly licked around Debbie's lips and nibbled gently on the lower one before once again gently wrapping her lips around Debbie's.

Alyssa sat up and lifted her shirt over her head, while Debbie unclasped her bra. It didn't take long before both women were naked and Alyssa lying on top.

Debbie smiled and gently tweaked Alyssa's nipple. Alyssa moaned loudly and Debbie laughed. "You like that?" As Alyssa tried to nod her head in response, Debbie quickly tweaked her nipple again. "Oh you do?! Your pussy is feeling it too, hey babe? I can feel your juices. *Debbie moaned* I know you want more." With that, Debbie rolled Alyssa off the bed and continued to kiss her.

Both of Debbie's hands found their way to Alyssa's tits. Gently they circles and massaged, without even glazing the nipples. By this time Alyssa was anxious for relief, and so began to tweak Debbie's nipples with one hand while slowing reaching down and flicking her own clit, making her lower body lurch forward.

Debbie lowered her face unto Alyssa's nipples and attacked them. Alyssa nearly died of relief. She moaned loudly. "That's it baby. Suck my nipples. Bite them." Debbie did as Alyssa requested and gently sucked and nibbled on Alyssa's nipples.

Alyssa felt bad for Debbie, who seemed to be getting very little attention. She reached out and starting from Debbie's ass, traced her finger up to Debbie's clit. Without touching it, she traced little circles around it – driving Debbie wild. Alyssa reached out to Debbie's face and brought her up to her level and began to kiss her passionately while circling Debbie's clit. She then removed her finger and placed it between both their mouths. One licked each side and then Alyssa once again passionately kissed Debbie.

Both women reached for the other's pussy at the same time. Debbie gently felt around Alyssa's soft and shaved pussy, while Alyssa traced along Debbie's pussy lips. Alyssa gently pushed her middle finger into Debbie's pussy causing Debbie to lose all focus on Alyssa, push her whole body forward and let out a loud moan. Alyssa smiled and was glad that she was having this affect on the woman she had fallen in love with.

Alyssa continued to pussy fuck Debbie. Slowly at first, and then after adding another finger – a little faster. Debbie was beginning to pant loudly, and moaning continually. Alyssa was very glad that Debbie was managing to tell her what felt good and what to continue. Alyssa kissed Debbie's neck and then made her way down across Debbie's belly – the whole time continuing to finger her lovely hole.

When reaching her pussy, Alyssa stopped to smell the scent of Debbie's and her arousal combined. It made her clit throb. Alyssa gently traced her tongue along Debbie's pussy lips before licking Debbie's clit. Alyssa was very inexperienced and yet was only doing to Debbie what she knew she would enjoy herself.

Debbie was fucking Alyssa's fingers wildly by now, and Alyssa was fighting to keep her mouth on Debbie's clit. Debbie screamed out that she was about to cum and Alyssa sucked Debbie's clit between her lips causing Debbie to scream out in pleasure – her hips bucking, her pussy contracting, her cum flowing. And Alyssa licked every bit of it up. Then Alyssa kissed her way back up to Debbie's face, kissed her lips gently and said, "That was amazing. You taste wonderful!"

Debbie was in no mood to just lay there. After tasting herself on Alyssa's lips, Debbie wanted to know first hand what Alyssa tasted like. Debbie pushed Alyssa away and then throwing one leg over her body, straddled Alyssa. Debbie leaned down to kiss Alyssa while both her hands found their way to Alyssa's tits. Alyssa's hips were already bucking and Alyssa couldn't wait for the much needed attention on her clit.

Debbie smiled and began to gently lick Alyssa's nipples. Debbie bit a nipple hard and Alyssa wasn't sure if she should scream in pain or moan in pleasure. Then Debbie began to kiss her way down Alyssa's belly.

Upon reaching Alyssa's pussy, Debbie lay there, gazing at the beauty before her. It was amazing, and glistened! She was obviously gazing for longer than Alyssa could handle and she slid down a little further pushing her pussy into Debbie's face and her clit hit hard against Debbie's nose. Alyssa moaned loudly and bucked her hips forward again. This time Debbie licked out her tongue and licked from Alyssa's ass right up and across her clit. Debbie knew that it wouldn't take much to make Alyssa cum, since she had already began to shake.

Debbie licked her tongue out and making it as hard as she could, began to tongue fuck Alyssa's pussy hole. Alyssa was amazed at the way this felt. No guy could ever make her feel the way Debbie could.

Debbie then began to lick Alyssa's clit and pushed her finger gently into Alyssa's hole. Alyssa was soaked and so, Debbie inserted another finger, making Alyssa squirm.

"Alyssa, have you ever had a g-spot orgasm?" Debbie asked.

"A what?"

Debbie smiled and giggled. "Okay sweetheart, if you don't know what it is then you haven't had one. Just promise me, whatever you feel like doing – do it. You won't pee on me – promise!"

"Pee on you? Why would…."

"Sssshhhhhhh…" Debbie whispered and gently began to massage Alyssa's inner walls.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Alyssa screamed and pushed her hips even harder against Debbie's hand.

As Debbie continued to massage Alyssa's g-spot, Alyssa grasped the sheets on the bed. She couldn't concentrate and didn't know what to do. One minute she was clinging to the sheets, the next to her own hair and the next to Debbie's hand.

"What are you doing to me?" Alyssa moaned between gasps. She didn't need an answer right now, but the question would later have to be answered. "I'm going to piss on you Debbie. Stop it!"

Debbie smiled, "No you won't sweetheart. Cum for me please! Let the pleasure overtake you!"

Alyssa's eyes went wide, her hips pushed forward and her pussy began to contract. "HOLY FUCK!" And then she screamed.

Debbie kept massaging and Alyssa began to shake, her cum running down over Debbie's hand and unto the bed. If Debbie's fingers hadn't been so deep in her pussy, the force behind the orgasm surely would've caused the cum to squirt across the room, Alyssa thought later.

Finally Alyssa collapsed after the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Debbie cleaned up Alyssa's pussy with her mouth and then, once again, positioned herself in Alyssa's arms.

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