tagBDSMFirst Encounter Pt. 02

First Encounter Pt. 02


Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on my first ever submission. In truth, this story is already completed in it's entirety and could have been published in a single submission. But where would the fun be in giving you everything you want all at once? Upon proof-reading this I did notice I'd omitted a key detail of the second part. I've made changes to include this most delicious part of the story and hope you all enjoy it as much as you did Part 1. The conclusion to this Little Girl's first night will be coming soon. As will her further play sessions with her new owner. Thanks again, and happy reading - Scribbledsadism


As if my heart wasn't already racing enough...I can feel it throbbing manically, I can feel it thudding between my legs with each rapid beat of my heart. The thongs of the flogger hang limply, falling towards the floor as they dangle over the edge of the desk. He's set out the glass vibrator we bought together earlier in the day...he's set it out on top of a fucking ice-pack, this evil fucker put that thing in the fucking fridge?! Beside that is his Hitachi with neatly tied coils of rope and a vibrator. Last of all...the bowl of ice cubes...fuck why did I have to tell him how sensitive my nipples are too cold now that they're pierced...this evil, sadistic fucker of all people. Christ my cunt is so wet, I can feel it running down between my arse cheeks.

I can't tear my eyes away from that desk, my gaze moving frantically back and forth over the toys, my heart fluttering every time my vision focuses on that glass dildo sitting on that ice-pack. I can see his fingertips trailing over each of the items. He chuckles again, that sound...so self-satisfied, so cocky, so...predatory.

"What ever do you look so frightened for, little girl?"

His voice snaps me out of my reverie, when I look up into his eyes I can't help but be struck by the arrogance on his face. The smirk, the evil light dancing in his eyes, the fucking cock-sure amusement, his delighted enjoyment at my abject fear.

"The cold, Sir. It..."

"Scares the shit out of you. Yes, I know." He interjects, sitting beside me on the bed, smoothing my hair down behind my ear. "Why else do you think I have chosen these things. Where would the fun be, for me, if you weren't lying there, terrified of what I'm about to do to you. You will be well taken care of though, little girl, if it is too much you only have to speak your safe word and it all stops."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir." My voice barely above a whisper, still shaking with nervousness.

"Though..." His fingers curl into my hair, tilting my head back suddenly as he takes a fistful and yanks his fist down towards the mattress, making me gasp at the sudden change in manner. He leans down and growls into my ear. "Though, I do like seeing that fear in your eyes, little girl. This next part, is going to sting, it is going to hurt. I'm going to whip those gorgeous tits of yours until they are as red as those welts on your legs." The predator is back...and I whimper again.

He releases my hair, stands up and moves over to the desk to pick up the flogger. Immediately my breathing is shallow and rapid again, my hands are struggling to get free to cover myself, a small mewling sound of fear comes out of me as I squirm on the bed and his fucking smirk is back in full swing as he raises the flogger for the first stroke.

As he brings it down I let out a squeal and screw my eyes shut in anticipation of the first stings of the leather colliding with my skin, I already know he can swing with serious force. But it never comes. I open my eyes and he is standing over me still, but the flogger is hanging limp at his side. He is wagging the finger of his free hand, a look almost of confusion on his face. "I am sorry, little girl. I forgot to do something before we began."

Before I can respond he almost carelessly tosses the flogger onto the bed, the leather tongues falling over my chest, I can smell the leather. The sensation of the soft contact across my skin makes me shudder gently, but he's already turned away and is picking things up from the desk. What the fuck is he going to do now?!

He turns back around and he is holding the Hitachi and the rope, now I fucking know. He's mentioned this to me already in text messages... He steps to my legs, crooking my right leg up so it forms a 45-degree angle. Then positions the Hitachi on the inside of my thigh so that it is pressed up against my clit. All I can do is stare down between my breasts and watch as his hands weave the rope around the Hitachi, securing it against my pussy. Moving my leg back down to lie flat on the bed, then back up again, he ensures that no matter how I move my leg, that thing won't lose contact with my cunt. "Is the rope comfortable, little girl, it's not too tight?"

"It's comfortable, Sir."

"Good" His voice is gruff, there's an...urgency in it, and now in his movements as well. He pulls my other leg over and lashes it firmly to the Hitachi and my right leg. Now it's sandwiched between my thighs, jammed up against my clit, and there is absolutely no way for me to escape it.

"There, that's much better isn't it, little girl? Now, I told you I was going to whip those gorgeous tits of yours, didn't I?" He's already stood back up, picking up the flogger as he moves...

"Yes, Sir." I whimper meekly in response, making him chuckle in his throat, my pussy, my stomach clenches at the sound. Why the fuck does that sound of utter evil make me so damn hot?!

He touches my knee, his hand running lightly over my skin as it moves towards my pussy, over the ropes, his fingers stop when they get to the switch for the Hitachi and my body twitches in anticipation. When it doesn't come I look at him and he is staring at me, into me. Smirking. Waiting.

"Is somethi...OHHHHHH fuuuuuuuck" He flicks the switch as I start to speak. To full power. My clit, still swollen and sensitive from the attentions of his tongue is singing to the vibrations, my wetness is already soaking the sheets under me. In only moments my body is trembling and I'm ready to cum again, he flicks the switch, bringing it down to a lower setting. My body is on edge, my clit feels almost like it's had hot wax dribbled on it, I'm right on the edge of an enormous orgasm and he has me dancing on the knifes edge. I'm gasping, sobbing, shuddering, my hands are moving desperately in their bindings by my sides to turn the power up, just a tiny tiny bit so I can cum.

"Ple...Please, Sir. Please" I'm gasping at him, staring at him in desperation as his eyes move over my entire body, that fire dancing behind them, that smirk ticking up the right-hand side of his lips.

Appearing not to hear me, he raises the flogger and brings it down over my breasts, hard, fast. The tongues of leather connecting with my skin in a series of small cracking sounds. What little breath I had in my lungs explodes out of them as my skin blooms with heat and pain. I yelp at the sudden mass of stinging flesh across my breasts. He waits a few seconds, giving my brain time to acknowledge the pain, to process the sensation, for it to wrestle between which it wants to focus on. The stinging, burning skin of my tits, or the heat and warmth from that fucking wand buzzing away against my soaking wet pussy. It doesn't take my brain long to give in to the constant demand for attention from between my thighs, a few seconds pass, the sting fades and the trembling starts again as my brain re-focuses on what's happening between my legs.


No sooner have the shakes started again, no sooner has my gaze become transfixed on the power switch of the wand nestled between my thighs again, and he brings the flogger down on my breasts a second time, harder than the first. The cracks of the leather crisper this time, my yelp of pain and surprise louder. The skin across my chest, across my breasts is a web of pink stripes, crisscrossing each-other. Again, he waits for my brain to go back to the constant sensation of the wand against my clit before striking me again, he repeats this process again, and again, eventually I lose count.

I know my skin is glistening with sweat, I can feel it as he finally puts the flogger down, my heart is pounding from being kept on the edge of orgasm for I don't even know how long. My chest feels like its covered in heat packs, everything feels hot, everything is tingling and I can see some welts have formed already across my breasts. He turns away from me, carefully placing the flogger back onto the desk, I see his left hand move over and grasp the rim of the bowl of ice cubes. Immediately I swallow with fear, my skin is so hot, so sensitive from the flogging and I just know he is going to touch the freezing ice to my body.

He turns back around, holding the bowl of cubes. He's also holding the glass vibrator.

Jesus, FUCK!

He chuckles again. Somehow, even more evil than before, everything inside me clenches. My clit throbbing as the wand continues to drone away relentlessly against my clit. He places the bowl down beside my head, close enough for me to feel the cold emanating from the metal. Then, reaches down and lifts my knees up until my legs are angled again. A split second later I can feel the tip of the dildo against my lips, sliding effortlessly between my sopping wet lips, up and down before entering me slowly.

"AHHH FUU-HUH-HUH-UCK!" I Scream as he pushes it into my pussy.

I feel my cunt clench tightly closed around it, my muscles reacting in an instinctive spasm to resist the cold bar of glass slipping deeper into me. I feel myself filled with it as it slides deeper and deeper into me, my flesh wrapped tightly around it as he starts to fuck me with it, flicking it on so that my entire body starts to shake. He slides it into and out of me in slow, smooth strokes, gradually increasing it to full power, fucking me faster as he does.

I'm shaking uncontrollably all over as the vibrator slams in and out of me, I was already standing on the edge, now I'm teetering on the brink, flailing desperately for control before I fall over without permission. "PLEASE! Please, Sir, let me cum!!" My breath is coming in desperate gasps now, I'm barely hanging on.

Suddenly, his left hand flicks the Hitachi to full-power, then quickly grabs an ice-cube from the bowl as I moan loudly in desperate frustration, battling my own body to keep control. Simultaneously he buries the vibrator inside me, presses the ice to my right nipple and with an incredibly dark and hungry voice growls; "Cum for me, little girl, give it to me. Now."

I scream with release and the world falls away from me as my body convulses wildly. I can feel myself writhing seemingly uncontrollably, dimly aware of the sensations of the vibrator buried inside me, pressed against my G-spot, the Hitachi against my clit buzzing frenziedly, the ice moving from my right to left nipple, his teeth closing hungrily on my right nipple. My hips are bucking up and down spasmodically, uncontrollably. He keeps everything locked in place, forcing me over the edge repeatedly, running the ice between my nipples, creating a bar of cold, wet skin as he forces orgasm after orgasm from me.

I can hear my voice, repeatedly screaming, moaning wildly, gasping and panting. I can feel the heat exploding out from my pussy to fill the rest of my body, the adrenaline and endorphins filling me, leaving me feeling weak and exhausted as I cum for him, at his demand, a slave to his desire.

I lose myself in the repeated explosions of pure ecstasy that he is ripping from me with his remorseless pressure, the contrast of the freezing ice against my heated, flogged skin. The intense stimulation from the Hitachi and the insistence of the vibrator inside me, against my g-spot. I no longer have any control of myself, no control of my body, he forces me to the edge even as I beg him that I can't cum again, ordering me to cum as he tweaks the vibrator inside me, withdrawing it then pressing it to my g-spot again, and I do, somehow my body rips itself apart and I descend into that wonderful oblivion again at his command.

I feel the vibrator slide completely out of me, leaving me empty, stretched open and empty, my cum dribbling out of me onto the now thoroughly soaked sheets. He switches the Hitachi off, then carefully removes the ropes from my legs. My exhausted legs flop uselessly on the bed, no strength left in them, still shuddering from the mass of orgasms. The devilish light has faded from his eyes, his movements are careful, tender, gentle now.

Sensing he is finished with me I squirm weakly, my fingers managing to catch the cuff of his shirt as he cleans up the rope, coiling it neatly. He pauses in his movements, his eyes boring into me, full of concern.

"Is something the matter, little girl, are you alright?" He asks me gently, no trace of the monster, the predator in his voice.

"I'm fine, thank you, Sir" Christ, I sound almost drunk. My body feels completely useless, my muscles are filled with an incredible lethargy after the exertion I've been put through. "Sir, this girl would like to ask...are you finished with her?"

He chuckles again, softly this time, that evil is still there. "No, little girl. I'm done with your body just yet. There is still more for you this evening."

He leans down and kisses me gently on the lips, cupping my face with his hand as my mouth opens for him and his tongue plays softly over my lips, caressing my own tongue as he kisses me passionately, yet incredibly tenderly, his hand grasping my own, still bound to my waist.

"I need to get a towel for you, little girl, you've left quite the cum stain on my sheets. Will you be ok here while I go to the bathroom to get you one?"

"Yes, Sir." I'm staring up at him as he stands over me, looking down at me, his eyes dark pools filled with...what is that I can see in his eyes? It's not that devilish, mischief I've seen, it's something else...

He kisses my forehead gently again and walks out, returning moments later with a towel, he also has a bathrobe draped over one shoulder and a bottle of lotion in the other. He places the robe on a chair, then walks over to me. Gently, he lifts my butt up off the sheets, then spreads the towel under me so that I'm now lying on the soft, fluffy towel instead of the damp, cooling, cum soaked sheets. He places a couple of pumps of lotion onto his hands and gently rubs it into the welts on my breasts, it has a wonderful cooling effect on the still hot and tender skin. Then he lifts me up, one hand under my neck, the other under my shoulder blades, until I'm sitting upright on the towel with my legs crossed.

He sits behind me so that I can relax backwards against his chest, and I do. My body slumping against him, my head resting on his chest, I can hear his heart beating in his chest. No, not beating, racing, pounding...as fast as mine was. The realization that he is just as excited as I was sets my own heart off, I feel my own pulse quicken, recalling he said he wasn't finished with me. His arms encircle me and I snuggle into him contentedly, my eyes closed and a smile of relaxed joy on my face.

I feel his fingers begin to work on the knots around my wrists, I open my eyes and watch his fingers work gently and deftly to untie my hands. As the final loops come free, and only the first loop around my waist remains, he gently pushes me away from his chest to remove it. Gently he pressures my shoulders, one away from him, the other pulled toward him. "Turn and face me, little girl."

As quickly as my weakened body will let me, I turn and face him, my feet tucked up under my butt, my eyes downcast and my hands resting on top of my thighs. Both of his hands cup either side of my face and tilt it up to look at him, he is staring back at me intensely, a quiet look of wonder on his face. He leans in and we share another gentle kiss, my hands unconsciously moving to hold his face as we do.

He breaks off from kissing me, gently moving my hands back down to their place on my thighs. "Are you ready for the next part of this evening, little girl?"

I swallow, suddenly nervous again. I'm not bound or restrained, my body feels exhausted but I'm still utterly dripping wet, I can feel it between my thighs. The warmth, the wetness, my flesh slippery with my own arousal at this man and the way he has used my body. "Yes, Sir" I breathe quietly.

"Then let us continue, little girl" He says darkly to me, that predatory undertone back in his voice again.

To be continued...

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Not sure why this part is so much lower that the 1st, I thought it was better.
Love that there are tender moments between the climaxes where he takes care of her and that he is attentive to even a weakmore...

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