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First Love


Zoraya was 20 now and in Russia. She attended each Central Red Army hockey game that her Russian father would take her to. She enjoyed watching a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. His name was Sergei, she had found out his name from a friend and that he was 18. She watched him all the time, off the ice too, for her family was friends with his.

Sergei noticed Zoraya always watching him, studying him. She was gorgeous. He loved her long, curly, dark auburn hair cascading down to her ass. He loved her brown eyes that when he looked into them, he felt tingly inside. She wasn't really Russian, he had heard from others. Her family had brought her here from the US. Not really knowing how or why, he was just glad she was here.

Sometimes at night when Sergei lay in his bed, he would think of Zoraya and this would cause an erection. He fantasized about her naked body pressed against his. Her breasts bare and wanting to be taunted. He never knew a woman before. He wanted to know her. He would imagine himself taking each breast and playing with them and their erect nipples. Then moving to the heat between her legs. He had seen naked women in magazines but to have Zoraya naked with him. The mere thought made Sergei grasp his hardness and stroke himself fast and hard, shooting a load of cum, a distance. He then would fall asleep.

Zoraya enjoyed the evenings in her room as well. Dreaming of Sergei, kissing her and making love to her. She would rub her moist area until she came, over and over again, she would arouse herself until finally she was exhausted and fell asleep.

Sergei noticed other Russian players looking Zoraya's way also. That filled him with rage for he wanted her attention all to himself. He watched how the others would show off in front of her and how she would just look at Sergei and shrug her shoulders, that pleased him. It meant she wasn't interested in them and that maybe, just maybe, he had a chance with this beauty.

Zoraya came to Sergei's with her father. They ate dinner together. Sergei asked Zoraya if she'd like to go for a walk with him. She said she would.

They went out into the Russian cold air but both were heated with their passion for each other. Sergei grabbed Zoraya's hand and pressed her against the tree that was near them. He kissed her long and deep. It was their first kiss, literally. Not wanting the kiss to end, Zoraya pressed her body against Sergei's and put her arm around his neck and held him there, pressing his lips even closer to hers. He slipped his tongue deep within her mouth and she let out a moan. The kiss ended leaving them gasping for air but wanting more from each other.

"I've wanted to kiss you like that for a long time but didn't think you wanted me too." Sergei admitted.

"I've wanted it too. I dream about you and I. I'm not ashamed that I do. I'm not ashamed of how you make my body ache to have you." She moved closer to him.

Sergei led her down the road some more til they came to a barn. He opened the barn door. There was a ladder and he motioned her to climb up it. Finally, on the loft, they sat side by side.

"I come here sometimes to think and I usually think of you and then...." Sergei broke off...Zoraya had removed her coat and the sweater she had on just made her breasts stick out and Sergei, longing to have her breasts exposed, kissed her again, full of passion. He reached under her sweater to find she wasn't wearing a bra. He rubbed her hard nipple. She kissed him deeper, at the same time laying down onto the straw that was in the loft.

Sergei hiked the sweater up, freeing what he had so wanted to touch, to kiss, he did so, taking turns with each one. Gently taking each nipple in between his teeth and then sucking them. This made Zoraya giddy with anticipation of Sergei's next move. She arched her back. She moaned. She was wet. Sergei was hard.

Sergei removed the sweater. He removed his shirt. He lay on top of her, kissing her lips then back to her breasts. Zoraya felt his hardness through her jeans. She reached down to his pants and undid them. She slid her hand in and felt his shaft. It was wet. He eased up from her and took his pants off. Zoraya sat up and looked at his hardness, she licked her lips, not knowing if she should do what she wanted to or not. She decided on doing it. She was on her knees and he was in her mouth with such quickness. Sergei stroked her hair as she sucked his cock. He realized he was about to cum, he wanted her to stop but she didn't. She continued and he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of him.

Sergei couldn't believe that just happened. He quickly undid her jeans and had them off and he burried his tongue in her wetness. He pushed her legs wider apart and stuck a finger inside her. She was moaning and this made Sergei continue faster with his finger and tongue, licking the juice that spilled into his mouth as she came, crying out his name.

Sergei was hard again and he wasted no time sliding his cock inside, gently, for this was Zoraya's first time as well as his but he was more mature than his 18 yrs. She was tight and he knew she would hurt a little. Finally, breaking through her maidenhead, he was in and it felt wonderful, even heavenly. He thrust into her, deeper, he lost himself inside her tight pussy. She was so wet and on fire. Hot between her legs, the warm juice surrounding his cock, he came again calling out her name. He remained inside her for a while longer, laying on her but not crushing her. Staring into her brown eyes, he said, "I will love you forever."

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