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First Date


While sitting at my desk at work talking to a customer on the phone, I see the email icon show up on my screen alerting me to an email. I casually opened my email program expecting to see a confirmation from a vendor or a note from a co-worker. I was totally surprised to see her name pop up in my inbox. She is what I truly desired, but my shyness and insecurity prevent me from ever acting on my desire to further our relationship. We have exchanged emails about kids, events, and just other day to day things, but never has there been a hint of flirtation. Today she is wondering if I have plans for the weekend or anything because she would like me to help her set up a facebook account. We had talked about getting her online once before but I thought maybe she had forgotten and really didn't need my help.

She is beautiful in my eyes, bright blue eyes , brown, shoulder length hair, and a great figure for someone who had 3 kids at home. She was very friendly and treated me like a best friend, even though sometimes I felt like she was just being nice to me because we had known each other for so long. We grew up together, went to the same high school, even went to the same college for one year. Now we lived a mere 10 blocks from each other, some 20 years later. Seems she never was far from my heart.

Today seemed different for some reason, had she requested my help with a seemingly easy task. Was it a ploy to just get together with me? Had she been secretly wishing the same thing I had all this time? As I typed my answer to her, a wave of braveness washed over me and I got the nerve to tell her I was free and that I would be happy to help set her up on facebook. She replied back minutes later, accepting my goodwill with a "Thanks, I appreciate it."

Another email was soon on its way as the bravery hadn't left me yet. I asked if I could grill her a steak for her and she could stay for supper as I knew she didn't have a grill and that the summer was almost over. I stated that if she couldn't, I understood. I fully expected a reply like I have some other plans and maybe we could some other time. My jaw about hit the floor when a reply came back, "sounds great, can I bring anything?"

This was progressing better than I ever thought, I sent an email back telling her to not go any work and that I would take care of everything but if she wanted to pick up something of her choice to drink she could. I always have beer in the fridge but knew she wasn't a beer drinker. She said she could pick up something and even throw a salad together. We were exchanging emails at a rapid rate and I hardly had time to think before the next one was waiting for me in my inbox.

I had recently purchased a Wii and had used it a couple of times and had gotten the hang of the bowling on it so I suggested that I could also show her how to play. "That's unfair, you've been practicing and will beat me." She replied. I flirted back by saying I might only have one chance to ever beat her at it so I wasn't going to waste it and if she won, we would have to rematch. She was the competitive type and I knew she would be a formidable opponent even if she had never played. We ended the emails with a "See you then."

I had to wait almost 3 days now until our little date. All I could think about was her, the way her hair must smell, the sound of her voice, the softness of her skin and just being in her presence. The days drew on and finally the day had arrived. I made sure the apartment was picked up and I had all the things I needed to make her supper. I had lit a couple of scented candles to help the mood, and had some music playing softly. Finally the moment had arrived and the buzzer rang signaling someone was trying to get into my apartment building. I ran to the button on my wall to unlock the front door to the building. My heart pounded so hard, I thought it must be visible through my shirt. I waited by the door hoping the knock would come that instant. Suddenly a light knock came and I immediately was at the door. I opened it to find the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. She had on a blue, summer dress and wore her hair up with some small wisps of hair falling across her face. Her red lips seemed to beg to be kissed but I hadn't the nerve yet. I greeted her and opened my door to let her into my home. She gave me a bag with a bottle of wine and asked if she could put the salad she had in the fridge. I told her I could take care of it and put her wine and salad in the fridge to cool.

She wandered into my living room and sat down on the couch. My computer was set up on a small table in front of the couch and I sat down next to her and brought up the website she desired to become a member of. She slid in closer to get a better look at the screen and I could feel her bare arm touch mine. I felt like I had electricity running through me as this gorgeous woman sat next to me. I could smell her perfume and had all I could do from kissing her right then. I struggled through the setup as I was becoming more and more flustered with her so close to me. I saw her lick her lips with her tongue and imagined that it was mine touching her lips.

Finally I had her registered and got up to get our supper ready. She followed me out on to the balcony to grill the steaks and leaned back on the rail as we talked. She loved the feeling of the late afternoon sun and tossed her head back and closed her eyes to take advantage of the warm sun. I took the opportunity and my eyes wandered over her body. I could see her breasts move with each breath as they strained against the tight fabric of her dress. My eyes wandering over her hips and down her legs, her body a perfect hour glass shape. I needed her so bad, I just had to make this a night she wouldn't soon forget.

Our steaks were done, and we retreated to the table in the dining room. I poured the wine while she retrieved her salad from the fridge. We sat and ate, enjoying the company and staring into each other's eyes. Was she having the same feelings I was? I didn't want to make a bold move and scare her off forever but I knew if I didn't act tonight, I probably never would. After supper we chatted and she brought up the challenge of the video game. I turned it on and got up to show her the basics. I did a couple of turns myself, explaining my every move, at least I thought I was. Now it was her turn, her first ball went directly to the gutter.

I moved around behind her and grabbed her hand that held the controller. I placed my hand over hers and held tight. I showed her how to hold it and swing so she would at least knock some pins over. As I did this, my cheek was almost against hers and my free arm wrapped around her waist. I walked step for step with her as we threw the imaginary ball. I was beginning to feel my manhood start to stir. We did another ball and she did another gutter and we both laughed. We readied ourselves for another shot and this time I pulled her tight to me. My erection pressing against her hip. She must have felt it as she turned around and looked me in the eye and without saying anything, moved closer till our lips met.

My hands ran through her hair as I pulled her to me. Our tongues found each other and our passion flowed. I explored her mouth with my tongue and enjoyed her warmth. I was now holding her tight and could feel her breasts pressed between us. We backed up and found the couch behind us and we sat down, all the while remaining locked at the lips kissing. Her hands were all through my hair and roamed all over my shoulders and upper arms. I could feel her fingernails as she touched my bare skin. A shiver shot through me, this was too good to be happening to me. Was I in a dream about to wake? I hoped not, afraid to move for fear it was a dream.

I pulled away from her lips and found my way to the nape of her neck and gently nibbled and gave her a kiss below her ear. I kissed my way to her ear and could feel her earring against my lips. I whispered into her ear, "I've waited for this moment for way too long."

"Me too," was her reply.

My confidence was rapidly rising and my hands became more adventurous as they found her heaving breasts and cupped them, feeling her nub of a nipple press against my palm. I slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pushed them down till she lifted her arms from them. I brought the top of her dress down far enough till I exposed her lacy bra. She sat there now with her dress down to her waist and one of her legs over mine. I pressed my cock against her leg as hard as I could, hoping she would take the hint and reach for it. I rocked against her grinding into her leg while I found the clasp of her bra. With a twist of the wrist, I had it unhooked and I gently tugged it away from her exposing her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard and my mouth was wet with anticipation. I leaned in and took her breast in my hand and gently sucked her nipple. My tongue danced around it, wetting it with my saliva, then I gently blew on it causing her to moan.

As my one hand held her breast to my mouth, my other found her leg and caressed the soft skin of her inner thigh. I felt her relax and her legs drifted apart as my hand reached her satin panties. I could feel her wetness through the material and I could feel her heat she generated. Her hands now had found their way to my throbbing cock and she stroked it through my jeans. She used her fingernail to trace its outline on my pants and pressed her hand hard into me to feel my hardness. As my assault on her busom continued, she reached for the button on my pants and undid it and slowly unzipped me. Her hand quickly darted into my open pants and grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled them down with my pants. My cock now sprang free from its imprisonment and she soon wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to stroke it.

I grabbed the top elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down, feeling her pussy hair run through my fingers as I pulled her panties down and off her. My fingers returned to find her wetness once again and prodded her entrance. She was soaking wet and ready for me to slide into her. I knew I had to have her now so I moved down the couch allowing her the room to turn and lay on the couch. One foot was on the floor and one up on the back of the couch. Her pussy was unobstructed now and I quickly lost my pants on the floor and took my shirt off over my head. Her dress was now bunched around her waist as I grabbed her by the hips. I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed the tip into her. She opened up easily and took my entire length inside her in one swift thrust.

Our eyes were locked together as I slowly backed out of her till only the tip of my cock remained inside her, then I slowly pushed back into her. I repeated this over and over slowly and methodically till she begged me to fuck her hard.

I picked up the pace and her breasts bounced with each thrust and a small whimper escaped her lips each time my cock hit bottom. Her breathing became hard and irregular and I could feel her body tense beneath me. She was nearing her climax and with one more thrust inside her, she began to release her energy. She screamed and gasped as her orgasm took over her body, she was mine. My release started almost the same time as hers and it was powerful. I deposited my cum deep inside her as I became one with her. For several minutes I held her in my arms till our bodies let us move and speak again.

"God I love you," she said.

"I love you too, I always have, even after our divorce, I vowed to someday get you back."

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