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First Crush


I have known Tressa since the 6th grade and was surprised to find out that she moved into the house across the street from me. Although we were never more than acquaintances for most of those years, at 35 it seemed like we were best friends. Tressa is stunning for a woman her age looking at least ten years younger with the energy to match. Since her divorce she has been working out religiously, and it shows in her muscle tone. She has a magnetic personality and a daughter who is 15.

After we moved her things, into her new house, I invited them out for a nice dinner at a very trendy restaurant. I had made my money in Real Estate becoming financially free, so dinner was no problem for me to treat them to, and a week later a welcome to the neighborhood bash. We really connected. Tressa was surprised to find out that I was single, had never been married, and that I have no children. We found out a great deal of things about each other over the next few days, having spent a lot of time together unpacking.

It was a Friday night, Tressa's daughter having gone to spend the weekend with her father, when our friendship took on new meaning. I invited her over for dinner and a movie when our conversation started to turn. Tressa was sitting next to me laying on my chest when I asked her how much she really knew about herself. She wanted to know what I meant, and I told her not many people know their likes and dislikes sexually because they have never had those experiences they fantasize about. They don’t really know how to experience those ideas, daydreams, fantasies, and thoughts.

Being curious she asked me to explain more. I thought about it for a moment and then told her that the best way I knew how to explain was for her to go through an experience. That way she could feel those; feelings, emotions, and sensations; and have all those thoughts, and ideas and fully understand what I meant. Tressa seemed intrigued asking “what is the next step then?”

“I have developed two games that go hand in hand, in this case. The first being Don’t Say A Word and the second being Sensory Deprivation.” To which I immediately began to explain them to her. In the game of Don’t Say A Word, this is a modified version for this purpose, I begin by removing an article of your clothing with a few minutes pause and neither of us say a word we just look into each others eyes and at each others bodies until you are completely naked, at which time we go to sensory deprivation. A game of you vs. your mind. You are completely naked when you put in earplugs, are gagged, blindfolded, and bound feet and hands. This allows for you to know nothing of what is coming, to be totally helpless to stop what might come, to only have control over your thoughts, and to have an experience you might never have thought of otherwise.

Turning to look at me Tressa said “how is that a game? you would have total control.” To which I replied “Even when you are in a position like that bound unable to communicate, see, or hear you still have control of your mind and that is where you find out who this person is inside you. Where you learn about who you are as a person, and know just how strong a person you can be”. With that I put my finger on her lips and whispered “Don’t Say A Word.”

Having already stood up I slid my hand under the waistband of her sweater pushing it up her tight belly to the bottom of her firm rounded breasts. Finally pulling off her sweater with a smile. Pausing and waiting I could tell she was wondering what was happening, and why she secretly wanted it. Gazing into her eyes I gave her comfort with my smile, touch, and posture. As her skirt fell to the floor, she stepped out of it willingly. Standing before me in her heals, Stockings, and matching bra and panties I found it hard to resist telling her how absolutely breathtaking she is.

Concentrating on her eyes I began to notice signs of arousal in her. Her lips fuller and brighter pink, her skin flush with color, her posture more confident, and her nipples showing through her bra erect. I walked around behind her, soft breaths of anticipation caress her neck as I unhook her bra. Ever so slowly pulling it over her shoulders and down her arms letting it drop to the floor. Her breasts fully exposed now she flinches to cover them only stopping shortly after. Round full breasts standing out wanting and waiting for my touch with nipples erect it’s like a dream. I am so close yet still not touching her, she can feel my presence. I move around to face her looking her body from top to bottom and back, always stopping at her eyes showing her that I know she is more than just a body.

Looking down I reach under her waistband and move her panties down so slowly they almost don’t move at all. Glancing back up I see her smiling and a glistening in her eyes, the kind you get just before tears of joy. I move down her body as slowly as I slide her panties towards the ground causing goose bumps and shivers to run through her entire body. My face just centimeters from her chest she looks up taking a deep breath causing her breasts to brush against my cheeks. Further down I go her stomach tightly flexed, her mind in a fight to keep her hands from grabbing my hair pulling me to her belly. Lower still I am not surprised to see Tressa’s pubic patch non existent cleanly shaven or waxed very recently. Just a few more inches to the floor and I am looking directly at her most private area of pleasure that she has know to this point. She steps out of her satin panties beginning to notice exactly what it is that I was talking about earlier.

I wait for a few moments Tressa’s eyes still closed tightly fighting against the pleasure and erotic passion she is feeling. I watch as her muscles flex in anticipation of my touch as I move around her body wanting so badly to touch or kiss or lick it. Then it happens swiftly I crouch removing her shoes one at a time not wanting to wait too much longer but knowing that even I can not break the rules to my own game.

Opening her eyes she tries to speak, but I stop her with one single finger gently pressed against her opening lips. Without her heals on I have to look down into her eyes making her more submissive to this. The moments pass almost like an eternity before I remove her stockings. As I pull them down I notice a glistening amongst her womanhood, and her labia swollen she is more than ready physically for what is to come next.

With Tressa waiting completely naked I go to bring out those things we will need for the next phase. Whispering into her ear as I return how much I respect her as a person for being able to go through this, as it shows just how much you trust me. Please put these in now, I hand her the earplugs. After putting them in I ask her to open her mouth placing the ball gag in and having her turn around so that I can fasten it. I bind her hands with nylon rope before putting on the sleeping mask and leather hood.

Leading her, by the rope that binds her, into the basement I fasten her hands above her head to a cross beam, and tie her feet spread to I-bolts in the floor. Unable for Tressa to move I leave the room gathering up some things to really push her to her limits and probably past. I returned about 5 minutes later with a ruler, a candle, a cucumber, a carrot, a banana, some ice, a bowl of ice water, a bowl of hot water, an assortment of fabric from silk to corduroy, and a fringed leather whip.

Not knowing what was going through Tressa’s mind I decided to give her comfort by running my hand from her wrist down her arm, across her back and around her side, over and between her breasts, down her belly and around her lower back finally stopping just before I reached those firm round globes of her ass. I grabbed the first piece of fabric and began running it around and up her legs… between her thighs… over her behind… wrapping it around her torso… over her breasts and draping it over a shoulder. I continued like that until she had felt the silk, satin, leather, velvet, terry cloth, corduroy, and denim all draped over her shoulders or around her neck. I remove them one at a time and let them fall down her body to the floor in such a natural way that you just have to think… it is beautiful.

Knowing she probably thinks it is going to be romantic in the same way, and that she has probably never received a spanking on either her breasts or pussy I decided to change things for her. Smack!!!… I flick the ruler against her breast causing it to turn a bright pink. I can hear her trying to scream, but it is muffled by the ball gag and the leather, while squirming as best she can in her position. I give each breast 25 moderately hard smacks, just hard enough to cause a stinging sensation but not break the skin or cause bruising. I followed the ruler with my fringed leather whip of 18 inches long in the same manner as before. Tressa was really squirming now probably thinking to her self “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” but knowing that she could not get herself out of the restraints that held her. I used my hands for the next stage of the breast spanking, I followed each swat massaging her breasts and rubbing her nipples to get better circulation and satisfy my burning desire to touch her in more than a teasing way. Tressa was beginning to learn about those special desires to have pleasure over come the pain. I did this until she stopped her squirming and fighting against the restraints.

There was one sure sign she was still into this and that was her juices beginning to run down the inside of her legs. I proceeded to follow the same pattern, as with her tits, with her ass and her pussy. Only changing the order in which I used each item. I played with each area of her body for 5 to 10 minutes concentrating on the more sensitive or erotic parts. It didn’t take long with her pussy before she was having multiple orgasms. Almost with each smack of the skin another orgasm came over her. Once finished I brought over a coffee table and tied her face down, hands above her head, on her knees, legs spread wide giving full access to her warm wet pussy and for anal play.

I was so hard looking at her in this position and knowing I could have my way with her right now that I almost forgot why I was doing this. I took a few seconds to regain my thoughts before proceeding. I lifted her chest slightly and placed one breast in the bowl of Ice water and the other in the bowl of hot water setting a timer for 10 minutes to prevent frostbite. I lit the candle and waited for it to begin melting before using the wax to write a message across her back. It read “Property of Xerxes” as a joke knowing that when I removed the wax the skin would be reddened with that phrase on it. Drip… Drip… Drip… Sizzle… Sizzle… Drip… Drip… Drip. Taking the carrot, slipping it into her waiting womanhood pulling it out I take bite after bite until it was completely gone. I heard the bell ding at that point and switched the bowls under her resetting the timer before continuing. She screamed so loud when I switched the bowls that I could hear it clearly through her gag and mask. It must have felt like molten lava on her ice cold breast and like liquid oxygen on her other.

I sat behind Tressa admiring how well taken care of her body was and how I was wanting to have this kind of access to her for years to come. Looking at that beautiful ass and thighs of hers I dove straight in and ate Tressa for close to an hour swallowing all her cum only stopping to remove the bowls of water. Picking up the banana I rubbed it up and down her wet wanting pussy and she was humping back against it as best she could. I let it slip inside her it’s curve perfect to hit her G-spot each time it was pushed in. With that pattern of motion it had her cumming so hard I could hear her screams of pleasure through her gag and mask. Her pussy was spasming so hard she split the peel of the banana as I removed it. I wasn’t done just yet beginning with the cucumber I pushed it in and out with a furry Tressa’s hips gyrating like those of a belly dancer. She was so wet a couple of times I lost hold of the cucumber and a puddle was beginning to form where her knees met the floor. All of this and I still hadn’t put my cock in her.

I was so aroused that if I didn’t have my turn now I would cum before my first full thrust, and I wasn’t so sure that I wouldn’t now, she is that beautiful. I pulled the cucumber out placing it on the coffee table, and wrapped my hard cock in a condom before slowly entering her. She seemed very relieved by the feeling of my large, thick 9” cock pushing it’s way inside her inch by inch, very slowly, making her feel every bit of it. I paused when I was all the way inside her wanting to feel her warmth all around me and for her to experience being filled completely. With each thrust I would pull out completely and push all the way back in faster and faster each time until I had a rhythm built. I constantly changed my stroke pattern from short to long , long to short, and mediums thrown in there frequently, faster and slower, harder and softer never two the same. It took me about 10 minutes before I stiffened and came. I wanted more but needed some time to recover even for just a few minutes.

I pulled out and removed my condom. There was still some things I wanted to show her and since I had her completely at my mercy and I knew that I had to do them now. I began to play with her anal opening lubing it up with some astroglyed I brought with me for this exciting experience. In just a short period of time her most taboo passage began to open to my stimulation and I slipped first a finger then two into her back side. It took some 15 minutes to open her enough to push them in and out freely. Pushing them in and pulling them out, twisting them from side to side making her open wider and wider. My erection was growing back to life and I took my free hand to push the cucumber back into her well used pussy. It was just a short time when Tressa came from the stimulation and I was ready again to bring her a whole new pleasure. Letting the cucumber fall to the floor I replaced my fingers with my hard and lubed cock. It is so large that it took some effort before the head slipped past her waiting opening. As soon as that happened Tressa pushed back taking me further and further inside until I could feel her ass pressed firmly against me. We moved together in such unison as clouds through the wind on a hot summers day. So tight that after 20 minutes she finally opened enough for me to pound into her ass freely. 25 minutes of an almost perfect experience and we came together. I was so exhausted having held out for so long that night that I just collapsed falling to the floor beside her.

I could see how exhausted Tressa was, sweat dripping from her chest lying as best she could on the coffee table. I knew I had to release her from her restraints and complete this perfect experience. I had to summon all my strength to get up. Unzipping the hood I pulled it from her head taking the sleeping mask with it. I then pulled out her earplugs telling her that there was still more to come. Releasing the clasp on the ball gag she spit it to the floor finally able to speak for the first time she still didn’t make a sound. I untied her feet first and then her hands picking her exhausted body up and carried her to the master bedroom. I placed her on the bed face up in case she decided to take a nap while I began the shower.

You might think that after such an experience Tressa would be ready to sleep, but she wasn’t. Although tired she was still watching my every move. After turning on the shower I helped Tressa to her feet and we walked her to the shower. I was supporting her weight as we showered really enjoying the feeling of her body next to mine so warm and wet so slippery with the soap between us running my hands all over her body any place I wanted to as she did mine. The water soon was growing cold and I knew it was time for us to get out. We dried off and went to sleep in each others arms still completely naked from our shower.

The next morning I noticed that some thing inside her had changed. She was very aggressive in her actions but still submissive to my thoughts and ideas. She was anxious to explore more and more about sexuality with me and I wanted to explore it with her. For the next few months we continued our relationship in ways like this eventually getting married with the blessings of her children and living completely content in our newly discovered life. That was the beginning of our very kinky and taboo lifestyle.

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