tagBDSMFirst Encounter

First Encounter


It is nearly time.

i have already bathed, then stood with on leg up on the tub wall and enjoyed a light cleansing enema, to be fresh for Him. Sitting on the edge of the tub, i soap and then carefully shave my legs smooth, running my fingers lightly over shin, calf and knee, ensuring that they are perfectly smooth. Lying back in the tub now on a folded towel, i reach for a fresh razor and shaving cream, then run a little warm water into the tub for rinsing. i run a finger under my arms - no, still perfectly smooth two days after shaving previously. Good.

i raise my ass, spread my knees and apply the shaving cream to my ass and the back of my pussy. With a small hand mirror, I carefully shave this area, then put the mirror down and spread my labia so that I can shave very closely, no hairs remaining. i apply shaving cream to the front of my pussy now, and carefully shave to the mons, slowly tracing behind with my fingers to make sure that i am soft and entirely smooth. The mons is next, and i shave it twice, carefully, until it too is smooth to the touch. i rinse all thoroughly with my bath sponge, filling it and gently squeezing the water across my pussy and ass, momentarily enjoying the sensation of the water against my smooth skin, across my clit, dripping down my slit, down the crack of my ass.

Quickly i rise from the tub, knowing that He would not approve of even this small self-pleasure, let the water out and reach for one of the large, fluffy towels i have scented and prepared. Gently i pat myself dry, wrap the towel around my hair and sit naked at my dressing table.

Almond-scented lotion first, light coating on my feet and legs, feeling sensuously smooth as i rub it into my calves, thighs and hips. A few drops on my mons, gently stroking it to soak in all around my pussy lips, Standing, i lotion my hips, my ass cheeks, feeling my skin silken beneath my touch. My tummy, arms and breasts are next, and I gasp as I smooth the lotion over my nipples, still sore from the pinching and pulling as He instructed last night on the telephone.

Makeup is next applied carefully, with a sure touch, blending rouge and eyeshadow smoothly, taking care so that the mascara doesn't touch my skin. A touch of lipstick in a becoming shade, then i stand and lightly spray a cloud of Opium perfume into the air, walking through the fine mist so that there will be just a hint of its intoxicating scent on my skin, in my hair.

In my closet, i hesitate...what would most please Him? I settle finally on a filmy red silk peignoir dusted with tiny silver stars, with it's tiny matching thong, thin strings holding a small triangular wisp of fabric in the front. After putting them on, i feel more naked than before, the silk caressing my skin like a whisper.

In a drawer i find a very sheer, red pair of thigh high stockings and smile, remembering the purchase after he had sent my garments to me. Perfect match. Carefully, i pull on the stockings, smoothing them to the tops of my thighs, feeling them lightly encircling my thigh just below my ass, emphasizing it Hmmm, shoes...black high-heeled pair of stiletto Mary Janes, buckled across the instep.

Glancing at the clock, i catch my breath. Only a moment to spare, and i look around...all is clear and clean, a light fresh scent of lemon oil drifting in the air. i put the wine in an ice bucket, get two crystal wineglasses and put them all on a tray, some fruit and cheese and His favorite crackers....OK.

i hear footsteps nearing my door, and walk quickly to open it before He must knock. His eyes meet mine and hold for a moment, then He smiles and kisses me lightly before entering, small athletic bag in His hand. Locking the door, I turn to find His eyes caressing me, seeing the care I have taken to prepare for Him. He glances toward the wine, and nods slightly. I look at Him questioningly, and He nods again, gesturing downward with His right hand.

I bend to pour the wine, and feel His hands pull my hair, then twist it until I am on my knees before Him.

"Do you value me so lightly, my girl?" He says to me huskily. "Suck the dust from my cock."

Chastened, I unzip Him, slide His trousers below his hips, and taste His slightly musky scent, my nose buried in his balls as i begin to lick his cock from the base up, feeling Him respond, feeling Him stiffen against my cheek as i lick and suck His cock up from the back, finally slipping His hardness into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the head, i feel myelf getting so slick, so wet as i feel His cock responding, hard in my mouth, down my throat, responding in kind..

"Bend over the couch, and hold your wrists together," He says, and i feel the first thrill of fear and trust, intertwined, as i obey. His nakedness teases my ass as i feel Him bend over me, saying "this will help," and I feel the restraints, first the left wrist, then the right, then the lock that holds them together.

"Keep them over your head, at the top of the couch, no matter what," He says, and i feel my nipples, hard and tingling now, and my pussy throbbing, needing. He pushes my knees forward, and my ass back and up...

"Wait for it..." he says. "Wait..."and i am tingling all over now, white-hot rushes of electricity overwhelming my body. He spreads my knees wide with...what, some flexible, determined instrument...and I dare not look, but keep my face looking forward and up at my wrists.

I feel Him lock the restraints onto my ankles, and the chain he connects to my wrists now, and i feel the chain cold against my ass. The riding crop teases my pussy lips open, and I feel myself slick as the shaft teases me, my wetness making it slide so easily...He rubs it against my clit, feeling my excitement, getting me so close, I want to cum so bad, so bad, and my hips rub against it, so excited now, mmmm, so ready as he keeps sliding the crop shaft against my clit. I open my knees wider, rubbing my clit against the shaft, yessss, so damn good, please, please let me cum...

His forearm pulls my ass up now, and i feel it, so vulnerable, my peignor pulled up over my ass... and the first blow of the crop makes me cry out, as I feel him caress the warm, hot place.

"More, baby?" He says, and caresses my clit again with the crop. As the shock reduces, i.sense him tense and i jerk forward, but this feels good, and i feel my tits and pussy responding in a way i had never conceived of before. i venture a look over my shoulder at him, and he smiles, then kisses me.

"Take it for Me, baby," He says, and i will do anything to please Him. again, and i feel my ass hot, red, so sensitive now as He caresses it softly, over the welts, and i feel the waves of electricity again, so close to cumming with His touch, wanting more, needing the pain...

"Please," i whisper to him, "ten strokes, soft to hard..." and i feel my pussy and ass twitching, my pussy beginning to salivate, to throb in anticipation.

"Twenty," He says, "one additional for your insolence in assuming My weakness, for each lash you have earned," and i force myself to relax, to prepare. The blows come, some hard, some soft, never in a pattern, so that i am dripping, wanting Him so very badly, the crop stinging hard, my ass burning, the blows stinging...i feel the slow drip of oil down my ass, down the crack of my pussy as he slowly strokes them both with the crop, me hot everywhere.

The riding crop comes down again, rhythmic, stinging, hurting, makes me so damn hot, and i feel myself opening despite myself, wanting Him inside me anywhere, any way...the pain becomes hypnotic, and I feel myself responding despite myself, getting hotter, the pain becomes pleasure unto itself, each blow so anticipated, then the shock of it stings, hurts, harder and i want more, God i want more, don't stop this incredible feeling...

"Sit up," he says, and draws me around. i can see His cock now, hot and hard. His fingers encircle my swollen nipples, suddenly squeezing and i yelp as he pulls and releases them. "You do that" he says, "Hard and spin them, pull them, twist and pinch hard." He is behind me now as i obey. Suddenly His cock thrusts full hard into my pussy, and i gasp at the combined sensations, as he fucks me i am helpless, pinned to His cock, meeting each thrust, begging that the rhythm continues, wanting Him so badly, needing to cum, needing it so bad, throbbing...

"No," He says, "not yet my love." i feel more hot oil dripping , his fingers following them with His cock still inside me. His fingers, two, three??? begin fucking my ass and i rock back on them, on His cock, wanting it all now... His cock and fingers thrust, again and again, bringing me yet and again close to cumming then backing off, stopping me, i start to beg Him for release, please, please....his fingers on my clit, keeping me so close but not allowing the release...suddenly he withdraws, holds me away... hard on my ass now, and i jump, feeling His hand slapping hard against my clit, combined pain and pleasure again, and i am dripping, his cock against my ass....

"Ready, baby?" He asks, and

"OMG, yessss!" i hiss as his cock slides, surely, into my ass and the world explodes into a kaleidoscope of sensation, his fingers on my clit, and he builds speed and depth, my ass meeting his cock now as he comes in deep, hard, and i cry out,

"Please, baby, please," and he stops...

"Not yet, baby, soon..." and resumes his rhythm, cock fucking my ass, fingers teasing me, untl his fingers suddenly hold my pussy lips open and i feel Him stiffen, feel His cum pumping into my ass, and He says "NOW baby you may cum..."

Electric sparks fill my ass and pussy, his cock filling me and i cum hard, all around him, everywhere, from my face to my toes, such intense sensation, never going to stop, never...never...never......

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