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First Date


It was a bright and sunny day, perfect weather for a date. Now that kitty thought about it, she couldn't let the idea go.

A date... she and Nightshade never went on a date before...

"Master!" Kitty called. "Can we go on a date?"

"What, now you want to go on dates?" Nightshade asked. In response, Kitty grabbed a pair of cat ears, a collar, and a one piece dress.


"Remember, no bra or panties," Nightshade said as he tightened Kitty's collar. She could barely breathe, but adjusted in a few seconds.

"Yes master!" Kitty said.

"Get down on all fours," Nightshade said, pointing to the ground. Kitty complied, and they walked/crawled to the car, and Nightshade put the roof down.

"Spread your legs, and put the seatbelt between them," Nightshade said. Kitty put the seatbelt on, making sure her left foot was behind the driver's seat. Her two hands were handcuffed behind her seat. They started driving, Nightshade fingering her vagina while they drove.

Kitty wanted to cum, but she had to wait for her master's signal.

"Master!" Kitty said. "Can I please cum soon?"

"Just for that, you won't get to cum until longer," Nightshade yelled.

By the time they arrived to their destination, Kitty's juices soaked the car seat.

"Lick it off, slut," Nightshade said. Kitty quickly licked the seat, making sure Nightshade had access to her vagina so he could finger her if he felt like it. That was the rule: he can touch her anywhere, anytime.

The place they arrived at was a painting lounge. After undoing Kitty's chains, Nightshade walked in, Kitty trailing behind in all fours. People in the area began murmuring to each other.

One reluctant person offered them a paintbrush, but Nightshade rejected it.

"No thanks. We're going to finger paint." He turned around to Kitty.

"Strip, slut." Kitty quickly took off her clothes.

"You know what finger painting is, bitch. Keep fingering until you have enough juice to cover your whole body."

Kitty slid in some fingers and kept masturbating and juice kept coming. She rubbed all the juice over her body. Kitty really wanted to cum, but Nightshade didn't give her permission yet.

Night shade took a picture.

"That, shitheads, is how you make a true masterpiece," Nightshade said to the wide eyed people in the area. He dragged Kitty out the door after she put on her clothes, and they went back in the car for another fingering session.

This time, the two arrived at the mall.

"We're going to Macy's, slut," Nightshade said.

"Yes, master," Kitty replied. Soon, they arrived at Macy's.

"We're gonna need vagina decorations," Nightshade said to a person in a nearby store counter.

"Sorry, mister, but we don't have that," said the store clerk.

"Don't you have rings or something?" Nightshade asked. The store clerk reluctantly pointed them to the center of the store, where they saw a jewelry kiosk. Perfect.

"Pick one," Nightshade said, and Kitty chose a smooth turquoise ring. She knew what he wanted, so she stuck it up her vagina. "Remember to put it in your teeth while I'm fingering you." They paid and went back to the car.

Their next destination was a restaurant. Kitty was about to sit down on the table next to Nightshade, but he stopped her.

"Did I say you could sit on the chair, bitch?" Nightshade yelled. "Stay on the floor, doggy style."

"Sorry master! I won't make that mistake again, master!"

"You better not, slut."

Kitty was hungry, and Nightshade sure was taking his time with that meal. Her stomach started to rumble loudly.

"Hungry, Bitch? It's finally meal time."

"Thank you master!" Kitty said gleefully as she unbuttoned Nightshade's pants. She licked his cock and took it into her mouth. Nightshade began to mouth fuck her.

His cock went in and out of Kitty's mouth until it finally came onto her stomach.

Afterwards, they went to the movies. Nightshade decided they'd watch frozen.

"Here's your panties," he said, handing Kitty some underwear. "Put the ring in your teeth." Nightshade also handed Kitty a vibrator to put inside the underwear.

As they watched frozen, Kitty began to feel horny. So, so very horny...

The vibrator was going at an agonizing pace, enough to tease her but not to make her cum. In the middle of the movie, Nightshade whispered to her.

"Keep touching your titties." Kitty listened, feeling her nipples until they turned rock hard. She was so horny! She wanted to cum!

It was near the end of the movie, and Kitty's mind was filled with fucking. She heard Nightshade whisper in her ear.

"Do you want to fuck?"

"Yes, master!"

"Then say it."

"Fuck me master!" Nightshade sighed.

"You're not doing it right."

"PLEASE FUCK ME, MASTER!" Kitty yelled. She was so horny, she wouldn't care if he fucked her right then and there.

"Wait a little more, slut," Nightshade said, and they went into the car. Then, they drove to the amusement park and bought tickets for the Ferris wheel.

In the Ferris wheel, Kitty spread her legs widely. She rubbed Nightshade's cock.

"Now," he whispered. She took it inside her, and they pushed in and out. The two kept pushing and pulling until it got faster and faster.

"Nightshade!" Kitty moaned.

"Fuck!" Nightshade replied.

They started to shudder and orgasm, leaving the janitor a puddle of cum to clean.

Nightshade was having trouble sleeping. He was feeling a little guilty about today. Kitty was quite the dangerous creature. The next day, he asked her on a real date.

"Can we please go on an actual date?" Nightshade asked. Kitty looked at him, appalled.

"Nightshade, didn't I train you to be an asshole? Disobeying orders? I'm breaking up with you."

Nightshade brooded in silence before he decided to carry her to the car princess style.

"What are you doing?" Kitty asked.

"Teaching you how to be a human being," he replied.

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What the actual fuck is this story?

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