tagIncest/TabooFirst Encounter

First Encounter

byThe Freek©

As I look into her soft blue eyes I am reminded of a few times when she was more than just my sister in law.

Her long dirty blonde hair caresses her faces and accentuates the natural glow of her skin. Her sunglasses slip down her nose as she looks over her shoulder at me as she climbs into the pool. She giggles softly as the chilly waters fall over every curve of her body. She pauses on the ladder before she dips her waist into the water. She has a look of something more than just the cold water, it's something sensual. I can see from my chair that she is rubbing herself under the water. She claims that it is so cold in the pool she just can't believe it. I know different, as the pool is early 80 degrees. Plenty warm enough to avoid the reaction she is having. I watch her and smile gently at her as she continues to fondle herself. She turns her back as she reaches between her legs. Her head falls back as she carefully wets her hair.

Shaking slightly she jumps up onto an air mattress to work on her tan. I quickly fall into a fantasy of how much I would love to be a sunbeam and have free reign to touch her all over. I touch her long shapely legs, fondling the space between her large breasts and squishing myself into the material of her bathing suit to get at her nipples. It doesn't take me long to realize that I am getting aroused. Thoughts of when she was younger quickly fill my head. I think back to when it all started.

It was a time before the 22 year old was floating before me. I time when most of what happened would get me into a lot of trouble. When I was in my twenties I rented a room in the basement from my mother in law. It was a horrible little dungeon of a basement complete with no heat and poor facilities. But it was mine and I could set my own rules. Due to the fact that I was the only member of the house who didn't work nights, I spent a great deal of time taking care of my sister in law. Many times I would have a shower after work only to find her sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, waiting for me. My usual question of where everyone else was got the usual answer of work. It was just the two of us again. Now many young guys may have had a problem with a girl sitting in the bathroom while they showered, but I kind of liked it.

After a few times of this she caught me at a time when I was feeling considerably excitable. I made a point to open the curtain wide enough for her to see me while I showered. I made a point of rubbing my cock a few extra times to ensure that it started to grow for her. She didn't leave, but just sat there and said very little. I could see her in the shaving mirror as she peered into the tub and looked at my body. Knowing she was doing this got me so excited that I had to stop touching myself for fear of losing control to fast. I turned myself around when I was rinsing my hair to give her a good look at my cock. I heard her make a loud gasp and I heard the door close and she was gone. I thought this was funny and decided to keep it up.

After my shower I got my housecoat on and nothing more. I sat in the living room directly behind her as she lay on the floor. I left my legs open enough to let her see my now softer cock. All she had to do was turn around. At the commercial break she turned slightly as she got up, but she didn't look. I was disappointed. She took off upstairs. I thought that this was the end of my fun. Little did I know what she was doing? A few minutes later she returned and immediately jumped up on my lap and started to play fight.

She spun around with her back to me and I put her into a type of arm bar. As we played and twisted I pushed her forward and she bent over with her head right between my legs. She was about six inches from my cock. I could tell she was looking right at it. She used her other hand to grab my housecoat and pull it up for a better view. I think she thought I wouldn't notice but how could I not. I was getting aroused again. My cock was getting hard and sneaking towards her face. I held her there as it grew closer and closer. I could now see that it was no longer covered by the housecoat and was only an inch from her face. Something in me twitched. I didn't care that she was my girlfriends sister or the fact that I was dating her sister. All I cared about was her seeing my cock and how she reacted to it. I was so excited.

As I held her there I realized I could see everything from the front in the decorative mirror I had been given for Christmas. I could feel the pre shot starting to ooze out of the tip of my cock. Her head rose in surprise but she didn't jump back. I watched her stick her tongue out as she thought about licking it. My insides danced with excitement. Lick it I thought. Come on lick it. She turned her head slightly and roughly banged her face off of the head. "Ouch" she said. I let go immediately. She hopped off of my lap and ran upstairs. I saw her wipe her cheek as she headed down the hallway. I thought for sure I was dead and that she would certainly tell her mother. I covered up and headed upstairs to try to calm the situation and hopefully get my self out of trouble.

When I got upstairs she was nowhere in sight. I finally noticed her bedroom door was shut. I knew that it didn't lock so I pushed it open. Suddenly my eyes were filled with her naked ass lying on the bed partially covered. Her shorts were around her feet. She quickly pulled them under the blanket as she heard me enter the room. She turned to look at me. Her face was fully blushed and panicked. I asked if she was ok and she said she was. As I moved to leave the room I saw the glob of my pre shot wasn't on her cheek but now on the edge of her mouth. I paused for a moment as I looked at her before I headed out and back down stairs.

I sat in my chair as I worried about the implications of what had just happened. It seemed like an hour before she reappeared in the door way. I said I was sorry if I hurt her and she smiled and said she was fine. I shook as she stepped past me and lay on the floor on her stomach. We watched TV for about ten minutes before I noticed she had her legs open. There in front of me staring directly at me was her little pink pussy, naked and pink. I gasped at the sight and thought she must have liked what she saw. I was even more excited than before. I watched for a while before she climbed back up on my lap and cuddled in before she started play fighting some more.

Where was this going and where would it end. I was brought back to the poolside as I felt the cold water splash onto my chest. She was laughing at me she swam away. I looked down to see my cock had formed a tent in my bathing suit that was hard to miss. I probably got splashed because she noticed it. She looked at me and said are you coming. I paused as I caught a sly look on her face as to her double meaning. I rose from my chair and headed for the pool to at least cool off. I suddenly understood how the water could feel so cold when it was so hot.

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