tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Encounter

First Encounter


Occasionally I get the urge to see pictures of naked women. I know, huge surprise, right? You can see any number of random pictures across the internet but there is something fantastic about getting one sent to you randomly by someone you don't know. To this end, I will sometimes post an add on Craislist soliciting such photos. Usually I get spam from who knows where, but I have gotten real replies as well. One of these replies was from a girl named Michelle, or so she said. Again, the point is anonymity so it didn't matter if that was her real name or not.

She sent some great pictures. Never any of her face but there were some nice pictures of her playing with herself while snapping the photo with her phone. Suffice it to say they were hot. One picture was of her showing off her ass in the bathroom mirror. She had a great body, curvy in all the right places and very inviting. I used those photos wisely, if you know what I mean. One thing about Michelle was that she would also chat via email. It was rare to get more than one or two emails when meeting someone this way so she was like the proverbial 'real live hot chick' needle in the 'internet' haystack. This continued for a time where I would send her different photos I would get from other women on the internet and would occasionally get one in reply. This was an excellent arraignment as far as I was concerned.

Late one Thursday, I had to make a trip to the local mall to pick up a birthday present for a relative of mine. I generally avoid the mall like the plague, but it was unavailable on this day. As I was walking through the middle of the mall, I notice a girl bending over, picking something up off the floor. She looked good and it caught my eye. She was wearing a loose fitting short skirt and a tight tank top. Her shirt had gotten hiked up just a little bit when she bent over and I could see a tattoo showing on her back. My heart jumped a little when I saw it. I had seen this tattoo before. It was the tattoo that was on Michelle's back in the photo she had sent me of her ass.

I suddenly got really nervous. I didn't want to just walk up and say, "Hey, I think I am the guy you sent dirty pictures to on the internet. How are you?" That seemed a little too forward. Plus I didn't really know if it was her, but I didn't want to let this opportunity pass by either just in case. One thing I had noticed about the emails she sent me were that they were from her iPhone. I too had a iPhone so I decided to send her an email and see if the girl in the mall reacted. I took a seat on a bench where I could see her looking at a kiosk of sunglasses and sent her a mail.

Me: Hi. Do you feel like playing a game?

I waited a couple of minutes and the girl at the kiosk had not stopped looking at the sunglasses. I also hadn't gotten any reply. When I was just about sure that this was not the same girl, I saw her put the sunglasses down and pick up her phone. She was typing something into the screen and then put it away. Moments later my phone buzzed to let me know I had received a new mail.

Michelle: What kind of game?

It was her. If I was nervous before, I hit a new level at this point. Luckily I was still sitting on the bench.

Me: It is like Simon says, but it is called Jack says. Feel like giving it a try?

She pulled out her phone again. It had to be her.

Michelle: Sure, but I am not at home.

Me: No problem. Use your phone and send me a pic of where you are and what you are wearing and we'll get started.

Obviously, I knew what she was wearing but I wanted to see if she was going to actually play along or if she was just going to pretend assuming that I would never know the difference. I saw her point her phone roughly in my direction and then typed something. My phone vibrated and I got a pic from the center of the mall.

Michelle: I am wearing a skirt, some flip flops and a tank top.

Well, so far she was playing along. This was starting to look like it was going to be a much more eventful trip to the mall that I anticipated.

Me: Excellent! Jack says, proceed to the food court and let me know when you get there.

She looked down at her phone, put the sunglasses down and preceded to the food court. I got up and started moving in that direction as well. I took a slightly different path so I ended up on the opposite side of where Michelle would enter.

Michelle: I'm here.

Here was the moment of truth. We had exchanged risque photos and emails before, but I am assuming she was at home for those. So either this was going to work or it would probably end right here,

Me: Great. Jack says, find a sexy girl in the food court and covertly take her photo and sent it to me.

I saw Michelle check her phone and then scan the crowd. She didn't move at first so I wasn't sure if that was going to be the last email I got. But just then she started to move. I saw her sit down two tables away from what looked like two college girls out shopping. She took out her phone. I could tell that she was pretending to be typing while she took the photo. If you hadn't known what she was really trying to do it would just look like she was texting someone. And actual she was sending me an email right after so it looked real natural. My phone buzzed and I got the photo of the two girls. I noticed one of the girls, a blonde, was also wearing a nice little skirt. Her legs were slightly open.

Me: Nice work! Jack says, I'd like to know what color panties the blonde girl is wearing.

Michelle pulled something from her purse. I was too far away to tell but it looked like a pen. She sat it next to her purse and then moved her purse in a way that knocked the pen to the ground. The pen rolled just a little bit closer to the girls. I saw Michelle reach for it and pick it up. My phone buzzed and it was a pic of the blonde girl again, but this time you could see right up her skirt. I hadn't been able to tell that when Michelle bent over to get the pen she had the phone in her other hand and snapped the picture. I had just assumed that she would look and just tell me the color. This was getting better by the minute.

Michelle: Pink!

Me: I see that. Jack says, how about yours?

This time I saw her move slightly so that we back was towards most of the food court. There weren't that many people milling around this late anyway. She slowly moved the phone between her knees and snapped a photo. When I got it, I saw that she was wearing plain white cotton panties.

Me: Michelle, this will not do. Jack says, go find the nearest Victoria's Secret. Find something nice to try on and send me the results.

She got up from her table and started to leave the food court. It is hard to tell exactly how she was feeling, but it looked like she was pretty excited. She was moving quickly which I interpreted as a good sign. The Victoria's Secret shop was only a few stores down from the food court and I could see it from where I was sitting so I didn't have to move at this point. I watched her walk in but couldn't see her once she entered. A few minutes later my phone buzzed again. This time I got a full mirror shot of her wearing a very see through lacy white teddy and panties.

Me: This is much better. Jack says, send me a photo that shows me if you are enjoying this game.

My phone buzzed a minute later. There were a couple of photos in this email. Michelle was sitting on the little bench they put in the changing rooms facing the mirror. She had lifted up one of her legs and in one photo was rubbing herself over the lacy panties. In the next one, she had pulled the panties down and was playing with her clit. The next photo was of her inserting her fingers all the way into her pussy. The last was just a closeup of her fingers. They were super wet with her juice.

Michelle: I may be enjoying this too much. I was playing with myself in the dressing room and I think the sales lady may have heard me. In any event, I think I will be buying that outfit. I don't think I can put it back on the rack now.

I was getting more and more turned on every second. Those last couple of photos just about put me over the edge. I knew the mall would be closing soon so I had to figure out a way for this game to get a happy ending. I think I figured out a way. I started taking a few pictures of my own.

Me: That was so hot, I can barely stand it. Jack says, follow the pics.

The first email I sent had a photo of the Victoria's secret from my vantage point in the food court. The second was the food court it self.

Michelle: How do you have these photos? Are you in the mall?

Me: No questions, yet. Jack says, follow the trail.

I sent her another pic farther down the mall. Then one of the sign for the store Dillards. I looked around and saw that the Mens section was empty of customers and sales people. I sent her a picture of the sign in that section. Then of the dressing rooms sign and finally of the number 8 on the door to the last dressing room on the left. I went in and waited. It didn't take very long. I heard a soft knock on the door and I opened it. Standing in front of me was Michelle, eyes wide and mouth a little open.

"You?", she asked.

"Me", I replied.

This seemed to be the only assurance she needed. I stepped back and she came into the dressing room shutting the door behind her.

"Did you like my game?", I asked.

"My turn.", she said. "Michelle says, get on your knees and clean up the mess you made."

I got down on my knees in front of her. I lifted the front of her skirt and found that she had soaked her white cotton panties. I pulled them down below her knees and began doing as she requested. I licked lightly at first and Michelle's knees almost buckled. She sat down on the seat which gave me a better angle and I started back at my task. I licked her lit first lightly then stronger. I moved my tongue down and would stick it in and out of her pussy before moving back to her clit again. I took my finger and slid it up between her hot wet lips. I could tell she was getting close so coming so I kept doing what I was doing. Soon she was ricking back and forth and her moaning was getting louder. She tilted her head back and I could feel her pussy tighten around my finger and see started shuttering with an orgasm.

"You like?"

"Michelle says, take that cock out a fuck me. Right. Now."

I was out of my pants in about two seconds flat. My erection was enormous at that point. Michelle turned over and put her hands on the bench and stuck her ass out towards me. I grabbed the end of my cock to direct it to the target. I had tons of precum leaking out already making the head of my cock very slippery. I pulled closer slid my cock right between her legs. Her pussy was more than ready after the first orgasm. It slid through with no problems. I started off slow because I was so turned on, I thought I would cum immediately. I think the danger of being caught fucking in a department store dressing room kept me from exploding right there. Once I got my rhythm, I was fine. While I was fucking her from behind, I stuck my thumb in my mouth and got it real wet. Then I reach down between thrusts and started to push it in her asshole. Michelle turned her head real quick and looked back up at me. She had a look of surprise on her face but was smiling. I kept pushing until my whole thumb was put there. I could feel my cock sliding back and forth, faster and faster. Michelle could sense that I was about to cum and moved forward so my cock came out of her pussy. She spun around and got on her knees and took the whole thing in her mouth. That was enough for me. I came hard and right into her mouth. She swallowed it and kept sucking my cock until nothing else was going to come out.

We dressed quickly because we figure we were pushing our luck with the time and getting caught. I walked with Michelle back out into the mall. I had completely forgotten about the gift and there wasn't much open at that point. We didn't say a whole lot. Eventually she went her way and I went mine. We have exchanged more emails, but have not seen each other again in a mall dressing room or any place else for that matter.

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