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First Experience


This story happened about a year after my wife Kathy and I got married. She had been an innocent college freshman when we met, I was a senior who hadn't had much luck with women throughout my undergrad, but managed to find enough courage to approach her in the psychology class we both took. She was even shyer than I was, but eventually after a few months of pursuing her I got her out on a date. A few months later and we finally had sex for the first time. It was the first time for us both, Kathy being an introvert, and having grown up in a traditional background she expected to save it until marriage, though thankfully for me she didn't stick to that.

It was hard not for me to be attracted to her. She had long, dark black hair and deep brown eyes, with a Mediterranean olive complexion, and was overall petite, standing under five feet tall. Despite her small size, under her sweaters were relatively large C-cup breasts. While her butt was small, I still found it sexy, along with her well shaped olive legs, which were relatively long for her tiny frame.

After I graduated, I got a local job as an accountant and stayed around for her to finish graduation. She finished and became a nurse, and we got married with the intention of eventually raising a family together.

Kathy was always a people pleaser, doing her best to make sure those around her were happy with her. However, she was still very shy during sex, preferring to keep the lights off and the sexual acts mostly vanilla. One point of frustration was her inability to orgasm, which I tried in vain to fix but only got told she still enjoyed sex even if she didn't come.

While I truly found Kathy sexually attractive, her shyness and modesty during sex slowly led to me developing an increasing interest in online porn. Initially, my taste was also relatively vanilla, and just included different attractive women. Over time, I began to check out different fetishes, some seemed relatively normal like hairy women or feet, but one day I

stumbled upon a new, shocking category called cuckolding.

The concept of cuckolding shocked me, since I always assumed that men who had wives that cheated on them would be furious and violent, or at least sad and ashamed. This category seemed to be the exact opposite, husbands who actually took pleasure in the act. I inwardly wondered whether this was pure fantasy or something that happened for real.

I was always jealous and possessive of Kathy. Once in undergrad when I perceived another man to be hitting on her and her not resisting enough, I got extremely angry, grabbed her, and insist she come home with me. The thought of my beautiful Kathy being with another man made my stomach do flips. So it seemed bizarre that I would have any interest at all in this fetish. I vowed to quit porn for now, until my interest in the topic subsided.

Eventually, the act's forbidden eroticism drew me back in, and I was back to researching cuckold stories and porn on the internet. To learn more about it, I discovered online forums, where cuckolds and bulls (as the men who had sex with the wives were called) would swap ideas, stories, and in some cases, contact information. I registered an account and read voraciously through the posts.

One poster specifically caught my eye. His name was Blake, and he lived only a few hours drive from Kathy and I. He was an older man in his 50s who preferred cuckolding younger, white husbands with their young wives. Furthermore, to both my shocking discomfort and and excited interest, he was black. Surprisingly, I found both the interracial taboo of the act and the idea of an older man enjoying young, beautiful wives to be intensely stimulating. The race angle was also interesting since Kathy was forbidden from dating black men growing up, and of course Kathy obeyed her father and considered black men off limits.

I loved the idea of my young wife who'd only been with me submitting to an experienced bull who's older and been with many women before her, dominating her and turning her from shy angel to another conquest on his bed post. I became enthralled with this older, experienced black man having his way with my innocent, petite, and young white wife.

Accompanying this eroticism was both shame and fear. Part of me was deeply embarrassed that I had fantasies of giving my wife away to this older man. In my head, I was supposed to protect and guard my wife from other men - certainly not make it easy for them by directly arranging the act. Still, part of me couldn't help but be ferociously turned on by the idea, and I masturbated furiously to his posts and to the thoughts of my wife naked in his strong, older black hands.

The more I learned about Blake, the more his style of rough dominance over cuckolds and their wives turned me on. He liked both his wives and his cuckolds to be submissive, as he was extremely dominant. He also liked restraining both, tying up or using restraints to make the wife sexually available to him in any position and vulnerability he desired. He wanted the cuckold to submit too, offering the wife up to him and watching, also while possibly tied up.

For the next week, I thought of contacting Blake to offer up my young wife, but I quickly banished those thoughts. What kind of man gives up his wife to a total stranger, especially some strange dirty old man who has no right having an intimate experience with a beautiful young wife. It felt dirty and wrong.

However, one day I gave into my impulses and contacted him, sharing some erotic pictures of Kathy in lingerie I had taken. He responded that he accepted my offer of my wife to him, and when we met, he would plan to own both of us, and that I had better be prepared to be owned and to watch the love of my life be owned mentally and physically right in front of me.

Again, I felt confused, and felt like I was betraying my wife. Nonetheless, his response greatly turned me on and only made me more obsessed with the idea of giving my wife up to this older black bull.

Blake and I continued to exchange emails. I told him that I hadn't told my wife about my cuckolding fetish, and that she was unlikely to be interested since she had never been with another man other than me and was very conservative.

Blake explained that he wasn't willing to invest too much time in seducing her, only in fucking her. He fucked lots of young white wives and they were easy to come by for him. Nonethless, he would offer me some guidance and advice, since guiding innocent wives down the path to black cock slut appealed to, especially when he got to be the first one to hit that pussy. He would offer me a plan that had helped get dozens of wives to spread their legs for him.

Part of me read the emails and was offended. It had taken me months of waiting to even get Kathy to touch my dick, and now he was telling me he would only have sex with her if it was fast and convenient, and only if we totally obeyed his strict orders. What a jerk! Still, part of me was drawn to his cocky and experienced attitude, and enjoyed the taboo of planning Blake's enjoyment of my own wife, so with my internal battle raging, I followed my dick and tried to understand and follow his plan.

Step one was to continue to buy her lingerie and her pose in pictures for him. He told me that he "loves when a slut dresses to get fucked". It angered me that he would refer to my innocent wife as as slut, nonetheless I went online and ordered many pieces of slutty lingerie and heels to do his bidding.

Kathy laughed when she saw the clothes I ordered, and while she found my newfound interest in slutty lingerie to be more entertaining than erotic, nonetheless she did as I asked and wore them and let me snap pictures. She did seem worried and confused about why I was more interested in taking pictures then in ripping the lingerie off, but I reassured her it simply turned me on to capture the moment for later.

Eventually, I told her there might be a few men I was sharing the pictures discreetly with, which upset her but she eventually approved as long as her face pictures were kept out of it. I mentioned my fantasy of watching her with another man. Having only been with me, she was intrigued by the idea of experiencing something different, but told me she would feel most safe in a threesome where I was actively involved. And even then, she still didn't think it was a good idea outside of fantasy, and she accused me of just having a strange porn addiction, noting how jealous and possessive I was with her.

I reported all these pictures back to Blake. All of his responses made her sound like a cheap piece of meat rather than my pride and joy. He commented he loved the pics on all fours as that's how he would soon enjoy her, and he sent back pictures of his cock and promised to stretch her. There's no doubt that he would since Kathy is very tight and Blake's black cock was longer than mine and *much* wider. As usual, his promises to tear up my wife's pussy and ass both offended me and encouraged me.

Eventually, we moved towards the next step of the ultimate goal of turning my naive wife into a submissive slut for Blake.

The plan was to do more photoshoots of Kathy, but this time I would take her to hotels and imply another man would be joining us. Kathy was against the idea, but I begged her for weeks, reassuring that I loved her. I explained that the hotel was just a fantasy of getting out of our comfort zones and make it feel more risque, but that she would feel totally safe.

Each time we did these hotel photoshoots, I would take orders from Blake on exactly the type of lingerie I should order. Blake insisted that all his cuckolds are expected to keep their wives pussies shaved, so I told Kathy that it was a huge turn on for me to do so. Like most of my other requests, she expressed some hesitancy but gave in when I reassured her how much I loved her and how much this turned me on. She loved making me happy.

After the photoshoots, I would promptly send all the pictures to Blake, who would make lewd comments about her. He would tell me that she was a slut that was ready to be owned by him, how he would spank her and fill her with his black seed. Part of me knew that as a husband it was my responsibility to protect her, but another part of me jerked off furiously to the idea.

Finally, we arranged the real night. I once again dressed Kathy to Blake's desire. This time it was in a short skirt but no panties, and a low cut lace top that was cut deep enough to reveal most of her push-up bra and healthy C-cup breasts. She also wore 5 inch sandal stilettos, which accentuated her legs and ass especially with the short skirt.

We went to the hotel room and I ordered us some wine as I usually did. Kathy was finally starting to loosen up at the games we had been playing, and seemed frisky and in the mood. When I saw her sit on the hotel bed, I knew underneath just a thin layer of a skirt was my wife's shaven, hot pussy.

This time however, instead of simply grabbing my phone to snap shots, I opened the door to let Blake in, who I had been in secret contact with to coordinate his arrival. His 6'2" frame towered over both of us, especially Kathy who's not even 5' tall. Blake shook my hand and came in, and told Kathy that it was so great to finally see her in real life. Kathy looked mortified but being a pleaser she made some polite small talk. However, she quickly ran to the bathroom, and grabbed my arm for me to follow her.

"I can't believe you invited him in here!" Kathy scolded me. Despite the angry tone of her voice, it was difficult for me not to notice her large breasts falling out of her low cut top.

"I'm sorry, honey, but I thought we had talked about this fantasy." I responded.

"I never thought you'd bring another man here for real! This is dangerous, I don't want to have sex with another man other than you, I was just playing to your fantasies and letting you take pictures."

"Ok," I responded, "he's here now and I don't want to make him angry so let's just humor him for a little bit and then we'll leave".

Kathy, being the pleaser, agreed with the plan. We walked out and made some polite small talk for a few minutes, which was slightly awkward with Kathy's sexy attire and the reason Blake was here.

Then, Blake gave me the suggestion that would change everything.

"Why don't you go find us some ice to chill this wine? I think I saw a machine down in the hotel lobby."

Kathy immediately gave me eyes not to go, and I knew I was abdicating all my responsibilities as my husband by leaving by scantily clad wife alone with a bull. But this would be the culmination of all my cuckold sexual fantasies. So I walked out to get more ice.

Walking outside the hotel room was one of the most intense moments of my life. My brain raged in internal conflict while my dick just raged in horniness. I could only imagine what was happening behind me, but I left my small sexy petite white wife dressed like a slut with a large black bull who prides himself on training them.

Even after I got the ice, I still took the time to pace around a bit, giving Blake more time to achieve his objective. Finally, I walked back to the room and keyed in.

When I walked back in, Blake was already fucking my wife on the bed. Her skirt was still on, but her legs were spread wide, her heels kicking the sky, while Blake's much larger black body gyrated on it and bounced up and down, fucking her mercilessly. My wife was moaning loudly and constantly, making sounds that were totally foreign to my ear. Our sex was always fairly quiet.

I could only imagine what it was like for Blake to work his thick cock into my wife's very tight shaved pussy. The pussy that previously had only been mine. Now he seemed to be enjoying her reaction to his very thick cock invading her body.

"You like this big black dick in you, dontcha girl" Blake verbally taunted my wife, but rather than be offended she merely mewed back in pleasure and dug her nails into his back and her legs around him, pulling her into him deeper.

"You're not trying to hurry out of the hotel room anymore, are you?" he said as he thrust into her harder, making her moan harder in turn.

"You love getting fucked by me, don't you." Blake continued talking down at her.

"Uuuunh", my wife just moaned back at him.

"Tell me who owns this pussy, slut!"

"You do, you do!"

"Say my name!"

"Blake, ooooh Blake, uuuunnnnh"

"Tell me I own your pussy."

"Ohhhh...you own this pussy, you own this pussy Blake...just don't stop fucking me...uuuuuhhh" she moaned back at Blake.

Just like he promised to, Blake continued to tear my wife's pussy up. I just sat on the bed, quietly masturbating and watching, making sure I obeyed Blake's order not to come, since he had told me in his email exchanges he never allows his cuckold husbands to orgasm until after he leaves. "The tension makes the game more fun", Blake had told me.

The tension and mixed feelings about what was happening were running through my head. Kathy enjoyed sex with me, but I had never quite been able to get her to reach orgasm, and certainly never put her into this loud, euphoric state. I had never seen my wife in this sort of pleasure, and the primal sex that this large, older man was having with my wife was like something I'd never seen before, it was totally beyond my expectations. It was hard not to orgasm myself but I made sure not to .

"Oooooh, I love it, I love it, I love it, don't stop fucking me." Kathy spread her legs even wider and had a loud, vocal orgasm and she went deeper into the throes of pleasure.

Blake seemed satisfied with the conquest of another young, white wife, and I watched him push his big black body forward a few times, inseminating my wife's womb totally. I watched in awe as he finally pushed his body off of hers, and I watched the thick black cock I had seen in the pictures pull out of my wife's most intimate area.

I was surprised when he turned to me, and told me to do my duty. At first I was confused, but he reached over and grabbed my arm, pulling me to my wife, who was still in a dream state. Blake spoke into my ear,

"Clean it all up like a good cuck."

I knew from reading online stories that some cuckold husbands eat the cum from their wife's vagina after the sex act took place. It was a total admission that the cuckold acknowledged what had taken place. It had never appealed to me, but now I didn't seem to have much of a choice. I put my face down into my wife's shaved pussy and ate Blake's cum from it. My wife moaned in pleasure as my tongue continue to stimulate her.

After I had fully cleaned it, I looked down at my wife. She looked so beautiful, glistening with sweat and full of primal sexual energy. Despite her initial reluctance, she clearly loved sex with Blake. Would she ever want sex with me again? I wasn't certain. In fact, at that point I was certain about only one thing. Blake had lived up to his promise - he owned us both.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/28/18

Nice job

As a Bull I don’t see anything wrong with what he wrote. It turns him on so don’t judge another person’s kink. There are a lot of men that enjoy being a cuck and a lot of hot wives that love beingmore...

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by Anonymous10/01/18

I hope you dont write again.

To willingly give your wife up. Man what a wimp. And you have cuckold fag shit running through you. I hope she divorces you.

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by Onethird09/20/18

Shift scene

A good effort. There are two ways to write about seduction: one is long and involved, the other one is abrupt, like this story. You leave a room for a few minutes, then BAM, there it went. Sometimes themore...

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No more please

Quite Pathetic

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by Anonymous09/17/18


This was a real piece of garbage, and poorly written as well.

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