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First Cum, First Serve


Oh god. This is what happens when I spill my id all over my keyboard. This one has a lot of cum. Cum and shemales and transformation. You have been warned.


Leslie Groves stepped into the diner without the slightest hesitation, even though she had no intention of paying for her meal. As a professional dine and dasher, she had the act down to a science. Unfortunately, she was running out of marks. She didn't really like diners that much, but all the good restaurants around this part of town already knew her in one way or another. She wanted to keep a few of them as places where she'd actually pay and get good food, but the rest of them had her face or her name down as not worthy of trust.

Which is why this place was such a godsend. A new diner called Shake It, Baby had its grand opening a few weeks before. Leslie had scoped it out in the ensuing days, looking for the best route and way to get out of paying for her meal. She felt a little guilty scamming the little guy, but the twinge of bad was nothing to the whole battering ram of adrenaline rush she got from bailing on a burger.

She settled into a booth and waited with only a hint of apprehension. She wore a simple striped button-up top and short skirt, easy clothes to dash in. Her sneakers wouldn't look too out of place either. Her dirty blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She didn't quite like having a shoulder-length handle dangling down the back of her head like this for potential security or proprietors looking to prevent her from taking off after scarfing down her food

It looked sort of like a 50s revival diner, though the music on the old jukebox was decidedly modern in origin. Looking around, there were a few other customers at booths or on stools at the 'bar' area. Most, if not all, were women. They seemed to run the gamut of ethnicities, but all were beautiful, buxom ladies, and none of them older than twenty-nine. Leslie figured if she was a lesbian, she'd totally be into this kinda clambake. As it was, none of them looked like they were packing her favourite organ in the world, so she'd have to take a raincheck on getting her muff diving certificate.

"Well hello there," purred a sultry voice. Leslie turned to see a statuesque woman with raven black, curly hair approaching her table. Her pink uniform looked delightfully out of date, topped off with an out-of-time name badge that read "Zelda" to complete the ensemble. The food fleecer had to sneak a giggle at the whole kitschness of the establishment. Like a hipster's eyeroll had been brought forth into the world as a restaurant.

"Hello to you. Recommend anything?" Leslie asked, accepting a menu. The other woman peeked over her shoulders to look along with her. When she opened the flaps of the menu up, the waitress pointed at one of the items. "I always recommend the milkshakes. They're a specialty of the Shake It, Baby."

Leslie chewed over that. Milkshakes were chock full of fat, and she was trying to watch her weight (so she could keep a good pace for bailing on cheques) but something about the idea of a large, cold glass of joy on a hot day like this sounded perfect.

"I'll take a large vanilla one to start, I think." Leslie said. Zelda wrote that down in a little notepad and scurried off. Leslie busied herself with the beverage menu, perched between the salt and pepper shakers on the side of her table. There were so many milkshakes to choose from! Unfortunate, considering she'd only be here for a single visit. Might as well make her time worth it. She might order two, just for kicks.

Zelda returned with a huge, frothy beverage in a frosty mug. Leslie drooled at the sight, taking the thick straw into her mouth as soon as it had been set down in front of her. She sluuuurped a long pull from the shake. Instantly, creamy goodness filled her body. There was a myriad of flavours there along with the vanilla. There was sugar, cream, and a hint of saltiness if she wasn't mistaken. Interesting! It had to be one of the best milkshakes she'd ever had, but it certainly wasn't what she expected!

"Like it?" Zelda asked.

"Uh huh! Delicious!" Leslie assured her, then pointed down at the menu. "I'll take the buffalo burger with extra sauce, I think." It certainly sounded delicious, but the menu didn't specify what the sauce was. Must be like the secret sauce that some fast food joints serve, and that was usually pretty good.

Zelda took off once again, leaving Leslie with her milkshake and her plan to dine and dash. She was sitting only a few steps away from the exit, which is good. If all else fails, she saw a glowing exit sign pointing to the back of the kitchen. Odd place for an emergency exist, but so long as she was moving as fast as she could (with two milkshakes and a meal in her tummy) she'd be able to make it to the safety of her getaway car sitting in another restaurant's parking lot a few hundred feet away.

The more she drank of the shake, the more her body filled with a pleasant warmth. Strange, considering the beverage itself was chilled. The sensations combined to form a massaging tingle throughout her throat and stomach that relaxed her immensely. It felt like her clothes were getting tight around her, though. She couldn't be getting fat this fast, could she? Probably not. Maybe it was the cold of the milkshake shinking down her outfit? That had to be it. She undid the first few buttons of her top, showing off just a little bit of cleavage. It almost looked like her breasts were bigger than they were when she left the house, but that was probably an optical illusion or something generated by the top. She didn't complain, of course. Having a shirt that made it look like her tits were large without pinching or chafing her sensitive nipples would be something that she might order out for if it was offered.

Something tickled at her back, and she reached for it. It was her hair...and it was longer than she remembered it. Brighter too. It was plain old blonde now, not the slightly brownish/goldish she remembered it as. Something to do with the lights, maybe, offsetting the colour? She looked up at the fluorescent lights as she sipped down more milkshake, making her body tingle even more. There was a strange dampness between her legs, too. Sweat, it must have been. Good thing she was wearing panties, or else it'd start to show through her shorts.

Zelda returned once more, dropping off a burger and fries onto the table. "Oh my, you must have been thirsty! I'll get ya another one."

"Oh no, that's fine," Leslie assured her. But the waitress insisted.

"Don't worry, sweetpea. It's on the house. Refills are always free at Shake It, Baby, didn't you know that?" Leslie was shocked by this turn of events, but gleefully accepted a second helping of that delicious creamy treat! Meanwhile, she stuck her face into the giant burger in front of her. Instantly, a tangy sauce on the patty and cheese met her attention. She lifted up the top bun as she chewed, examining the huge splotch of white on the burger. It was thick, but didn't look like mayo to her. She continued to chew, examining the taste. The meat was plenty juicy, and the strange sauce only added a certain X-Factor that lifted the whole culinary experience to the new level. She'd have to get the recipe!

She gobbled down the burger, only stopping for a few fries along the way. Once it was gone, she licked guzzled down her second round of milkshake as well. She stopped herself from filling her belly anymore after she caught herself licking the rim of the glass. God, she'd have to work off this meal for days! But it was so good. She didn't regret it. She might, however, regret what came next. She didn't have the money on her, in case she got shook down when caught. The door was so close, anyway.

Zelda collected the plates and shuffled them away. "Anything else? Or do you want the bill?"

"Just the bill," Leslie said casually. Once the waitress was gone around the corner to the kitchen, it was time to make her move. Leslie slid up with the utmost stealth. Instead of going unnoticed, however, she was shocked to see every head in the restaurant turn around to look at her. Two burly girls from the booth on the opposite side of the door stood up. As Leslie approached the exit, they moved in tandem, sticking themselves into her path.

"Excuse me, I need to get something from my car," she declared. The patrons refused to budge. Leslie tried to slide her way through a gap between the two, but they manhandled her away.

"Sit down," the one on the right said.

"And pay up," finished the other. Leslie scowled, but she had Plan B. The exit through the kitchen! She dashed past the swinging double doors, looking to make a break for the door under the glowing sign and freedom!

But as she entered the kitchen, Leslie stopped dead in her tracks. Standing at what looked like a giant butter churn was Zelda. Her skirt was down around her ankles, and in her hands rested nearly a foot long length of cock. She was stroking herself, hard, directly into the churn. With a strangled cry, she launched a bountiful burst of cream into the stainless steel container. She came an unnatural amount, gushing jizz down until the tub was about half full. The thief was shocked and tried to keep her legs moving. Too late.

"What's the problem, ma'am?" Zelda asked, turning to face Leslie. Her massive dick waned, though it stayed impossibly long and dripping white fluid onto the floor. "Don't like seeing how your milkshakes are made?~"

It all came together. The strange flavour in the shake, the only-female customers, all the frothy white sauces on the menu...this was some kind of sick jizz-themed restaurant! Even the name was mildly evocative! She retched theatrically, leading Zelda to laugh herself silly.

"Oh please, sweetie. You loved that cumshake so much you licked the glass. Don't tell me now that you're somehow against downing baby butter now." She stepped toward Leslie, forcing her to stumble away to safety and towards the exit sign. She had to get out of this perverted place, post-haste!

She pressed in the door handle and fled through. Instead of the alley behind the restaurant, however, she found herself entering the restaurant again through the front door. She turned around to see that she was at the entrance again. She tried THAT door, and back she appeared at the exit behind the kitchen. This time, Zelda was there, standing with her arms crossed and a knowing smirk on her face at Leslie's confusion.

"Oh honey," Zelda said in a condescending, schoolmarm tone, "There's no escaping my restaurant unless I want you to. And considering you were about to leave without paying, I'd say you're shit out of luck on that account~"

Having failed to apply flight effectively, Leslie switched to fight. She pulled out a knife from her boot and flicked it open. it was only for emergencies, when the security in restaurants was particularly gropey. But she wouldn't let this crazy pervert keep her locked up!

"Stand back!" she demanded, waving the blade wildly. "I'll cut you if you don't let me out!"

To her surprise, Zelda just laughed! "You silly thing. You think a knife is going to mean anything to me?" She waved her hand, and Leslie screamed as the knife melted in her grasp. The liquid black and silver mass slithered up her arm like a snake. She tried to bat it off, but it just glomped onto her other hand the moment it made contact. Leslie cried as the strange shape manifested around her neck, coalescing into a spiked dog collar. Leslie saw it in the reflection of the glass on the exit door, and tugged to get it off. No matter how hard she pulled, it wouldn't budge! "Don't you get it dear? You're my bitch now~"

The collar pulsed and Leslie found herself getting dragged by invisible force by her new accessory back into the kitchen. She tried to drag her heels, but it only made her slide along the polished floor. Even flopping to the ground only made the collar drag her slowly, to keep her from choking. Reluctantly, she got to her feet and walked the rest of the way.

"Sit there on the chair. I have something to discuss with you," Zelda implored. The collar made it clear this wasn't a choice, so Leslie flopped her butt down on the hard plastic seat. Her rear felt a little more plush than usual. She rubbed it to make sure. Zelda noticed that and tittered again. "So you're noticing it? Finally. You have to be one of the slowest ones yet."

"Notice what? W-what's going on?!" she asked.

Zelda slapped her own ass with a satisfying smack. "The changes my milkshakes are doing to you, of course! Notice your new breasts? You were barely a B when you walked in. Now you're pushing D. Your butt is bigger, your hips are more generous, and your hair is a lovely blonde. All thanks to me and my special brew." The waitress leaned up on the device with the tainted payload inside. She added a few more ingredients and set the mixture to churn.

"Are you...some kind of witch?"

"Ding ding ding!" Zelda declared, pointing at Leslie. "Took you long enough. Yes, I'm a witch. This restaurant is a way for me to exert my evil influence onto the poor wayward girls who ever the premises. Men are a lot less interested in it, though they have no idea it's a spell that repels the masculine and attracts the feminine. You, of course, fell for it hook, line, and sinker."

Leslie scowled, folding her arms in defiance. "You tricked me in here. I should have totally bailed on your tainted meal, you...you bitch!"

Zelda raised an eyebrow. "I'd be careful with that particular word, dear." The collar around Leslie's neck warmed up. When she put her fingers to the front, she realized that bezelled words had been added to the front in lieu of spikes. It now read BITCH in classy, curving white letters. Now she was even more angry, but she had the common sense to keep her mouth shut.

"There, see? Much easier to cooperate. Now: what to do with you?" Zelda was still naked, so her fat cock now dangled between her legs in plain sight. Zelda held up her shaft, letting it flop around in the grip of her right hand for a while. She pressed it toward Leslie's mouth. "Suck."

Leslie shook her head emphatically. No way! She wasn't going to do something that lewd! Zelda used her other hand to collect some of the residual semen clinging to her tip and pressed it to Leslie's mouth. She puckered hard, but some of that nefarious fluid slipped past her lips.

The moment Leslie's tongue hit a dose of the pure, unadulterated product, she was hooked. She moaned dreamily, eyes fluttering as her defences evaporated. In moments, she was fellating Zelda's fingers, spit dripping down the digits as she shamelessly sought to slurp up any residue left. Once the cum was gone, awareness briefly flickered back. "What just happened to me?"

Zelda shrugged. "You got a dose of the good stuff, dear. My special, magical jizz that turns girls into lusty sluts. Not only their minds, but their bodies. See? Even those couple drops manage to tint your hair an extra brighter shade."

The captured culinary criminal whined bitterly as she stared at her brightened ponytail. "These changes aren't permanent...is it?" Leslie asked.

"I like my women busty and blonde, what can I say? I might be persuaded to return you to your old body's shape, once I'm done playing with you." Zelda slid a finger along the trapped woman's hair, which she caught a slap to the back of the hand for. The waitress tsked, wagging her finger back and forth.

"Don't be naughty, now. Or naughtier, considering you were trying to flee before paying your fair share for a meal I worked long and hard over~" The extra meaning of her last couple words was plain for Leslie, and it made her gorge rise remembering how much she enjoyed swallowing all that 'milk'shake. And that burger's sauce too! Against her will, she salivated when she remembered the juicy, meaty taste of cumburger. As she opened her mouth to collect some of the drool, Zelda shoved her cock inside and repeated her command. This time the order reverberated around Leslie's mind like her consciousness was one big tympanic membrane.


So she did. Leslie tucked her teeth and got to work slurping on the shemale's giant cock. There was so much meat to please, but Leslie did her best marshalling her oral skills. Her tongue dragged along the engorged head, teasing the sensitive skin there while also cleaning every last driplet of cum. That spurred her on, each giving her a burst of flavour that made her whole body sing.

Why did this taste so good? Why was she so willing to suck the dick of the women who had her trapped? The questions were so hard to answer, and sucking was so easy. So she did that instead. Even the embarrassment faded after a while. All that was present was the massive cock in front of her. Pre drizzled out of her tip. It tasted good, but it didn't make her tingle. She gulped it down anyways, eager for more of the real thing.

"You're a good cocksucker, dear. I'm going to have to keep you around from now on." Zelda grabbed Leslie's head with both hands and pushed her dick deep inside. Leslie thought she might gag, but there wasn't that usual reflex to throw up there. It's like it had never been there before! Another taint to her body, she reasoned with increasingly less clarity.

Zelda throatfucked her prey, groaning and bucking her hips in time to the seductive wave of sensations. Warm mouths around her prick always felt good, but teaching a naughty girl like Leslie was going to be some quality wank fodder to fuel her explosive, churn-choking orgasms. Sloppy wet noises filled the room, and Leslie devoted her mouth and throat entirely to pleasing dick.

Moments to the edge, Zelda pulled herself out. Bridges of saliva connected her tip and Leslie's lips, and the girl looked like she was almost needy for her dose of hot spunk. But that's not what the witch of a waitress had in mind. She tipped the churnful of cum into a water pitcher, filling it to nearly the brim with jizz. Then, with remarkable efficiency, she stroked herself to completion inside the pitcher.

"There, all full. This much of my cum at once has a powerful effect on little girls. Wanna see?"

Leslie weakly shook her head, her inner fire burned out thanks to tastes of Zelda's cum. The magic grabbed a hold of the collar around her neck and made the attempted thief nod, much to her pathetic protests.

"Sure you do. Now open wide~" She made a few gestures with her hands, and the BITCH collar turned into a mouth-opening ring gag. Helpless, all Leslie could do was relax and accept what was given.

The pitcher tipped, and the first flow of Zelda's jizz landed in her oral fuckhole. The gag made it impossible to hold back the tide of goo. It slid down her tongue and into her throat, making her quiver and quake as the taste blasted open her mind like a mental seismic charge.

"That's it. Gulp it down~" Zelda cackled, pouring the older, more thick part of the pitcher down Leslie's gullet. At some point, she just stopped swallowing and let a steady flow of spunk slide down her throat. Once the pitcher was drained, her flesh felt like it was on fire. She breathed in deeply, coughing a bit as the last flecks of jizz crept down into her windpipe. But the majority was settling in her belly, and the taint inside the corrupting cum went to work altering her body.

Her breasts bulged out her top, stretching the fabric to the breaking point. Buttons on her top popped like little firecrackers until her cleavage was fully exposed. Her ass and hips performed a similar expansion, making her toppled to the ground as her flesh pressed out in almost every direction. Her shorts tore completely, splitting and falling to the floor to leave her damp panties exposed. Just in time, as the final alteration grabbed at her body and didn't let go. She watched in a mix of chemically induced heat and horror as her pussy lips closed shut. Her clit thickened and grew, transforming itself into a feminine facsimile of a penis before her eyes.

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