tagBDSMFirst Encounter With Magneta

First Encounter With Magneta


(This is the very first time I post a story, please let me know something, also when it's bad)

Today is the big day, an international tournament in Switzerland. The karateclub I'm a member of is invited. When we arrive at the sports centre I see that almost all clubs are arrived. I see a very beautiful girl in her kickbox-trainingsuit, satin, black, the name of the local kickbox school printed on and "New Balance" printed on in white letters and a blue "N". She's surrounded by her friends, all girls, also in training suit. I immediately fall in love with this gorgeous women *sigh*.

After a long while with kata's and stuff from other styles, it's time to fight. She's the first to go. Man she could fight! 'Oh my god!' I think 'It would be so beautiful if I could start a relationship with her, she's gorgeous _and_ she's a good fighter.' She won, she has to pass me to take care of the wounds in the toilets. I'm getting really nervous and congratulate her with her fight. "Thank you" she says smiling back, I feel the butterfly's in my stomach.

When she comes back I'm standing at the bar with a drink, wearing my kimono, together with her friends she comes standing right next to me and we start talking. You know, about training, other hobbies, blablablabla, she says her name is Magneta, cool. I hear the announcement that my last fight today is next, I excuse myself and get ready for the fight.

The fight begins. Man, this is a tough m***********, it took me five rounds to win! I'm really exhausted and can barely walk back to the toilets. I'm thirsty, so after I took care of my wounds I drink water from the tap. When I open the door Magneta and her friends are waiting for me, smiling. "I have a surprise for you" she says "follow me", she takes my hand and we run through a hall to a closed door. Djeezes, running, I can barely walk! I'm so tired! Magneta opens the door with a key and when we're in the room she locks the door again behind us. It looks like a training room, with mats and stuff.

"So what's the surprise?" I ask. Magneta stands in front of me, we're surrounded by her friends. "This" she says and I feel her knee in my balls. I immediately have to bow and all the girls start kicking me and I fall, I'm too tired to do something back and even if I do, I just can't hurt women. While some girls are kicking me, other girls take off my kimono! In no time I'm in my boxers. The kicking stops.

I want to get up but Magneta puts her foot against my chest and pushes me down again, laying on my back, with a big grin on her face. One of the other girls grabs my wrists and hold them tight above my head. I start kicking around but two other girls spread my legs, holding them to the ground.

Than Magneta straddle's me, showing me her back. Suddenly she sits on my face, I can't breath! My nose get buried in the crack of her ass. She gets up a little and I take a deep breath, just that moment: *brrrrrrppphhh* And before I even can cough out the bad air, she sits back on my face, holding the bad air in me. I can slightly hear the girls laughing. I feel Magneta move and suddenly I feel the heels of her feet slightly kicking between my legs. Magneta gets up and I take a deep breath again, "I wonder why he has such a read head?" one of the girls asks sarcastically and they all start to laugh again. An other girl stands above me and I beg her "Please, no", but all she does is smiling and nodding. She lowers herself on my face but this time with her pussy right on my mouth and nose, still wearing her pants. She starts moving her hips back and forth, I can hear her moaning. The fact that my face is buried in her pussy and because she moves likes this makes me get a hard-on!

Suddenly I feel someone taking my underwear off, I want to protest but I cant do anything! Than I hear laughing and feel a sole of a sneaker on my crotch. The girl standing with one foot on my crotch sometimes put pressure on it! The girl on my face changes with an other girl and I see Magneta changing also with the girl who was standing on my crotch. When my dick gets soft again I feel some hands softly massage it to get it hard again and sometimes I even feel a tongue on my crotch! Off course this always is followed by a firm squeeze and the girls can get to stand on it again. This "ritual" goes until all girls have sat on my face and stood on my balls. Sometimes even a third girls stands on my stomach and some girls even spit on me.

Magneta takes her socks and shoes off, puts her socks on my mouth and commands me to breath them in. They're all sweaty! Than, with her socks on my mouth, she sits on my face again, my nose buried again in her crack and *brrrrrrrrrpppppphhhhh*. After a while she stands up and forces me to smell the inside of her sneakers. Again a little while later two girls come to me and I have to lick their shoes, all the time the girls are giggling and laughing.

Magneta and her friends take her pants and underwear off, one of the girls straddles me and takes my dick in her pussy! "Now fuck me but don't even think of comming!" She says while she slaps my face "Or we won't let you breath again". I start to move my hips to please her and Magneta straddles my face with her naked pussy, I put out my tongue and try to lick her while she's moving her hips back and forth. Oh my god, it's so hard not to come!

Again the "ritual" starts when the girls are changing places with each other after a (long) while. My face, dick and balls are soaking in their wetness! My mouth and jaw hurts from the licking and my nose is sour.

They're all done, pleased. I'm still laying on the ground, too exhausted to get up. Magneta and three other girls come stand next to me "I believe some of us has to pee" Magneta says laughing 'Oh no!' I think. Magneta sits on my face and the three other girls on my throat and stomach. Suddenly I can feel their warm piss, it tastes a little sweet. The other girls are rolling on the floor laughing.

They all get up and surround me, all with one foot on my body, chest, stomach, legs and off course, balls.

"Next time you see either one of us you start licking our shoes immediately, understood!"

They leave, laughing and leaving me behind, recovering from my "adventure".

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