tagGroup SexFirst Annual Battle of the Sexes Ch. 02

First Annual Battle of the Sexes Ch. 02

byPaniolo Boy©

My meeting with Sandy at the Chi Omega Sorority went extremely well. Sandy was the social chairperson at her sorority just as I was the social chairman for my fraternity. And we seemed to be on the same page with almost everything we talked about. It amazed me to discover someone that was so like me in so many different ways. We just seemed to fit really well.

We had met previously to talk about coordinating our respective social calendars. Her's for her sorority members and mine for the guys in my fraternity. We both wanted to make sure that college life for our respective members was fun.

We talked about what her gals and my guys generally liked to do and we kind of agreed to set up a social calendar between our two houses including dinners and social get-togethers. She also liked my idea of the Battle of the Sexes where we would pit the guys against the gals in a variety of competitions, with one trying to distract the other as much as possible as they competed!

The example I gave her of contestants blowing up 20 balloons while members of the other house tried to distract the competitors by either giving them blow jobs or eating their pussies made Sandy blush. But the idea intrigued her a little and she doubted that we knew how to eat pussy well enough to make the competition interesting! She challenged me to prove that we, or at least 'I' for that matter, could bring any woman to orgasm! Hey, what could I say to that? Well I ate her pussy till she had several orgasms and one massive cum at the end. Then we ended up fucking our brains out for the rest of that afternoon!

I made another 'appointment' with her for the next day to set up the calendar of activities and figure out who would host each activity or event.

Sandy met me at my fraternity house this time and I took her up to my room. It was a bit smaller than hers but it offered us the privacy that we sought. Plus it was clean! I try to keep it clean. I'm no slob and I hate living in clutter. So I try to pick up after myself. Anyway, we were sitting on my bed with the school year calendar spread out between us as we began to fit events to dates.

Sandy started, "Why don't we plan on a dinner every other month, and alternate between our two houses. That way neither of our house budgets won't get blown out of the water."

"Yeah, that works. Should we make them casual or dress up dinners?"

"Hmmmm.....why don't we make at least one of them a dressy dinner and the others being casual? I think it would be nice to have a formal dinner. It'll make the girls feel special."

"I like that. And I think the guys would go for the formal dinners also. At least I like the idea of us guys making you girls feel special........ well, especially one in particular." I smiled at her when I said that.

Sandy smiled back at me, then leaned over to give me a kiss. "Thank you." she said with a slight blush on her cheeks.

For the months where we didn't have dinners, we planned various outings like bowling, a day long picnic at the beach, a day of hiking, and campus days at each other's house where we would help the other clean up each other's house ending with a cookout. I thought our guys would buy into this.

After we set up that calendar for the year, Sandy brought up the subject of the Battle of the Sexes.

"Ummm, Tom, I talked with a couple of the girls in the house that I thought would be interested in the idea but they were kind of 'iffy' on the idea. They thought it would only work if they really liked the guys involved. You know.......like they were already dating and into a relationship with the guy and stuff. Plus, even if it goes in the direction you think it might, some of them aren't really comfortable showing a lot of skin in front of others."

"Yeah, I can understand that."

"Well, I don't think it'll happen if they don't feel really good about being with the guys."

"Well, let's have a couple of ice breaker kind of things to do during this first semester and hope that they lead to some good friendships. And if it doesn't happen, then the battle of the sexes won't happen."

"Ok, I'm ok with that. What kind of ice breaker things are you thinking about?" Sandy asked.

"Well, I was thinking of things that our guys and your gals could do together. Like a scavenger hunt for example where the gals are partnered with the guys. Or maybe a lunch or dinner where the guys and gals need to make the meal together. Things like that. Anything to put them into physical contact with each other that makes them do things together. I think we'll need to find a bunch of games or things to do, but that's more or less the kinds of stuff I had in mind."

"That might work. What do you think about team study? Like if a couple of guys in your house are good at a particular subject and some of our girls need help? And the reverse if we have a couple of gals that are good at something that your guys need help with?"

"You know, that really sounds good. It helps both our houses and it gives the guys and gals more opportunities to get to know each other. I like this."

"I do too."

"You know, I'm really glad I talked to you about this, Sandy."

"Me too. I'm glad that you did." Then she leaned over and kissed me. Tentatively at first, before she moved the calendar aside and sat in my lap straddling my hips, pulled my head down to hers and devoured my lips and attacked my tongue!

And we kissed. I couldn't get enough of her lips. Softly at first, then as our tongues stroked each other's, our hunger grew and we began to devour each other.

"I couldn't get enough of you yesterday......" Sandy whispered between kisses.

"Me too. I thought of you all night last night. And you were on my mind this morning."

"Thank you for yesterday."

"It probably sounds so cliché, but I'll say it any way, it is really I that should thank you. You blew my mind. "

Sandy took one of my hands and placed it on her breast, gently squeezing my hand over her boob in the process. As she did, she moaned her approval through our kiss. I slowly massaged a firm breast for a minute before I removed my hand and slid it under her blouse and her bra to cup her warm flesh and roll her hardening nipple between my fingers.

Sandy backed away from our kissing for a moment as she took her blouse and bra off. She looked into my eyes as I told her, "you are so beautiful....."

I laid Sandy down on my bed and kissed her first before slowly licking and kissing a pathway to her firm breasts. Sandy's hands were on either side of my head; her fingers running through my hair as she moaned her approval; occasionally jerking as a kiss or a nip to a nipple shot a spark off within her.

"Fuck me, Tom. Please fuck me...... I can't wait ....... please ....." Sandy whispered.

"Sandy, I want to make love to you, and not just fuck you. I know it's too early to say this, but I think I'm falling for you and don't want to just use you for sex. I'd like to think that making love to you lets you know how important to me that you have become in such a short time. I don't know how you feel, but I'm hoping that what we have here is a lot more than just sex."

Sandy stared into my eyes for several very long moments before she smiled and her eyes began to get teary. "You just know how to make me cry, don't you........ love me, Tom. Please?"

I gently kissed her soft lips and the tops of her exposed breasts. Her nipples were flushed a dark pink and standing at attention, revealing her excitement to me. I softly kissed her breasts around each nipple before taking one then the other into my mouth and sucked and licked them thoroughly before grazing them softly with my teeth. Sandy moaned and shivered with delight.

Sandy's arousal grew as I unbuttoned and removed her shorts. Before proceeding any further, I slowly removed my clothing, stopping only when I was left in my underwear. As I laid myself down along side Sandy, she reached for me and pulled me on top of her.

"Please ....... please love me ........" was all that she could say as we kissed.

She reached into my underwear and palmed and stroked my hard cock. "oh Tom. I need you in me." she whispered as she struggled to free my cock from my underwear. I sat up briefly and slowly removed her panties, kissing her warm flesh as her lacy garment revealed the sex goddess that she was. As soon as her panties were off Sandy sat up and lowered my underwear also.

Now free of the last of our garments, Sandy pulled me over on top of her and wrapped me in her arms and legs; inviting me into her most private opening in the process. I could feel the tip of my cock lodge itself in her opening, almost as if it knew the way by itself. I pushed forward slowly and felt myself slip slowly into Sandy's wet pussy.

I watched as Sandy's eyes slowly closed and her head leaned back. She was savoring the initial moments of our coupling. Her quiet moans telling me that she was enjoying my initial penetration as much as I was.

"Oh Tom. Oh ....... so good. Oh ........ oh ....... you feel so good in me ....... so good ........."

"I love you Sandy. I love you." I whispered back to her in return and kissed her softly and slowly.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with tears in her eyes, "........... I love you too, Tom. I love you."

Our love making was slow and sensuous. Taking our time, we slowly ratcheted our movements upwards, drawing our pleasure out for each other for as long as we could. As I bottomed out on each thrust, I pressed my pubic area against her's trying to apply pressure to her clit in the process. Then I slowly moved my pelvis from side to side, rubbing myself against her clit. Sandy must have enjoyed that as she began to moan louder with each downward stroke.

Her moans began getting louder as I started to firmly bottom out with each downward plunge. The sound of our pelvis' coming together echoed through the room as flesh met flesh.

Then suddenly she tensed up and hugged me tightly to her with her arms and legs, "OH!" she moaned loudly as she clung to me desperately! Her arms tightened around me twice as an orgasm rolled through her body.

I paused briefly until she relaxed her hug, then I started to make love to her again, still moving slowly in and out. She came a second time after several minutes, this time much quicker and more expressively as she spoke loudly, "TOM!", her eyes screwed shut and her head thrown backwards! "UUHHHHH!"

I rested briefly then began to thrust assertively into her womb that was, by now, flooded with her juices! I could hear the sopping sounds of my prick hammering into her soaking wet pussy! Sandy was practically screaming now, "TOM! TOM! YES! oooooohhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH! FFFUUUCKKK MMMEEEEEE!"

I couldn't bear holding myself back any longer and slammed my hard erection into her several times before I emptied my balls into her pussy! Oh, I saw stars! I saw black holes! I thought that Sandy's pussy had swallowed my cock! I must have blacked out temporarily as the next thing I was aware of was Sandy hugging me tightly to her, whispering her love for me in my ear as I lay face down on top of her.

"I love you ....... I love you ......." Sandy whispered as our lips brushed.

I looked into her eyes and kissed her as deeply, with as much love as I could muster; our tongues softly caressing, enjoying the intimacy of our love making. Even though I had experienced a monster of an orgasm, I had amazingly remained semi-hard. So after a few minutes respite, I began to slowly make love to her again. My erection returned with a vengeance and we went at it again, this time Sandy riding me on top until she tired, then we rolled over and went at it in our standard 'missionary' position. I think we enjoyed that position the most as we could look into each other's eyes and kiss each other as we made love.

Sandy had originally come over just after lunch but it was after dinner before we surfaced from my room. We had spent the better part of more than 5 hours making love or lying quietly in bed, holding each other and talking quietly. I came three times, filling her womb to over flowing each time. I think she had at least four or five orgasms of her own. I don't know what was more satisfying; making love with Sandy, or just lying side by side with her, holding her in my arms and kissing her. Perhaps both were equally satisfying.

She needed to get back to her sorority before it got too late so I walked Sandy back to their house. We talked all the way back.

Just before we got to her sorority house, Sandy turned to me and asked; "Tom, are we a couple?"

I smiled and wrapped my arms around her; "I am in serious love with you. I don't know if it's possible to fall in love so quickly but I'm pretty sure that my feelings for you run really deep within me. And I am hoping that you feel the same way about me."

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss that curled my toes and had me erect in a nanosecond!

"Does that answer your question? Yes! I love you too." Sandy's eyes were getting moist.

"That sounds really good to me." I smiled at her. Sandy was turning out to be quite a women; someone I could see spending a great deal of time with. Hopefully forever.

We walked up the sidewalk of her sorority house and up to their front porch. Sandy turned to me and gave me another long and sensuous kiss before we parted.


Time marched forward and so did our school year. Sandy and I both presented the calendar and the ideas to our respective houses and the guys and gals liked it. We enlisted the help of other members of our respective houses to plan the events and that also helped to bring guys and gals together.

Our first casual dinner was a nice affair. We had it over at our fraternity house and the pledges were tasked to be the waiters for the evening. Sandy turned out their pledges also and they helped out by being waitresses. As social chairmen, Sandy and I had to run herd over the bunch however everything turned out really well. Everyone was happy with the way things turned out. Even the pledges from both houses really got into it as they got to meet each other and do things together. We could see some pairing between the guys and gals beginning to happen.

I invited Sandy up to my room after dinner so we could relax. As it was a Friday night, Sandy wasn't in any rush to get back to her house. We ended up making love and Sandy spent the night with me. Waking up the next morning with Sandy sleeping next to me just seemed to be the most perfect way to start a day.

I lay in bed next to her sleeping form, silently taking in her lovely, beautiful body. I marveled at how this woman filled me with happiness each time I held her in my arms. I relished the memories of our lovemaking the night before, and the satisfaction that I felt whenever I was able to make her cum.

Sandy must have sensed that I was awake as she woke up as I lay there watching her and turned on her side to face me.

"Morning," she whispered as she yawned and stretched before moving over to lay partially on top of me. She looked so sexy with her arms stretched above her and her firm breasts laying against my chest.

"So what are we watching?" she asked with eyes half closed and a half smile.



"You. I'll never tire of watching you."

"mmmmmmm." she hummed as she kissed then nuzzled into my chest.

"Watching you sleep beside me this morning made me realize how much I want to be with you all the time. And how happy I am whenever I am with you. How I look forward to seeing you again whenever we are apart."

"Tom ........." Sandy whispered, her eyes filling with tears.

"I love you."

"Tom ........" Sandy pressed herself against me and kissed me. "I love you too. So much."

Our lips met again as Sandy's hand sought out my cock and stroked me to a hard erection. Then pulling me on top of her she whispered to me, "fill me, Tom. Fill me with your love. I want your cum in me all day ........ please."


Our first outing was a bowling night. We turned out almost everyone and had a blast. We were playing 3 guys and 3 gals to a lane and it took at least an hour to bowl one line. I think both guys and gals were more interested in the socializing part of the outing. Everyone was having such a good time that no one cared what the scores were! Everyone was more interested in whomever they were playing with. We could see that more couples were pairing off among members of our respective houses. Things looked promising for our Battle of the Sexes next semester!

And Sandy and I had become an item. It was no secret now that we were a couple. Although we both had resident advisors in our respective houses (translate that into full time chaperones) and that there were rules to live by (as in no overnight stays), it wasn't any secret that one of us was spending Friday and Saturday nights in the other's room. I guess they were ok with us so long as we didn't get carried away and caused them problems that they would be forced to deal with.

We decided that December would be our first formal dinner. Being that Christmas was just around the corner, it was decided that it would our theme for the evening. The girls decided that the dinner would be at their house and the guys were tasked to help with the major decorations and moving the furniture around.

Sandy thought that it would be better if we paired off the men with the women; at least those who weren't already involved with someone. The single guys were all for it! But then again, why wouldn't they? So we held a blind draw to pair up about a dozen or so members from each house who so far had not found someone that they liked already. The deal was that everyone would have a date and that they would start off as a pair. However how they ended up at the end of the night was up to them.

Dinner was fabulous. Their cook pulled out all the stops and fixed up a super nice dinner for everyone. Our house came up with two cases of champagne and another case of a nice wine. This time around we hired a couple of waiters to serve the dinner to allow everyone to partake in the festivities.

I stayed the night in Sandy's room. We made love several times during the night. I had come to know what she liked and didn't like by now, and could bring her to orgasm repeatedly. And of course, being a guy, there wasn't much that she had to do to make me cum! As I left the next morning, I found that I wasn't the only guy to have spent the night at their sorority. Close relationships were being forged.

Sandy and I spent our Christmas break with our respective families. We both felt that it was important to do so although it also meant that we wouldn't see each other for about two weeks. We called each other daily. I looked forward to hearing her voice each day.

While at home I told my parents about Sandy and how important she had become to me. Mom asked if we were being responsible and I affirmed that we had talked about things and were doing things prudently. Mom was good at talking about uncomfortable subjects in an obtuse manner. Dad on the other hand was Mr. Pragmatic;

"So Tom, is she the one?"

"I think so, dad. I think she's the one."

"Well, don't wait. If she's the one then tell her."

"But we're only sophomores. We need to finish school first."

"Glad you feel that way but you can still commit yourself to her and finish school. Both of you. And she needs to know of your commitment to her in no uncertain terms."

Mom chimed in, "Your dad's right. You don't have to be married in order to be committed to each other. Marriage is really only a legal piece of paper. Commitment is from the heart."

"So what are you going to do son?" Dad asked.

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