First Date


I met her half on-line and half through friends. I had no real idea of what she looked like except slim and with black hair. I assumed she would be dark because she's half Latina. When I saw her outside the cafe where we had to meet my eyes took her in her beauty and then passed on. No blind date could be that good looking. I'm not that lucky. Then she tentatively stepped toward me and said, "Micky?" My heart leapt into my throat and I felt a throb and I started to get hard.

I don't remember dinner. I don't know what we talked about. I know I carried on my end of the conversation yet all I am conscious of now is the way she looked. Her hair was black and wavy, spreading across her back below her shoulders. Olive skin. Black eyes. Thicker than usual black eyebrows. She is slim, as she had told me, but her shoulders are broad and her hips luscious. She was wearing blue jeans, a little baggy and low on her hips, and a white shirt. The top three buttons on her shirt were undone, displaying the sexy hollow at the base of her throat. I kept hunting for a glimpse of cleavage but she doesn't have much in the way of breasts, a slight disappointment at the time.

The second time we met it was for a movie. Once again I met her rather than picking her up. Perhaps she was reluctant to let me know where she lived before she got to know me. Once again I found it a little difficult to breathe when I saw her. She was wearing the same kind of clothes as she had the first time. I would later learn that she always dressed like this, unless she wore a skirt. I don't remember what movie we saw. What I remember is finding her hand in the dark. I toyed with it throughout the movie. Running my fingers across her palm, the back of her hand, between her long fingers. At one point during the movie, when the love scene was just getting going, when I could hear her breathing get rougher, when she started almost rhythmically squeezing my hand, I leaned over and kissed her neck just behind and below her left ear. I just barely let the tip of my tongue touch her. That was all. During the whole movie, while fantasizing about plunging my cock down her throat, I merely toyed with her hand and gave her that one kiss. And then the movie ended.

"So, what now? Would you like to grab something to eat, or can I give you a lift home?" I was praying that she wasn't ready for the second option but I was willing to play the gent.

"I'm not really ready for dinner but I don't want to go home yet, either." She smiled sexily. "I'm enjoying myself. Maybe we can go for a drive or take a walk or something?"

I grinned myself, happy at the intent behind changing "not hungry" to "not ready for dinner." I hoped she was as hungry as I was!

"Let's go for a ride, then." I was a little embarrassed to hear my voice crack. God, she was hot!

I had parked my truck in the alley behind the theater. Taking her hand firmly in mine I led her out of the theater and into the dim alley. There were other cars parked back there. It was only murkily lit. A single bulb right over the exit cast dim light over the pavement.

"Mickey, slow down. You're going too fast." Her voice showed she was out of breath but it was laced with laughter. I didn't want to hold back any longer. I spun her around and pressed her back into the nearest car. Grabbing her hair lightly at the base of her neck I pulled her to me. For a little while I was gentle. Kissing her softly, running my tongue over her lips, I was tender. But my hunger got the best of me. I drove my tongue into her mouth. My hand in her hair was gripping tighter now; my other hand went to her breast. I swirled my thumb around her nipple and felt it get hard. She didn't have much in the way of tits but Jesus her nipples were huge!

"Oh God! Mickey!" She moaned as I took my mouth from hers and bent down to ravage her neck. She was grinding her whole body into mine. Her arms were wrapped around me and her hands traveled up and down the back of my body from my hair to my ass. I looked up at her with one eye. Her mouth was open and she was gasping. Taking one swollen nipple between my thumb and forefinger I pinched her lightly, then harder, harder still, then savagely twisted it as hard as I could. She almost screamed but she was still too conscious of where she was. I humped my groin against her and she gasped again as my monster hard-on mashed her mons through her jeans.

"Are you as hungry as I am, baby? I asked. "Do you want it as bad as I do? Have you been thinking about getting fucked as much as I've been thinking about fucking you? Like what you feel, baby?" I smiled at her and pressed my cock against her hips.

She started to say, "Oh shit, Mickey. You feel so good. But not here, ok sugar? It's too public..." I shut her up with my tongue. I pressed her back harder against the car. Insinuating a hand between us, no easy task, I unbuttoned her fly. Her pants were loose and my hand just slipped right in against her wetness.

"You little slut!" I whispered between clenched teeth. "No panties? You're a bad little girl, aren't you? You know Daddy's going to have to punish you but first..."

My fingers slid up and down her wetness. She was soaked. My fingers found her clit and followed the same pattern they had with her nipple, pinch hard, harder, harder, vicious twist. This time she did scream and came at the same time, drenching my hand - and her pants. An ejaculator! Be still my pounding heart. I was in heaven. Sexy, a squirter, and clearly a masochist. I raised my eyes to the sky and silently thanked my Higher Power.

She collapsed back against the car. Clearly her legs could barely support her any longer. My cock felt bigger than it ever had in my life. My whole being was drowning in lust. Suddenly I was snapped back to reality by the sound of applause! Five hunky gay leather men were standing there, admiring looks on their faces, hands clapping.

"Oh honey!" One of them exclaimed in a nellie voice at complete odds with his leather daddy outfit. "Work that boy! Teach him who his master is!"

I smiled at them with real delight. I felt like I had just passed an initiation and joined an exclusive men's club. "Oh honey!" I mimicked the leather queen. "You have no idea..." With that I ripped open her shirt and exposed her small, yet decidedly female, tits. With my other hand I started to tug on her jeans. "Drop them!" I commanded.

"Mickey!" She whispered furiously, her eyes widening.

"Drop 'em, slut." Silently I prayed she would comply. I didn't want to be embarrassed in front of my new brothers. "Take them off you stupid cunt! NOW!" I roared. Then, blessedly, she complied. She moaned sensuously as her jeans crumpled around her ankles. The leather men shouted their approval and then to a man stopped and stared in amazement as they realized that it wasn't exactly two of their brothers they had busted in the alley but two women. I laughed at the stunned look on their faces.

"Don't have to be a man to be a Daddy, boys!" I crowed. Then looking at the beautiful bitch I was with I said, "Drop to your knees and suck my dick, cunt. Show these boys that bad little girls know how to suck cock." For another moment I was afraid she wouldn't comply, that she couldn't be willing to do this but then she dropped to her knees and with her teeth undid the buttons on my jeans. My cock, freed at last of its confines, sprang up. I almost gasped with relief. It's not easy packing an 8-1/2 inch hardcock all evening. With a loud moan Gloria engulfed my cock with her lips. I was almost faint with pleasure. Every butch who's had the pleasure will tell you that they can feel their cock getting sucked, they can feel a femme's lips and teeth and tongue and tonsils, when their cocks get sucked. I was just about to cum. It took almost all the strength I had to take my cock from her throat.

"I want to fuck your ass," I panted. "I want to pound my dick into your tight ass. I want to split you wide open!"

"No, Mickey! No! Please! Not that! I can't do that, Mickey." Suddenly she was crying. Hysterically she said, "Fuck my pussy, Mickey. Fuck my cunt, Daddy! Fuck me hard, please Daddy!"

"Oh yeah, you fucking whore! I'm gonna fuck you but I'm gonna fuck your ass baby, not your cunt. I'll bet you'll like it, you brazen cunt, but I don't really care if you do or not. Tonight your ass is mine!" Months of no sex spurred me on.

I grabbed her and bent her over a motorcycle parked in the alley. I spit again and again into my palm and then rubbed my hand all over my dick. I was dimly aware of the men in the background laughing and cheering me on. Briefly I imagined them standing there with their dicks in their hands, jerking off to the sight of me preparing to fuck my bitch's shithole. As I split her asscheeks with my hands I aimed a huge gob of spit at her tight rosebud. My aim was perfect and with my thumb I worked it into her hole. She wriggled, first away from the invasion and then back on my thumb with little gasps.

"No, Mickey! I don't like this. I don't want this, Mickey. I've never had anything in my ass, Mickey. Please don't. Please! MICKEY, PLEEEEASE! OH GOD, I HATE THIS, MICKEY!" All the while she was fucking back and forth on my thumb. I could tell she was really crying though. In her mind she didn't want to be sodomized but her body told a different story. I was going to give her what her body wanted. Her mind could catch up whenever it wanted to - or not. I raised her up from the motorcycle just long enough to rip off what remained of her shirt. I savaged her nipples. Incredibly they got even bigger and harder. Tears were running down her face as she begged me not to fuck her ass, as she begged me to be kind to her.

"Please, Mickey. Be nice. Be nice to me. You can fuck me but please fuck my cunt. Okay, baby? Fuck my cunt."

"You think you don't want it, Gloria, but you do." I whispered savagely into her ear. "You know you've fantasized some scene very like this. On restless nights you've laid in bed, hand in your pussy, thinking about some butch taking you in a back alley, thinking about being taken against your will. Look how wet you are, slut!" My hand swam in her cunt juice. I looked over my shoulder at the group of leathermen. A couple of them did have their cocks out. One knelt on the ground silently being fucked in the mouth. "Hey bro's. I could use some help here. I need some one to hold her down so she doesn't try to bolt." The one leather man who was not exposing himself nor partaking of a sex act ambled forward. With no further word from me he held her down.

Raising more spit I slicked up my cock some more. As I pressed my cockhead against what I was now sure was her virgin asshole, she screamed.


The leather man holding her down looked at me and said, "You'd better shut her up, bro."

"Let go of her for a minute." I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. Spinning her around I hissed at her. "Listen up, you stupid bitch. I'm going to fuck your asshole. I get that you've never been fucked there but tonight you're going to be and you're going to like it. You really are a slut, you know. I can tell. I can read you like a book. You think about this all the time. You like being hurt. Look how your tits responded, look how wet you are. You don't think you want this, but you do." Suddenly I slapped her across the mouth. Her eyes flashed and then widened as she realized how much she enjoyed that blow. I really could read her. Here was, at last, my equal. A grrl who would take pain with the same joy that I gave it. She didn't know it yet, but I did.

"You're not going to scream anymore are you, cunt?"

She shook her head anxiously. "No, Daddy," she whimpered. As I pushed her back down on the bike my new buddy gave me the thumbs up before once again helping restrain her. I was tired of her bullshit! I had to fuck her! She was mine to take! I pressed my cockhead against her tight hole.

"No, Mickey!" But she wasn't screaming this time. "Please no! Please no! Please no!" It became a litany as I relentlessly pushed against her opening. I almost screamed myself when the head of my cock pushed past her incredibly tight sphincter. She muffled her cries against the leather of the motorcycle seat. I could see my accomplice's hard-on rising in his jeans under his leather chaps. Fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch I invaded her virgin asshole. It seemed like hours before I had my entire 8-1/2 inch hardpack buried deep in her bowels. For minutes I rested against her back, my cock lodged inside her but not moving at all, letting her get used to the pain. Giving her time to accept and want the pain. She kept up her litany of "please no, please no." Then, almost imperceptibly at first, and then with increasing desire she started to move. She ground her ass against my groin and gripped my monster cock with the muscles in her no longer virgin hole.

"YES, YOU SON OF A BITCH! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! YES, DADDY! FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL'S ASS!" She was screaming again but I didn't care.

"Oh, baby!" I moaned. "You're such a good little girl. Daddy's little girl. So brave. So brave taking Daddy's cock into your tight ass. Ummmmm. You feel so hot!" I pulled my cock out until just the head was still in her ass and then rammed home. She screamed again.


Her screaming was making me nervous. Then I had a brilliant thought! Smiling into the eyes of the leatherman on the other side of the bike, taking in his huge bulge, I said, "Why don't you shut her up with that, man?" I nodded at his crotch. "I know you like boys but a hungry mouth is a hungry mouth, no?"

To my delight he ripped open the fly of his jeans and pulled out an absolutely enormous, uncircumcised cock. It was obviously hard as a rock but so heavy it only stood at half-mast. "Damn! I have got to get me one of those!" I thought and smiled to myself.

Reaching under Gloria I took one of her nipples in my hand and squeezed it savagely. "Do you want it, bitch? Do you want that monster dick in your mouth? Do-you-want-to-suck-that-big-cock-deep-in-to-your-throat?" With each word I pulled my cock almost out of her ass and on the next thrust it back home. Her ass thrust back matching my rhythm. I could feel her silken lining grasping at my pole as I fucked her.

"No, Daddy. No. Oh, yes, yes I do!" She looked up at the leatherdaddy and begged. "Please, Sir. Please fuck my mouth. Use me. Make me gag! I'll be a good little cocksucker for you, Sir."

My accomplice needed no more coaxing. Grabbing her hair in both hands he simultaneously rammed his 10-inch meat slab into her mouth and pulled her head against his crotch. I could hear her gag. Music to my ears.

"That's right, you little fuck," the leatherman crooned. "That's right. Suck my cock. Slime it up. Damn! You've got some natural talent!"

At first our rhythm was a little out of sync but gradually we were thrusting and backing out of ass and throat with a nice steady beat. He had definitely shut her screaming down and now she just moaned unintelligibly, the sound muffled by the horsecock in her mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby. God, your ass is so tight. So sweet. You like this, don't you slut? You like my cock splitting you open. You like sucking my new friend's cock. You like being treated like the whore you know you are, don't you?"

She was unable to reply but her moans were answer enough. That, and the base of my cock pounding against my clit as I roughly buttfucked her, were bringing me to the edge.

"I'm going to shoot, buddy. I'm about to explode! Think we can do it together?" I looked my partner in crime straight in the eye and pounded Gloria's ass even harder. "Cum on, bro. Spill your cum in her throat!"

With matching roars the leatherman and I pounded her back and forth between us. A muffled "uh uh uh" told me that Gloria was about to come as well. Completely losing control I sank my teeth into her shoulder hard enough to draw blood as I came. Within seconds the leatherman yanked his cock out of her mouth and sprayed his hot cum all over her face, a little splashed on me as well. With a scream and a near convulsion Gloria came as well. Her whole body bucked up and down on the bike, dislodging my cock from her bowels.

Grabbing her by her long hair I pulled her up off the bike and then forced her down on her knees on the rough pavement. "Clean me up, bitch!" I growled. "Clean your shit from Daddy's cock. Lick it up, baby!" As her ravaged mouth hungrily slurped at my cock I started to croon softly to her. "That's right, baby. Suck Daddy's cock. Clean it up. You got it all dirty with your nasty ass. Clean it good."

Tears were running down her face but she was ravenously sucking my cock deep into her throat. I reveled in watching her cheeks hollow in and out. Next to assfucking I like a good blow job the best. Looking at her, her black mane of hair a mess, her lips swollen and bruised from the battering she had received from the leatherman, her face splattered with cum, I came again. As I pulled my hardpack from her mouth I smiled at my accomplice and gave him a high five. At the same time another round of applause broke out in the background. Our audience! I had totally forgotten about them. Looking around I saw an even bigger group than had been there at the beginning. I held up my hands and ducked my head in the "no applause" gesture. Then I gave them a mock bow, grinning from ear to ear. Feeling a tap on my shoulder I turned around.

"Do you mind?" My aid had his cock in his hand and was aiming it at Gloria, who was lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. "Mind if I anoint her?"

I almost came again at the mere thought. Trying to look cool I just nodded. There was a moment's pause and then a hard stream of piss exploded out of his cock and rained down on Gloria's face. I watched in wonder as she turned her face up towards him and parted her lips. She gulped hungrily as she accepted his offering. After he shook the last few drops off onto her he bent down and kissed her, almost gently.

"Thank you," he said. "That was incredibly fucking hot. You're a wonder, little girl." He stuffed his now soft cock back into his jeans and then offered me his hand. "You're a lucky woman," he said. "I'd hold onto her if I were you." Smiling he backed off a little ways and then made the "come here" gesture to his group of friends. One by one they came up and pissed on Gloria's exhausted body. She accepted everything with a glazed smile, occasionally licking her lips to taste their offerings. When the last one finished I straddled her face, my cunt over her lips, my cock bobbing gently against her forehead.

"Drink me, slut. Drink your Daddy's piss!" With a moan and a shudder I let go my own flood of hot urine straight into her waiting mouth. My bladder was full and it seemed like my stream went on forever. Hungrily she drank my piss and then licked my wet cunt to clean me off. As she did so it was clear another orgasm wracked her body. I sank down to the ground and cradled her piss soaked body against my own.

"So. Want another date?" I grinned down at her, wickedly.

Tears streamed down her face but a smile played across her lips.

'Yes, please, Daddy."

Stroking her drenched hair, I whispered, "You're a very good girl. You made Daddy very, very happy." I wondered to myself how we were ever going to top this.

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