tagRomanceFirst Cums Fuck, then Cums Marriage

First Cums Fuck, then Cums Marriage


Summary: A nude model and art professor fuck after class.

Note 1: This is a VALENTINES DAY 2016 Contest story.

Note 2: Thanks to goamz86, Robert, Wayne and cuckdynasty for editing this story.


It's funny how life works.

It's funny how one random conversation leads to one trivial decision, which leads to one amazing encounter that ultimately changes your life forever.

As I look into my bride's eyes and the minister begins to speak, I reflect on the crazy way we first met.


I was at work one day when Janet, a co-worker of mine at the record store, said, "You should be our model next week."

Flirting like I always did, "Am I not already the model of your late night fantasies?"

"No seriously," she said, "you are well built and would be a perfect model, plus it pays sixty bucks an hour."

"Sixty bucks? What would I have to do?" I asked, that being more than quadruple what I made an hour at this shit hole.

"Model naked," she said.

I smiled, "If you want to see what's underneath this perfection, you just have to ask."

"First of all, like I have told you a million times, I'm gay, which means I... like... girls... secondly, since you are so confident about your body and package, you would be the perfect model," she said.

I had been trying to bang Janet forever. She was ridiculously hot, but it seemed like she really was a lesbian... which truthfully, was just as hot.

"When and where?" I asked, thinking that if there were any curious bones in her body, me naked may just trigger them. Not that I'm a Greek Adonis or anything, but I am very well-built and have a very nice, almost eight inch long cock. I am also pretty good looking, have a dazzling smile, and sexy blue eyes that make many girls melt.

"I'll talk to my professor tonight," she said, before adding, her smirk wide, "I can't wait to see that big cock of yours."

For a so-called lesbian she sure had a nasty mouth, which, of course, made me want her even more.

"Just ask any time," I offered, cupping my balls.

"Oh, I think I'm straight now," she sarcastically quipped.

"One day with me and you would be," I teased right back, always confident with the ladies, scoring more times than I failed.

"Good to know," she laughed, just as a customer entered the store.

Two weeks later, I was at the college, in a robe, but naked underneath.

I was already greatly regretting opening my big mouth and agreeing to do this. Sitting naked in front of a room of strangers was suddenly making me very self-conscious.

Yet, I also wouldn't ditch either. I was a man of my word.

I felt even more awkward when the professor, an incredibly attractive woman looking to be in her early thirties came back stage. She was wearing a black skirt and pantyhose with open-toed heels, which allowed me to see her red painted toenails through the nylon.

My fetish was tits and legs, especially legs in nylons, and my cock did what it always did when it saw a woman in nylons... it woke up.

She extended her hand and greeted, "It's so nice to meet you."

"You too," I nodded, trying to act casual. Even as I stared at her big tits, my cock continued to rise.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

Trying to calm down my growing member, I nodded, "As ready as I'll ever be," even though my dick was suddenly fully erect and saluting her legs, tits, and amazing blue eyes.

"Well, let's go," she smiled.

I followed her out, noticing that her nylons had a black seam going up her legs, which only made her sexier and more intriguing... and, of course, made my cock flinch again.

Once in the art room, I learned there were about twenty students, two-thirds of whom were female, and they were sitting in big semi-circle, each one able to get a good look at me.

As I moved to my spot, the professor began, "Today's subject is the male body. I would like to thank Joey, in advance, for willingly doing this."

"It's no problem," I replied, trying to look suave as I smiled at her, my cock still completely erect, I discarded the robe.

The look in the professor's eyes was one of pure shock as she saw my erection. She recovered quickly and explained, turning away from me, "Now, draw what you see. Look past his naked body and get to his inner soul."

Looking at her, her face was flushed, and yet there was no doubt she, like everyone else there, was staring at my cock.

"And start drawing," the professor declared.

I tried to remain stoic as instructed, my raging hard on the only thing moving on occasion as it involuntarily flinched.

I scanned the room as best I could while not moving my head. There were a few cute or downright hot girls currently drawing me.

I tried to stare into the distance, above the class, as if oblivious to my nakedness... yet, I couldn't help looking at the beautiful professor.

Every time my cock began to shrink, one look at the hot professor's legs in nylons, firm breasts and sexy smile had it return to flagpole salute status.

I couldn't explain it, but I was very confident she couldn't take her eyes off me or my stiff erection either. And I don't mean that in a smug confident way, but in an 'it's-obvious' sort of way.

When the time was up, the professor, looking down at my still erect member said, "And please give a round of applause for tonight's model."

I got a round of applause and I couldn't help but feel that I had impressed the mostly female group, including the professor who had a look in her eye.

Janet, on the other hand, showed no hint of being impressed... not even over the hour long erection... clearly confirming she was still a lesbian.

After class was dismissed and I was dressed, the professor paid me my money and commented, "I have never seen that before."

"What?" I asked, even though I was confident I knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Staying erect the entire time," she nodded, before adding, her tone shifting from professional to sexy as she stressed each word slowly, "now... that... is... impressive."

She was now directly in front of me. Realizing I was potentially just about to fuck the very hot professor, I explained why I stayed so hard, "Well, you played a pretty key role in my, um, situation."

"Is that so?" she questioned, her lips inches from mine.

"It's a fact," I nodded, my eyes bearing into hers, trying to look sexy and confident at the same time.

"Are you still hard?" She asked, the question apparently rhetorical as she found out for herself, her hand squeezing my still very hard cock.

"It just won't go down," I shrugged.

"Well, let's see what I can do about that," she said seductively, as she lowered herself to her knees, fished out my erect cock and took it in her mouth.

"I don't think that is going to help it go down," I joked.

"It's a lengthy process," she quipped, as she slithered her tongue to my balls, something no other woman had ever done, and it felt amazing.

I stared at the beautiful professor working over my balls in complete awe. I was a pretty good looking guy and did quite well with the ladies, but this was a first.

She then pulled my pants and underwear down and off and returned to my cock. This time she began bobbing hungrily, looking more like a coed than a professor.

I warned, "You keep doing that, and I'll be shooting my load very soon."

To my surprise, she didn't slow down and I groaned less than thirty seconds later as I deposited my long lingering load in her mouth. Although I had been with about twenty women, she was only the third that eagerly swallowed without making it a big deal.

Once I was completely spent, she stood back up and pointed out, pretending to look surprised, "It's still hard."

"I guess we may have to try something else," I coyly suggested.

"Mmmmmm, I couldn't agree more," she nodded, lifting up her dress to reveal her pantyhose were actually a garter and stockings.

My cock flinched, as this woman was my dream girl. The only thing sexier than pantyhose was thigh high stockings or a garter belt and stockings.

Now most guys would pull down her thong (which was a sexy red), bend her over the nearby table and slam their cock in her inviting pussy, but I love eating pussy.

I love hearing a woman moan as I explore her entire pussy region.

I love when a woman's breathing gets erratic and I know she is about to reach orgasm.

I love when her legs stiffen as her orgasm hits and her sweet cum flows out like a volcano that finally erupts.

I also love the first time I get a woman off with my mouth. Is she a screamer? Or will she just moan?

Does she grab my head and hold me deep in her wetness?

Does she talk dirty?

Does she squirt like a racehorse?

Does she grind her pussy on my face?

All have happened and all are enjoyable experiences.

I love that every woman sounds different, comes differently.

Women are an enigma of sexuality and I love investigating and exploring, like a sexual archeologist... never knowing what I will discover, but knowing there will be a sweet treasure.

I lifted her up and put her on the table.

She purred, "I like a man who knows what he wants."

"I like a woman who dresses in such sexy stockings," I replied, my hands sliding down her sheer silk-clad legs.

"Mom always told me to dress like a professional woman on the outside and like a sexy siren underneath," she purred, as I moved my hands down her left leg and to her foot.

I took off her heels and kissed the top of her red painted toes, which matched her thong.

"Does my sexy model have a foot fetish?" She asked.

"A nylon fetish for sure," I replied, as I moved back up her leg.

"Come on, sexy, I want that big cock of yours in me," she begged, "you had my pussy on fire the minute your erection stood up at attention."

"Let's see how true that is," I replied, as my face made it to her crotch area. I noticed a wet spot as her pussy lips protruded through the thin fabric.

I leaned forward and sucked on her pussy with firm pressure through her thong.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh," she moaned, surprised by the sudden touch.

"You weren't lying," I said as I moved to her other thigh.

"You got me so hot and bothered," she moaned again, before adding, "get back here."

"All good things come to those who wait," I quipped, sounding like a fortune cookie.

"That come part better be true," she quipped, as she pulled me back to her.

I move up and kissed her hard. Breaking the kiss, I moved back between her legs, tugged her thong to the side, and began licking.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned, surprised that I was going down on her instead of fucking her.

I didn't respond with words, but instead with action, as my tongue parted her wet pussy lips as I began licking.

"It's been so long since someone went down on me," she moaned.

"That's a shame," I replied as I explored every crevice of her pussy.

"So good," she whimpered as I started slowly teasing her, knowing that usually this led to begging.

I moved to her swollen clit and flicked it with my tongue.

"Oh, fuck," the beautiful professor gasped as her leg twitched.

I then slithered my tongue back down her pussy lips, before finding her hole and briefly trying to fuck it with my tongue.

"Don't stop," she whimpered as her hands went to my head. Her fingers went through my hair intimately as I continued to get her revved up.

I have found for most women that their most intense orgasms don't come from fucking, but from oral sex and thus I have practised and researched for years the art of cunnilingus.

As I mentioned before, every pussy has its own unique trigger buttons, and I've had many women come back to me for repeat pleasure.

They say the best way to a man's heart is through food... well I had learned the best way into a woman's heart is through cunnilingus.

As her breathing began to increase, I began licking faster, which, as usual, made her moans increase as well.

"Oh God, so good," she moaned, her fingers in my hair gently pulling me deeper into her heavenly wetness.

Knowing she was close, I moved to her clit and began to quickly lick it while simultaneously tugging it in-between my lips.

As was often the case, not always mind you but often, she pulled me hard into her cunt, her legs stiffened, and she screamed, "Fuck!"

I kept the pressure until the flood started and then I focused on lapping up her unique cum.

I love the taste of pussy and really love the taste of a woman's cum. Every taste similar and yet uniquely distinct.

I lapped up her cum while her legs trembled around me.

Finally, she pushed my head away. "Fuck me now," she demanded, pulling me up, and kissing me passionately. Her tongue aggressively going into my mouth.

Our tongues explored each other's mouths while I positioned my cock at her inviting cunt.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "shove that big dick of yours in me."

Somehow this intimate, lustful moment was different than most.

Now don't get me wrong, I have always loved pleasing a woman. I have always enjoyed being pleased by a woman. But this was somehow different.

Usually sex was just sex... Yet this time I was feeling something more, which scared me.

I rubbed my hard cock up and down her pussy lips, loving that I was both teasing her and the anticipating of what was about to come.

"Stop teasing me and fuck me, baby," she demanded, wrapping her nylon legs around me and pulling me roughly into her.

My cock filled her pussy and I groaned as her warmth swarmed over me.

She rubbed her nylon legs up and down my back, as she asked, "You like this, don't you?"

"I love it," I corrected her as I began to slowly fuck her.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, "I love your big cock in me."

"My big cock loves being in you too," I replied back as I leaned in and kissed her.

This time the kiss was less urgent and more intimate, as if our relationship had instantly gone from raw carnal passion to something more real and lasting.

For a few minutes we kissed as I fucked her slowly and she rubbed her legs up and down my back.

Breaking the kiss, she pushed me back, my cock sliding out of her warmth. Surprising me, she moved her nylon-clad feet to my raging hard on.

"Ever had a nylon foot job?" she asked, as her right foot moved up and down my shaft.

"Only in my dreams," I replied. Only a couple of women I dated indulged in my fetish and even those were just for show. Sadly, I was born in the wrong decade...hosiery was out for the most part.

"Well, let's make your fantasy a reality," she purred, putting her nylon feet on both sides of my stiff rod and beginning to masturbate me.

"Oh, God," I moaned, the feeling of the sheer nylon stroking my cock utterly amazing.

"Your cock is iron stiff, baby," she purred.

"It's saluting you," I countered, which was definitely true.

"Mmmmmm," she teased, "so that whole stiff erection during your posing was because of me?"

"I plead the fifth," I joked, adding, "I don't want to give you my hand already." As soon as I said it, I realized what my words implied.

"Hmmmmm, are you asking me out on a date?" She asked.

"If that idea appeals to you, yes, if not, then you completely read what I said incorrectly," I replied with a smile.

"You'll have to ask me to find out," she replied coyly, before adding, "but keep in mind where your dick is right now."

Feeling confident she was as interested in me as I was as interested in her, I asked, "Professor Wallace, are you available Saturday night?"

"For a date or another fucking?" She asked.

She was such a sexy oxymoron. An educated professor and yet with a blunt nasty mouth... I loved it.

"Start with an actual date and if you play your cards right, you just may get laid as well," I responded, able to play a smart ass just as well as she could.

"Well, it's a date then," 'she purred, "now, come and finish what you started."

"If I have to," I sighed heavily, really enjoying the nylon-clad foot job.

"You have to," she firmly said, moving her feet away from my dick and wrapping them around me again.

She pulled me in and ordered, "Now fuck me hard."

I obliged, putting my hands on the table and slamming into her.

"Oh yes, baby, fuck my cunt," she moaned loudly.

It was rare to hear a woman use the 'c' word, and coming from her pretty lips it was incredibly hot.

"Let's see those breasts of yours," I suggested as I pounded her hard.

"That is more a second date thing, don't you think?" she replied coyly, pulling me in for a kiss instead.

Although I was more a leg and foot man, now that I hadn't seen her tits, I wanted to.

But, I figured I could wait... if I had to.

I smiled as I kept fucking her hard, "You're in charge."

"Oh baby, I want you to be in charge," she moaned, leaning back.

Having dated a couple of submissive women in the past, I could read the signs, and I decided to take control, "Show me your tits, baby."

"I love a man who knows what he wants," she purred, lifting her sweater over her head to reveal a sexy lace black bra that was framing her perfectly voluptuous tits, hidden pretty well by the sweater.

"You hide those pretty well," I commented.

"I don't want my students drooling over me," she shrugged.

"Yet, you wear a garter belt and seamed stockings?" I point out.

She shrugged, "I like to dress sexy underneath the boring professional attire, and none of my students know it is a garter belt and stockings."

"And the seam?" I question, eyebrow raised, as if I were interrogating her.

"They're sexy and almost no one ever knows as I usually lecture behind a podium," she defended. "Now enough talk, fuck me."

"Yes, ma'am," I nodded as I resumed fucking her, even as I buried my face between her nice big tits.

For a couple of minutes there was just fucking and heavy breathing.

"Oh yes baby, I want you to come in me," she moaned, "fill my cunt with your hot cum."

Usually, I don't come inside someone, not ready to be a daddy. Yet, I somehow trusted her and I agreed, "Come with me, baby."

"So close," she moaned as I slammed into her hard.

"Me too," I groaned, my eruption imminent.

After a few more hard strokes, she got even more animated, "Oh yes, baby, harder, yes, come in me, oh yes, yes, oh God, yeeeeeeees."

And as she came, I did too, shooting my second load of the hour into her, this time deep inside her cunt.

"Soooooooo good," she moaned.

"Agreed," I grunted weakly, suddenly feeling completely spent.

I laid on top of her for a moment, my cock still buried deep in her, as we both recovered from for mutual orgasms.

Finally, she said, "Well, that wasn't how I expected class to end."

"I almost feel bad taking money for this," I quipped with a smile as I stood up.

She slapped me playfully and clarified, "To be clear, you didn't get paid for this."

"Semantics," I shrugged, pulling out of her.

"Asshole," she teased, sitting up herself.

"I've been called worse," I shrugged.

We both got dressed and then I said, "So are you free on Saturday?"

"I think I can be," she replied, her cheeks still flushed from the fucking.

"Great," I said, "I can pick you up at five?"

"Why don't you stop by a little earlier for a cocktail?" She asked.

"Sure," I nodded, unsure if she meant an actual drink or something else.

We exchanged cell numbers and after one last kiss, I left.

As I drove home, I couldn't believe how attracted I was becoming to this woman.

I had always played it safe after hooking up, never calling the next day, always following the three day rule I read about in some book on how to manipulate women.

Yet, as I pulled into McDonald's for some grub, suddenly realizing I was starving (I burned a lot of calories in the past hour), I texted her.

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