tagErotic CouplingsFirst Light

First Light


First light sneaks under the drawn curtains and although filtered it still breaks the darkness of the room. You roll over and I feel you close behind me. With a brief kiss on my shoulder, you pronounce, "I'm still sleeping," in a semi- audible whisper. I'm sleepy too but, I enjoy the feel of your skin so close to mine, the breath against my neck and the evidence of contentment from your relaxed state.

We doze together and an hour slips past. More light sneaks in through the curtains as I sense a stirring from you. Our torsos match up so well, your pelvis is in alignment with mine so that your growing morning erection fits snugly between the cheeks of my ass. A subtle nudge from my hips will cause your half hard cock to fall within the warm crevice. At that sensation, your erection grows and I feel the head so close to the entrance of my pussy.

Still in a dream state, I adjust to you, allowing a clear entry. Even more parts of you awaken, causing your hands to drop in front of me. At first, a sleepy caress ensues but as you cross my breasts the caress turns to a loose grip, then a playful squeeze and soon, your hand surrounds one breast while your fingers rub my hardening nipple.

As I stretch and accept your advances, a move that allows my wet pussy lips to pull your hard cock inside me. As you become fully awake, we are locked. Your cock starts twitching inside my welcoming pussy; your hand grips my hardened breast and your breathing hitting my ear in the form of a sigh at first and then a rhythm.

We relax into a nice slow pattern – you push inward, I grip, you pull outward, I grip. As either of us is not quite fully awake, the slow push pull is enough to stimulate our desires. With every penetration, I grow wet in response to your hardness rubbing my delicate insides. Your cock's head glides across my nerve endings increasing my erotic state and the wet of my arousal saturates your efforts. When my heart rate accelerates and my breathing turns to soft moans, your grip on my breast intensifies until you turn me.

The movement dislodges your cock and I'm momentarily disappointed but then, your mouth engulfs my right breast. Your warm tongue laps at the nipple then stops as your mouth squeezes and sucks. Grabbing at my left breast, you make the switch and your mouth continues a strong suckling of that once neglected nipple. Again, the rapid lapping from your tongue causes the torturous tease resulting in my mind's shift to how well that tongue laps at my clit and how pleasurable the sensation of your tongue's penetration into my pussy. When I arch my hips, you sense my wanting and respond by teasing my clit with your talented fingers while you suck mercilessly on my left breast; then my right.

Nearing an orgasm, I moan "yes, yes..!" which stops your activity. You wait while I beg for your cock. I want desperately for you to enter me again. I long for that deep, strong penetration while you bend my legs backward. It's aggressive and carnal. Knowing I want it – I want you- the tease in you straddles my hips and tickles my swollen clit with the head of your cock. It must frustrate you, too. My wetness, the heat, the desperation revealed through my thrusting pelvis as I try to absorb your cock into me.

Then, it happens, the long, slow penetration. I want it harder, faster, and deeper but you start with a slow push and watch my face as lust takes over every expression. My hips rise to greet yours causing you to slide in deeper still. Then, the sensation of your balls hitting my ass sends me into an orgasm. At that, you push my legs up and out as you penetrate me as deeply as possible. I catch you watching your cock going in and out of my pussy. My acceptance of the intruder is demonstrated by the wetness building and spilling. I can see your expressions. First, your face moved from sleepy to awake. Then, it revealed your desire moving to a state of pleasure. Finally, I witnessed the look of pleasure turn to lust and finally to dirty, wanton, animalistic intensity.

That dirty side of you is the one I love to inspire. Your Id, or that connection to your pleasure center. I can see it in your face when you lose sight of practical reality and give yourself over to darker side of primitive needs. As your eyes glaze and your muscles tense, I feel your loss of morality and departure into total desire. As you thrust forward, I pull back causing more friction and the audible slurping from wetness build up between your cock and the delicate insides of my pussy. My response leads you to drop your torso into mine and your hand catches the side of my face holding while you kiss me hard and passionately.

I arch upward pulling you in deeper while my abdominal muscles clench. Your sigh indicates your knowledge that I too want to play. Something about being aroused from a dream into an erotic state stimulated my Id so that I let go of any inhibitions still clinging to my moral self. My clenching causes you to smirk then push downward on the bed and launch yourself up off me. We separate with a dramatic pop giving me an empty, lost feeling. A loss soon replaced by your mouth engulfing my pussy and your tongue plunging inside. The suddenness causes me to cry out and you snicker into my pussy. That tongue lashes at my clit and penetrates my sopping hole. Shifting my hips left to right, I try desperately to get you to hit all the right places but you control your actions in violent, playful efforts to tease me mercilessly.

I sense an orgasm that you quash.

Moans escape my throat in nonsensical patterns as my body fights for control and seeks its relief. Instead of relief, I experience your fingers. First one playfully stroking at my swollen clit. You replace the finger with your tongue but move it along inside. You tease...I beg for more. In response, you penetrate me with a second finger. I want you again. I'm desperate to be filled with that engorged cock but your fingers move in and out of me instead. Pleasurable feelings still emanate from the attention but my desire for more builds.

I cry for your cock and beg for you to grind it into me. I've lost myself to a carnal need for your masculine force. "Yeah?" you ask momentarily coming up for air. "Please!" I cry out. You then sit back on your feet, knees bent in front of you, erection standing tall between your hips. Before you have the chance to reposition, I sit up and fold into your lap sucking your hard on into my mouth. It glides easily down my throat as I pull in and then release while my tongue lingers on the underside. It's a weakness of yours so I pump you in and out of my mouth, deep throating your erection and sucking on the end of your cock. I loosen my jaws grip only to release you and gain access to your balls. I suck one into my mouth causing you to rapidly inhale. I let it go and pull in the other leaving no neglect in my efforts to please.

Grabbing my shoulders, you push me to one side and I topple from my awkward bent position. As I try to right myself, I inadvertently push my ass up and towards you. You had hold before I could even gain balance. Your hands gripping my hip bones allowing you to force feed your cock into my pussy while causing me to nearly scream in pleasure. I've definitely wound you up. You drive in then pull all the way out. The momentary release allows me to shift into a more comfortable stance, just as you go to plunge your hard on into my wetness again. We meet up through our joint efforts and as you enter me, I orgasm the force of which causes yours. As I spasm around you, your spurting fills me.

We fall over into a tangle of sheets, blankets and each other trying to catch our breath, trying to regain our selves, and embracing the comfort of the morning sunlight.

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