tagBDSMFirst Encounter

First Encounter


The plane landed with a large jolt and she grabbed onto the arms of her seat tightly. This had been her first time on a plane and she was nervous as hell, her hands shaky the whole time. She did plan on sleeping during the 14-hour flight but that hardly worked out. Every time she closed her eyes the picture of the plane plummeting from the sky was shown in her head. After that she didn't even want to blink. So she turned on her zune full blast and stared straight forward. Shifting every few minutes to try and find a more comfortable position. Reaching her hand up she felt her collar, the one that she had been wearing almost a year now. It would soon be changed by the new collar that her Master had picked out. Thinking about that moment it would be off her neck for only a second got her a little jumpy. She had never once taken it off.

" We have landed safely, you may all unbuckle your seatbelts. The door will be opened shortly and you may exit the plane in a single file line. Thank you for flying with us, have a nice day." Was heard from the speakers around the plane and she quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and stood up, wincing as she did and waited for her neighbor to step into the aisle. She was wearing a short skirt and a tank top, with a simple pair of flip-flops. Looking down at her outfit as she walked down the aisle, she hoped her Master would approve.

She walked down the stairs and into the airport, looking around for the Master she has never met before but has fallen deeply in love with. He spotted her before she seen him. He was leaning against the far right corner of the room and waited patiently, she would see him soon enough. As soon as she turned her head to the right she saw him and her heart jumped, pounding in her chest. A huge smile on her face she quickly walked over to him, ready to jump into his arms. " Master!!" He just stood his ground, a firm and stern face and lifted an eyebrow.

" Is that how a slave greets her Master?" He spoke with a low growl in his voice. She quickly froze and looked around at all the people surrounding them and looked at the floor quietly. Slowly she fell down to her knees and leaned forward, placing her hands on the hard floor in front of her, keeping her eyes down. Her white panties now showing, anyone who looked this way would be able to see them easily. Her face heated up with embarrassment, but she kept her place.

He looked down at her, more than anything he wanted to hold her, to keep her with him at all times. But this needed to be done; she needed to be shown her place from the very start. Walking to her side he reached down under her skirt and patted her round bum, making her squirm." I see you've done as I told you and inserted your butt plug." Reaching a little lower he rubbed her clit lightly through the cotton and felt her wet spot. " You seem to be enjoying this, slave. Getting off on being like this in public, huh? Such a dirty girl you are." He whispered in her ear, while slipping a blindfold over her eyes and clipped a leash to her collar, tugging her along. Even though she had the blindfold on she still kept her head down and followed obediently, wondering how many people were staring. But that thought quickly changed to keeping up with her Master as he began to speed up. She felt a sudden wind and knew they were outside, as the carpet changed to concrete.

"What about my bags? ", she thought to herself, causing herself to stop only for a moment. He tugged hard on her leash making her gasp and immediately start crawling again until her head hit the door of the car with a quiet thump. He looked down at her and chuckled a little, rubbing the spot where she hit and guided her back a few feet before opening the door.

" In you go, cunt" he ordered her. He knew name-calling was what really got her going and wanted her nice and horny before she even walked through his door, or crawled he should say. Quickly she climbed into the front seat, thankful to get out of everyone's view. Sitting back in the seat she took a deep breath, but before she could even blow it out she felt her hands being pulled back behind the seat and cuffed together. It caused her breasts to push out and gave easy access to her Master. He climbed out of the back seat and slammed the door, making her jump, and walked around the front of the car, watching her the whole time. She looked gorgeous like this, nervous and vulnerable, not knowing what's going to happen to her next. Getting into the driver side he started the car "Make sure you keep those pretty little legs of yours spread as much as you can." He said as he put the car into gear and drove to the exit of the airport. She did as she was told, and listened as things became quiet.

All she could hear was the low hum of the car and it was relaxing to her. They had been driving for about fifteen minutes when gently he placed his hand on her thigh. She tensed up for just a moment and relaxed, a small smile appearing on her face and he moved his hand deeper between her legs. He pressed the side of his pinky between her slit and squeezed her thigh. With a small moan her legs began to close slowly with pleasure. Quickly he slapped her thigh hard and made her yelp. "What did I say about your legs, slave? Didn't I give you an order?" She opened them back up letting out a deep breath. She was calmed down only a few minutes ago and now he had her all worked up once again as her panties began to dampen again. He grinned at her, moving her panties aside and sliding his middle finger into her tight soaked hole. Squirming and moaning, she pushed her chest out even further. Pulling out he moved his hand up her stomach and up to one of her nipples. " They're so welcoming when you're all tied up like this, slave." Pinching them hard as he told her this in a whisper. He could feel himself growing in his jeans and couldn't wait to get her home.

"Please, Master. Please play with me a little more." She said breathlessly, silently he pulled his hand away and left her like that. She squirmed and panted in the seat next to him. All she wanted was for him to take her, to use her how she needed to be. That was her place, to do all she could to please him, and she loved it.

They were only a few minutes from his home and once again he reached over to her, quickly taking one of her nipples between his thumb and pointer finger, giving it one good hard pinch. It was hard enough to cause her to scream and she jerked forward in her seat toward his hand. He laughed at her as he pulled into his driveway and shut the ignition off and stepped out of his car. Without his smile once leaving his face he moved to her side and opened the door kissing her hard on the lips. She immediately pushed her head towards him, not wanting it to end as she breathed heavily through her nose. She wanted him to take her right here, right now and he pulled away. Giving a small whimpers she searched for his lips again but they were to far.

He uncuffed her and helped her out of the car, guiding her to her knees once again and pulled her to his front door. Gently he took the blindfold off her head and she stared up at him. She had so much lust in her eyes by now, but he could see the innocence she still held. Kneeling down beside her he kissed her on the forehead and whispered kindly to her.

"Slave this is my house, you know that." She nodded. "Good, and that means you follow MY rules at all times." She understood and nodded again. " Good, now no slave of mine will be wearing clothes under my roof, the only thing I want to see you crawling around is in that pretty little collar of yours. Unless I say otherwise, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." She spoke quietly. He stood up but continued to look at her with a smile as he opened his door. Stepping inside he left just enough room for her to crawl through and she had a feeling of what was to come next.

"I'll see you in a minute then, slave." And he walked into the house, sitting down in the chair facing away from the door. She looked around still on her hands and knees, looking to see if anyone was around. Slowly she began to undress herself. First came off her shirt and skirt, looking around nervously again she then pulled off her panties and bra, leaving them in a small pile on the porch she crawled through the house and closed the door behind her. Quietly she crawled until she was kneeling before her Master and looked up, again with that innocence that he loved to see. It caused him to grow even larger in his pants, just because he knew he would be the one taking that from her.

"Turn around, cunt. I want your cheek on the floor and your ass up high." She turned around slowly placing her right cheek on the floor and arching her back so her ass was as high as she could get it. He watched please that she still had her butt plug in, it was a small one, and he knew she could handle much in her tight hole. But that was going to be changed soon. He tapped one finger on the plug causing her to move her ass from side to side and groan. He grinned and began pulling it out and pushing it back in and watched as her fists balled up and eyes closed tightly. Leaning back, he pulled it out and set it beside her and watched her for a moment looking down at her cunt and watched how it became slick and wet with her own juices. She waited for his next move breathing heavily and hoping she was pleasing him.

Reaching down he slid his finger back and forth between her slit and into her hole. She gasped and moaned arching her back down a little further and pushing herself onto his hand and off. He let her do this for a moment before pulling and giving her ass a good slap, he grinned loving the sound of it and watched as his hand formed on her cheek. Quietly he unzipped himself and pulled out his rock hard cock and kneeled down behind her. " Are you ready, cunt?" She moaned and knew she was, she had been waiting for this moment for so long and just wanted him inside her now.

He rested the head of his cock against her wet cunt and slid it up and down getting it nice and went before he took her sweet innocence. Putting a little pressure on her hole she tensed up a little waiting for him to enter her, she didn't know if he was going to be gently or not and this made her extremely nervous. Slowly he pushed his head inside and she let out a small whimper as he began to push into her even further. One inch, two inch until he couldn't handle it anymore and he quickly pushed inside her all the way. She jerked her head back with a small cry and let her head fall back down. It hurt at first as he began to thrust back and forth, but slowly she began to feel pleasure and her climax began to build. He yanked her head back, moving his mouth next to her ear.

"Are you enjoying my cock in your wet cunt, whore?" He whispered to her.

"Yes, Master." She said back breathlessly, pushing herself all the way onto him, making her yell out and dig her fingers into the carpet. She was getting close as his thrust became quicker and quicker. Letting go of her hair he grabbed her hips and thrusted even harder. He throbbed and grunted as he fucked her cunt without any mercy. With one last thrust he shot his cum deep inside her as she yelled and squirmed underneath him. She fell to the floor leaving her ass in the air as her body began to quiver. Pulling out he wiped the rest of his cum all over he cheeks.

"Turn over." She did, leaning back on her hands and spreading her legs as she caught her breath. "Seems you didn't get to orgasm, slave." He smiled at her. She nodded quietly, it didn't bother her too much, he got his pleasure and that's all that mattered to her even though she ached to have a release of her own. "Slide two fingers in your cunt." As she did this it caused his own cum to spill out of her. "Wiggle them." He spoke sternly, and she did, causing her to moan and squirm and she felt her own orgasm building up. "Now, lick my cum off your fingers, cumbucket." She moaned and moved her fingers to her lips; sucking on them she tasted him and herself together. She felt so vulnerable in front of him and this is what she's wanted for so long. "You may pleasure yourself to an orgasm, slave."

Her hands shot down between her legs as she fingered herself with one hand and rubbed her clit with other as fast as her hand could go. Tossing her head back she moaned and her body began to tense up and she came, harder than she ever has before. Knowing his eyes were still on her she kept her legs open as best she could. When she was done she collapsed backwards as her eyes fluttered and she panted, her legs twitched. She felt him pick her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thank you, Master." She was able to say as she was laid down onto his bed. He lay besides her wrapping his arms around her for the first time and kissed the top of her head.

"You rest now my, slave. There's so much ahead of you." He said as they lay in each other's arms and quickly drifted off to sleep.

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