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First Date



She glanced at him, then at the materials on his desk. He had all the proof he needed, right in front of him. No point in trying to talk her way out of it.

"Yes, I did. No need for the police; I'll go quietly."

"Not so fast. While your actions were both unethical and unlawful they did not cause the company undue harm. You've been an excellent employee, until now. I am disposed to give you another chance." He paused for a moment and gazed evenly at her. "However, I must be certain you will not repeat the offense. There must be punishment."

She looked warily at him. "What sort of punishment?"

He told her, in detail, what he had in mind. She instantly blushed. "That ... that's indecent, obscene. I should have you arrested, right here and now."

He took that calmly. "You could. I might suffer for that, although I have very good lawyers. I would, however, be forced to bring this matter to the attention of the authorities. You would certainly suffer for that; blacklisting, prison, then starting over in a new career with a criminal record. Surely my proposed punishment would be preferable to that."

She glared at him. He returned her gaze, waiting for her answer. "How do I know I can trust you?"

"You do not. Have I ever lied to you?"


"Have I ever broken my word?"

She blushed at that; her own betrayal of trust made that subject sensitive. "No."

"Then you probably can trust me. I do promise not to harm you in any way and not to record any of the proceedings in any manner."

"And those?" She pointed to the documents on the desk.

"Locked in my safe. Only the two of us have seen them; as long as you comply and give no further trouble no one else will see them."

Damn him; he was right. The lesser of the two evils. "All right. I'll do it." The distaste in her voice was tangible. He was unfazed by it. "Excellent. You may have the rest of the day off to prepare. I'll pick you up at your place at eight; please be ready." He picked the papers up and locked them in his desk. "That's all." She spun and strode out of his office.


He rang her bell promptly at eight. She was ready, of course. She had considered standing him up, or delaying, or disobeying his instructions, but there was no point in annoying him, not when he could simply turn her over to the police instead. Better to comply and get it over with. She opened the door and let him in. He wore a dark blue suit, light blue shirt, and dark blue tie; clean shaven, hair freshly cut and combed. Quite attractive, really; under other circumstances ...

He closed the door behind him, then took a moment to appraise her. She turned around when he signaled, her heels clicking on the polished tile floor, her red evening dress flaring slightly. He nodded approval. "The items are in place?"

She blushed, then nodded, yes. "Show me." Her blush reddened as she lifted the hem of her dress to expose her abdomen.

Under the dress she wore no panties. A garter belt held up black sheer stockings; above them a leather harness held matching dildos firmly in her vagina and rectum. "Excellent. And the other items?" She lowered her dress and opened her purse, showing him the contents. "Perfect." He reached out and closed her purse, then took her arm. "Shall we?" She let him lead her out to his car.

The restaurant was nice; the Thai cuisine excellent. And the cinnamon coffee afterward; heavenly. The last meal of the condemned. He was a good conversationalist, adept at both commenting and listening; she found herself relaxing and enjoying his company, in spite of the circumstances. She even complimented him on his choice of restaurant; he smiled and allowed that it was a favorite of his. When they had finished and he had paid the bill, with a healthy tip, he took her arm and led her out.


He had a spacious home in a fashionable suburb, set well back, with plenty of trees and shrubs to screen it from prying eyes. He pulled up into the garage, opened her door for her, and led her through the house to the den.

Inside his home was quiet, nothing ostentatious. Bland, really; in need of a woman's touch. "Drink?"

"Scotch, on the rocks, please." He raised an eyebrow at that; an unusual choice for a woman. He poured two glasses, then handed hers to her. "Cheers." They drank.

After a few moments he set his glass down and waved her into the middle of the room. She finished her drink in one long swallow, then set it down and stepped into the middle of the rug. He smiled and seated himself.

She turned slowly around, stopping with her back to him. She reached back and unzipped her dress, then turned completely around until her back faced him before letting it fall to the floor. Under it she wore no bra; she tossed her hair forward until it covered her breasts, then turned to face him and knelt on the rug. With a quick flip she tossed her hair back, exposing her breasts.

He nodded approvingly, got up and handed her purse to her, then resumed his seat. She set the purse on the floor beside her, then opened it.

She extracted a pair of handcuffs; these went around her ankles. Another pair, locked to the first with a padlock. She massaged her breasts until her nipples were erect, then extracted a pair of weighted nipple clamps and fastened them in place. A sleep mask covered her eyes, then a leather gag with a large insert went over her mouth. She reached back and locked her wrists in the second pair of cuffs.


She was really nervous now. True, he had promised not to harm her or record any of it, but could she really trust him? She was completely at his mercy, unable to escape or make any sound which could be heard outside the room. If he changed his mind ...

Ice clinked in a glass as he finished his drink; footsteps on the rug as he approached. "Very nice. You have kept your half of the bargain; now I will keep mine. I promised not to harm you and not to record the proceedings, and I shall keep that promise. I will, however, enjoy myself. She stiffened in alarm; what did he mean by that?

A touch as he kissed her forehead. Another; a hand on her shoulder. The other hand on her waist. She could feel him kneeling next to her as he began to gently caress her body.

Warm, gentle, firm, strong; she felt her body respond in spite of her will to the contrary. She ordered back the tide, with no more success than Canute; she was becoming aroused in spite of herself.

He gently pushed her over and laid her on her back. Ignoring her murmured protests he spread her legs; she could feel his warm breath on her groin. A moan escaped her lips; then she twitched as his lips brushed her vulva. His hands grasped her thighs, holding her in place as he began to explore her sex with his lips and tongue.

Waves of pleasure rolled over her; she was helpless, drowning in it. Higher, higher still, until finally a shuddering climax left her panting. He chuckled a bit, then drew back and rolled her over onto her stomach. After removing the padlock and pocketing it he pick her up and carried her off to the bedroom.


She was lying naked on his bed, cuffed hands chained to a bedpost, cuffed ankles chained to the diagonally opposite post. He lay naked against her back; he had removed the dildo from her rectum and was taking her from behind. His hand moved the dildo in her vagina in time with his thrusts; his other massaged her breasts. Another climax shook her body.

He replaced the dildo in her rectum and moved around to the front, removing the one from her vagina to give himself access. As before; one hand massaging her breasts while the other manipulated the dildo in her rear in time with his thrusts. A third climax. He continued, joining in when she climaxed again with one of his own.

He replaced the dildo in her vagina, then removed her gag. A hand covered her mouth when she tried to speak. "Not yet." She waited; what next?

His lips brushed her sex; simultaneously she felt a touch on her lips. Oh; of course. Her mouth opened to receive his member, while he set to work below. They moved together, thrusting in sync, until a last shared climax left them spent.

He replaced the gag, then got up. She could hear him moving around, getting dressed, washing his face and combing his hair. When he was finished he released her from the bed and carried her back into the den. Once there he released her, replacing the cuffs, clamps, gag, and blindfold in her purse. She dressed while he tidied up a bit, then he drove her back to her place. He walked her to her door; a last kiss before he drove off home.


She stood in front of his desk, a huge smile on her face. The email was complete; every move, from the moment they walked in the door until they left. Nothing edited, added, or deleted. He deleted it and looked up at her.

"The original is stored in a safe place. I have deleted all trace of it from my computer and the server, so you have the only other copy."

He sighed. "I promised not to record any of the proceedings. I never considered that you might."

"It was easy to break in and set up the cameras; you really should get a better security system. Don't worry; I've already removed them."

He looked evenly at her. "Name your price."

She dangled a set of handcuffs from one finger. "A second date."

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