tagBDSMFirst Lesson

First Lesson


My lover and I attend a party, an important event for his boss. I have been enjoying a few drinks and feel a little outside myself as I am expressing my opinions, questioning everything that my lover is doing or saying. It becomes embarrassing to him and he apologizes for my behavior, but he says nothing to me.

We remain at the party until I become so obnoxious and out of control that we must leave. During the cab ride home, he says nothing to me. I realize that he is displeased with me and I attempt to apologize for my behavior, but it does nothing to ease the anger that I am feeling towards him.

When we arrive home, I am first to exit the cab, and the first to enter the house. Before I can even put my purse down, he grabs me, lifts me up and throws me over his shoulder. I begin to fight him, kicking and telling him to put me down. Ignoring my protesting, he has the strength to control me and I'm helpless to free myself.

He carries me to the bedroom, drops me unceremoniously on the bed and orders me to take off my clothes. I respond by telling him to go to Hell, which further angers him. He tells me that either I can take off my clothes or he will. I tell him what he can do to himself and I attempt to get off the bed. Before I can, he grabs me and forces me down. In one motion, he rips my dress off of me, leaving me in only my bra and panties. I continue to fight, but to no avail. Still holding me down, he tears off my panties and then my bra, leaving me naked.

Stripped of my clothes and modesty, he leans over and kisses me and whispers in my ear that because I have been such a naughty girl, he is going to punish me for my behavior and teach me how I should act, in public, with him. I try to respond and once again apologize, but he accepts none of that.

He quickly flips me over onto my stomach, pushing my face into the bed. I am grabbed and pulled down to the end of the bed and forced into a kneeling position. My ass is hanging over the edge and my knees on the floor.

I try to squirm away from him, but he has me held in place, with a knee firmly pressed against my ass. Unable to move, he pulls my legs apart, stretching them as wide as he can. I try to look up and see that my ankles are tied to the legs of the bed frame. I scream at him, telling him no. He tells me that my protesting will only cause me more pain and regardless, he is going to punish me and teach me a proper lesson.

My legs tightly secure, he grabs my arms and stretches them forward and tying them to bedposts at the headboard. When he is satisfied that I am properly bound, he gets up and walks away, leaving me helpless and completely exposed.

Moving until out of my sight, he returns, completely naked. My eyes are drawn to his erect cock and a moment of fear and lust rush through me. He stands where I can see him and begins the litany of how naughty I have been and how I am to be punished for my bad behavior.

My lust is forgotten and I begin to curse him with every expletive that I am capable of uttering and even some that I have never used before that moment. He moves behind me. The next thing I feel is pain from him slapping my ass, hard.

I yelp in protest and pain and he tells me that every time I protest, the punishment will grow worse. I order him to let me go, again using language that I am not accustomed to using, even referring to his parentage. Then, I feel his hand again as it stings my ass, quickly followed by another and another and another. Once, twice, three times each time bringing a yelp of pain from me. I can't help but scream louder each time his hand makes contact with the tender flesh of my ass. Then it stops as quickly as it starts, leaving me breathless and humiliated. Tears course down my cheeks. I look around and I can't see him.

I finally spot him standing by a dressing table and holding a wooden paddle, carved from some dark wood. When my eyes meet his, he merely smiles and begins to slap the paddle against his hand. It makes a terrible noise. In fear, I begin to curse him again, ordering him to release me.

He smiles again and tells me how much he is going to enjoy paddling my ass until it is hot and bright red. My anger turns to fear and I begin to beg and plead with him not to paddle me. When I realize that he is not going to release me, I begin to struggle against my restraints in feeble attempt to free myself from the coming paddling. He laughs at me and tells me that I am going nowhere until he is finished with me. I plead with him once more when I see him walk toward me, still slapping the paddle against his hand.

I bury my face in the thick bed coverings, crying. Then I feel his hand brush lightly against my hair and he lovingly strokes it. His hand moves slowly and tenderly down the length of my back and strokes the cheeks of my ass, squeezing each one separately. Moving his hand into the crevasse between my cheeks, he playfully teases my asshole and then down to my sex.

His fingers explore my lips and I feel him parting and exploring between them. He tells me that I am his wet, little bitch and before he is finished with me, he will make me squirt for him. I start to open my mouth and say something to him, but all I can do is whimper. Then without warning I hear the swish of the paddle and feel the sheer pain as it makes solid and sharp contact with my left ass cheek.

Just as quickly, the paddle burns into my right cheek and I don't know which is worse, hearing the sound of the paddle or the pain when it meets my tender flesh. The sound of the paddle cracking, mingles with the sound of my whimpers. The pain is so great that I can't cry out. Then I feel his hand caress my flesh. Even though it feels good, it only inflames my flesh more with no true end to the sting in sight.

He moves his hand away and the next moment I hear the swish of the paddle and the pain again, only this time it is more intense. This time the blows are hard and quick, alternating between each cheek. There is no let up between each blow, only a moment passes between each strike of the paddle.

My whimpers get louder and then turn to moans. I can feel my pussy pouring out its juices and they are running down my inner thighs. I can't understand why, but I want him to stop, yet I don't. It is painful; a glorious pain and I want more. My mind is as aflame with pleasure as my ass is with pain.

As if he can sense my enjoyment, he stops and walks away and is once again out of my sight. I want to beg him to continue, but can only muster a whimper. I can't see what he is doing and I can only hear a rustling noise, panic once again sets in and I struggle against my restraints. He orders me to stop struggling, which this time I comply quickly and completely.

He tells me that was good and now, for being a quick learner, he is going to reward me with some pleasure. I attempt to relax and I'm surprised when he pushes an object into my sex. I hear a gentle buzzing and feel the vibrations from the dildo that he inserts into me. He slowly works it in and out, teasing me and pleasing me at the same time.

With each stroke, I begin to moan and I can feel my juices running and dripping again, my hips begin moving in rhythm with the toy. In combination with the pain in my ass cheeks and the pleasure in my pussy, I'm just beginning to enjoy the intensity of the situation, when he pulls the dildo out completely in one motion and leaves me hanging on the edge of cumming. He tells me that I haven't been that good, yet.

I beg for more, needing sexual release, and I feel his hand in my hair as he pulls my head up and whispers in my ear that I don't deserve more yet. He tells me that I still have more to learn and that he is going to teach me and only when he thinks that I've learnt my lesson and when he thinks I'm ready and he's ready, will he fuck me and fuck me hard.

He lets go of my hair and I feel his fingers and hand as it moves down my back and feel him squeeze my still burning ass cheeks. He tells me what a lovely ass I have; one that is perfect for fucking. I feel my juices start to flow again from my sex. He moves his hand down and feels of my flowing pussy. He takes some of my juices on his fingers, licks them and then he takes some more and offers it to me. I lick them, greedily. I want him to fuck me and then let me suck both our juices from his stiff manhood, until he gives me a full load of his cum to savor and swallow.

The loving caresses suddenly turn to pain by a slap to my already tender and inflamed ass. It comes so fast and with such force that it caused me to gasp. The fusillade of slaps continue over-and-over; one right after the other, with no reprieve and no mercy. Just the slapping.

When I cry out and beg for him to stop, he only slaps my ass harder. Then, just as quickly as the slaps had started, he suddenly stops, leaving me gasping for breath and my heart beating so fast, it feels as if it will explode in my chest. The pain is the worse than earlier, more harsh and complete.

I'm assaulted again as I hear the swish of the paddle against my ass. He continues, alternating between cheeks. Swat, after swat, after swat. My ass is burning with intense pain, yet I feel nothing but pleasure from each separate strike. I'm floating outside my body in another world. He continues for what seemed like an infinite amount of time, but it is only moments. I want him to stop, but then I didn't. I know he isn't done with me yet.

He grabs me by my hair again and pulls my face away from the bedcovers. In a tone of voice that I have never heard from him before. He asks me, "who is your MASTER?

I didn't know what to say.

Then he yanks hard on my hair and asked me again, "Who is your MASTER? Who must you obey?" I still don't know what to say.

Suddenly, not knowing where it came from and as if I had no control over what I said, I blurt out, "YOU are my MASTER. I must obey YOU."

He lets go of my hair and my head drops back down onto the bedcovers. Then he says, "Good girl. I'm going to reward you now, my little bitch."

With that, I felt overcome with fear, anger and arousal. I felt him grab my hips and in one violent thrust, he pushes his throbbing cock into me and buries it to the base. I can feel it as it is pushed against the inner walls of my sex, filling me completely and sending my body into uncontrollable, undeniable and incredible spasms.

As he pumps in and out of me, I begin to cry, the pain and pleasure unbearable. I need release, but just as quickly as he had entered me, he pulls out, leaving me shaking and unfulfilled.

Then he begins to explore my asshole with his finger. He spreads my juices over it, stroking the tight rosebud orifice. Then he pushes his finger past the tight muscles and enters me. I arch my back in an invitation for him to continue. He slowly works it back and forth, and then he removes it.

The one finger is replaced by two as he continues to stretch my tight passage. He finger fucks me, drawing back and forth and at the same time rotating his fingers in a circular motion. He finally seems satisfied and pulls his fingers out and I feel the head of his cock as he places it at the entrance to my asshole.

In one motion he rams his cock into me, causing me to react from the sudden onslaught of pain in the most forbidden area of my body. I cry out and beg him to stop and this only makes him drive harder, faster and deeper into me. He tells me to relax and it will be better for me. Then through the pain, I began to feel the pleasure of a serious ass fucking.

He tells me that this is my reward for learning who and what I am. Then he asks me what the lesson is that I have learnt. I tell him that he is my MASTER and that I am his bitch and slave to do with as he pleases and that I must obey HIM, always.

He then grabs my hips and plunges as deep as he can into my tight canal. With each withdrawal, he plunges even deeper and I can feel his balls as they slap against my pussy. I can feel my juices running out of me and down my legs. Then the pleasure begins to turn to pain. I think I can't take any more and in between gasps for breath and sobs, I beg for him to stop.

It is too much pain, too much pleasure and too much emotion for me to absorb all at one time. He replies with a simple, no, and continues his assault on my tender and burning passage.

Then suddenly from deep inside me, my body begins to convulse and spasm as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure overwhelms me. I lose all sense of time and place and he recognizes what is happening. He pumps harder and harder and then he tells me to squirt for him. I am unable to control my body and I feel a rush of fluid from my pussy and as I do, I can feel him spasm as he releases a hot flood of cum into my ass.

I totally collapse in a world of pain and pleasure, knowing that I have indeed learnt a lesson. In my mind, I am already wondering when my next instruction will be given.


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