tagBDSMFirst and Last? Ch. 01

First and Last? Ch. 01



4.00 o'clock and I've arrived at the hotel, checked in and been shown to my room. My nerves are jangling, my palms sweating, I have never been so nervous, and at the same time I am excited, thrilled by what I am about to do. I unpack, well there is so little, two changes of clothes, the usual make-up jewellery ,perfume and some......other things. 4.35 now, I decide to have a bath, a long luxurious soak, pamper myself with the freebies this wonderful hotel offers, have some wine from the fridge and relax before I prepare myself.

My meeting is set for 6.30 and I time everything so that I am ready to walk out of the door at exactly that time. I had my bath, drank some wine,( that would be for courage), and have dressed with a great deal of thought. I bought this dress especially, red, clinging at the top then wispy and floaty and full from the waist, and stilettos to match. I get into the lift, my heart is pounding, this is the scariest, most exciting thing I've ever done and I am looking forward and dreading it all at the same time.

It's set for the bar and as I walk in I look around.......and there you are, on the table in front of the empty chair opposite you, a Bailey's, over ice......I walk over and sit, lift the glass in silent homage to you and drink deeply, watching you over the top of the glass. You sip your own drink, cognac, and watch me too. Neither of us speaks, we don't have to, us being here says it all. We finish and, still without a word, move towards the lift....we are committed now. We have wanted this for so long.....for months we have communicated, e-mails and instant messaging, webcam too, then suddenly

"Goddess, I have to come to Edinburgh."

We have to decide what to do and decide we did. It was one of those moments in life that you know you have to take, we will never have this chance again. So now we are in the lift, together. Neither of us has yet spoken, we still don't feel the need, your hand on the small of my back enough.

I open the door of my room and we enter, turning towards each other as the door closes, holding hands and exchanging the most tender of kisses, again not taking our eyes off each other, teenagers we are not but our behaviour is on the new lover spectrum. We continue to just hold each other, exchanging kisses that are longer now and more lingering, I sigh deeply and lean my head on your chest. I feel your hand slide down my back, across my buttocks and reach the bottom of my dress. I feel your hand begin slow progress up my stocking clad leg and I stop you, speaking for the first time,

"No....I am your Goddess and you are my slave, you will serve me."

I feel you shudder and know I have made the right choice. There is a large arm chair in the room and I cross and sit in it, legs crossed arms along the chair arms, you turned around as I did so following me with your eyes and now you are facing me

."Take off all your clothes, very slowly."

You do as you are told, I watch every move, revelling not only at the sight of your body and swelling manhood but at the feeling this "power" gives me.

"Now come over here and kneel in front of me"

You do as you're told and are now at my feet. I hold out one foot, indicating that you should take off my shoe and I pull up my dress to allow you to undo my stocking and roll it down my leg.

"Now the other," I say and get you to repeat the exercise. You do and I can see the effect the experience is having on you. I move in the chair, sitting back...one knee now up on each arm, legs spread so you can see my pussy, dress up round my thighs. All I want is to feel your mouth on me but I'm going to make you wait, us wait.

"Go and pour me a drink, glass of white wine....."

You do as you are told. You naked and me not is making me so wet...I want you now but I will take my time. When we made these arrangements we knew this could, and probably would be, the first and the last time so we gave ourselves a set time....two nights and one day, I'm "away seeing an old school friend that's only in the country for a few days"....we will not leave this room, so I can play..... for a while at least. You bring me my glass and I signal that you may kneel at my feet.

I sigh deeply as your head disappears between my legs, after all we have talked and acted this out so often before. I feel your mouth hot on my skin, my clit for the first time and I want to just hold you there.....I grasp your head, winding my fingers into your hair to hold you still....I want to savour this moment, this delicious moment where you lick me for the first time, when I feel your tongue on me. I shudder and shiver as you flick across me, you try to look up into my face and I force your head back down, pulling you deeper into my body...feeling your tongue push and probe, the blade of your tongue filling my pussy.

"Lick me, suck me.....harder"

I feel your tongue probe deeper, your lips pulling and sucking at mine...and I revel in the feeling it releases in me.

"Stop...get up....stand in the middle of the room."

You obey and I love the fact that I'm still semi dressed and you are naked....the vulnerability it gives you, the power it gives me. I get up from the chair, my dress slips down and clings once again to my body.


You do as you're told. I cross the room to the bedside table, open the drawer and start to lay the contents on the bed. Your eyes glint at what you see.These are the "things" I had unpacked earlier....a number of toys....some scarves, cuffs a blindfold, a vibrator, some handcuffs, a small whip, massage oil and a couple of new toys I'm desperate to try....one called an Ice Maiden and the other a Pleasure Plug and it's something we've discussed and both want to try.

"Come and get the massage oil then."

You move to stand up.

"No...on your knees. "

You crawl across the room and pick up the bottle then look at me enquiringly. "Crawl back and then stand up in the middle of the room."

You do as you are told.

"Now I want you to rub the oil all over yourself....and I mean all over, and take your time."

I can't wait to watch you do this, to watch as you take the oil and rub it into yourself, your nipples, cock, balls and ass. I'm soaking just thinking about what I'm going to watch you do to yourself. None of that shows on my face...you take off the top and pour some into your hands, bending down to put the bottle on the floor. You start at your chest, rubbing the oil in to your nipples, making them shine in the light, then down across your stomach. You bend down, get the bottle and pour more into your hand then taking both hands you cover your cock and balls with the oil. I watch, fascinated as you hold yourself, circling your cock with your fingers, pulling all the way from the base to the tip and back again, repeating it...I could cum just watching you do that! You stop.

"Did I tell you to stop?"

I stride across to the bed, pick up the whip, raise it and bring it down sharply on your ass. I hear your sharp intake of breath, see the faint shudder that goes through your body and the way your cock jerked in response. I don't know how much more I can take. I want to take the oil and pour it all over you...I want to throw you down on the bed, straddle you, take your cock in my mouth while you eat me and suck you to death. I am having to control myself...prolong what we have, make every minute count, so it has to be slow. I'm so horny, I want you so much, feel you deep inside my body, feel you thrusting into me, my hips rising to meet you. The moment will come and be all the sweeter for the torment we have given each other. "You forgot your ass" I say, "I want to see you massage your ass. I look you in the eye. Would you like me to take my dress off, look at me, would you?" You nod and I slowly take it off, savouring you watching my every move, my nipples hard...under it, stockings and nothing else...I'm standing in front of you now in stockings and my very high heeled red shoes.

The Slave

Each time you move, another secret jem in your body is revealed, and the way the light reflects off your skin humbles me even more.

"My Goddess." I say respectfully, though looking directly into your eyes (I am grateful Goddess has granted that I may look her in those soft, inviting eyes) As you approached me, an aurora of seductive power, you tower on your devilishly tall red shoes shaping your legs accentuated by your silky stockings. I am on the edge, my body shining with oil, toying with my nipples and cock and balls for My Goddess. I try to focus......as your words play in my head..."you forgot your ass.....I want to see you massage your ass."

Raising your hand you use the end of the flogger turn me away and then push me towards the edge of the bed. As my knees hit the edge you push again and I end up on my hands and knees on the bed, shoulders down, ass almost waving at you and you place the oil in my hand. The message is unmistakable. Filling my hand once again only now reach back behind me I cover the cheeks of my ass before letting the fragrant oil seep between them, massaging my ass, letting my fingers circle my puckered back passage, toying there, letting one hand back to my throbbing cock. I am so absorbed by my own actions that I did not notice My Goddess had found a toy of her own and was running it along the length of your wet sex a low humming sound emanating, riding the length of it with the occasional stoke letting the tip run along your slit but forbidding yourself penetration. Your eyes glazed over with lust, your breath short. I sense your need, your vulnerability at that moment and seize the opportunity to take you to the place you desire.

Getting up off the bed I reach out to you, pull you onto the mattress flat on your back and take the toy from your hand. Then without pause or warning plunge it deep into your inflamed pussy. You are surprised by my bold act and begin to reprimand me but by the second stroke your focus has changed and your need to climax overtakes your need to control and so with the vibrating phallus working in and out of your centre I cover your body with my own oil soaked torso. I kiss you hard on the mouth, tongue probing urgently but only long enough to give you a taste of me before moving to your full soft tits back and forth, one from the other, nipple now full and taut. Sucking them, licking them, revelling in them. Then further down across your stomach to your pussy.tNo toying now, no teasing, no gentle licks. Rather I close my lips hard around your pulsing clit and suck it, harder and harder, flicking the now protruding head with my tongue as I suck it my hand moving the fake cock in and out of your sopping pussy. "Yesssssssssss....Yessssssssss,my little fucking slave,make me cum,make me cummmm right now.."

You moan loudly......the sounds of your impending orgasm growing stronger, louder, bolder. My hands slippery with the combination of your flowing juices and the oil from earlier, I move one to your ass and as you begin to shake, cry.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.....fucccccckkkkkkkkk.....yessssssssss"......I slide my slippery finger deep into your ass, pushing your over the edge as you cum in a torrent, squirting as the heels of your red shoes press into my back as your ride my mouth, my fingers. I must drink your essence and so withdraw the dildo replace it with my open mouth and continue to finger fuck your ass as I lick and drink your sweet cum. The flow of obscenities from your mouth is further evidence of the intensity, until you shake and finally lie back spent, breathing heavily but with a look of utter contentment on your radiant face. A smile creeps across your lips and you utter

"You are an observant slave, you have served me well for the moment and I shall reward you...."

You reach across the bed ,take a strange looking harness, hand it to me along with the still wet toy and with a glint in your eyes tell me to fasten this contraption to you.

"Your ass now. Your slippery, oily, virgin ass is about to be mine!!!"

I shudder at the thought.

"Get back into your previous position."

I do as I've been asked and then simply crawl back onto the bed, assuming my earlier position of shoulders down and ass elevated. I am twitching in anticipation of My Goddess taking my anal virginity.

"Yes My Goddess. I am your sex toy. I am your slut. I am yours to have as you will."

As the dark of our first night turns to dawn You fill me, thrill me,and delight me. One can only imagine what wonders the remaining 24 hours will hold for both of us.


Now it's my turn. I've never done this before. The thought is making me want to cum again, I'm already sodden with my own juices, your cum and the oil and I want to feel more, so much more and all at once. I close my eyes, force myself to breath. Make myself remember that we want to savour all we are about to experience. My breathing slows. A bit more in control. So now, you've had your fun, I want mine. I have the harness on, everything is in place. I position myself behind you, lean forward and gently kiss the places where my heels have left their mark, let my tongue drift down your spine, down between your cheeks, down to that place you so desperately want me to violate, and there I allow you to feel my hot breath, my warm wet tongue just touch your asshole then gone....I see the muscle twitch...I know what you want. I take my finger now and stroke you gently, softly, then in imitation of what you did to my pussy earlier I plunge my finger into your ass as far as I can and feel your whole body react go rigid and I revel in the low moan you give. I pull my finger out, let it play around your entrance, then plunge two in, again as far as I can, the muscles tighten round me trapping my hand inside you. You're ass is so tight my fingers feel as if your crushing them, I move my fingers in and out and feel you gasp and shudder with each move and I can feel the heat from my own body, the wetness between my legs, the throbbing in my pussy as what I'm doing affects me too. The time has come, I gradually remove my fingers, slowly letting them exit your body, running them round in front of you, over your balls stroking your hard and throbbing cock. I stand directly behind you. You are openly shuddering, shivering, waiting for what you want, you're breathing is coming in short gasps as the tension builds. I put my hands on your cheeks, spreading them wide, looking directly into your asshole and I lean over again and flick you with my tongue. I take the massage oil and cover my "toy" with oil, them position it so it's just touching your ass. I gently, bit apprehensive now, push and feel the phallus slip easily into you, just the very tip entering your ass. You are moaning now and that makes me push harder letting all of it enter your body. You're thrusting and pushing against me, my arms go round you and pull you back against me. I experiment, thrusting my hips forward and back fucking your ass with this "toy" moving harder and faster,harder and faster. I can feel you trembling, your knees almost giving way, you're almost sobbing, "Is this what you wanted slave? Is this what you wanted?Let me hear you say it."

Your "Yesss Goddess" is all I need to hear.

"Well my little sex toy lets see what you think of this." I thrust my hips forward again and as I do so switch on our "cock"... I grab you at the hips and pull you towards me, holding myself still, feeling the vibration in my clit. I move my hands down to your cock and hold it between my hands, waiting for your reaction. You feel the vibration deep inside you and your body shudders and trembles, your muscles tense and contract, you gasp in ecstasy..

"Well my little sex slave....are you enjoying your reward?"

"Yes Goddess, thank you," you gasp.

As you move I roll you between my hands, you are hard, so, so hard. I have wanted to touch you for so long. I run my hand all the way along your length, revelling in how you feel, down, caress your balls, back up flick my fingers across the tip, down ...caress....back...flick.... I know what I want ... I thrust my hips forward, hold, let you feel the effect of the vibration and back, forward, and back, and hear you gasp and groan as the vibrating cock moves in and out of your ass. I do it again and at the same time I'm moving my hand up and down your cock....now you are moaning loudly and grinding yourself against me...I move faster, thrusting harder but still pausing each time, and all the time our "toy" is vibrating inside you bringing you to new heights of passion. "Slave, I hope you're ready to cum!" The vibration inside you is too much, you can only nod,you're on the verge...

"I want you to cum in my hands. " I cup my hands and as I thrust one more time I feel you shudder violently, hear your loud moans and feel the heat of your cum in my hands as your cock spurts it on to me, and I feel myself shiver and tremble too. I take my hands and rub them together, then straightening up I rub them up and down my arms and across my breasts trying to massage all of you into my body You collapse forward onto the bed, and I take the harness off, easing our "toy" out of your ass as I do.

Sept 09

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