tagBDSMFirst Encounter Pt. 01

First Encounter Pt. 01


It's been so long since I've been in this position. Compromised. Defenseless. At someone else's' mercy.

We discussed my boundaries, what is expected of each-other, this is our first play session and already my heart is pounding in my ears as I lie here.

I can't see him. My other senses strain all the harder to understand what's happening, what's about to happen, what ARE his intentions for me? I can hear his footfalls, muffled on the carpet as he moves about the room, the soft impacts of things being placed on the sheets near me. I can smell the fresh scent of the clean linen under me, the lingering scent of his cologne in the air, rich with the warmth of cinnamon, spiced with pepper, it's intoxicating.

"I've left something I need in the kitchen little girl; will you be alright there for 30 seconds?"

I jump, my mind is already racing trying to interpret what I'm going to have happen to me, it's been so long!

"Little girl?"

"Yes" I manage to quaver

Suddenly my ankle is pulled upright, exposing the back of my left thigh and a paddle connects solidly with my flesh, making me yelp in surprise and pain.

"Yes, what?" All of a sudden there is a hard edge to his voice, terse, almost demanding, he's still holding my leg...

"Yes, Sir. I will be okay here for 30 seconds." My ankle is placed carefully back onto the mattress and I feel the paddle being placed near me. Fuck my thigh is stinging, I'd forgotten how good it felt!

"That's better, little girl." With a pat of my knee his physical contact vanishes and I hear his footsteps echo down the hall to the kitchen. Then I hear the muffled sounds of something being dropped into a bowl, whatever it is it sounds hard...what is he up to...he's coming back, lie still.

I'm naked, on my back with my legs up and spread, with my ankles near my bum. Just like I would be if I were lying comfortably in the sun, only I'm not lying comfortably in the sun. I'm lying on his bed, bare as the day I was born, exposed and at his mercy. I can't decide what's made me feel more vulnerable, when he removed my clothing from me, slowly, carefully, savouring my body as it was revealed to him...or standing there as he looped rope around my waist, around my wrists, securing them to my waist so I can only move them an inch or so in any direction...

I can feel that rope now, wrapped around me, securing me.

"Your hands are shaking little girl, are you nervous? Afraid?" I can almost hear the smirk he must have on his face right now.

"Yes, Sir. It's been a long time." It's not just my hands that are shaking, my breathing is already rapid, my stomach has that weird churny feeling you get when you go over a bump in the road and my legs feel like they just ran up The Empire State Building, jelly.

"Don't be afraid little girl, I'll take good care of you." That smirk is gone.

"Shall we begin?"

"Yes, Sir." Oh fuck, here we go.

I feel his fingertips on my skin and immediately I shiver. They start just above my pussy, tracing their way lightly over my skin, up my stomach, between my breasts, over them. He gently pinches my nipples, tweaking my piercings ever so slightly, making my nipples go immediately hard as he continues to pinch them, twisting them just enough for it to hurt a bit, making me gasp softly. His hands disappear from my skin.

A moment later I feel his weight come onto the mattress at the end of the bed, between my legs. Then his fingertips are back, tracing their way down the skin of my inner thighs and I'm trembling. They run all the way down to my groin, infuriatingly they brush my outer lips every damn time they begin their journey back up my legs. Then he starts kissing me...down the inside of one thigh, around the top of my pussy and up the other leg, as if he has all the time in the world. I'm absolutely soaking wet, I can feel it, he must be able to see it but he just keeps on kissing his way up and down my legs, his hands somehow always repeatedly just brushing my outer lips as he moves about between my legs. I'm already squirming, trying to shift my hips to bring my pussy to his mouth, I want to feel the warmth of him on my clit so desperately. As he traverses my pelvis again he pauses, his lips still brushing my skin, just above me and he chuckles evilly in his throat.

"You're squirming, little girl. You're also clenching your hands in your bindings, don't think I haven't noticed. Have you been wanting to grab my head, to hold my mouth to your pussy have you, do you want to feel my tongue between your lips, on your clit, do you want me to taste you? Is that it little girl?

"Please, Sir...please" I can barely talk, it's a pathetic, desperate whimper, what the fuck, pull yourself together!

His kisses move upwards. No no no no no! not up, not away from there! I small moan of frustration escapes me and he chuckles at me again and keeps moving further up my stomach. I'm squirming on the bed, trying to move upwards, I want his mouth there, not on my stomach!

He stops and I feel a hand pressed firmly on my chest, between my breasts. "Lie still girl, if you can't remain where I desire you to be, I'll get that paddle and turn your backside and thighs red."

We've discussed spankings, how much I want him to hit me, to leave marks. How I want his welts and bruises, to be reminded of them when I sit down. If he spanks me now, will he continue with his plans afterwards or place cool ice-packs on me and cuddle me until I'm asleep? I want him to continue so badly, my squirming stops almost immediately.

"That's better, good girl." My stomach does a flip inside me as his hand vanishes and his lips return.

I'm still trembling all over as he slowly works his way up between my breasts, moving left to right to circle my flesh with soft kisses, gently nipping at the skin with his teeth occasionally before taking my left nipple in his mouth suddenly, his teeth closing on it firmly, pulling at it as his tongue flickers over it, twisting my piercing to and fro, making me moan in mindless pleasure from deep within my chest as his mouth releases that nipple and moves to my right one, repeating his little game.

As his mouth closes over my right nipple, the fingers of his right hand press themselves flatly and firmly over my pussy, cupping me as he begins to massage me in slow circles. My breath explodes out of my lungs as I struggle to breath and my entire body shudders as he finally touches me there.

My already pounding heart races even faster as his kissing starts to move back down my body again. God! He moves so slowly, his hand is a monotonous pressure on me, rubbing me mercilessly. I can feel how slippery I am with my own wetness as his fingers move my lips. As his mouth reaches my mound his hand leaves me, the air suddenly cold against my wet skin. Then his tongue is on me, in me. It runs slowly up between my lips and as his mouth closes hungrily over my clit his fingers slip effortlessly into my soaking wet pussy. I hear him muffled sound of enjoyment as I feel him swallow me, enjoying the taste of me on his tongue as his fingers enter me sliding in and hooking up, dragging themselves over my g-spot each time he withdraws them from inside of me. Now I'm really fucking moaning, my entire universe is what I can feel. I can't see him, I can only feel his mouth on me, his fingers in me.

He sucks hungrily on my clit, his tongue swirling around me, flickering back and forth over me as his fingers plunge into me slowly, deeply, relentlessly. Dragging over my g-spot again and again, every now and then he will stop and just rub me there as his tongue continues to torture my clit. Again, and again he brings me to the very edge of orgasm with his merciless rhythm, then slows down just enough for me to come down a little before slowly brining me back to the edge again, riding the edge of the abyss as I sob and moan under him.

I'm lying on the mattress, trying desperately to move my hands to his head, to hold him on me, to cum with his mouth on me, I want him to taste my cum, to kiss me with the taste of me filling his mouth, I need it. I'm panting, moaning desperately and sweating as my heart pounds blood through my veins. He keeps on bringing right to edge of the cliff, to the point where one more flick of his tongue, on more stroke of his fingers inside me would send me spiraling into oblivion.

Without my conscious thought I'm sobbing out the words, "Please...please. Sir, please."

His mouth breaks contact with me, but his fingers never cease sliding in and out of me, dragging themselves over my g-spot making me shudder with ecstasy every time they do. "Please what, little girl?" That tone again, hard, demanding, smirking at my wanton desperation to cum.

"Please let me cum, Sir." I whimper as his fingers ceaselessly move in and out of my body.

I feel his weight shift and his left arm slides between my leg and my butt, taking my right hand and intertwining our fingers, his right hand just continues on fucking me without pause or mercy. As he settles himself between my legs again, he runs his tongue up me from where his fingers are plunging into me, to the top of me, flicking his tongue as he gets to my clit. "I'm going to let you cum now, little girl. When you want to cum, you will squeeze my hand with yours, when I squeeze back, you may cum. If you cum before then, you will not cum again tonight, and I'm only just beginning with you for this evening. Do you understand?"

Christ I can barely think with those fingers doing what they're doing inside me. "Yes, Sir." I can barely talk, I'm fighting with everything I have to control the enormous pressure that he has built up inside me, this dam that feels as though its about to burst. Everything in my body is coiled like a spring, I can feel tingling sensations all over as my pulses race, my muscles clenching around his fingers as they move relentlessly inside me.

As I acknowledge my understanding his mouth closes over my clit again and I cry out as his tongue circles me again and again and again. I'm already there but somehow, he is building me further without pushing me over the edge. After what seems like only moments, I'm squeezing his hand, moaning wildly, panting; "Please Sir, pleeeeasssseee." His fingers shift their grip in mine and I arch my back off the bed before noticing he isn't squeezing back, it's only been seconds, it feels like eternity. "Pleeeee-heeeasseee Sir, let me cum, I need to cum Sir!!!" I'm sobbing now, I can't hang on any longer and I want this to continue, I don't want him to stop.

Suddenly his fingers close like a vice on mine, squeezing fiercely on mine as he sucks my clit between his teeth, and flickers his tongue over it rapidly, plunging his fingers into me and keeping them against my g-spot, rubbing in small circles inside me. My body explodes. My hips bucking up off the bed as my legs shudder madly, my muscles clenching tightly around his fingers as I spiral into oblivion. Somehow, he keeps his mouth clamped firmly on me, and his fingers deep inside me as he forces me to keep cumming. It's like electricity is coursing through every fibre of my body, as I cum again his tongue never leaving my clit, his fingers inside me rubbing my g-spot, my hands bound tightly by my side as my body convulses in ecstasy.

The waves of energy radiate out from where his fingers move inside me. As each one recedes he coaxes another one forth with the relentless pressure of his fingers, the swirling insistence of his tongue on my clit. My body is no longer my own, I can hear the animal sounds of pleasure erupting from deep within my chest, I can feel my arms straining at my bonds, my stomach muscles heaving, my hips moving up and don't jerkily with his mouth on my pussy, riding my movements, I can feel my legs shaking. He makes me cum I don't know how many times, dimly, through the haze of endorphins I can feel his fingers sliding slowly from me, leaving me shaking and feeling incredibly empty. He kisses me one last time, flickering his tongue teasingly against my swollen, hyper sensitive clit, making me gasp and I feel him move off the bed, releasing my hand as he goes.

"You taste quite wonderful, little girl, has anybody ever told you that?

I struggle to form words in my mind, it's mush, I can't think, I'm breathing so heavily I can't speak. After a few seconds of waiting, my left ankle is lifted and the paddle connects with my flesh with another loud crack, making me squeal in shock and pain. I'm brought sharply back to reality as a bar of searing pain erupts where he hit me.

"Focus, little girl."

"N-n-no, Sir" I stumble over the words, rushing to say something, anything before that paddle hits me again.

"That's better. Good girl."

Suddenly he is kissing me, his mouth insisting that mine open for his. It does and our tongues meet, I can taste myself on his tongue, I moan like some wanton whore as my mouth fills with the taste of my own cum, returning his kiss passionately as his hands play over my breasts again.

He breaks off the kiss after some time, gently kissing me on the forehead before I feel his weight shift off the bed again.

"Close your eyes little girl, don't open them until you're told to."

Under the blindfold, I close my eyes, confused but obedient. Gently, I feel his fingers in my hair, removing the blindfold to reveal my eyes, I squeeze them shut tighter to show him I'm being a good girl, almost immediately he chuckles in his throat. Fuck that sound...so evil, so knowing, so hot.

"They were already closed, little girl, you didn't need to close them tighter." Does he miss nothing?!

"You can open them now, little girl, look at the desk and see what I have in store for you next..." That tone, he's amused, what the fuck am I in for now. I open my eyes and roll my head to look at the desk, I can't help but whimper. I can't tell if I'm scared or even more excited than I was when he first put the blindfold on, I know what he had to get from the kitchen now. It's sitting there, staring me in the face. Oh shit, this is going to be incredible, scary, but incredible.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/17/18

Beautifully crafted story

Beautiful writing- left me with the same feeling as an orgasm denied.
As much as I want to read the next installment now, I’m content to wait while you craft it as skillfully as this one!

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by AdorkableBatgirl06/09/18


Wow... Just wow...

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by Josie_0306/06/18


Really well writen. 5 starts all the way!
I can feel her need, the tension ... the details and discriptions are superb.
I can't wait to read your next chapter.

Josie : )

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