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First Contact


This was the first story i wrote however it needed re editing before i could put it on the site, hope you all enjoy it


I had just ended a serious relationship, it hadn't gone horribly wrong, he just couldn't give me what I needed. My plans were to return to my old ways, a few male friends some who I could visit for casual sex, leaving me plenty of time to do things for myself, no commitments, lots of free time, it was almost heavenly having that freedom again.

One of my male friends, he would tell me stories of all the times he had been a bastard with the women, it made me fantasise endlessly about his hands running over my body, him using my body any way he wanted, teaching me things I had only ever dreamed of doing. I was quite used to popping round to his house for a coffee on an evening whilst he regaled me with tales of the women throwing themselves at him during his day at work. Sometimes I would pop round on a weekend and share a couple of bottles of wine, watch a dvd, with his amusing commentary about the film and the actors.

One weekend evening I had gone to see him, we were discussing some of his past exploits, when he told me to put my drink down and kneel in front of him. I did as I was told immediately, almost in a dream like state, as part of my brain panicked as this huge man took complete control of me, something I had wanted to happen for so long.

He ordered me into His kitchen. He ran His hand across my shoulders, savouring the smooth skin. i shivered at His touch my body aching for Him. Needing Him for so long and now we were here, i was completely at His mercy. His toy to do whatever He wanted.

He came up behind me and put one arm firmly around my waist. The other hand snaking around ripping my top open, pushing my bra out of the way and mashing my breast hard in His hand, making me wriggle against Him. He pressed against my ass and laughed in my ear, squeezing my nipple hard between His fingers.

i whimpered.

The arm around my waist drops, certain i will stay where i have been put. His hand reached between my legs, pressing against my pants feeling the heat and the wetness. He laughs again and pushes me forwards, bending me across his freezer. He raises my skirt up around my waist. i hear his zip unfasten.

He slapped my ass hard again and again, my head buzzing with the pain. One hand pressed down on my back the other rips my pants from me. His cock slammed into my pussy, ripping its way inside me, i scream and he slapped my ass ordering me to be silent. My pussy juices quickly coating Him as He pounded hard against me.

'you had better not cum without My permission' He said as He felt my pussy tense around Him. i tried to breathe deeply trying to gain control over my body. He pulled out and paused, making me think this might be over for now.

Then His cock rammed into my ass, i screamed and felt myself blacking out, He wrenched my head back by my hair and the blackness recedes, as He ripped forcefully into me again and again. Pulling my head back with each powerful thrust into my ass, stopping me from fainting. my body starts to relax and enjoy the pain and the helplessness.

He paused and withdrew, then he flipped me onto my back, ramming His cock straight back into my ass. Two fingers roughly fingering my pussy, then three, then four. Tears started to trickle down my face at the rough treatment, still ramming His cock into my ass. The other hand grasping and squeezing my breasts, leaving bruises, then reaching lower He pinched my clit making me squeal.

Suddenly His pace changed and His thumb gently circled my clit. His hand in my pussy gently rocking, His thrusts slow and rhythmic,

'c'mon then you little slut cum all over my hand'

At His signal, i allow my body to tense, the pain and bruises intensified the sensations. my back arched and my juices started to gush over His hand and stomach again and again till my body flopped like a rag doll, exhausted.

He pulls His hand out of my pussy and His cock out of my ass. As I almost fall to the floor, He grabs my hair, letting me fall to my knees. He pushes His cock past my lips, pushing hard, making me gag, ramming harder, right down into my throat, His balls hitting my chin. Fucking my mouth harder and harder, i feel His body tense and His cock thicken as He started to unload His cum down my throat. When he has finished i waited patiently and asked permission to swallow, i made sure i swallowed every last drop.

Finished with me, He ordered me to kneel on the floor until He wanted me again.

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