tagLoving WivesFirst Fuck of Office Affair

First Fuck of Office Affair


The work place affair started as any other does I suppose. Although maybe it's easier to start an affair at work? When you work with someone you usually spend more time with that person than your spouse so it's easy to fall into a relationship which is more than just work related.

It started innocently enough. Started with some light flirting and comments such as nice shirt or you look good today. This led to some innocent emails and phone calls - just to say hi of course! After a while those comments got a little racier saying things like I like to walk behind you because your ass looks great in those jeans. Eventually they started telling each other about their sexual pasts and he asked her to tell him about the kinkiest thing she'd ever done which she did.

They began to talk about sex more and eventually she sent him an email saying she wanted him to fuck her. He called her right away and told her not to send things like that in an email because it would flag the IT department to monitor their emails. She was afraid she'd crossed the line because he seemed so upset with her.

Later that day though he called her and told her to find some excuse to come out to see him. She grabbed a note pad and made up some lame excuse for needing to head out then walked out to his office. When she walked in his office he told her to close the door and lock it. She did and he got up, came around his desk, grabbed her face and kissed her hard. He opened his mouth and shoved his tongue deep into her mouth. She kissed him back, pushing her tongue into his mouth as much as she was able. They kissed for a few minutes then he told her she should hustle back to her desk before anyone got suspicious.

This happened a few time and he had occasionally groped her tits through her shirt, then one day he asked her out to his office and he upped the game a little bit. She went out and as usual closed and locked the door. This time as his tongue was deep in her mouth his hand went up the front of her shirt as he started to fondle her tits. When she moaned her approval he lifted her shirt and pulled her tits out of her bra and started sucking hard on her nipples. She was surprised but also very turned on. She was so turned on she didn't object when he slid his hands down her pants and slid his fingers into her pussy and started to finger fuck her there in his office. He had to stop before she could cum though as someone knocked on his door and she had to put herself back together really quick.

Right after that encounter she went on vacation. One day on her vacation she snuck away from her husband and called him. She was on the phone with him for half an hour while they talked dirty to each other. He had her so worked up she fingered herself to an orgasm for him on the phone. Before they hung up he told her they would have to get together when she got back to the office the following week.

Monday when she returned he called her and asked what she was doing for lunch. They made plans to meet at a restaurant up the hill where people from work didn't usually go.

She got there first and had to wait for him. She was both nervous and excited that they were going out together but she was also scared someone they knew would see them together. He finally arrived and they sat at a booth toward the back of the restaurant. They talked and ate and it was a little awkward. When they finished eating he shocked her by telling her to go into the bathroom and take off her panties and bring them to him at the table. Then she shocked herself by doing it. She went into the bathroom and when she came out she had her panties balled up in her hand. She sat at the table and discreetly handed them to him. He took them with a smile and stuffed them in his pocket. Then they left the restaurant in their respective cars and headed back to work - him with her panties in his pocket and her commando. She had to call him later and ask for her panties back so her husband wouldn't notice them missing.

After the restaurant encounter she decided she was very ready to fuck him for real. She sent him an email telling him he looked like he needed a pick me up and asked if there was anything she could do to put a smile on his face. He asked her to tell him what color panties and bra she was wearing that day. She wrote back it was the same style he had recently had in his possession but a different color with a matching bra. She then told him she had tried to call him the night before as she knew he had to work extra late but he didn't answer. He asked why and she emailed back she had a proposition for him. Knowing he couldn't do it in an email he called her and asked what her proposition was. She told him she wanted him to bend her over his desk and fuck her. He told her to get out there now.

She grabbed a notepad and walked out to his office with butterflies in her stomach. All the flirting and kissing and groping had led to this moment and her pussy was wet thinking about what was about to happen.

She walked into his office and as usual closed and locked the door. She turned and saw he had cleared off some of his desk and she knew that was where she would soon be. He came around the desk and grabbed her and started kissing her. His hands moved over her tits, squeezing and pinching them hard. She was moaning into his mouth as her nipples were very hard and very sensitive at this point. Then he stopped and spun her around and pushed her face down on his desk. She felt him lift her skirt and pull down her panties. She lifted her legs so he could remove her panties then slightly spread her legs for him. She heard the sound of his zipper and knew she was about to get fucked.

He took out his cock and moved closer to her. He rubbed his cock in the crack of her ass a few times then moved down and lined up his cock with the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. He shoved his cock into her in one quick motion and started fucking her hard.

She was both excited and scared to have a cock other than her husband's inside her. He was pounding her and she was so wet she could hear a squishing sound every time he bottomed out inside her. He reached down and grabbed her leg and put it up on his desk so he could get into her deeper. They were building up a good rhythm and she was trying to stay quiet but she was starting to moan while he fucked her.

They were both getting closer to orgasm when all of a sudden his desk phone rang. He told her to stay quiet while he answered it. He picked up the phone and was talking to the person on the other end of the line then just to tease her he started to slowly fuck her while talking. All she could do was lay across his desk and let him use her pussy while he carried on a conversation with someone else. She was very thankful when he finally said good bye and hung up the phone.

He told her he had to go but not before he finished using her pussy. With that he grabbed her hips and started pounding her even harder. Faster and harder he went making her moan out loud. Then he shoved all the way in and she felt him cumming inside her. He must have been really pent up because he came a lot.

When he was done he stayed in her until he started to go soft. Only then did he take his cock out of her well fucked pussy. He handed her panties back to her and told her to put them on quickly so his cum wouldn't leak out of her. As she started to leave his office he kissed her deep again and told her he wanted her to go straight to her desk and keep his cum inside her as long as she could.

She went back to her desk thinking everyone knew what she had just done. She sat at her desk until lunch feeling his cum inside her and remembering how his cock had felt inside her. Every time she stood up she could feel a little of his cum start to leak out of her and run down her legs.

At the end of the day she called him and told him her panties were still coated in his cum and she had been rubbing it into her pussy all day. She told him she looked forward to their next encounter but she wanted the next time to be somewhere she could be as loud as she wanted and they wouldn't be interrupted by another phone call.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/12/19

Very Sexy

This was a sexy fantasy. I’ve had virtually identical experiences several times (from the man side), so I found it to be quite realistic.

Your writing is fine, but you need to force yourself to actuallymore...

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by Anonymous04/18/19

Hot story

Thank you for this story. Ignore the asshats. This type of thing happens all the time. Both myself and my wife have had workplace affairs. And yes we each have fucked on the desk at work. She also gotmore...

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by MikeOrMikey04/16/19


I thought it was entertaining.......please continue.

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by Anonymous04/16/19

Straight ahead sex. Not bad!

So you started out with a bang. Got complaints because it was too raw. But now you have the chance to start filling in the details and adding some drama and suspense. Those who hate cheating storiesmore...

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by 26thNC04/15/19


Not really a story. Reads like a book report about two worthless people. The over used boss takes cheating wife plot. Nothing new or worthy of note.

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