tagErotic CouplingsFirst and Last

First and Last


She wanted you. She watched as you flirted with girls many years her younger. The twist in her gut proved she wanted you more than she ever led you to believe. Seeing you with that younger gal made her stifle her thoughts. Her emotions were again shattered, just as her former love had done to her.

Months of silence filled her every breath. She wanted to tell you of the pain. She wanted you to know her emotions were real and undying. Instead, she faded away...withdrew from your life.

The younger girl left town, leaving you essentially alone. A long interlude finalized the long lasting fling you were having. All you had left of her was the visual memory of her too-tight, too-white, too eager torso. Had she respected you enough to keep her legs together to all men, perhaps you may have shown her enough respect in return and she'd still be your cute little plaything.

Truth would become evident to you over the next few years as you thought back to these times with Sandy and all she contributed to your life.

Date after intimate date with the woman who truly loved and admired you, she too soon parted. You reflected upon the moments shared.

Sandy kept you in her heart, allowing you to reflect as you did. The universe was open wide to your energies.

First thoughts first. The innocent flirting began upon your third interaction. Sandy wore a dress to impress you. More flesh was visible than she was normally willing to display around strangers. The tingle your presence brought to her made her feel like she did ten years ago. An older man had her interest. She allowed it.

Sandy filled your quiet moments each day the same as you filled hers. The low cut blouses continued when she felt she was going to see you. All other times, Sandy wore a snug sweater, even in warmer weather.

It brought a smile to your days, knowing she wanted you the way she did. A few minutes in her presence filled your mind with her scent...light and slightly floral. By the time you got home each afternoon, you'd be hot and bothered. The tingling in your pants did not wait for the journey to end. Two miles from home, you were already grabbing at your shaft to stifle the growth until you were in your house. Or at least in your driveway, where nobody could see. The garage door opened at your press of a button. Before it was fully lifted you ran inside to hurry upstairs. The door slammed shut with your firm kick. Briefcase tossed on the counter nearly tipped the bottle of wine that was waiting to be sipped. By the time you sprinted to the top of the stairs, your belt was unbuckled, button undone and your fingers gripped at your zipper.

A few steps later and you were at your bedroom door...but you did not enter. The bump under the covers stopped you in your tracks. With your fly open, it was no effort for your pants to slide down your legs to surround your ankles. You stepped out of them one foot at a time and kept going until you reached the bed.

A feminine voice commanded enticingly through the sheets. You followed each directive with a boy like eagerness to avoid what may happen if you did not comply...but you were excited like a man in anticipation of what may happen if you did not. You were hoping for it to be Sandy's voice beckoning you to climb into bed with her.

She wanted to watch you jerk yourself off. Her first command was to have you step to the edge of the bed. She reached her arm from beneath the covers so you could rest your balls in her hand. You did just that and she added to the command for you to continue stroking yourself. She extended her other hand towards you and strapped her hand around yours, pressing her fingertips between your fingers to touch the silken skin of your hard cock. She tightened her fist around you and then tightened the one around your balls.

She then gave you permission to release your hand and enter the blanket tent she was creating with her legs in the air. You climbed in at the coaxing by her grip on your sac. By the time you wiggled on the bed and under the covers with her, you balanced yourself with a hand on her bare breast. The rest of you straddled her, close to her chest.

Lifting her head, she could reach the tip of your hard cock with her tongue. Enjoying the feeling and wanting more, you eased up her body towards her face. You felt her arm wrap gently around you to pull you closer. The warmth around your balls stopped briefly as she released her hand but Sandy would not let you hang long. The pillows were primped enough, elevating her head to meet your cock without effort or strain.

Sandy licked the length of your cock to build excitement. She felt you stiffen to a harder point than she'd dreamed of you. You braced yourself in anticipation of that tonsil tickling blowjob. She instead licked the length of you and teabagged you instead.

The sensation, warm and wet. The thrill of being sucked in a way beyond your dream. Sandy delivered what you never knew you could order. She twirled her tongue in a dance with the boys. Slight pulsating sucks intermingled with slicking tongue, soft and firm all around your bag. She even nibbled at your soft skin with her tightened lips.

Moans filled the air. What you began, she continued. The vibrations enhanced the sensations for you. Hearing her voice reminded you of the time, only a few minutes prior. She lured you with a voice command. As you were ready to fill your palm with some lotion, she brought you under the covers. You now straddled her naked body, wondering how you could best fondle and massage her firm breasts while they were beneath your bare thighs.

You wanted her to tell you more of what to do, but she could not because your tasty balls filled her mouth. You tried to pull away but she lifted her head to keep you in place.

Finally giving in, she let them go with a popping expulsion followed by a playful giggle. Her playful voice shifted back to the domineering one that lured him earlier. She commanded many things you'd only dreamed of her commanding.

You acted on her commands one by one, from putting on the cock ring waiting for you on the nightstand to jerking off until you were about to cum...but then resist that titillating urge. Sandy smacked your cock hard enough to deflate it a little, then she told you she needed for you to cum on her neck and chest. She went on to smear your nectar across her tits, down to her belly button. Reaching for your hand, she brought it to her pussy and told you exactly how you were to help her masturbate.

She granted you permission to cum when you brought her there...she thanked you when the collective panting subsided enough to catch a breath.

You got out from under the covers and headed to the shower to cool off a bit...

Once the steamy water flowed, she left you...and your fantasy girls...and her once-hopeful dreams of ever being by your side for real.

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