tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFirst Baptist Bible Fuck Ch. 02

First Baptist Bible Fuck Ch. 02


All names and characters contained herein are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy -- so read it with a grain of salt and an open mind. All characters are at least 18 years of age. Voting and feedback is greatly appreciated, especially positive feedback and frequent "fives".

Chapter 2 is written from the perspective of Cindi Carpenter, church girl. Please read

Chapter 1 for background information.

It's been a week since Ted Martin and I were caught and videotaped by the sinister masked man "Wulfwinter." Since that time Ted has barely even looked at me, and if I come within twenty feet of him, he gets real jumpy and practically runs away. Of course, it's well known that his wife holds the purse strings and he is petrified that she will learn of his indiscretions – hence, the fear.

This isn't all that bad, since after all, he was blackmailing me for sexual favors. Unfortunately, I have switched from a tormentor I know to a tormentor I don't know.

This all started when my little sister, Mary, was caught shoplifting from Ted's sporting goods store – on security tape nonetheless. Ted was about to turn her in when I went to plead for her. Things took a nasty turn, and I found myself on my knees giving that awful man oral gratification.

Sex before marriage in any sense is completely unacceptable for a good Christian woman. I am, after all, a fine upstanding member of the church; a children's church teacher even. Good Christian women just don't do things like icky blow jobs.

I have to admit though, it made me kind of tingly. And when Mr. Wulfwinter licked me...down there...it made me feel...amazing.

I've always been a bit of a prude. I mean, I wear my dishwater blonde hair up in a tight bun all the time. I've worn the same old tortoise shell glasses for over ten years. I wear long skirts and baggy shirts. Yet in spite of this attempt to appear asexual, men constantly ogle me. I do have rather long legs, and my breasts are fairly large and very perky. My nipples are extremely long and tend to poke through the material of my bra and blouses quite often.

One time, after teaching children's church I caught Matthew Jones masturbating in the men's room. When I confronted him, he leered at me and said, "What do you expect – showing us your Goddamn nipples all the fucking time!"

I took him to Miss Martha, who I understand took a switch to his naked backside. Serves the little pervert right.

Anyway, the last week has been extremely tense. Wulfwinter hasn't contacted me like he said he would, thank the Lord. But the nervous waiting has been unbearable at times.


Walking to my car, I noticed a note tucked under the driver's side windshield wiper blade. With trembling hands I opened it and read with dread.

Dear Miss Carpenter,

You can thank me later for getting rid of Ted. He won't be bothering you any more.

For your next task I need you to do the following: tomorrow evening at 8 pm is the monthly church finance meeting. At precisely 7pm you are to sneak into the room (a key to unlock the door will be on the doorframe), undress completely, place all of your clothes and shoes in the filing cabinet behind the "X" file, and go under the meeting table and wait.

During the meeting you will be expected to perform your "sexual duties." If you don't show, the clip of your actions with Ted will be e-mailed to everyone you know, including your parents.


I gasped with dread and stifled a whimper. What am I going to do? My life is ruined if the video clip gets out. No more Bible college in the fall, my parents will disown me, the church will turn me out. I might even have to become Presbyterian or Methodist, or some other ungodly heathen religion!

With a sense of resolve, I steeled myself and decided to follow through with these perverted demands.


At promptly 7pm the next evening I furtively approached the door to the big conference room. Sure enough, the key was on the top of the doorframe. With a nervous glance down both hallways I slipped into the room and quickly locked the door behind me.

The conference room table was very large, about 30-40 feet long and about fifteen feet wide. At least thirty people could easily fit around it, making it the perfect venue for the important finance meetings.

Covering the table was a thick, light gray table cloth which draped all the way down to the floor. Obviously, as long as no one reached down, pulled up the table cloth and looked under, I could remain down there undetected.

I quickly shed all my clothes and placed them in the appropriate drawer, and then crawled under the large table. Underneath it was dark and stuffy, but the light coming through the windows made it possible to see, if vaguely.

I hid under the table, nervous and shivering for what seemed like hours when I finally heard the sounds of people entering the room. As they began to take their seats I listened to their conversations about their kids, their jobs, the church and committees they served on. It was rather surreal – part of me wanted to jump out and beg for help, but knowing that I was completely naked and vulnerable, I huddled in the center and waited for a sign that I should begin my "duties."

Looking around, I saw fat legs, skinny legs, men in dress pants, men in jeans. A few women sat around the table, all of them in skirts.

Finally, I heard the deep voice of Mr. Hollister, the finance committee chairman, ask for heads to bow as he prayed over the proceedings.

Sally Beckwith started the meeting off by reading the minutes from the previous month's gathering, and I looked around the table at the various human legs.

Directly across from me, sitting in the middle of one side of the table, a hand reached down under the tablecloth and slowly, silently unzipped the fly of the neat, pressed dress slacks.

I held my breath and the hand slid inside the trousers and pulled out a large, veined, knobby erect penis and began stroking it to full length.

I quietly crawled between the legs and grasped the turgid erection by its base. The hand returned to the table top, and I heard the sounds of a pen clicking and unclicking.

With a sigh of resignation, I steeled myself to begin my unsavory task. I swirled my tongue around the hot, purple head a couple of times and then started to lick up one side and down the other. My thinking was that if I could make him cum quickly, maybe this ordeal would be over. I was petrified of someone hearing something and looking under the table.

I slobbered and licked all over the shaft, pulled out his pendulous balls and licked them thoroughly. Finally, I moved my mouth over the bulbous head and breathed hot breath onto his manhood.

I could feel him tense up as he knew I was about to begin sucking, and I didn't disappoint him. I smothered his cockhead and slurped my way down, as deep as I could go. After sucking Ted's cock a few times, and then performing for Wulfwinter up in the balcony, I was fast becoming a reluctant, but knowledgeable fellatrix.

I bobbed my head up and down his thick shaft, licking frantically on the head every time I came up. I just hoped I wasn't making too much noise, but I could still hear the monotonous droning of old man Hollister as he started to go over the committee's agenda.

I picked up my pace and deepened my sucking as I speared my face with his cock. With a mind of its own, my pussy tingled and I could feel myself becoming wet.

I felt his cock pulse and his balls tightened up and I knew he was close to cumming. I redoubled my efforts and wetly sucked him and pumped the base of his shaft at the same time.

His thighs tensed up, his legs straightened out, and his cock exploded hotly into my mouth. I felt movement above me and instinctively, I knew he was arching his back and stretching his hands behind his head.

One, two, three torrents of hot cum spewed into my sucking mouth, and I continued to suck slowly up and down his shaft. When no more cum leaked out of his fat, hot head, I licked my way down to his balls and slathered them wetly with my tongue. Tucking him quietly back into his trousers, I prepared to wait for the meeting to be over. He had other ideas, apparently.

A note dropped to the floor in front of me, and I could barely make out the writing in the dim light, "Wait a few minutes and be ready to perform again."

My heart dropped. I was hoping this ordeal would be over, but Wulfwinter wasn't finished yet.

Slipping back to the center of the table, I looked around at the legs. Behind me, and a little to the right were a long pair of slender, stocking clad legs. Her skirt had ridden up a ways, and I could see the tops of her thigh highs. Her three inch cream pumps were off her feet and she was stretching her legs out in front of her.

To my astonishment, she spread her legs and reached under the table and pulled her skirt up—she was not wearing panties!

Long slender fingers, elegantly manicured with whore-red nail polish slowly made their way down between her legs. She parted the folds of her pussy with one hand and her index finger gently rubbed her little clitty.

Am I supposed to service her too? Has Wulfwinter brought someone new into his Machiavellian scheme? I've never licked a woman before, does it taste yucky?

As these thoughts ran through my head, she reached both hands under the table and spread her pussy open wide. She was completely bare and her pussy lips glistened with moisture.

I quietly crawled forward and stared at the open pussy before me. With one finger she continued to circle her clitoris while spreading her lips wide. I leaned forward intently and my hot breath wafted across her upper thighs.

She stiffened and her hands froze in place, but her vagina continued to glisten wetly and I could easily smell the aroma of aroused female.

Hoping I wasn't making a big mistake, I softly licked my way up her thigh until my tongue just grazed the outside of her vagina.

Goose pimples sprouted up along her legs, and I heard her groan slightly.

"Madelyn, are you all right," I heard a voice above me inquire.

"Um, yes...just a little indigestion from dinner, I guess," came the reply from directly above me.

Madelyn Stone! Madelyn is in her mid-thirties, single, works for one of the big corporations downtown in finance or accounting or something. Tall and angular, Madelyn is rather bossy and often cops a better-than-thou attitude.

Being a single, educated professional woman, Madelyn practically forced herself onto the finance committee and is known to talk about men like they are idiots. Rumors speculate that she may be a lesbian, but no one has ever proven it.

Her legs spread a little wider, and she used both hands to open her pussy for me to lick. I began on the outside, licking all the way around, never touching her vulva or clitoris. When I had it good and wet I started to lick my way in. Flicking my tongue lightly back and forth and up and down, I tickled her wet pussy with little butterfly kisses and licks.

The taste wasn't really all that bad. Kind of sweet and salty and tangy all at the same time.

"Would you like a tums, Miss Stone? You appear to be in a bit of distress," I heard a female voice a few seats over intone.

"Y-y-yes, that might do the trick. Thank you very much," Madelyn gasped in response.

I used the broad, flat part of my tongue and starting at the bottom of her pussy, licked up, delving deep into her vagina and then over her engorged clitoris, lingering wetly.

Lapping from the bottom up several times, I got into a nice rhythm, stopping to nibble softly on her clit every couple of passes.

Her hands had disappeared to the table top, and I could hear her softly drumming her fingernails as I licked her thoroughly.

She was practically dripping now, and I lapped up her sweet nectar as it ran down the inside of her thighs. Focusing attention on her erect clitoris, I started to insistently, but softly suck, stopping every few seconds to lick deeply into her hot, wet vagina.

I could feel her breath quickening and her thighs tightened around my head, so I knew she was about to climax. I urgently made my tongue into the shape of a "U" and slid my tongue up and down over her clit. I pressed two fingers deep into her hot, wet vagina, and this apparently was enough to make her cum. I felt her legs shaking and her back arched and she groaned and threw back her head.

I continued to lick and suck her through her massive orgasm until she abruptly pushed back from the table, got up, pulling her skirt down quickly, and mumbled, "Sorry everyone, but I really need to use the restroom!"

"Poor girl, hope she's all right. Bless her heart," I heard Miss Martha say from the far end of the table.

"Maybe we should have prayer for her when she gets back?" said another voice I didn't recognize.

Wiping my wet face off with the back of my hand, I made my way back to the middle of the table and looked to where Wulfwinter was sitting. His hand was down at his crotch and he was holding another note.

"You are a naughty girl, aren't you? You could have given poor Madelyn a heart attack. No, she was not part of my plan, but it sure helped me get hard again, knowing what you were doing to her under the table."

My heart leapt to my mouth as I realized I had just performed cunnilingus on an unsuspecting woman.

"Time for you to lose your virginity, Cindi. Back your pussy onto my dick, or I jump up and pull up the tablecloth. I bet yours and Madelyn's lesbian relationship would go over great in the congregation, don't you think?"

Tears trickled down my face as the realization hit me that I had absolutely no choice. All my adult life I had been proud of my virginity, and I hoped one day to give it to a handsome, Christian husband.

I turned around and crawled backwards slowly between his legs. He held his fat, knobby cock straight out and I reached down to part my pussy lips. In spite of my reluctance, my pussy was still drenched from my earlier activities and my clit throbbed at my touch.

I settled his hot, purple cockhead at the entrance to my vagina and slowly, wetly pushed back against him. I felt resistance when his fat head met my maidenhead and I paused, hoping he would relent.

I felt his hands reach under the table and grab my cheeks and he pulled me deeply onto his cock, breaking through my womanly barrier. I felt something tear, and winced as pain shot through me. Wantonly, I reached back and felt my wet pussy and rubbed my clit.

The pain dulled slightly, and he just held me, pulled back, impaled on his steel-like cock. I could feel him pulse and throb, and I couldn't help myself, I started to respond.

I said a silent prayer, and slowly, slightly began to push and pull myself on his shaft. His hands kneaded my butt cheeks and he prompted me by pushing and pulling me up and down, back and forth.

My vaginal muscles worked his manhood, milking him for all I was worth and I shivered in lust. I could feel myself working up towards an orgasm, and I bit the palm of my hand, hoping I wasn't making too much noise.

Above me I could hear several voices talking at once; apparently they were hotly discussing an important topic, while below the table, I was silently thrusting myself back and forth on Wulfwinter's turgid manhood.

His grip tightened on my ass and he desperately pulled me back, forcing me deeply onto his hot shaft. He kneaded my cheeks urgently and held me there while his cock throbbed and impossibly grew inside me. I felt my orgasm start, my nipples jutted out, and I felt a flush start at my chest, down through my belly and crash into my molten center. My pussy spasmed in climax and I felt his cock erupt deep inside me. I stifled a scream as his hot cum filled me up, and I came again, grunting like an animal. I could feel his warmth jetting into my depths, pulse after hot pulse.

I fell off his cock and laid on the floor under the middle of the table, completely spent. My pussy throbbed in both pain and ecstasy, and sparks blinked behind my eyelids.

Wow, so that's what fucking feels like, I thought to myself. Screw this virginity shit.

I prayed for forgiveness and was barely aware of the people above me pushing away from the table and exiting the room. I waited for at least an hour and then crept out and quickly locked the door from the inside.

After dressing myself, I slipped out the door and on shaky legs ran to the entrance and quickly walked to my car.

As I fumbled out my keys with trembling hands, I looked up to see Madelyn Stone sitting in her brand new BMW. She smiled slightly, waved to me, mouthed what looked like the words "thank you," and quickly sped off.

I went home, took a hot shower and laid in bed playing with my pussy, wondering what new scenario Wulfwinter would dream up next.

The End

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