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First Gay Experience


At the time of my first gay experience occurred just a month following my separation from my first wife. I am totally into woman but every once in a while, I was always curious about having intercourse with a clean-shaven man who had the right kind of build. Shortly after my ex-wife and I separated I created an account through one of the adult friend finder websites. For a while it wasn't producing what I was looking for. The guys were either too old or their body style wasn't what I was into but then that one message came in from a guy who came the closest to what I was looking for. He was Mexican-Asian, 5'10" tall, body was toned, and his body below the neck was hairless. I then spent the next couple of days messaging him back and forth trying to get to know him a little bit. At that time, I was extremely nervous being it was my first time. At about the third day I finally built up the courage to invite him over and see where it goes.

It was about 8:00p.m. when he arrived at my house and rang the bell. At that time, I could feel my heart beating but I figured, he here and this is about to happen. I opened the door and invited him inside. We both walked to the master bedroom having a casual conversation. As I walked into the room, it literally only took him 20 seconds before he was stripped naked and laying on my bed. His cock was already hard and he was casually laying back against the pillows. I stopped and stared for a minute but then I stripped down naked and climbed into bed with him. As I climbed onto the bed I worked my way up between his legs. I slowly lowered myself on my stomach and placed my arms under his legs and placed my hands just below his belly. He grabbed his cock, which was approximately 6-7 inches, and he positioned it directly under chin. I looked down and just went for it.

I opened my mouth and I took his cock into my mouth. I recall the feeling of stroking his cock with my tongue. As moved my head up and down, feeling his cock get more wet from my saliva, I would sometimes take as much of his cock into my mouth. I would take it all the way in until I could feel the head of his cock touch the back of my throat and my face was resting on his nuts. At first, I didn't think this was for me but after a while, it became a pleasurable experience. After about a couple of minutes of sucking this guys cock, he would get more into it because his cock got harder and he would even gently thrust his cock further into my mouth every time I took it all the way into my mouth. He was about to cum in my mouth, at that time I tasted something salty at the back of my tongue, he pulled out and gestured me up.

He then told me to lay on my back but I told him I would like to lay on my stomach first and to take it slow. I then laid on my stomach as he continued to climb on my legs. I could feel his ass rest on the back of my legs. At this moment, he took the time to put on a condom and he started to apply lubricant on his cock and then with his fingers he began to apply some to my butthole. I can remember that my heart was beating really fast and as I laid there I was thinking to myself, "This is it, I am about to be fucked in the ass by another man." I then felt him lean forward and place one hand on the bed just over my left shoulder. His other hand was being used to guide his cock directly to the entrance of my ass. At first, I felt the tip of his cock on my butthole but then he thrusted directly into me and the pain was unbelievable. He laid on top of me, our heads directly next to each other, as he was telling me to relax and let it happen. For about maybe a minute or two I tried to put the pain behind me but I couldn't. I asked him to pull out and so he did. He rolled over to my side as I laid there getting over the pain in my ass.

He leaned over and asked if I was done and didn't want to finish but I responded back, "no, just give me a minute and we will try again. He was patient and after about a couple of minutes of recouping, I said let's try again. So, he climbed back on top of me and again he inserted his cock into my ass. This time it wasn't painful but it did leave me feeling uncomfortable. He asked how I was doing and I told him it felt uncomfortable. He then began to roll over to my side while still inside of me but as he moved his cock inside of me, it surprisingly felt good. I then reached over and grabbed his hip and pulled him back inside of me. I told him, "that felt good." We both then rolled back over onto my stomach and he began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of my ass. It was amazing how the feeling went from extreme pain to sudden pleasure. Feeling his body rub my body with each thrust was unbelievable. Once I got into the rhythm of his thrusting, I maneuvered my hips and raised my ass slightly. I could tell he felt the difference because he began to pound my body harder. As I laid there I could hear his breathing get faster and the slamming of his nuts on my ass got louder, all I could think about was how good this felt.

After about 5 minutes or longer of getting my ass pounded and the feeling of a man's cock sliding in and out of me. He whispered he was about to cum and just then he came down on my body hard and I could feel him tense up on my body as he was cumming directly into me. For the next few minutes he just laid on top of me recovering from organism, he would run his hands up and down the side of my body. He then rolled over off of me and pulled out of me. I rolled over and saw the condom he just pulled off and it was just filled with so much cum. He looked at me and asked me what I thought and I told him, "It was definitely better than I thought it was." He then got up, got dressed, and left to go home. That was the last time and only time I ever had that kind of experience but I have to admit that from time to time, I have considered trying it again.

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Sounds like my most recent encounter. You sounded surprised about how fast two men get down! That is the great thing about male sex, no bullshit! If your not getting fucked on a regular, it is goingmore...

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