tagSci-Fi & FantasyFirst Immortals Ch. 11

First Immortals Ch. 11


First up I would strongly suggest that if you haven't read the earlier chapters please do so before reading this one, it will explain a lot of things...

Now, enjoy. BB1212


I woke up aching, but as my memory slowly returned I realised I was lucky to have woken up at all. I tried to appear as if I was still unconscious as I carefully scanned the area in front of me. I was in a double bed that was crammed into a room only just large enough to fit it. The curtains were closed, but the light from around them indicated it was daytime. After a while I looked around the room carefully, and realised there were not any YW's in there with me. Maybe I could escape through the window before they realised I was awake?

Before I could do anything more than think about it, the door opened and Rickson came in. He saw I was awake and smiled.

"Welcome back Josh," he said, and then he turned around, looked outside the room and said "he's awake."

There was a momentary silence from outside, and then the sound of approaching people. Within moments the small room was packed with about a dozen men. All of them were either men I seen in the hall, or men that would have been on the YW's list. Because I was frozen from the time I arrived in the hall I hadn't seen everyone who was there.

There was pandemonium for a minute or so with everyone talking at once, and trying to both greet me and also express gratitude for something I had apparently done. Eventually Rickson called for order and it quietened down.

"What happened?" I asked, and Rickson smiled and then told me the story.

"There were eight YW's, er..., attached to you, "he explained, "and they were, well..."

"I know that bit," I interrupted, and he nodded appreciatively. I had seen it far too often myself and I knew how embarrassing it was just to watch.

"So," he continued, "they all started changing colour, going from blue to purple, and getting brighter as it happened. When they all started going red the rest of them got sort of agitated, and they clustered around each other watching. We were still frozen, but we could feel the hold sort of loosening. Anyway, as the first eight got really bright another eight moved in. They touched the other YW's, but before they could touch you the first eight exploded, all at the same time, and that injured the other eight. They lost some of their tentacle things and they went a really deep green. All the others had some sort of sympathetic reaction, and we were released. Then we..." Rickson paused and then looked around.

"I'll let Commodore Fenhed tell the rest, he was the one who made it happen."

Red Fenhed was the fourth in charge of the Intergalactic Navy, and the two others immediately above him were female, so it made sense that he would have taken charge. He would have been the senior ranking military officer once I was taken out of commission.

"Well Sir," Red said, "with the YW's er, distracted I thought we should make a break for it. I told everyone in the hall to separate into small groups and head in different directions, go a good distance and then find somewhere to hide."

"He also made us all turn our communicators off," Porter Evins, a council member interjected, "I don't know why we have to do that; the people need us out there."

"I did that because I think the YW's must have used our communicators to locate us in the first place," Red explained, "without them we are off the grid."

"Absolutely correct," I said, it was very good logic. Red nodded his appreciation for my support.

"So we picked you up, commandeered a vehicle, and got out of the area. Eventually we abandoned the vehicle and walked for a couple of hours before we chose this place to hide out."

"Good work," I acknowledged, "so what's next?"

"We aren't sure," Rickson said, "we were waiting for you to recover, you have better knowledge of the YW's." I nodded.

"We have been sending people out regularly to find out what is happening," Red said. "The YW's are still, um, attacking the men, but they have also started killing women and children indiscriminately."

I nodded.

"What do we know about their numbers?" I asked.

"We've had people contact Hinchlet, and they tell us the YW's have two huge interstellar ships that are orbiting outside our atmosphere. They were somehow hidden until after we were taken. They also brought at least eight smaller transporters with them that have been ferrying them to and from Earth. We can only guess their numbers, but it could be around ten thousand in total with about half of them here at any given time. Every time one gets, er, pregnant, they are taken back to a mother ship."

"How many have we killed?" I asked, dreading the answer.

"We have no weapons to take the YW's on with Sir," Red said.

"Nothing yet," I agreed, thinking of the MS and the new MSU that had the potential but weren't ready for combat yet, "but we have to make do with what is available. They appear to have a weakness, and that is they all are disabled when one is injured, so we just need to hurt one and we can take out the whole group."

"Well, yes," Red said hesitantly.

"It's all we have," I said bluntly, "but I do have a possible plan B for this situation."

"You do?" Rickson sounded hopeful.

"Yes," I confirmed, "but it is a very desperate plan."

"These are desperate times," Rickson said, and I nodded.

"I need to get to my Stellar," I said flatly. When I had outlasted the YW's again I knew I had dodged a bullet, but now I felt like I was staring at an incoming missile, and all I had to protect myself was a tennis racquet. Without any strings in it.

I told Rickson and Red what my plan B was, and they both were shocked.

"Josh," Rickson said, "I can't allow this, it is suicide."

"With all due respect Sir," I replied, "I'm not asking for permission, I'm telling you what will happen. But if you do happen to have a better idea I would love to hear it."

As we stared at each other, both fully aware of what was now inevitable, a strange chirping noise suddenly appeared in my head.

"What the hell is...?" I started to say, when a man I didn't know opened the door.

"Yw's," he said, and signalled us to be quiet before leaving the room. We stopped talking and waited. The chirping got sort of closer, and then receded. When it was almost gone the man came back in.

"All clear," he reported, and promptly left again. I looked in askance at Rickson.

"At the moment they aren't entering buildings," he said, "but they are taking people from the street. Sometimes they stop vehicles too, so any movement is dangerous."

I nodded.

"It is a risk I have to take."

"I'll come with you Sir," Red volunteered, but this time I shook my head.

"We can't risk two senior officers where one can accomplish the mission alone," I replied. This time Red nodded.

"Yes Sir," he said.

"I don't like it," Rickson said grumpily, "what if..."

"What if it works?" I asked, and he gave up. Unsavoury as it was there weren't any other options.

Half an hour later I left the building and went in search of a vehicle. This wasn't as easy as it sounds. In normal circumstances I could have used my code, or even Rickson's, to commandeer one but I was worried that this would give the YW's a location. Red had considered the same thing, but he had managed to coordinate our escape from the hall when all of the other YW's in the area were disabled, and he had deliberately abandoned the commandeered vehicle a long way from where we eventually went to hide. My plan was to meet up with someone and ask them to let me use their code for their vehicle, but the streets were deserted.

Then the chirping started again, and I ducked into the first doorway I could find. I had guessed it had something to do the YW's, and I didn't want them to find me out in the open on my own. The door was locked, and I pressed the bell, hoping there was someone home.

The chirping was getting nearer and I was searching for other options when the door opened suddenly and I was pulled inside. The door closed quickly, and I looked around in the semi darkness as the chirping peaked and then started to fade. If I was right the YW's had just gone past and I was lucky to be alive. Again.

I looked at my saviour, and it was a woman who I guessed to be about fifty years old. She looked very tired and very scared.

"Thank you," I said quietly, "you just saved me from the YW's." She smiled briefly, but the smile never reached her eyes.

"I can save a stranger," she said sadly, "but not my husband or child."

"What happened?" I asked, and she hesitated for some time before answering.

"They found us just around the corner from here," the woman said. They froze us and took Larry. As they were leaving we were released and Epsilon tried to hit one of them. It just lashed out and..." she burst into tears and I hugged her.

"Nobody survives what they took Larry for," she sobbed.

"I have," I said quietly, "twice now." She froze in my arms and then pushed herself backwards, staring at me intently.

"You're Josh Scabbard," she said in wonder. I just nodded.

"You can't help Larry can you?"

"Sorry," I replied, it was totally up to Larry to sort that out now.

"Can you help Epsilon?"

"Where..." The woman took my arm and led me down a short corridor. She opened a door and we entered a typical teenage girl's room. Epsilon lay on the bed breathing very shallowly. She was a very pretty girl, with a petite frame and short lime green hair.

"It just touched her," the woman explained, "and she collapsed. I had to carry her back here but she has just been getting worse."

"Uh huh," I grunted, and I went to the bed and checked her out. Epsilon had a bubbling rash on her left forearm, which I guessed was where the YW had touched her. When I opened her eyelids the eyes stayed rolled back. Every breath seemed to be a tiny bit shorter than the last one, and she had absolutely no reflexes or reactions to being touched. I guessed she was dying, and it wasn't far away.

"How old is she?" I asked.

"Twenty next week," the woman replied.

"Have you seen me on Androger's show?" I asked, and the woman nodded.

"Then you know the only thing that I can do to try and save her." I said. The woman shook her head.

"You can't do that," she replied firmly, "we are firm Calvanians." I groaned internally.

The Calvanians were pretty much the last religious sect who required total abstinence before marriage. Both male and female had to be certified as virgins on their wedding night, or they were not just out of the church, but also out of their entire society.

"I'm not going to pressure you at all," I said to the distraught woman, "but if we do nothing she will die. The only thing I can do is have sex with her, and even then I can't guarantee it will work. But it hasn't failed yet."

"I can't let you, it goes against everything we stand for," the woman said sadly.

"You have to make your own decision," I said. "Now, do you have a vehicle I can use, I have to get to Hinchlet as soon as possible." She nodded, and this time I took her arm and, and I led her out to the main room again.

"I'm sorry," I said sincerely, "I wish I could do more for you."

"She's going to die, isn't she?" The woman said.

"Yes," I replied sadly, "and it won't be long either."

She nodded, and went to transfer the vehicle authorisation to my communicator.

"Your communicator isn't working," she said.

"The YW's are looking for me and they can see it if it is on," I replied. She nodded again, and wrote the manual entry code down on a piece of paper. As she handed it to me she was crying.

"Commander Scabbard?"


"What would you do?"

"The way I see it there is the choice of a pure girl who is dead, or a soiled girl who is alive. I'd pick alive," I said. I turned to leave.

"Do it," she whispered, almost too softly to hear. I paused.

"Please," she whispered, and I turned back around.

First I sat with the woman in the lounge.

"What is your name?" I asked, and she grinned ruefully.

"Anastacia LeBahn," she replied, "I should have told you that first."

"You have been, er, distracted," I said, and she nodded.

"Right Anastacia," I said, in the most businesslike tone I could manage, "It's like this. Epsilon is very weak, and no matter what I do she may die anyway. Unfortunately no matter what I do, it will weaken her further in the short term. Taking her virginity will cause pain, and we can't give her anything to block it as we don't know how that will affect her condition."

"Uh huh," Anastacia said. She was paying very close attention, which was good.

"My other problem is just the act of intercourse will also weaken her. She needs to have me ejaculate in her, but I take a long time to get to that point, and it is physically demanding on my partner to have sex for such a long time."

"Can't you just, er, get yourself close and only do the last bit with her?" Anastacia asked. She was clever.

"I could, and I would prefer to," I replied, "but it takes a lot longer and I really have to be gone sooner rather than later."

"You don't want me to..." Anastacia looked horrified.

"No," I said, "much as you are very attractive I couldn't ask that of you. I know what your marriage vows involve, and I would not have you break them." She looked relieved. Then she looked thoughtful. Then she looked determined. Anastacia reached for her communicator, but turned to me before she activated it.

"Is an attractive and very, um, horny middle aged lady likely to help?"


"Flipsy, can you get here right now? It is urgent, really urgent."

"Sure Anna, do I need to bring anything?" Flipsy sounded cute.

"Just your overactive libido."

"Don't tell me you've finally turned?" Flipsy sounded like she was teasing.

"Just get here." Anastacia disconnected, and then she turned to me.

"I," she predicted gloomily, "am never going to hear the end of this." I smiled.

"Thanks," I said, "I really appreciate it."

"No, it's me who should be thanking you."

"How long before she..." I asked, but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Anastacia went and opened the door, and Flipsy walked in. She was only about a metre and a half tall, with iridescent pink and orange hair and she was wearing a matching pink and orange vinyl mini-dress, but she was an absolute dynamo.

"What is going on that is so urgent Anna? Are you serious or is this just a..." she saw me sitting there and I watched as recognition hit her. "Oh my goodness its Josh Scabbard..." Flipsy was suddenly gasping for breath, and she was momentarily lost for words.

"We need your help," I said. Flipsy looked like she was going to faint.

"Anything," she gasped.

"Commander Scabbard needs to, um, have sex with you," Anastacia said, and Flipsy's face clouded.

"Is this some sort of mean joke?" she asked suspiciously.

"No," I replied, "it is totally real. Can I please have sex with you? Now?"

"I have died and gone to heaven," Flipsy said, "yes, oh fuck yes!"

I have had some strange sexual experiences in my time, and this one had to be at least in the top ten for out and out weirdness. Flipsy, whose real name was Felicity, but I used Flipsy because it suited her, was totally in love with the public image of Josh Scabbard, so I had to try and deliver that. Anastacia came with us into Epsilon's room, explaining what was happening and why. We put a blanket and some pillows on the floor next to the bed, and this was where I was going to fuck Flipsy. We needed to be somewhere where our activity wouldn't disturb Epsilon, but also close enough for me to change very quickly as my orgasm approached, so I could leave it to the very last moment. Anastacia was also going to be in the room for the whole so she could make sure Epsilon was easily accessible for me when I was ready. It was quite surreal.

I kissed Flipsy deeply, and for a moment she was quiet. She kissed back with the intensity of someone who was out to get every possible sensation from the situation. I ran my thumbnail down her back and the virtualzip on the mini-dress opened. Flipsy looked startled and pulled her mouth away.

"How did you do that?' she asked, "It's coded."

"I have a very high level security clearance," I said teasingly, and she shrugged. I used the movement to slide the mini-dress off her. She was not wearing a bra and her pert breasts showed only the slightest sign of sagging. Looking at her hard and protruding nipples I could see she was already very excited. I took one in my mouth and she moaned. After a short time I moved across to the other nipple and slowly slid her underwear down and off. I heard Anastacia gasp in surprise as I did this, but it wasn't until my mouth moved down that I saw why.

Flipsy's pubic hair was short cropped, multi coloured, and was an exact replica of the top section of a dartboard. There was an outer black border with tiny white numbers on it, and the alternating cream and black wedges pointing to the centre. There were the two intermediate rings with alternating red and green sections and in the centre there was an outer green ring and the inner red bullseye. When I fucked Flipsy I would be right in that bullseye. I chuckled.

"Very nice," I said, and I set my tongue to work.

I licked Flipsy to her first orgasm, and she came so hard I swear she almost broke the two fingers I had in her at the time. We then swapped and she pulled my uniform pants down. Flipsy and Anastacia gasped at the same time, and I wondered if my cock was bigger than normal. Flipsy valiantly tried to swallow as much of me as she could for about five minutes, but then I pushed her gently onto her back.

"Are you ready?" I asked and she looked nervously at my throbbing cock.

"As ready as I'll ever be," she said and I slipped the head up and down her lips a few times to get it as wet as I could. Then I pushed gently forward.

"Oh, fuck!" Flipsy gasped, and I could hear a sharp intake of breath from Anastacia too.

I took my time working it in, but eventually I had my cock about as far into Flipsy as it would go. It was still about three centimetres short of full depth, but I didn't want to hurt her.

"Oh fuck," Flipsy said again.

"Does that hurt?" Anastacia asked quietly, obviously concerned about how Epsilon would be with my cock as her first.

"Oh, yeah," Flipsy cried, as I slowly started stroking in and out of her, "it hurts so fucking good!"

It took almost half an hour for Flipsy to have her second orgasm, and that was mostly because I was taking it very easy. When she did cum it was harder if anything than her first one. The third was about fifteen minutes later and about ten minutes after that she went into total meltdown. She started an orgasm that lasted just over thirty minutes. By this time I was fucking her hard and she just gasped and moaned and trembled and quivered non-stop for the entire time. I could feel her pussy spasms making her clench around my cock over and over, but I was working up to my own orgasm now and for Epsilon's sake I couldn't slow down and take it easy on Flipsy.

"Is she OK?" Anastacia asked, and I nodded, hoping I was right.

"Get her ready now," I gasped and Anastacia pulled the covers off Epsilon, and pushed her nightgown up. She slid down the girl's underwear, and gingerly applied a generous amount of lubricant.

"Ready," Anastacia said, and I pulled out of Flipsy, who moaned loudly and continued to quiver in her continuous orgasm.

I got on the bed, lined up Epsilon's virgin hole and pushed my slick cock in. It was very tight, almost too tight, but I pressed through Epsilon's barrier, and she twitched as I did. I hated to do this without adequate preparation, but this was not about pleasure, it was about life. I fucked the comatose girl for a couple of minutes and then, with relief, I felt the tingle of my approaching orgasm. I fucked harder and a couple of minutes later I plunged deep into Epsilon's tight little pussy and sprayed my seed into her. When I was done I rolled off her and looked at her with concern.

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