tagInterracial LoveFirst Encounter Ch. 1

First Encounter Ch. 1


First Encounter: 69 in Black & White

In the darkness of a smoke filled club, I'm sitting in a comfy booth for two, nursing a drink, putting the days work behind me. I'm confidently wearing a short red leather dress, form fitting with short sleeves and a scoop neck revealing the cleft of my breasts. The dress reveals every curve of my body, from the fullness of my breasts to the gentle sway of my back into my round ass. The music is throbbing, my sex tingling from the sound of the bass and the bodies gyrating on the dance floor. My body is bobbing slightly to the music. I want to dance, to release some tension, to let my body go.

My eyes peruse the dark club to see who made it out tonight...no familiar faces, Then my eyes fall on you, dressed neatly, but casually, in jeans, a T-shirt and a black leather coat. You smile at me, and I smile back. You walk over to me and ask me "You look like you want to dance?"

"Yes, I do..." I respond.

You take my hand and guide me to the dance floor. As our bodies begin to move, you pull me a little closer and whisper, "I love your dress...I'll bet your skin just glows underneath it".

I smile, pull away from you and continue bobbing and gyrating, running my brown hands down my sides, outlining my curves for you to see. You smile approvingly and pull me back closer to you.

"You don't really want to dance, do you?" you ask.

"What do you mean?" I ask back, with a little giggle.

"You know what I mean...the way you're moving...I think you want something else."

You smooth your hand over my ass and kiss my ear lobe. "I know I do."

Without a response from me, you gently take my hand and lead me off the dance floor, heading through the club and straight through the door to the parking lot.

"Where are we going?" I ask you a bit nervously.

"Don't worry...I think we're both on the same page."

You open the car door for me, and get in the other side, start your car and drive off.

We end up in front of your house, and you get out, open the door for me, and take my hand.

"This is where I live," you say. You unlock the front door and throw your keys on the sofa near the door.

You turn around quickly and take me in your arms.

"Damn you're beautiful," you say, almost in a whisper, and your mouth presses to mine as you squeeze my body into yours. The fingers of your left hand run through my hair you pull my face closer to yours. Your tongue slips into my mouth and I gently suck on it, our lips pulsing against each other rhythmically.

My nipples harden underneath the cool leather dress and I moan almost imperceptibly. I feel my pussy tingling with early juices as you place wet kisses on my neck, down to the cleft of my breasts. Your tongue slips into the cleft to taste the pungent sweat from our dancing. "Mmmm..." I hear you sigh.

"Come," you say, throwing off your jacket, and leading me up the stairs to your bedroom. There is a large king size bed with silky purple spread and sheets.

Without any words, you undress, so I follow your lead.

As I strip off my clothing, your eyes are on me, with every move.

I stand naked in the warm bedroom, the dark brown nipples of my breasts are crinkled tightly from excitement. You glance at my pussy, clean shaven and caramel brown like the rest of my body. My body is the glowing brown that you pictured. You approach me, your cock stiff, soft brown hairs surrounding it, and kneel in front of me, licking the triangle of my smooth sex, gently biting my thighs and running your tongue over them as well. You kiss my belly button and tease it with the tip of your tongue, while your finger probes to the lips of my pussy to feel how wet I am.

Taking me over to the bed, you lie me down and stand there, gazing at my black body...The skin of your white body, the ruby head of your cock and the veins that pulse just underneath the skin excite me...I try hard not to move, but I can't help rubbing my thighs together. I want your white cock inside me.

"God, you're so hot," you say as you lie next to me and kiss me full in the mouth. You take one breast into your mouth and suck while your hand holds the other, squeezing, tickling the nipple with your finger. Your tongue flicks across my breast with precision and my body starts to gyrate with arousal. I run my fingers through your hair and sigh, "Oh that's so good baby...suck my tits".

You change sides and suck the other breast, slipping your hand between my legs and rubbing the lips. My pussy juices coat your fingers...you raise your hand and lick it to taste my juices. " Mmmm.." you murmur.

You move down, parting my legs, spreading them wide. Parting the lips, your tongue begins probing into my cunt. I feel the point of it pushing between the lips and then the flat of it massaging my clit. I moan loudly as you continue this in a circular, rhythmic motion. My belly tenses and trembles...until suddenly, my pussy gushes out fresh juices..."Aaaaahhhhhhh...," I gasp, shaking, my body weakened from my first orgasm. Rather than stopping your tongue caresses, you continue, lapping up my juices greedily. You lift your head briefly, your mouth smeared with my cum, and shift your body around so that your cock is at my face, then turn me onto my side, and we start to 69. Your mouth returns to eating my pussy, and I begin the pleasure of sucking your cock. I glance at the head of it to see where I will start and begin licking with the tip around the ridge of the head of your cock, underneath, then on it, then to the tip of your dick where I lick the precum oozing out of the tiny hole. I hear you shudder slightly as I do, and lick my tongue up the length of your shaft, holding your balls and tickling underneath your scrotum with my fingertips. Then, I let my mouth slide over the head of your cock and let the entire staff sink deep inside. You moan, your moans muffled by your eating my pussy. As I slide your cock in and out of my hot wet mouth, you start rubbing my clit and tongue fucking me. Our bodies move rhythmically as we fuck each others mouths with our sexes. I feel another orgasm coming as your stiff tongue fucks me and my body begins to tremble...I can't speak with the fullness of your stiff prick in my mouth...I lock my legs around your head, fucking your tongue, rubbing my clit against your lips and my body shakes...

"MMMmmmmm......mmmmm..Mmmmmmmmm!" muffled groans as my pussy lets go a flood of juices. I stop sucking to feel my cunt give you it's flood and your tongue laps it up, causing little shocks of after-orgasm to run through my body.

You pull your cock away from my mouth. "Ohhhhhh.....Ohhhhh..." I moan, breathless and spent. Turning around so you're facing me, your face is smeared with the pussy juices you haven't licked off your lips, and you smile.

"Do you know how good your pussy tastes, baby? Now I know why they say 'when you have black, you don't go back'", you smile.

Too weak to smile, I pull you towards me and kiss you full in the mouth, tasting me on your lips.

"Would you fuck my tits?" I whisper to you. " I want to feel your white cock between my black tits...see your white cum all over them...."

"Damn," you mutter, squeezing my mango-sized breasts with both hands. "Gladly".

You kneel with a leg on either side of my body, holding my breasts, and let the tip of your cock brush against my lips lightly. "I'm going to have to watch you suck my cock before I let you go. But for now..." And with that, you place your beautiful white cock between my big brown breasts and start to pump slowly.

I place my hands where yours are and tease my nipples while you thrust...flicking my tongue out to tease the tip of your dick when you up-thrust. Then I reach around and tickle and scratch your ass, tease your balls...You look down at me and smile. "You are something else, baby..."

I replace your hands holding my breasts with mine and hold them close around your cock...I look up at you with innocent big brown eyes..." Fuck my tits, baby....fuck..."

You thrust hard....harder.....my tits holding your dick in close...pumping my tits faster....faster....harder....harder....blood pulsing through your dick, twitching whenever my tongue reaches out to catch a quick lick...I start to moan...teasing my nipples, feeling your cock pumping so hard, your balls hitting my tits....you push harder and harder until the bed starts to quake...and a long groan begins in your throat...

"...Take my cumm, baby...take my cum all over those black tits... Yeaaaaah... Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ..... AAAAaaahhhhhh!"

Jism spurts out in an arch and lands on my face and breasts, my nipples...my tongue reaches out to lick your cumm that fell on my lips...yummmmmm.

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