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First Dom


It was late one Friday night when she made that two hour drive out to the isolated country town. She was alone and trying hard not to think about what she was about to do or what many possibilities awaited her arrival. This was so out of character for her, so cheap, and so dangerous, but she wanted to see what this lifestyle was really like, first hand. She’d read about it, talked about it, but never experienced it.

She didn't really know this man. When she considered that she could be injured, even killed, or kidnapped, shared with men not of her own choosing, or even women, forced to perform acts against her will, her stomach would quiver and she would almost turn back. Almost...but she argued with herself in her own mind.

“Oh, how likely is that, really? This is the only way you’ll know if you want this and chances are it will be fun or at least tolerable. You love to please a man and this is just another way to do that.”

“So the sex might be no good. You’ve made yourself go through horrible sex before, with that son of a bitch you once called husband, and you made it. How bad could it be, after being fucked the exact same way, with the exact same script, almost every single fucking monotonous night for eight long, insufferable years? At least your pussy will be wet for this! Hell, it already is. You are ready for this. You have to know.”

“If you didn’t want this, you’d have gone back home by now.”

This was her last thought as she emerged from her conservative, reliable four-door in the parking lot of a nameless dive-it could’ve been anywhere-intent upon meeting her first true Dominant. Her Dom. A Master. A man who wished to have full control over her body, mind, and sexuality for an indeterminate period of time.

A thrill shot up her back at the thought as she straightened her clothes and touched up her make-up in the reflection of the car’s window. Her challenge tonight would be to please him, to quickly learn and obey his rules. This, having no way of knowing anything about what they might be.

She knew already that she was expected to call him Daddy. He bestowed upon her the name of Princess. He wanted her. It was enough for her. It was so very little. She did not care.

She entered and looked around a hazy, poorly lit bar, her eyes taking a moment to adjust to the scene. Immediately, her Master spotted her and haled her to him. He had already ordered her drink. It was one of her favorite red wines. She’d completely forgotten he had asked what she liked during one of their talks preparing for this meeting.

He made a little small talk with her and waited for the wine to have it’s desired effect, letting her relax with him and chat blithely, as if they were two old friends just reunited. When she mentioned needing to visit the powder room, he gave her detailed directions and watched her as she went. She realized she had not eaten that night-nerves, she supposed-and her stomach began to growl.

Daddy heard this, as she returned to him. He immediately said, “Let’s go, you need something to eat.” and they went. There was no question and he did not seek her opinion about where to go. She followed him in her car.

Throughout the night, she learned not to say, “OK” to him. Always, it must be, “Yes, sir” or “Yes, Daddy”, if they were out of the earshot of others. She learned not to shake her head or look at him too long. She learned that she must speak up, clearly, and loudly. She was chastised for wearing a shirt that was too sexy in public.

It was low-cut enough to frame her full, firm, well-shaped, D-cup breasts. When she leaned over just enough, she gave Daddy a very nice view of a voluptuous pair of tits. Hearing his displeasure, she straightened and he chastised her for that, too. He wanted her to be a bad girl. He wanted to tell her what a whore she was and he did. Every time he did, her desire to be good for and obedient to him grew stronger.

Walking her to her car, he began kissing her and fondling her. Anyone could have seen them and known exactly what he was doing to her! She blushed furiously, but did not resist him. Her arousal took her by surprise. It seemed heightened by her humiliation.

Her Master then asked her to get in her car. This was when she decided she would argue with him, saying it wasn’t fit to be seen. He then ordered her to open it. The look in his steely eyes sent a chill down her spine and she complied without further objection.

He got in with her and she thought he might fuck her right there in the car. She felt excited by him and what he was doing to her...touching her everywhere at once, it seemed, grabbing her ass, flicking and toying with her erect nipples through her clothes, kissing her on the mouth, neck, wrists...anything he could kiss. She didn’t want to do it in the car-what if they were caught? What if she were arrested? The only other options were to leave, missing what she came for, or go with him to a hotel. She didn’t wholly trust him.

When he parked to get the room, he walked back to her and said, “I expect you to wait right here for me. I’ll come back for you.” The way he ordered her was sexy...demanding, with ease and confidence. He really did fully expect her compliance in every little thing, and she had decided to yield to him.

He gave her directions to the staircase leading to the room, but did not tell her which way to go when she reached the top, so she hesitated on the landing, waiting for his further instruction and said nothing. With patience in his voice, he almost whispered, “Turn to your left” and she knew she had passed another test by waiting for him to tell her where to go. She had been a good girl.

She entered the room and walked until he said, “Stop there”. She was facing a small dresser, which came up to her knees. It was backed by a tall mirror, which ran the length of the wall. He did not turn on the light as she expected, but she soon felt him behind her as he slid on arm around her waist.

In her ear now, his voice grew harsher and more insistent than before, “You’ve been a bad girl this week, haven’t you? What’s that? No?”

“I-I mean, no, Sir.”

“Then you lied to Daddy, princess. Have you forgotten what you told me earlier this week about that bad pussy wanting to get fucked? Daddy will have to punish you for that. Tell me now, what did you do that was bad? Tell Daddy about your dirty little slut pussy. Tell me what bad things you did this week with MY pussy, Princess.”

“Oh, Daddy, I...”

She felt his other hand against her back, working it’s way quickly upwards to push her forcefully forward, bending her at the waist. She rested on her hands, which were now spread out on the dresser.

Once willingly in position, his hand moved to lift her skirt, exposing her full, smooth, round, ass...there was little hidden from his gaze by the thong she wore, which he pulled up higher, using it to separate those firm cheeks even more.

Then he did it. This was what she wondered about. She felt a slight sting the first time he slapped her, but it felt strangely exciting to her. He had put his arm around her again, to hold her in place if she tried to move. He struck her three times, each a little harder than the last. With the third smack, she cried out and he knew she would speak more freely now.

“Now tell Daddy what you did with his pussy!”

“Oh, Daddy! I got your pussy wet all week (slap!), thinking about fucking a man I see every day (slap!-harder).

I’m sorry, Daddy! I want to suck his cock (slap!) every time I see him...feel it between my tits (slap!-very hard! “You dirty fucking whore!” Tell Daddy what else you want from that mother-fucker!”).

I’m so sorry, Daddy! I want to put my hands all over his body (“You slut!”-Hard slap!) and ride him until he screams my name and shoots his hot, sticky load deep inside me!”

“Inside you, Princess? Or inside your Daddy’s cunt? That’s my pussy. I own it. (“Yes, Daddy”) But you’d give it away to anyone, wouldn’t you? (“Yes, Daddy!“) WOULDN’T YOU? (Hard Slap! “Oh, did that hurt you?”….“Yes, Daddy, a little.”) That‘s why I have to do this to you-teach you to give it when I say. You‘re a bad girl, aren‘t you? Tell me you‘re a bad girl.”

“Yes, Daddy. I‘m a bad girl.”

“Now, Baby, get on your knees and show Daddy how sorry you are. Make it up to Daddy, all the bad things you made your pussy do when he wasn’t there to help you control his hot little cunt.”

She hadn’t seen him remove his clothes, but he was naked as he pulled her dress over her head, expertly unclasped her bra, and sat on the edge of the bed, pushing her urgently down to her knees as he went. His cock was rock-hard, having not even been touched.

It was the longest rod she’d ever seen, hairless, and narrow. It was easy to suck. She explored it eagerly with her tongue and mouth, licking him from balls to head, in short bursts and long, taking the head into her mouth a giving it a quick, hard suck before returning to the shaft, taking his balls into that hot mouth and pulling them, too.

She could feel the cum wanting release, but he restrained it. It happened again and again. That cock was throbbing with want. She then stopped teasing and took as much as she could of that hard, long, ready shaft into her mouth.

She took that bastard far into her mouth-she could swallow and he could feel the muscles of her throat close around the head as she did. He was groaning, grinding, and pulling her hair, pushing her head down, guiding it up and down, up and down the length of his cock.

It was so fucking smooth, the skin so taught and bright red with the strain of the erection itself and of withholding the geyser within. It felt good in her mouth.

Without warning, he pulled her up and directed her to stand. Again, with heat and what sounded like controlled panic, he harshly whispered, “How do you like it, Princess?”

“Hard, fast, and deep,” she whispered in response to him.

He fairly threw her backwards, then, onto the bed. His strength in doing so surprised and thrilled her. He climbed and entered her all in what seemed like one motion, causing her to cry out at the sudden, deep penetration.

He gave her exactly what she asked for…a good, hard, fast, penetrating fuck! She was so slick and he was so hard that the thrusting was like magic. There was no friction at all as he pounded her soft, full pussy.

She instinctively wrapped her legs around him, which urged him on even more. Within seconds, she was crying out, “Oh, Michael! Oh, God, Daddy, YEEEESSSSSS!”, clutching at him, pulling him into her even deeper. Then she felt him stiffen all over, burying that dick farther inside her than anyone ever had before.

He gave a slight cry, and, after holding it in her hard and deep until every drop of cum was inside her, he relaxed on her for a moment, his harsh breathing slowly growing normal, his heart rate still going strong.

He kissed his redeemed Princess gently then, cooing to her that she had been a very good girl for him and that he forgives her for being such a slut-his slut. He insisted that she sleep on his chest. He stroked her hair until she rested, content and worn out.

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