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First Experience


(This story is true....it is not heavy into the pain/pleasure part of BDSM, although a very little is described; is more about the verbal effects a dominant can have on a submissive (a good starter story for those very new to the idea of the lifestyle or experimenting). Names have been changed to protect privacy.)


I had been having a hard time the past four days. For no known reason, I had been so incredibly horny my juices had soaked through my underwear multiple times each day. I have quite the raging libido and adored all sexual acts, but even this was weird for me. My boyfriend and I were in a long-distance relationship, as we were going to different colleges, so physically I was unable to be relieved of the raging desire I felt. Although quite well-tuned to my body and what it wanted, I always found it very hard to orgasm by myself and even found the situation of masturbating rather awkward and disgusting. Thrusting my fingers into my own wetness or fingering the clit that almost always refused to show was not generally my idea of fun.

The thing I went to was "my stories", as I called them. Located on a certain website, they were my getaway when I wanted my imagination to run wild. Although I liked the group sex stories, and the interesting daydreams that they would bring, I was more into the BDSM section of the website. While I read them I could imagine the hand smacking me hard on the ass, or the whip whistling through the air to hit my front. I could picture the feeling of the caresses I would receive after being especially obedient or after a harsh punishment. I could feel the blindfold over my eyes as my other senses went into overdrive. I could taste someone's dick shoved into my mouth roughly, ignoring my moans for release. I could sense the presence of someone more dominant then I, knowing what I truly desired and giving it all, both pain and pleasure. Growing up in a very strict household, it took me awhile to realize that I was into such kinky things. Vanilla sex had its advantages to be sure, and it never failed to give me pleasure, but my cunt seemed to also be attracted to stuff of a darker bent.

My boyfriend, Joshua, and I had been having some relationship issues for a couple days, and so we IM-ed for a while to talk things over. Eventually, after exhausting that subject we switched to others, knowing that the problem would resolve itself if we became interested in what was going on in each other's' lives and strengthening the connection we had.

I left my computer and went downstairs to eat dinner; when I came back up to my bedroom it seemed that my boyfriend's cock was beginning to stir. Being 18 himself, the slightest things could get him raring to go. He brought up one of my darker fantasies over IM: a gangbang. I have trouble admitting I get turned on by such things, because I have always thought they were wrong and gross. However, my boyfriend has always known me very well, and is insistent on making me tell the truth.

The conversation went on for awhile:

red_soldier: gangbang is one of your greatest fantasies....if the opportunity comes along in college there is no way you would pass it up.

blue_eagle: that's not true. it would turn me on yes, but i think i could control myself and leave

red_soldier: bull. you would consider running from it but we both know that once things started you wouldn't stop them Cassie

blue_eagle: maybe not. but that's not one of my greatest fantasies. you obviously don't know how into BDSM i am.....

red_soldier: yes I do and your gangbang wish is greater

"No, you don't," I thought.

blue_eagle: the best fantasy would be if they were put together....but idk.

red_soldier: perhaps. but once again, you like the idea of a gangbang more

blue_eagle: i think i would only do a gangbang if......ok. im going to say this. and its kinda weird. and probably a turn off. it shows into BDSM i am. it probably going to gross you out. you need to understand this is how i feel and i have to say it to be fully honest

red_soldier: you have to tell me on skype

blue_eagle: why!? NO! i can't do it! Let me do it here! I can't say it out loud!

red_soldier: im getting off.

-red_solider is now offline-

I started flipping out. His name popped up at the bottom of my screen as "online" for skype. There was NO WAY I would tell him. He would freak!

However, I answered the video call request he sent. I guess my body was betraying me. It WANTED him to know. It was eager to have someone who could possibly give it what it most desired. The wetness between my thighs was giving me away and I knew that he would know what I was talking about by the end of the video session.

I slowly took my head out of my hands to look at my boyfriend when I answered the video call, his dark brown hair and deep chocolate eyes, a sharp contrast to my blue and naturally light blonde hair, always a comfort to see.

"Come on Cassie, say it. This is frustrating. Tell me, what's worse: the feeling of not being able to tell me, or the feeling you'll get when you do."

I thought about it. I realized I desperately wanted him to know how deep into BDSM I wanted to go, and I crossed my fingers that he wouldn't be too shocked. "Definitely this feeling."

"Okay," Joshua said, "then just tell me!"

I groaned and rubbed my face with my hands before starting to whisper.

" I would only do a gangbang if...." I paused. Could I say it to him? Would he be so grossed out I could never speak of it again? My face contorted as I tried to force the words out of my mouth.

"....if.....my Master was there." I said rapidly, let out an inward sigh of relief. "I mean, not necessarily you, but anyone-"

He interrupted me and proceeded to nail his gangbang point home. I was shocked, somewhat hurt, and slightly annoyed. "I just told you a very intimate part of me that you didn't know the extent of, and you don't say anything about it?" I thought. I brushed my irritation off, the hurt still lingering, and continued the conversation.

When I had admitted what he wanted to hear about my fascinations with gangbangs, he pulled out his rigid cock from his shorts and began to stroke it. Joshua has an average sized dick (so he claims), but I never really cared about the length; he knew how to use it and I was short enough that was he could ram against my cervix whenever he thrusted hard. He was able to be stiff in seconds and the sight of his evident desire was always an instant turn-on. Also, he was the perfect length for a blow-job and deep-throating, which I did with pleasure.

"So you want to have a gangbang with me there?" Joshua asked while you pumped his shaft up and down.

"Yes, I would prefer you were there," I said, staring at his erect dick.

"Yes what? Call me what you just said a while ago."

My head snapped up and my heart starting beating faster. Could he really mean it?

"What did you just say?" I asked in mock surprise and shock.

"Call me what you have such trouble saying. Come on let's hear it".

"Absolutely not!" I said in defiance, my heart secretly thrumming inside of me and my desire growing higher. "There is no way I'm going to do that!"

Joshua shoved his dick back into his shorts, creating a rather large bulge that I unabashedly stared at.

"Say it. Or I'm not taking it back out."

I was filled with more longing to see his cock then I had ever had before, and started to beg.

"Please Joshua please. I want to see your dick. Please, please.......please." I stared at him with such anguish and intensity that I was surprised when he didn't move, and instead looked at me with


"Say it or you're not going to see it."

I braced myself, and started forming words that I never dreamed of speaking. "Yes, Master," I said, between bared teeth. Hearing me speak the words sent a thrill through me that I will never forget. It was such a relief and felt so right to finally utter the term that so fit his dominant personality. I could feel the juices running from my cunt soaking deeper into my thong.

"Yes MY Master," Joshua said, taking his penis out of his athletic shorts and beginning to pump it again.

"Yes, my Master," I said, avoiding his gaze and watching his cock. I shifted in position to get my pelvis grinding against the bed better and I knew he saw. He watched my face and I could tell he knew the effect this play was having on me.

"Good girl," he said. My heart, stomach, and cunt all leaped and contracted at those words of praise. They were so sweet to my ears. I wanted more of them. I shifted once again in my seat, unable to hold in a moan as my eyes rolled slightly back into my head.

"So now.....you want FIVE guys with you?" Joshua asked, making it clear I was to voice my imagination's take on a gangbang. "Tell me where they would all be."

I shifted more in my seat, desire mounting. "One would be at my mouth, one would be-"

"Stop!" Joshua commanded. "Be more descriptive."

I sighed, and said, "Yes, My Master. One would have his cock in my mouth, one would have his cock in my cunt, one would have his cock in my ass, one would be jacking off above my stomach, and one would be playing with my clit."

"There's only one problem with that," Joshua said, "both of your hands are free."

I sighed. "I guess I could give two guys hand jobs, my Master."

"SEVEN? Seven guys??" he said in astonishment.

"Well.....or it could the original five, but yeah seven could work too," I replied obediently.

I started to be more turned on by the sight of his dick than I ever had before. Seeing my boyfriend (my Master, my mind secretly whispered) masturbate was making me seriously hot. I started to whimper and moan, wishing he was with me so that I could touch his throbbing member.

"Oh, here's another instruction. Keep your hands where I can see them. I don't want you touching yourself without asking permission."

Feeling like an obedient whore and loving every second of it, but also unfortunately already desperate for release, I asked, "Where do you want them.....my Master?"

"Tilt the camera and put them somewhere where I can see them at all times," Joshua instructed.

I pushed the lid of the laptop further down and crossed my arms. "Like this, my Master?"

"Good girl," he said with a half-grin on his face. I moaned, leaning back as another wave of pleasure hit me.

"Another thing: whenever you want to read one of your stories, or masturbate with the dildo or vibrator you are going to get, you have to text me and ask in a proper way," Joshua instructed.

"Are you serious?? No way!" I shrieked.

Joshua's brows furrowed and he glared. "I believe that is called defiance. Aren't you supposed to be punished for defiance?".

I shrunk down and whimpered. I was surprised how much his tone of voice controlled my bearing. I knew this part had been coming, but I didn't know he could do it so well. "Yes, my Master," I whispered after a pause.

"Every time you are defiant," he said, "I am not going to let you see my dick. And I'm going to instruct you to remove one article of clothing."

"That's not a punishment," I grinned.

"No, but the other one is enough."

I grew more sober.

"Now repeat what you are to do during the day," Joshua commanded.

I said, "Every time I want to play with myself or read a story I have to text you and ask your permission."

Joshua (still jacking off, though alternating between slow and fast strokes to avoid cumming) reminded me my saying, "You forgot something."

"......my Master," I hastily added.

"Now say it all over again. Properly."

"Why?" I groaned, "I already said it once!"

I realized my mistake when his bearing changed yet again. "Take off your shirt," he commanded, his gaze stern. He shoved his cock into his shorts again. I knew it wouldn't stay there for long, but the fact that I couldn't see it drove me crazy.

I complied, muttering under my breath, "Yes, my Master". There was something about the way he said it and the situation that made not obeying seem impossible. I then replayed the phrase back to him in the proper way. He brought his dick back into view and continued masturbating.

"My Master, may I touch myself? Please, please, please?" I begged him. I was squirming all over the bed now, attempting to rub my swollen clit against the sheets, trying to relieve the intense horniness that was welling up inside.

"No, you may not," Joshua said, fully aware of the anguish I was in. My moans and cries were now completely audible and even over the webcam he could see the actions I was making to try and relieve myself. All I could do was stare at his dick, wishing I could feel it in some way inside me. In my mouth, in my dripping cunt, in my ass....it didn't matter. I just wanted it.

There were several other little acts of defiance that happened that weren't necessarily intentional, as I had thought they would be. There was a strong underlying wish to obey him that counteracted most of the defiance I normally had. It was a very strange feeling. After them I was left in nothing but my soaked thong, after Joshua had demanded as punishment to remove all the other articles of clothing.

"Since you only have that one little article of clothing left, take it off," Joshua demanded. "And the next time you disobey you will have to watch a video of double penetration without touching yourself."

"Yes, my Master," saying quickly, but not before a gasp escaped me.

I couldn't take it anymore. The desire to come was driving me crazy. "My Master, may I PLEASE touch myself?" I groaned.

"Go get your hairbrush," he instructed. My hairbrush was my current version of a dildo, although thinner and smoother than I would have liked, but it did the job I wanted it to do. And right now I just wanted SOMETHING up there to relieve the sensation of pleasure-agony.

I retrieved it and then asked like a good little slut, "Where do you want me to put it, my Master?"

"How about in all three places?" he said with a slightly evil grin. He knew the one place my mind would jump to: my ass. I had always told him "No" when it came to that area. It felt very good to have his dick up there, but I would always get scared and jump off of him and beg for him not to until he decided to give up. Right now, the idea of masturbating in front of him with my hairbrush in my ass turned me on even more. I WANTED to do it.

I whimpered, "Yes, my Master," and put it in my mouth for a little while, mimicking the actions I would take if his cock, which he was still pumping for my viewing pleasure, was inside my salivating mouth. "Enough of this," I thought. "I want MY pleasure now."

"My Master, my I switch to my cunt?" I pleaded.

"You may switch whenever you like," was Joshua's delightful answer.

I immediately thrust the hairbrush into my

dripping wet pussy. A moan escaped my lips as I thrust in and out. Of its own accord my other hand started fingering my swollen clit, which was slick from the juices that had been leaking from my cunt. For once, I was enjoying masturbating. I guess it was because I knew I was on display for my Master, and I wanted to show him how horny he had made his slut. All thought of sticking the hairbrush in any other orifice was gone. There was

no way I was going to remove it.

I realized that I was close to coming, and knew I had to ask permission...I slowed down my strokes so I could speak. "M-my Master, m-may I c-come when I get close enough?"

"Yes, you may come," Joshua said, starting to pump his swollen shaft even faster.

"T-thank you, my Master," I moaned.

My thrusts with the hairbrush increased in speed, and so did the finger on my clit. I began to feel the burn in my legs that signaled an impending orgasm. Just before I went over the edge, I had to slow down so my orgasm wouldn't be intense. Normally I am very loud, but there were other people in the house, and I didn't want to announce to the whole world what I was doing. I forced myself to keep my exclamations of pleasure to a few mumbled swear words and moans, and then collapsed on the bed exhausted. The tingling sensation in my legs subsided. My release, after four days of agony, had come.

I blearily looked up to see Joshua slowly squeezing the last remaining drops of cum from his still-hard cock. I was somewhat disappointed I hadn't been able to see his milky-white seed as it shot from him, but I knew I would have another chance. I was so excited to know that there would maybe more play sessions; my Master seemed to have enjoyed the exchange.

I leaned back, my assertiveness and defiance returning as a smile came to my face, and asked:

"So. What did you think?"

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